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									                Best Western Posada Royale Hotel & Suites
 1775 Madera Road ▪ Simi Valley, CA 93065 ▪ (805) 584-6300 ▪ Fax (805) 306-0226

                                                     Coffee Breaks
                      Beverages                                                                   Snacks
         Coffee, Tea, Decaffeinated, per gallon                                       Fresh Baked Cookies, per dozen
                   Iced Tea, per liter                                              Assorted Danish Pastries, per dozen
      Sparkling Mineral or Mountain Spring Water                                    Bagels & Cream Cheese, per dozen
          Assorted Juices, canned or per liter                                    Fresh Baked Assorted Muffins, per dozen
                     Hot Chocolate                                                         Petit Fours, per dozen
                      Soft Drinks                                            Sliced Fresh Seasonal Melons & Fruit, per person

                                             Specialty Coffee Breaks
                       Tea Time                                                               The Energizer
  An assortment of Flavored Iced and Hot Herbal Teas                               Chocolate Suicide, Black Forest and
            accompanied with Mini Éclairs,                                       German Chocolate Cakes and Brownies
             Cream Puffs and Petit Fours.                                       with Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee and Tea.

               The Cookie Monster                                                       Afternoon Delight
 Freshly Home Baked Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin,                       An assortment of Domestic and Imported Cheeses with
   English Toffee, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut                        Crackers and French Bread accompanied with Fresh Sliced
           and Sugar Cookies served with an                              Seasonal Fruits and Berries, Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt.
              assortment of Regular and                                               Regular and Diet Soft Drinks,
          Diet Soft Drinks and Low Fat Milk.                                 Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea and Iced Tea.

                                                     Gourmet Coffee Bar
                                          Our finest Coffee blend with assorted Flavorings,
                                                 Whipped Cream, Chocolate Chips
                                                Cinnamon Sugar and Cocoa Powder,
                                                    Chocolate and Carmel Syrup,
                                                           Gourmet Teas.

                                                     Beverage List
                     House Wine                                                       Bar Alternatives
                      Sparkling Cider                              Host Sponsored Bar:
                      Bottled Selection                            Host/Hostess will be charged for all beverages their guests order.
                     House Champagne
                                                                   Limited Host Sponsored Bar:
Please consult our master wine list for an outstanding selection   Host/Hostess will determine the dollar amount and the type of
        of California’s finest premium varietal wines.             beverages they wish to host. Host sponsored Bars by the hour
                                                                   are also available. Please consult with our Catering Manager.
                                                                        Note: Host Sponsored and Limited Host Sponsored
      Cash & Host Bar by the Drink                                          Bars are subject to service charge and bartender fee.
                       House Brands
                        Call Brands                                Cash Bar:
                      Premium Brands                               Guests will pay for their own beverages. State sales tax is
                   Extra Premium Brands                            included in price. Service charge is not applicable.
                        House Wine                                       Note: Cash Bars are subject to a bartender fee
                       Imported Beer
                    Domestic Draft Beer                                           Punch Bowls (per Gallon)
                   Domestic Bottled Beer                                                        Fruit Punch
                          Cordials                                                            Champagne Punch
                         Soft Drinks                                                              Sangria
                      Sparkling Water
                        Fruit Juices                               Fountains are available upon request at an additional charge.

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                 Best Western Posada Royale Hotel & Suites
  1775 Madera Road ▪ Simi Valley, CA 93065 ▪ (805) 584-6300 ▪ Fax (805) 306-0226

 Imported & Domestic Cheese                  Array of Vegetable Crudités                 Seasonal Fresh Fruit & Berries
   Brie Wheel and Assorted Cheeses           Colorful array of Seasonal Vegetables        Sliced Fresh Fruit and Berries served
decorated with Fresh Fruit, served with      served with Country Sour Cream Dip            with Sour Cream and Brown Sugar.
   sliced French Bread & Crackers.                     Serves 50 people                             Serves 50 people
           Serves 50 people.
                                                   Antipasto Platter
                                     Marinated Mushrooms, Roasted Peppers and Eggplant,
                                     Peppercini, Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella and Artichokes.
                                                      Serves 50 people

