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									Simple Strategy to Enjoy SWF on Asus VivoTab RT

Following Windows 8 is actually formally introduced by Microsoft

Company in the fall, a growing number of Windows RT tablet

computers seem to be flooding into tablet area. Therefore, the

battle of Windows RT items happens to be turning fierce. In an

attempt to rule Windows RT tablet sector, Asus in recent days has

launched its most innovative gadget branded Asus VivoTab RT. Just

as a device specifically crafted to take over Surface RT tablet, Asus

VivoTab RT owns 10.1-inch IPS display running at 1366x768, decent

rear camera, strong Tegra 3 processor chip, built-in NFC, decent

front videocam and even sustainable battery pack. Consequently,

Asus VivoTab RT is actually likely to grow to be the flagship of

Windows RT tablet.

"Why aren't I able to have fun with Flash SWF on Asus VivoTab RT?"

Created seeing as a structure adding support to Adobe Player as it is,

Windows RT ceases to support SWF file flawlessly. The reality is, you

can find a tiny opportunity that owners can easily observe SWF with

Asus VivoTab RT honestly. For one thing, Microsoft is actually

reluctant to help Windows RT add perfect compatibility to weak

Flash Player; moreover, Windows RT happens to be a system
forbidding customers to enjoy Flash movies on websites not trusted

by Microsoft. Given that there are no notable Adobe Flash choices

in tablet segment, owners who aspire to enjoy Flash SWF on these

untrusted sites using Asus VivoTab RT need to discover other


The mere reasonable option to support owners view these SWF files

on Asus VivoTab RT is actually to alter Flash for Asus VivoTab RT.

Nevertheless, the transformation practice ceases to perform prior

to when owners are able to receive a powerful Flash for Asus

VivoTab RT conversion software. Therefore, Windows owners may

easily seek advice from Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter to change

Flash to Asus VivoTab RT file while Mac owners to SWF Converter


Step One: Acquire and release Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter, a

powerful tool crafted to change Flash file to Asus VivoTab RT movie.

Step Two: Add Flash SWF. Start the conversion software, select

"Input" tab and after that just click "Browser…" button. And then

add local Flash SWF using "From Folder" option in the drop-down

list for change or perhaps download Internet-based Flash SWF for
alteration using "Grab SWF" option in the drop-down list.

The Third Step: Establish output video. To ensure that users are able

to enjoy switched Flash movie on Asus VivoTab RT, owners ought to

change the Flash SWF to MP4 movie. Consequently, opt for "Export"

tab, choose "Video" choice and next arrange output file as MP4

movie for Asus VivoTab RT in the drop-down menu of "Style".

The Fourth Step: Arrange the Asus VivoTab RT file. Choose "Export"

tab and after that just click "Settings" option to go into Profile bar

where several video factors tend to be given. And then switch the

SWF file to a nice Asus VivoTab RT video using these boundaries. For

instance, set video measurement as "1366x768" and video codec as

"H.264" for Asus VivoTab RT.

Step Five: Start the alteration. Right after all of the tips, just click

Convert button to go into matching panel and next begin the

approach of switching Flash for Asus VivoTab RT using "Play and

Capture" and also "Finish" buttons. Just as the alteration ends, one

may enjoy Flash SWF on Asus VivoTab RT freely.

1. To add Flash project file for the alteration, just click "Input" tab

and after that select "Flash Projector" alternative in the drop-down

list of "Browser…" icon.

2. To change Flash SWF to photos for Asus VivoTab RT, go for

"Export" tab, check "Image series" and next set the output file as

JPG/PNG/BMP pictures in the drop-down list of "Style".

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