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									October 14th, 2012                                                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

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                                                                 firms. Taiwan has long been a major hotspot for the PC
  VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly                   manufacturing industry, so it's only logical that Apple is
  publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the      looking into better manufacturing processes that will cost
  geeks.                                                         less from firms that are based in Taiwan.

Apple may partner with TSMC Rockstar Games Collection
for future quad-core chips                                           Coming to PS3 and Xbox 360
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-may-partner-with-tsmc-for-
                                                                     Nov. 6
                                                                 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/rockstar-games-collection-coming-
October 14th, 2012
                                                                 October 14th, 2012

Apple has been relying on various South Korean firms to
supply it with panels for the iPads, but recent reports from
various sources are suggesting that Apple will shift its panel
productions to non-Korean firms. That’s yesterday’s news,
so today’s tidbit regarding Apple suggests that Apple may
shift to TSMC’s 20nm process for future chips instead of
continuing to rely on Samsung.

                                                                 Rockstar Games has recently announced their first multi-
                                                                 game collection is coming next month, right in time for the
                                                                 holidays. The Rockstar Games Collection retails for $59.99
                                                                 and consists of four of their most popular award-winning
                                                                 titles, spanning across many different genres and historical

                                                                 This November gamers can get their hands on the official
                                                                 Rockstar Games Collection 1 and experience all four triple-
                                                                 A titles in one convenient bundle. Below are the games
J.T Hsu of Citigroup reportedly informed China Economic          included in this exclusive bundle:
News that Apple has been eyeing TSMC, and researching
possible use of the firm’s 20nm process for future quad-core
chips. Hsu also indicated that preliminary production may           • Red Dead Redemption -Unvariably one of the
begin next month, with volume production expected to begin            best rated and critically acclaimed open-world RPG
near the end of 2013.                                                 westerns in the history of gaming, this release has
Apple took Samsung too court not too long ago, and as                 defined sandbox gaming with its original, RPG-infused
it turns out, the California court decided in Apple’s favor           gameplay mechanics and powerful story that arcs
and awarded the Cupertino-based firm over $1 billion in               through the lawless frontier of the Wild West.
damages incurred due to patent infringements by Samsung.
                                                                    • Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City - The
The legal battles between Samsung and Apple are still going,          conclusion to one of the most popular and highest-
and there seems to be no end to the feud between two of               rated games of all time, Grand Theft Auto IV, features
the world’s largest consumer tech firm. Apple and Samsung             two complete games on a single disc: The Lost and
have resentments toward each other, but regardless of the             Damned & The Ballad of Gay Tony.
bad blood, business is business.
                                                                    • L.A. Noire - Return to the 1950's in this devilishly
Apple probably just wants better parts for less—hence,
                                                                      clever neo-noire detective story right out of a pulp
the rumored shifts of manufacturing from Korean-based
October 14th, 2012                                                                                                       Published by: VR-Zone

      fiction novel, featuring some of the most realistic
      facial animations and a unique, emotional story line
      that takes gamers through L.A.'s seedy, crime-infested

    • Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition - A
      must-have for all Midnight Club and racing fans,
      this release features deep customization on real-world
      cars, non-stop open-world street racing, and intense                A bell curve. X is a particular result, and Y is the number of
      multiplayer action. The Complete Edition also offers                samples with that result
      every vehicle and stage released since the game's
                                                                          The p-value is the probability of obtaining a result at least as
                                                                          unlikely as the one analyzed; in other words, the probability
The Rockstar Games Collection will be available in North                  of any sample data getting some specific x-value. The closer
America on Nov. 6, 2012 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.                   the number is to 1, the closer the probability is to 100%
For more informtion please visit Rockstar Games' official                 Messerli found that the correlation between chocolate and
website.                                                                  Nobel Prizes, though clearly "evidenced" by the numbers, is
                                                                          as low as 0.01%, with a p-value of 0.0001. He admits there
                                                                          may be some indirect correlation, such as that wealthier
Study points out flaws in                                                 nations will both be able to fund more research and allow for
research by linking chocolate                                             more chocolate snacking, but that there is no evidence of an
                                                                          actual link between the two.
consumption with Nobel                                                    Messerli points out that research studies often go through
prizes                                                                    hundreds of data sets and that it is sometimes very easy to
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/study-points-out-flaws-in-research-   see a connection when two unrelated items happen to exhibit
by-linking-chocolate-consumption-with-nobel-prizes/17426.html             signs of similarity. His lesson is simple: data is not always
October 14th, 2012                                                        black and white, and though numbers can make one thing
                                                                          seem true, under a different light, they may be quite false.
                                                                          Whether this is accidental or a deliberate manipulation,
                                                                          one shouldn't always believe what one reads; especially if it
                                                                          seems too fantastical to be true.

