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									Ranjith Kumaran
PunchTab is a multi-channel incentives and
          engagement platform
A customer is 2.5x more likely to purchase
   when engaged on multiple channels
Incentivize customers to engage
        wherever they are
   Brands can easily build
next generation loyalty programs

      Digital agencies can
create campaigns that over-deliver
Arby’s: How can we promote our new
    sandwich to Facebook fans?
Why not mobilize fans instead?
            The Results
5X reach, 4X People Talking About This,
          10X Fan Acquisition
                 Products & Pricing

                             Loyalty programs from $999/
Campaigns starting at $10K              month
              Founding Team

v   Ranjith Kumaran, Founder
    Co-founded YouSendIt.com

    Mehdi Ait Oufkir, Founder
    Founded JellyDo.com
We’d love to work with you.


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