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									Lessons on Personal Breakthroughs
Original Article by: Kalei Beamon

They say network marketing/direct sales is really personal development in disguise. Well acting
is very much the same.   So much of our work as an actor can be applied to every day life.

And as we continue to grow in our craft and explore the many nuances of our characters, we will
inevitably be forced to confront our own issues and ultimately experience personal

Personal Breakthroughs
Now, this is a good thing. Although it may not necessarily feel like it at the time.

In fact, going through personal breakthroughs are definitely the kinds of things where you say to
yourself, "I'll look back and laugh about this someday."

But without them, we'd be stuck in the same place and never push ourselves past what we think
is possible.

And achieving the impossible is really what it's all about!

Personal Breakthroughs: Realizing Part of Your Life Has
Been Spent Asleep
So I came across this video today from one of my favorite acting teachers!

I just love Anthony Meindl's approach and philosophy on acting. And ironically, he is always
saying exactly what I need to hear.

His recent blog is great!  It speaks a lot to the many aspects of personal breakthroughs.


Just a gently reminder that you are never too old for personal breakthroughs.



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