A study was recently published which shows that there is a
direct correlation between the amount of chocolate a nation
consumes, and the number of Nobel laureates from said                     New PlayStation Store
nation. The point of the study, however, was to show how
ridiculous and fallacious such studies can be.                            Coming Oct. 23
                                                                          Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-playstation-store-coming-
New York physician Franz Messerli has just published a                    oct.-23/17424.html
study, which shows a direct correlation between the amount                October 14th, 2012
of chocolate a nation consumes and the number of Nobel
prizes won by people from that nation. The study's real
purpose however, is not to incite an increase in chocolate
consumption, but rather, to demonstrate how ridiculous a
study can be when not properly analyzed
One can indeed make the jump to conclude that chocolate
and Nobel prizes are related: The highest number of Nobel
prizes, by nation, are Swiss, Swedish and Danish. These
very same nations consume the most chocolate. The study's
main concern is with validating studies by using p-values;
a commonly used expression for determining the likelihood
of a result based on a spread of other results. Pretty much
any statistical data falls into a so called bell-curve, as seen           PlayStation 3 owners can expect to see a change coming
below. The height of the curve, Y, represents the amount of               this month to the PlayStation Store: Sony has announced
statistical data found to have the result given at some point             in their official blog that its online marketplace is getting a
on horizontal axis X. Thus, the highest points on the curve,              make-over with a whole new sleek and efficient interface.
in the middle, represent results with a high likelihood of
happening; the further away from the middle we get, the less              Listening closely to the feedback they received, Sony has
likely.                                                                   revamped their digital marketplace to coincide with the
                                                                          general opinions of its constituency to build an all-new
                                                                          steamlined shopping experience.

October 14th, 2012                                                                                                    Published by: VR-Zone

  "PlayStation Store now offers more than                                phablet, which has sold over 500,000 units in domestic
  20,000 pieces of game-related content including                        markets alone.
  downloadable games, add-ons and themes and                             The ‘phablet’, as these new devices are starting to be called,
  more than 100,000 videos and TV shows.                                 combine both the virtues of tablet PCs and smartphones.
  With so much to choose from, the redesign offers                       Similar to using a tablet, when you surf the web or read e-
  easier navigation to locate the perfect game,                          books, you don’t have to zoom in to see what is on the screen.
  video or application. Product pages will deliver                       On the other hand, a 5-inch screen is small enough that it
  in-depth information about games and videos,                           can be gripped in one hand and easily carried in a purse
  while providing an amazing high definition visual                      or pocket. Most of these phablets also allow users to use
  experience found only on PS3."                                         electronic pens as a more precise tool for writing and taking
  -- Eric Lempel, VP of Sony Network Entertainment
                                                                         Unlike in the past, when Dell’s 5-inch Streak smartphone
The upcoming update to the PS Store interface looks to be
                                                                         received a chilling reception, the global smartphone market
quite modernized and impressively detailed, and promises
                                                                         has now matured enough to the point that there is quite
to be more accessible and user friendly than the current UI.
                                                                         a large demand for smartphones with larger screens. The
The new PlayStation Store will be available on Oct. 23,                  popular choices (as already mentioned) include the Galaxy
2012 for PS3 and Vita.                                                   Note, the Optimus Vu, and the unmentioned Pantech Vega

                                                                         (LG Optimus Vu)
                                                                         New 5-inch smartphones are in the works, and details of
                                                                         the upcoming HTC tablet are slowly becoming public. HTC's
                                                                         upcoming phablet will boast an incredibly brilliant 1,920
                                                                         x 1,080 screen, but the release date of the device is still
5-inch smartphones, are they
a fad or the real deal?
                                                                         Woman buys iPad from
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/5-inch-smartphones-are-they-a-fad-
October 14th, 2012
                                                                         Walmart; receives legal pad
                                                                         Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/woman-buys-ipad-from-walmart-
                                                                         October 14th, 2012

In a worldwide market dominated by smaller cellphones,
slowly but surely 5-inch smartphones are becoming more
popular as consumers are beginning to the realize benifits
of 5-inch smartphones over traditional tablets and smaller
                                                                         In a surprising turn of events, a Texas Walmart shopper
Recently there has been a tremendous increase in the                     purchased an iPad, but received only notepads in the box;
availability of 5-inch smartphones. Leading the way is                   despite this, Walmart took convincing to refund the item.
the Samsung Galaxy Note, which has been selling at a
                                                                         In Houston, 15 year old Courtney Akers had received an
record setting pace, with 10 million units having been sold
                                                                         iPad as a birthday present from her mother. When they
worldwide so far. The LG Optimus Vu is another popular
                                                                         opened the box however, they found only a package of

October 14th, 2012                                                                                                        Published by: VR-Zone

note pads. Courtney's mother, Bobbi Linden, had visited                     The tactic is completely logical, because Amazon is an
a Walmart during the preceding days and purchased the                     online retail that relies heavily on sales of tangible and digital
item, which was of the approximate weight of an actual                    goods.
iPad, and was indeed labeled as such. "I thought they were                The hardware that Amazon launches are merely tools to
joking" explained Akers, believing her parents were sending               promote the goods that are offered through or by Amazon.
a tongue-in-cheek message for her to pursue a legal career.                 Kindles and Amazon E-readers all promote the sales of
                                                                          digital goods such as e-books, music, and videos.