     Hors D’Oeuvres a la Carte                                                   Reception Station
                   (Service for 50 people)                        Chef or Carver $25.00 additional charge. Standard Service 1-½ hour.
                       Artichoke Dip
                         Bruschetta                                           Roasted Top Round of Beef
                Chicken with Peanut Sauce                             Carved Roasted Beef, served with freshly baked Rolls,
                 Crab Stuffed Mushrooms                                       creamed Horseradish and Au Jus.
            Fresh Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce                                          Serves 50 people
          Grilled Shrimp with Basil & Prosciutto
                    Grilled Vegetables                                                 Emperor’s Delite
         Hummus Dip with Breads and Vegetables                   Three varieties of pasta with Marinara, Alfredo and Pesto sauces
                 Mozzarella alla Caprese                         with an assortment of toppings. Asparagus Tips, Broccoli, diced
                     Mozzarella Sticks                             Bacon, Mushrooms, Shrimps and Scallops, sautéed in Garlic
                  Petite Assorted Quiche                                    Butter and served with Parmesan Cheese.
           Phillo Dough with Spinach and Feta                                             Serves 50 people
                Proscuitto wrapped Melon
                                                                               Roasted Breast of Turkey
           Turkey Pot Stickers with Thai Sauce
                                                                 Carved Breast of Turkey served with Freshly Baked Rolls, Dijon
                   Vegetable Egg Rolls
                                                                          Mustard, Mayonnaise and Cranberry Glaze.
                        Spinach Dip
                                                                                       Serves 30 people
                      Stuffed Shrimp
                      Zucchini Sticks
                                                                                Fruit & Chocolate Fondue
   Ask our Catering Department about Ice                              Fresh Sliced Fruits and Seasonal Berries accompanied
                                                                      with Pound Cake, Pretzels, fresh Whipped Cream and
    Sculptures and Chocolate Fountains.
                                                                                White and Dark Chocolate Fondue.
                                                                                         Serves 50 people

                 French Riviera                                                  Poached Eggs Posada
 Too good to be called “French Toast”! Thick slices of             A delicate blend of delicious flavors! Two Poached Eggs
Bread dipped in our special Amaretto coating, then dusted            with Medallions of Beef served on a toasted English
   with Powdered Sugar. Served with Whipped Butter,                Muffin and topped with Hollandaise sauce. Country Style
      Maple Syrup and your choice of Juice, Coffee,                  Breakfast Potatoes and your choice of Juice, Coffee,
        Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea or Herbal Tea.                           Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea or Herbal Tea.

                 Simi Valley Sunrise                                             Big Valley Croissant
  A taste of the Old West complete with fresh Scrambled             The French may have invented the croissant, but it took
  Eggs. Country Style Breakfast Potatoes, your choice of            Yankee ingenuity to improve it! We take a freshly baked
crisp Bacon or Grilled Ham. Served with a wedge of fresh             Croissant and stuff it with scrambled Eggs, Bacon and
    Seasonal Melon, Breakfast Breads with Butter and
                                                                    Cheese. Served with Country Style Breakfast Potatoes,
  Preserves. Complete with Juice, Coffee, Decaffeinated             and your choice of Juice, Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee,
                 Coffee, Tea or Herbal Tea.                                           Tea or Herbal Tea.

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                Best Western Posada Royale Hotel & Suites
 1775 Madera Road ▪ Simi Valley, CA 93065 ▪ (805) 584-6300 ▪ Fax (805) 306-0226

     Santa Susana Breakfast Burrito                                     Presidential Chicken Crepes
     Flavor as big as the mountains overlooking                A breakfast fit for a Head of State. Tenderloin of Chicken
          our valley, this dish is reminiscent                   Breast and diced mushrooms are hand rolled in fresh
                of our Spanish history.                           Crepes laced with a delicate Creamy White Sauce.
          Scrambled Eggs, Diced Ham and                        Served with Fresh Fruit and your choice of Juice, Coffee,
        Bacon sautéed with fresh Vegetables.                          Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea or Herbal Tea.
          Topped with melted Cheddar and
     Monterey Jack Cheeses delicately hand rolled
       into a warm Tortilla. Served with fresh                             West Coast Continental Breakfast
          Salsa and Tabasco for the daring!
                Your choice of Juice,                           Assorted fresh baked Breads, Butter and Preserves, fresh
             Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee                      Fruit Cup, and your choice of Juice, Coffee, Decaffeinated
                 Tea or Herbal Tea.                                            Coffee, Tea or Herbal Tea.

                              Breakfast Brunch and Buffets
                                          Royale Champagne Brunch
                                               (Minimum of 75 people)

                                                 Assorted Chilled Juices
                                        Display of sliced Fresh Fruits and Berries
                      Assortment of Domestic and Imported Cheeses with French Bread and Crackers
                      Scrambled Eggs with Chives and Tomatoes, Country Style Potatoes, Crisp Bacon
                               Assorted Breakfast Breads, Cheese Blintzes with Fruit Sauce
                             Virginia Baked Ham carved to order with Honey Dijon Mustard
                                       Fresh Garden Salad with assorted dressings
                        Chicken Breast with a Lemon Herb Sauce, Fish Fillet with Asparagus Sauce
                                             Rice Pilaf and Fresh Vegetables
                                                    Assorted Desserts
                                     Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea or Herbal Tea

