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eng sylabus menerapkan dasar-dasar elektronika by DwiNoviati


kumpulan perangkat dan bahan ajar teknik elektronika industri smkn 1 ngawi. silabus. rpp, prota. promes dll

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           CLASS / SEMESTER   : 10 / 2
           TEACHER            :
           COMPETENCY STANDARD: Applying the basics of electronics
           ALLOCATION OF TIME : 32 x 45 Minutes

                                                                                                                        ALLOCATION                  INTEGRATION
   BASIC                                  LEARNING                        LEARNING ACTIVITY            VALUATION                      RESOURCES
                    Indicators                                                                                            OF TIME                     PENDIKAR
COMPETENCE                                MATERIALS
                                                                     IT                 ST      ITNS
                  Can explain the            The           Explaining the          Answering          - Written test   16           Book Module    Honesty,
 2.2              properties of         properties of the   properties of           practice                                                        tolerance,
 Explaining the                                                                                                                      Internet
                  transistors and       transistor          transistors and op      questions                                                       discipline,
 properties of    op amps                    The           amps                                                                                    hard work,
 passive and                                                                                                                                        creative
                                        properties of the
 active                                                                                                                                             ,independent,
                                        op amp
 electronic                                                                                                                                         curiosity
2.3 Explain the   Can explain the       Transistor                                                                                    Book Module
                                                            Explaining the          Answering          - Written test   16                           Honesty,
concept of        concept of               As the          transistor as an        practice                                         Internet       tolerance,
electronic        transistors in          amplifier         amplifier, the bias     questions                                                       discipline,
circuits.         electronic circuits      Bias            transistor, coupling                                                                    hard work,
                                          transistor        the transistor, the                                                                     creative
                                           Coupling to     transistor                                                                              ,independent,
                                          the transistor    configuration, and                                                                      curiosity
                                           Transistor      application of
                                          configuration     transistors.
                                           Application
                                          of transistors
             Can explain the      Op amp            Explaining the op
             concept of the         Inverting      amp as inverting,
             electronic circuit     Noninverting   noninverting, buffer,
             op amp                 Buffer         summing,
                                    Summing        subtracting,
                                    Subtrahend     comparator,
                                    Comparator     differensiator,
                                                    integrators, filters,
                                                    wave generator.
                                    Integrator
                                    Filter
                                    Wave

                                                                            Knowing, Ngawi,

Head of Program Studies                                                     Teachers

                                                                            Dwi Indah Noviati, ST

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