Apple's iPad
                                                                          (Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite)
                                                                          Rival tablets/E-readers makers such as Google and Barnes
When they attempted to return the notepads to Walmart, the                & Noble have their work cut out for them, since their
store manager looked at the object, and then stated the she               business strategy in the tablet market seem to mirror that of
had never seen anything like this before, and that Walmart                Amazon’s. Apple on the other hand, has always been selling
simply couldn't do anything about it. As the story hit the                their devices for profit, and investing heavily in the iOS app
media though, Walmart became much more helpful and did                    market to maintain a loyal customer base.
eventually take refund the money.
                                                                          Bezos also noted that people who purchase Kindle tend to
So what happened? As it turns out, Courtney Akers was                     have an increase in their reading habits, regardless of the
the victim of a scam involving the fraudulent return of said              medium—digital or prints.
iPad. A customer had purchased the tablet, replaced it with
                                                                          “What we find is that when people buy a Kindle they read
notepads, and professionally resealed it again. Since the
                                                                          four times as much as they did before they bought the
packaging seemed intact and of the right weight, nobody had
                                                                          Kindle,” he said. ”They don’t stop buying paper books.
bothered checking if the item was in fact still there, and the
                                                                           Kindle owners read four times as much, but they continue
box had simply been restocked on the shelf. This is not the
                                                                          to buy both types of books.”
first case of iPad fraud: Last year in South Carolina, a woman
in a McDonald's parking lot paid $180 for an iPad, which                  The recently launched Kindle Paperwhite reader in selected
turned out to be made of wood.                                            European markets will only help to maintain Amazon’s
                                                                          dominance in the distribution of digital goods.

Amazon sells Kindles and E-
readers at their cost                                                     Halo 4 leaked, single-player
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amazon-sells-kindles-and-e-readers-   campaign ready for play
at-their-cost/17423.html                                                  Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/halo-4-leaked-single-player-
October 14th, 2012                                                        campaign-ready-for-play/17421.html
                                                                          October 14th, 2012

Amazon will not be making any money off the new Kindle                    The official launch date for Halo 4 isn’t until November 6,
hardware, and according to Amazon's Jeff Bezos, the E-                    but apparently a hard copy of the game has already been
readers and Kindle Fire tablets are being sold “at our cost.”             leaked onto the internet. Unlike the days where seafaring

October 14th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

pirates had to roam the endless seas in search of ships to loot,   already sold millions within just the first month alone and
all modern day internet pirates have to do is type in some         that success may carry over to the mini once Apple decides
keywords for what they want to download.                           launch the device.
                                                                   Apple has reportedly ordered 10 million units, which suggest
                                                                   there are high hopes for the next Apple-hyped gadget.
                                                                   Microsoft will be launching Windows 8 and the Surface RT
                                                                   tablet on October 26th, so Apple may have to share some of
                                                                   the spotlight if it is indeed popping the lid on the mini in the
                                                                   same week.
                                                                   The rumors will continue to swirl until Apple makes an
                                                                   official announcement, and for now, all we really know
                                                                   about the iPad mini is that it will have a 7.85-inch screen
                                                                   (unless, Apple does one on us and plants whoopee cushion
                                                                   on everyone).

                                                                   Setback for Apple as
                                                                   Samsung phone cleared for
(Physical copy of the leaked Halo 4 Discs)                         sale
                                                                   Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/setback-for-apple-as-samsung-
Halo 4, according to the image posted on reddit, will
come with two discs. Disc 1 will contain the single-
                                                                   October 14th, 2012
player campaign, and Disc 2 will contain what’s needed
for the multi-player mode. The 8GB single-player disc has
already been uploaded to various p2p sites, which (after
it's downloaded) can be burned onto a dual-layer DVD. Of
course, if anyone wishes to play the pirated game will need
to have their Xbox 360 modified in some way shape or form.
The multi-player Disc is a whole different beast, because          A US appeals court has overturned a pre-trial sales ban
Halo 4 hasn’t been released. Microsoft claims that they are        against Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone, injuring
working with law enforcement in looking for the source of          Apple in its battle against Google's increasingly popular
the leak in a statement to The Examiner.                           mobile software.
“We have seen the reports of Halo 4 content being propped          A US appeals court has overturned a pre-trial sales ban
on the Web and are working closely with our security teams         against Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone, injuring
and law enforcement to address the situation.”                     Apple in its battle against Google's increasingly popular
Naturally, a leak of this magnitude means massive spoilers,        mobile software.
and if anyone wants to wait for the official release, don't        Apple, widely regarded as an aggressively litigious company,
search for Halo 4 news until then. Furthermore, anyone             is waging war on several fronts against Google, whose
who is considering downloading and playing the pirated             Android software powers many of Samsung's devices.
copy of Halo 4 runs the risk of having their console banned
permanently from Xbox Live.
                                                                   The ruling on Thursday from the US Court of Appeals for the
                                                                   Federal Circuit is not expected to have an outsized impact
iPad mini to be unveiled on                                        on the smartphone market, as the Nexus is an aging product
October 23?                                                        in Samsung's lineup. However, the court's reasoning could
                                                                   make it much harder for companies that sue over patents get
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ipad-mini-to-be-unveiled-on-
                                                                   competitors' products pulled from the market, said Colleen
                                                                   Chien, a professor at Santa Clara Law school in Silicon
October 14th, 2012

                                                                   Such sales injunctions have been a key for companies trying
                                                                   to increase their leverage in courtroom patent fights.