           Posada Breakfast Buffet                                         Touch of Mexico Buffet
               (Minimum of 30 people)                                         (Minimum of 30 people)

                 Assorted Chilled Juices                                      Huevos Rancheros, Bacon,
     Scrambled Eggs, Crisp Bacon and Grilled Ham,                            Mexican Rice, Refried Beans,
   Country Style Breakfast Potatoes with your choice of                    Homemade Guacamole and Salsa,
Pancakes or French Toast, Maple Syrup, Fresh Sliced Fruit,                     Sour Cream, Fruit Salad,
     assorted Breakfast Breads, Butter and Preserves                    Flour Tortillas and Sweet Mexican Rolls
     Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea or Herbal Tea                Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea or Herbal Tea

             Enhance your event by including one of the following
                   Fiesta Station                                                Omelet Station
               (Minimum of 30 people)                                         (Minimum of 30 people)

  Huevos Rancheros, Fresh Salsa and Breakfast Burritos            Cooked to Order Eggs with an assortment of Toppings
           with an array of tempting Fillings.                         including Meats, Vegetables and Cheeses.

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                  Best Western Posada Royale Hotel & Suites
   1775 Madera Road ▪ Simi Valley, CA 93065 ▪ (805) 584-6300 ▪ Fax (805) 306-0226

                                   Sandwich and Salad Board
French Dip a la California                                                     Grilled Chicken Sandwich
    A new twist on an old favorite! Sliced Sirloin of Beef             We serve a delicious marinated Breast of Chicken on
     on a toasted French Roll, served with Jack Cheese               Sourdough Bread with fresh Lettuce and juicy Tomatoes.
        and Sour Cream. Accompanied with Au Jus                               Served with your choice of homemade
                on the side and French Fries.                                         Potato or Pasta Salad.

                                           Grilled Vegetarian Sandwich
                                Grilled Portobello Mushrooms, Grilled Red and Yellow Peppers
                                         with melted Fontina and Mozzarella Cheese,
                                          Baby Field Greens, sliced Roma Tomatoes,
                                   served on Focaccia Bread, with French Fries on the side.

        Mediterranean Club Sandwich                                               Classic Bacon Burger
      Turkey, Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomatoes and                   Start with ground Sirloin, add fresh Cheddar Cheese,
           Cheese on toasted Sourdough Bread,                       Bacon strips, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onion and we don’t forget
         served with French Fries or Pasta Salad.                     the Pickle! Served with French Fries or Pasta Salad.

                                           Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap
                               Slices of grilled Chicken marinated in Rosemary and White Wine,
                                      with Romaine Lettuce leaves, sliced Roma Tomatoes,
                                  Caesar dressing, shaved Parmesan Cheese and Mayonnaise
                                                   rolled into a Flour Tortilla.

                      Cobb Salad                                          Pear and Candied Walnut Salad
          Freshly chopped Lettuce, pre-tossed with                               A delicious blend of Field Greens,
     crumbled Bleu Cheese, Bacon Bits, Roasted Turkey,                              Pears and Candied Walnuts
       Tomatoes, Scallions, Black Olives, Avocado and                                with Gorgonzola Cheese
              chopped Boiled Egg, served with                                             tossed in Dijon
                 choice of Salad Dressings.                                            Balsamic Vinaigrette.

                                                 Grilled Salmon Salad
                                  A Baby Spring salad mixture is combined with Feta Cheese,
                               Candied Walnuts and fresh Strawberries, married with Raspberry
                               Vinaigrette, topped with a perfectly seasoned Grilled Salmon Filet.

                      Served with Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea or Iced Tea.

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                Best Western Posada Royale Hotel & Suites
 1775 Madera Road ▪ Simi Valley, CA 93065 ▪ (805) 584-6300 ▪ Fax (805) 306-0226

                                  Lunch and Dinner Buffets
                                                   China Dragon
                                              (Minimum of 30 people)

                                    Oriental Salad. Chicken Teriyaki with Mushrooms,
                                     Beef and Broccoli, Fried Rice or Steamed Rice,
                                        Stir Fried Vegetables, Vegetable Egg Rolls.
                                                       Carrot Cake

                    Italian Style                                                  Old Mexico
              (Minimum of 50 people)                                        (Minimum of 50 people)

   Baby Spring Salad and Cucumber/Mushroom Salad.                  Fiesta Salad, Mixed Green Salad and Fruit Salad.
    Fresh Sliced Fruit Tray. Fresh baked Garlic Bread                Cheese Enchiladas, Chicken Flautas, Beef or
      with Parmesan Cheese. Chicken Parmesan or                    Chicken Fajitas. Mexican Rice and Refried Beans.
   Chicken Marsalla, Rotelli Primavera and Baked Meat                 Corn and Flour Tortillas, Chips and Salsa,
    or Vegetable Lasagna, Fresh Seasonal Vegetables.                         Guacamole and Sour Cream.
                  Amaretto Mousse Cake                                     Cream Caramel Flan or Churros

