Benchmark Review by hcj



    U.S. History
    Periods 1, 3, 5



       Take out your storybook.

       Going round the room read to us the section you are most
        proud of.

       Activator, agenda, objective (20 minutes)

       11th grade literacy test (10 minutes)

       Benchmark review (20 minutes)

       Exit ticket and homework (5 minutes)
    Literacy Test

       Mr. Vitt has informed me that there is a basic literacy test that
        all 11th grade students must pass in order to get credit for

       The timing is pretty short so focus.

       You have 10 minutes and if you get one wrong you fail.

       Good luck!
    Literacy Tests and Voting Qualifications

       The 15th amendment gave African American males the right
        to vote after the Civil War but the vast majority were
        prevented from voting because some states imposed a poll
        tax or made it so you had to pass a literacy test in order to

    Benchmark Review
 + Write one sentence for each term linking it
    to our study of U.S. History
Key terms
1. Enlightenment     13. Colonies.            21. Federalists         33. Political
2. Scientific        14. Anti-federalists.    22. Minority faction;   machines.
inquiry              15. Taxation without     factionalism            34. Urban
3. British           representation.          23. Reconstruction      immigrants.
monarchy             16. 15th amendment.      24. Industrial          35. John D.
4. Social contract   17. Literacy tests for   revolution.             Rockefeller.
5. Sovereignty of    voting.                  25. Imperialism         36. Laissez faire.
the people.          18. Marshall court       26. Entrepreneurs       37. Government
6. John Locke        decisions.               27. Sweatshops and      regulation.
7. Thomas            19. Power to review      tenements.              38. trusts.
Jefferson            the constitutionality    28. Pacific ocean       39. Progressives.
8. Declaration of    of state and federal     29. Rise of             40. 16th
Independence         laws.                    manufacturing.          amendment.
9. Natural rights    20. Main role of the     30. Growth of cities.   41. Open door
10. Checks and       states in the            Transportation          policy.
balances.            constitution.            revolution.             42. Panama canal.
11. Branches of                               31. Tammany Hall.       43. Hawii
government.                                   32. Muckraking          44. Cuba and

    Periods 2 and 6



       What was the most important thing you learned from writing
        the DBQ?

       Activator, agenda, and objective (10 minutes)

       Was James Madison an effective war time president?

       Post debate writing

       Exit ticket and homework (5 minutes)
    Was James Madison and Effective
    Wartime President?

       Britain and France fighting in Napoleonic wars.

       Neutrality was difficult for U.S.

       Both nations attacked U.S. ships at sea.

       Madison signed and then repudiated the Erksine Agreement
        and two Macon Bills.

       Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun were the “War Hawks” in

       Madison asked Congress to go to war.
    Exit ticket and homework

       Finish reading Ch. 9 for the reading test Tuesday.

       Come prepared to teach your DBQ.

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