Previously it was thought that Apple was going to unveil the       "The Federal Circuit has said, 'Wait a minute,'" Chien said.
iPad mini on October 17, but now another date has popped
up suggesting that the dumbed down iPad won’t be shown
to the world until October 23.                                     Apple declined to comment, while Samsung did not
                                                                   immediately respond to requests for comment.
Rumors surrounding the iPad mini suggest that the device
will be a 7.85-inch budget slate—in the sense that it’ll be
less expensive than a normal sized iPad. The iPhone has
October 14th, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

Apple scored a sweeping legal victory over Samsung in              While the sales ban has been overturned, Samsung will still
August when a US jury found Samsung had copied critical            take a hit from this. The reality is that in the time it takes
features of the hugely popular iPhone and iPad and awarded         to let the lawyers wrangle and argue over things, tech moves
Apple $US1.05 billion in damages. The Nexus phone was not          on, and in today's mobile climate a lot can happen in a
included in that trial, but is part of a tandem case Apple filed   few months. It helps though, that a number of the current
against Samsung earlier this year.                                 popular Android handsets are also made by Samsung.

District Judge Lucy Koh issued a pretrial injunction against       Earlier this week, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt
the Nexus in June, based on an Apple patent for unified            called the intensifying struggle between Apple and his
search capability. The appeals court then stayed that              company a "defining fight" for the future of the mobile
injunction until it could formally rule.                           industry.

In its opinion on Thursday, the Federal Circuit reversed the       Source: Reuters
injunction entirely, saying that Koh abused her discretion.

                                                                   Scientists look for evidence
                                                                   of universe being simulation
                                                                   Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/scientists-look-for-evidence-of-
                                                                   October 14th, 2012

                                                                   In a research project with a distinct vibe of sci-fi, a group of
                                                                   scientists are attempting to discover if we're all simply living
                                                                   in a simluation.
                                                                   There's a fairly well-known philosophical question which
                                                                   has been rising to prominence over the past few decades:
                                                                   With computers today being able to model more and more
                                                                   complex systems in intricate simulations, is it possible that
Apple failed to prove that consumers purchased the
                                                                   the universe is no more than a simulation too? Today, we
Samsung product because of the infringing technology, the
                                                                   can simulate anything from flight models and the movement
appeals court ruled.
                                                                   of planetary bodies, down to the lives of denizens of small
                                                                   towns in games like The Sims. Is it so unreasonable to think
"It may very well be that the accused product would                that a civilization such as ours, a few thousand years down
sell almost as well without incorporating the patented             the line, could create a simulated universe, so perfect it's
feature," the court wrote. "And in that case, even if the          indistinguishable from the real thing?
competitive injury that results from selling the accused           Some scientists have decided that pondering isn't enough,
device is substantial, the harm that flows from the alleged        and have set out to find proof of whether this is really the
infringement [the only harm that should count] is not."            case. Their research project, if it finds results, could indicate
                                                                   we are all virtual beings. The project revolves around the
                                                                   concept of quantum chromodynamics, which deals with how
The court considered a single patent - one which allows            the strong force binds together subatomic particles such as
the smartphone to search multiple data storage locations at        gluons and quarks. This interactions the most basic building
once. For example, the smartphone could search the device's        blocks of our universe, and everything, from a dog to a star,
memory as well as the internet with a single query.                can be broken down into those basic components, and the
                                                                   strong force interacting between them.
The appeals court has sent the case back to Koh for                Simulating these interactions is essentially equatable to
reconsideration. A separate pretrial sales ban Apple had           simulating the universe itself, and our most powerful
managed to win against Samsung - targeting the Galaxy Tab          computers have actually managed to do just that; only on
10.1 - was dissolved earlier this month after Samsung won at       a very small scale. The simulation is actually quite simple,
trial on that patent.                                              but there are so many interacting parts that it overwhelms
                                                                   computers when doing models on areas on a larger scale
                                                                   than measurable in femtometers (10-15 meters). Again,
Beyond the Nexus, Samsung also has a collection of new             this means that a powerful enough computer potentially
tablets and smartphones intended for launch before the end         could simulate a far bigger system, but a simulation is
of the year.                                                       still a simulation, and that means it should have some
                                                                   unmistakable characteristics.