                  Posada Royale
             (Minimum of 50 people)                                                Santa Maria
                                                                      (Barbecued by our Chef on our Garden Patio
      Pasta, Potato, Fruit and Mixed Green Salads.                     for groups from 50 minimum to 150 people)
   Assorted Domestic and Imported Cheeses with Fruit.
              Choice of Two Entrées:                                        Mixed Green Salad, Cole Slaw,
  Sliced London Broil      Salmon with Asparagus Sauce                          Tortilla Chips with Salsa
                     Chicken Royale                                        BBQ Chicken and Tri Tip of Beef,
Chicken Marsalla      Beef Lasagna      Vegetable Lasagna                    BBQ Beans, Corn on the Cob
                                                                                 Corn Bread and Butter
         Fresh Vegetable and Appropriate Starch                        Apple Pie with Homemade Whipped Cream
                    Rolls and Butter
              Assorted Cakes and Desserts

                    All buffets include Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea, or Iced Tea.

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                Best Western Posada Royale Hotel & Suites
 1775 Madera Road ▪ Simi Valley, CA 93065 ▪ (805) 584-6300 ▪ Fax (805) 306-0226

               Chicken Marsalla                                                    Chicken Cordon Bleu
Sautéed Chicken Breast with Mushrooms, Marsalla Wine,                           Slices of Ham and Swiss Cheese are
         Demi Glace, Parsley and Sour Cream.                                delicately hand rolled into a Chicken Breast
                                                                                baked to perfection and served with
                                                                                        a White Wine Sauce.
              Paradise Cove
         Orange Roughy au Gratin
                                                                                      Chicken Royale
  Delicately seasoned with Onions, Celery and Spices
      then covered with Parmesan Cheese Sauce                             We’re famous for this one! Marinated Chicken
            and broiled to a golden brown.                                   Breast served with our unique Creamy
                                                                                  Tarragon Vinaigrette Sauce.

        Vegetable or Meat Lasagna
  A generous portion of our Chef’s own creation baked                           Heavenly Halibut Filet
       with a White Cream or Tomato Basil Sauce                             Tender Halibut is baked to perfection with
      garnished with Asparagus Spears and served                              our Chef’s special White Wine Sauce.
      with Fresh Garlic Bread to complement this
                traditional Italian dish.
                                                                                   Sliced London Broil
                                                                          Prime grade Flank Steak with a pleasing, tender
                Pork Tenderloin                                                 texture is enhanced with a Sauce of
        A tender boneless center cut of Pork Loin                                 Cabernet Wine and Mushrooms.
         is sliced and broiled to perfection then
       smothered in a seasoned Port Wine Sauce.
                                                                          Great Western Prime Rib of Beef
                                                                             A generous 10 ounce seasoned Prime Rib
                Herbal Chicken                                            slowly roasted to preserve the natural flavors.
  Our mountains and canyons are great for growing                         Served with a creamy, zesty Horseradish Sauce
 Herbs that add zest to many dishes. A Baked Chicken                                       and Au Jus.
        Breast is topped with our own blend of
                fresh Herbs and Spices.
                                                                                 Top Sirloin and Salmon
                                                                        Sautéed Top Sirloin with Green Peppercorn Sauce,
         Filet Mignon San Gabriel                                        Baked Salmon with White Wine Asparagus Sauce,
   An 8 ounce center-cut Beef Tenderloin wrapped in                               plated together for the perfect
               Bacon and broiled to perfection.                                         taste combination.

                                      Choices, Choices, Choices
                                                    All Entrées Include
                           Salad                                                            Desserts
         Mixed Green Salad with Choice of Dressing.                       Chocolate Mousse, Cheese Cake, Carrot Cake,
          Hearts of Romaine with Caesar Dressing.                            Apple Pie, Peach Cobbler, Ice Cream,
            Baby Greens with Balsamic Dressing                                      Sherbet or Fresh Fruit.
                      Fresh Fruit Cup.

               Vegetables & Starches                                                 Specialty Desserts
       Chef’s choice of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables and                         Mocha Java Rush, Spiced Carrot Cake,
             your choice of one of the following:                Chocolate Dipped Fruits in a Raspberry Cream, German Chocolate
             Mashed Potatoes, Baked Potatoes,                                       Cake, Black Forest Cake,
            Oven Browned Potatoes or Rice Pilaf.                                             Tiramisu.

                      Served with Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea or Iced Tea
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