October 14th, 2012                                                                                                       Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                          resurfaces concerns voiced by Minecraft creator Marcus
                                                                          "Notch" Persson - what if Microsoft decides to completely
                                                                          scrap the desktop mode in some future version of Windows?
                                                                          Would that mean the end of M-rated games on the platform?
                                                                          A more optimistic outlook though, is that this restriction will
                                                                          likely be changed in the future. Microsoft is probably not
                                                                          unaware of the impact gamers have had for their operating
                                                                          system: The rise of PC gaming in the 1980's and 90's helped
                                                                          Windows achieve the dominance it has today. It would be
                                                                          foolish to impose restrictions that cause difficulties for such
                                                                          an important customer-base.

Is this what you really look like in the mirror?
                                                                          Apple snatches chip veteran
Silas Beane at the University of Bonn believes a simulation
will reveal itself in the physical phenomenon called Greisen-             from Samsung
Zatepin-Kuzmin cut off (GZK): Whereas theoretical physics                 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-snatches-chip-veteran-from-
allow things to happen in any direction, and on any scale,                samsung/17416.html
without limit, a computer simulation is restricted to a 3D                October 14th, 2012
lattice; a coordinate system upon which the simulation is
limited. Nothing in the simulation can be smaller than
the size of this lattice, much like an image on a computer
monitor cannot be smaller than one pixel in size.

Windows 8's Microsoft Store                                               Apple has just hired a chip making veteran from Samsung,
to not feature M-rated games                                              which could have implications for not only Apple and
                                                                          Samsung, but also Intel.
like Diablo lll                                                           Apple has just hired a veteran in the chip making industry,
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/windows-8-s-microsoft-store-to-not-
                                                                          Jim Mergard, whose 16 year career with AMD led him to
                                                                          the positions of vice president, as well as chief engineer.
October 14th, 2012
                                                                          Mergard is responsible for the development of AMD's mobile
                                                                          APU "Brazos". 16 months ago, Mergard finally left AMD to
                                                                          work for Samsung as chief system architect, but now, he's
                                                                          left that company as well, in favor of a position at Apple.
                                                                          Naturally, this will impact Samsung, and perhaps more
                                                                          than one would think: Apple is currently dependent on
Microsoft has decided not to release M-rated games on their               Samsung for manufacturing their touch devices. Though
new digital store in Windows 8, meaning many gamers will                  the design is carried out by apple, the iPhone, iPad and
have to resort to the regular desktop mode.                               iPod touch all make use of the A5 and A6 processors which
In a follow-up to an article we did last week, there's                    are manufactured by Samsung. Thus, as Apple's expertise
more news about the new Microsoft Store for Windows 8.                    grows, their reliance on Samsung diminishes. And that
Microsoft has decided not to sell any games in the store                  means a potentially massive future loss for Samsung.
with an ESRB rating of M (mature). This means a significant               Jim Mergard
number of triple-A games will be unavailable through the
store; games such as Diablo III, the new Hitman and Call of               Similarly, Intel manufactures the CPUs for Apple's
Duty series.                                                              Macintosh computers. Mergard's expertise may help
                                                                          develop chips for the Macs as well, thus reducing Apple's
                                                                          reliance on Intel as well. Patrick Moorhead, former executive
                                                                          for AMD, stated that Mergard could absolutely help make
                                                                          Apple more independent: "[He] would be very capable of
                                                                          pulling together internal and external resources to do a PC
                                                                          processor for Apple."
                                                                          The implications of switching to hardware unique to apple
                                                                          would mean returning to how Macs were built prior to 2006;
The rating logo you'll find on the back of many games                     that is, without the ability to natively run operating systems
                                                                          such as Windows alongside Mac OS X (though this would
                                                                          still be possible through emulators). Is this Apple's plan, and
These games will still be playable on Windows 8, but you                  if so, will it work?
will be forced to use the desktop mode in order to play
them.This adds an element of disorder to Windows 8 -
the games available only in desktop mode won't even be
accessible via Modern UI, so your programs will be spread
out across the two interfaces haphazardly. In addition, it

October 14th, 2012                                                                                                     Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                       endure long hours and low wage, so what else can a company
Galaxy SIII Mini, how does it                                          like Foxconn ask for from its employees?
compare to the full-size?
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/galaxy-siii-mini-how-does-it-
October 14th, 2012

It's official, the Galaxy SIII mini isn’t a high-end Android           (Zhang Tingzhen with family/friends)
device, and that shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone.            A 26-year old man named Zhang Tingzhen was hurt on the
Samsung recently unveiled the miniaturized version of its              job while at Foxconn last October that led to the removal of
flagship device, the Galaxy SIII. The marketing tactic is              half of his brain. Despite such a tragic incident, Foxconn is
evident, but as far as consumers are concern, if it’s a decent         reportedly telling the man to leave the hospital even though
device and it's affordable then it’ll sell a few.                      doctors are against it.

So here’s the comparison everyone wants to see:                        The surgery left Zhang with not much else besides his
                                                                       dignity. Zhang lost his memory in addition to the other life
                              SIII Mini    SIII                        changing disabilities such as the inability to talk or walk.
Processor               Dual Core @ 1GHz Quad Core @
                                                                       Foxconn has been bugging Zhang’s family via text messages
                                                                       to discharge him from the hospital, and if Zhang’s family
                                           Dual Core @
                                                                       doesn’t comply, Foxconn will terminate his medical benefits.
                                                                         According to Foxconn, their notices to Zhang’s family are
RAM                     1GB                1GB                         perfectly legal, because for Zhang to continue to receive his
Storage                 8/16GB and         32GB and microSD            medical benefits he has to make a 43 mile trip to get a
                        microSD up to      up to 64GB                  disability assessment.
                                                                       The compromise seems simple enough, but Zhang’s doctor
Screen                  4’’ Super AMOLED 4.8’’ Super                   is not confident that he’ll be able to reach his destination
                        800x480            AMOLED                      without developing more problems, as Zhang is risking
                                           1280x720                    hemorrhage if he does follow through with the 43-mile
OS                      Android Jelly Bean Android Jelly Bean          journey.
                                           w/ update
                                                                       This is quite the sob story, but what’s even more twisted
Camera                  5MP rear and VGA 8MP rear and
                                                                       is that there’s a local law stating that injured workers can
                        front facing       1.9MP front facing
                                                                       receive up to two years of hospital care before the disability
Network                 3G                 4G                          assessment requirement kicks in. Zhang has been in the
Connectivity            Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Wi-Fi, Bluetooth              hospital for only about a year.
                        4.0, GPS, NFC      4.0, GPS, NFC
                                                                       Tragic accidents as well as suicides within the confines
Battery                 1500mAh            2100mAh
                                                                       of Foxconn facilities have led many worker’s rights and
                                                                       labor organizations to criticize Foxconn for its inhumane
The differences in specs are apparent, as the SIII mini                treatment of employees. Just a few weeks ago, a Foxconn
is a smaller and less powerful device. The main feature                riot involving thousands of workers made global headlines.
that’s missing in the Mini that may come under fire from               How many more tragic cases must Foxconn experience
consumers is the lack of 4G. Everything else about the Mini            before any real reforms are put in place?
has the mid-range moniker written all over it.

Foxconn kicks a man with                                               Less business for Korean-
half a brain                                                           based tablet panel makers?
                                                                       Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/less-business-for-korean-based-
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/foxconn-kicks-a-man-with-half-a-
                                                                       October 14th, 2012
October 14th, 2012

                                                                       LG and Samsung Electronics currently holds about 60
There’s a saying that goes something like this: “Don’t kick
                                                                       percent of the market for productions of panels for tablets,
a man when he’s down.” Foxconn workers are known to

October 14th, 2012                                                                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

but that number may decrease soon as Apple may shift their                in the world though, for whom this is a luxury they cannot
display production away from South Korean-based firms.                    afford.
A source familiar with the matter reported that Apple will                More than a third of the world's population is online while
likely starting using IGZO panels from Sharp for future                   mobile phone uptake increased by more than 600 million in
iPads, and AUO in Taiwan for the upcoming 7.85-inch iPad                  2011 to around six billion, according to a UN agency.
mini. The move to obtain panels elsewhere in Asia may
mean that Sharp and AUO is offering to make the panels for
less. One can also speculate that the decaying relationship               But the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
between Samsung and Apple may also has something to do                    highlighted huge disparities in the cost of services, with the
with the move.                                                            poorer parts of the world tending to pay the most.

                                                                          "On the back of the increase in broadband services
                                                                          worldwide, the number of people using the internet grew
                                                                          by 11 per cent over the past year ... i.e., 2.3 billion
                                                                          people," the ITU said in its 2012 report on information and
                                                                          communication technologies (ICT).

Regardless of the reason, Apple’s move out of Korea means
less business for two of Korea’s largest tech firm. The iPad
mini will be Apple’s budget slate, or at least that’s what
many are thinking. Therefore, there’s a high chance that
the smaller iPad will develop a large following if Apple’s
marketing department continues to do what it does best.
Analysts predict that global tablet users will reach 124
million by 2014, and Apple currently holds nearly 70 percent
of the tablet market share. Taiwan is a hotspot for PC OEMs,
but the PC market is shrinking, hence, Apple’s move may
give Taiwan the much needed boost in its tech sector.
Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are also investing heavily
in the tablet market, and Taiwan seems to be the popular
destination for core tablet components.                                   In terms of affordability, Macau, Norway and Singapore
                                                                          topped the list of 161 countries featured in the report.
A third of the world is online,
but it's still unaffordable for                                           Madagascar came bottom, just behind Togo and Niger.

Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/a-third-of-the-world-is-online-but-   In Africa, internet connectivity prices were almost seven
it-s-still-unaffordable-for-some/17412.html                               times higher than in the Americas, and 20 times higher than
October 14th, 2012                                                        Europe in 2011.

                                                                          Mobile phones with broadband showed the sharpest growth
                                                                          of all ICT sectors between 2010 and 2011, the agency said,
                                                                          with almost 1.1 billion subscriptions by the end of 2011.

A fast, reliable internet connection is something a lot of us             Despite a surge in mobile phone broadband, "prices
just take for granted these days. It's amazing to think that              for ICT services remain very high in many low-income
I used to get by with a 56k dialup connection when I was                  countries," said Brahima Sanou, director of the ITU's
younger (I miss that dial up sound!). There are still many                Telecommunication Development Bureau.
in the world though, for whom this is a luxury they cannot
A fast, reliable internet connection is something a lot of us             Income from the telecommunication sector reached $US1.5
just take for granted these days. It's amazing to think that              trillion ($1.46 trillion) in 2010, around 2.4 per cent of the
I used to get by with a 56k dialup connection when I was                  world's gross domestic product, the report said.
younger (I miss that dial up sound!). There are still many

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Source: AFP                                                          Rockstar is building up a lot of hype for the next GTA, and the
                                                                     rumored release dates only adds to the anticipation. Game
                                                                     Informer has confirmed that GTA V will be a part of its
GTA V to launch in March,                                            December issue, so hopefully that's a sign that the game is
2013 [rumor]                                                         nearing completion!
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/gta-v-to-launch-in-march-2013-
October 14th, 2012
                                                                     Quantum effects observed in
                                                                     cold chemistry
                                                                     Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/quantum-effects-observed-in-cold-
                                                                     October 14th, 2012
The car-stealing and blatant-murdering-of innocent-
pedestrians video game will hit store shelves in March, 2013.
 Controversial as it may seem, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto
is one of the more successful video game series, and for fans,
the news mean that the wait for GTA V won't last much                At very low temperatures, close to absolute zero, chemical
longer.                                                              reactions may proceed at a much higher rate than classical
Games Radar reports that they have seen two retailers listing        chemistry says they should – because in this extreme
the game for launch on two different dates. The first being          chill, quantum effects enter the picture. Researchers
March 1, and the second is May 31, 2013. For fans of the             from the Weizmann Institute have now confirmed this
series, it’s a big sigh of relief now that they know when they’ll    experimentally; their results would not only provide insight
be able to get their next dose of free world killing spree fun.      into processes in the intriguing quantum world in which
                                                                     particles act as waves, it might explain how chemical
                                                                     reactions occur in the vast frigid regions of interstellar space.
                                                                     At very low temperatures, close to absolute zero, chemical
                                                                     reactions may proceed at a much higher rate than classical
                                                                     chemistry says they should – because in this extreme
                                                                     chill, quantum effects enter the picture. Researchers
                                                                     from the Weizmann Institute have now confirmed this
                                                                     experimentally; their results would not only provide insight
                                                                     into processes in the intriguing quantum world in which
                                                                     particles act as waves, it might explain how chemical
                                                                     reactions occur in the vast frigid regions of interstellar space.
                                                                     Long-standing predictions are that quantum effects should
                                                                     allow the formation of a transient bond – one that will
The next installment of GTA will take place in Los Santos, a         force colliding atoms and molecules to orbit each other,
city that mirrors the limelight of Los Angeles, California. In       instead of separating after the collision. Such a state would
the story, the main character wants to pursue the “dream”            be very important, as orbiting atoms and molecules could
of living the good life—a nice home by the beach, exotic             have multiple chances to interact chemically. In this theory,
supercars, a family, and money.                                      a reaction that would seem to have a very low probability of
As with every all prior releases of GTA, the main component          occurring would proceed very rapidly at certain energies.
is the money and how the main character obtains it. And if
it’s some sort of illegal activity, GTA will probably have it as
                                                                     Dr. Ed Narevicius and his team in the Institute’s Chemical
a part of the core gameplay.
                                                                     Physics Department managed, for the first time, to
Spokesperson for Rockstar was quoted as saying that the              experimentally confirm this elusive process in a reaction
next GTA will be “the largest and most ambitious game                they performed at chilling temperatures of just a fraction of
Rockstar has yet created…[and a] radical reinvention of the          a degree above the absolute zero – 0.01°K.
Grand Theft Auto universe.”

                                                                     Their results have just been published in the journal Science.

                                                                     “The problem,” says Narevicius, “is that in classical
                                                                     chemistry, we think of reactions in terms of colliding
                                                                     billiard balls held together by springs on the molecular
                                                                     level. In the classical picture, reaction barriers block those
                                                                     billiard balls from approaching one another, whereas in the
                                                                     quantum physics world, reaction barriers can be penetrated
                                                                     by particles, as these acquire wave-like qualities at ultra-low

October 14th, 2012                                                                                       Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                to particles trapped in orbits around one another. Such
                                                                interference occurs at particular energies and is marked by
                                                                a dramatic increase in reaction rates.

                                                                Narevicius said, “Our experiment is the first proof that the
                                                                reaction rate can change dramatically in the cold reaction
                                                                regime. Beyond the surprising results, we have shown that
                                                                such measurements can serve as an ultrasensitive probe for
                                                                reaction dynamics. Our observations already prove that our
                                                                understanding of even the simplest ionization reaction is far
                                                                from complete; it requires a thorough rethinking and the
                                                                construction of better theoretical models. We expect that
The experimental system: two supersonic valves followed
                                                                our method will be used to solve many puzzles in reactions
by two skimmers. The blue beam passes though a curved
                                                                that are especially relevant to interstellar chemistry, which
magnetic quadrupole guide, and the merged beam (purple)
                                                                generally occurs at ultra-low temperatures.”
enters a quadrupole mass spectrometer. B is a front view of
the quadrupole guide.
                                                                Source: Weizmann Institute of Science
The quest to observe quantum effects in chemical reactions
started over half a century ago with pioneering experiments
by Dudley Herschbach and Yuan T. Lee, who later received
a Nobel Prize for their work. They succeeded in observing
chemical reactions at unprecedented resolution by colliding
two low-temperature, supersonic beams. However, the
collisions took place at relative speeds that were much too
high to resolve many quantum effects: When two fast beams
collide, the relative velocity sets the collision temperature
at above 100°K, much too warm for quantum effects to
play a significant role. Over the years, researchers had used
various ingenious techniques, including changing the angle
of the beams and slowing them down to a near-halt. These
managed to bring the temperatures down to around 5°K –
close, but still a miss for those seeking to observe chemical
reactions in quantum conditions.

The innovation that Narevicius and his team, including
Alon B. Henson, Sasha Gersten, Yuval Shagam and Julia
Narevicius, introduced was to merge the beams rather than
collide them. One beam was produced in a straight line, and
the second beam was bent using a magnetic device until
it was parallel with the first. Even though the beams were
racing at high-speed, the relative speed of the particles in
relation to the others was zero. Thus a much lower collision
temperature of only 0.01 K could be achieved. One beam
contained helium atoms in an excited state, the other either
argon atoms or hydrogen molecules. In the ensuing chemical
reaction, the argon or hydrogen molecules became ionized –
releasing electrons.

To see if quantum phenomena were in play, the researchers
looked at reaction rates – a measure of how fast a reaction
proceeds – at different collision energies. At high collision
energies, classical effects dominated and the reaction rates
slowed down gradually as the temperature dropped. But
below about 3°K, the reaction rate in the merged beams
suddenly took on peaks and valleys. This is a sign that
a quantum phenomenon known as scattering resonances
due to tunneling was occurring in the reactions. At low
energies, particles started behaving as waves: Those waves
that were able to tunnel through the potential barrier
interfered constructively with the reflected waves upon
collision. This creates a standing wave that corresponds

October 16th, 2012                                                                                                    Published by: VR-Zone

VR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks!
  VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly
  publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the
  geeks.                                                               New test could determine
                                                                       consciousness in brain
65th anniversary of breaking                                           injured patients
of sound barrier                                                       Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-test-could-determine-
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/65th-anniversary-of-breaking-of-
                                                                       October 16th, 2012
October 16th, 2012

                                                                       A research team in Beligum has been testing a new method
                                                                       of determining brain activity in patients, such as those in a
Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier 65 years ago, and last            coma, to help objectively determine if they're brain dead.
Sunday, he did it again, in celebration of the anniversary.
                                                                       It is a difficult thing to determine if a brain-injured person
Sixty-five years ago, Chuck Yeager became the first man to             is conscious or not; where does one draw the line between
break the sound barrier. At 24 years old, Yeager flew the              alive and dead? This question is something doctors have to
experimental Bell X-1 jet plane to the record books. The X-1           deal with every day, when deciding whether or not they are
was slightly shy of 31 feet long with a 28 foot wingspan, and          observing reflexes or actual, purposeful responses, to stimuli
hit 700 miles per hour, or mach 1.06, on October 14th 1947.            on vegetative patients. It's really an open question, and each
The flight carried him to 43,000 feet and ushered in the era           doctor has to make that call subjectively.
or supersonic aviation.
                                                                       There have been several attempts at finding a generalized
                                                                       test to determine if a person truly is conscious, such as doing
                                                                       EEG scans of brain activity. But even here, the results aren't
                                                                       always black and white: Several years ago, an unconscious
                                                                       and vegetative patient was found to be able to answer yes or
                                                                       no questions as well as any alert and awake person.

Ret. Brigadier General Chuck Yeager
Yeager's flight in the X-1 was one of the first steps of
innovation in a field that would eventually lead to the pursuit
of space flight and turn us into a space faring civilization. The
flight has been covered in movies, books and documentaries,
and now, the 89-year old former test pilot and air force
brigadier general has celebrated the anniversary of the                Example of the kind of system used for monitoring brain
event. By flying in the backseat of an F-15 Eagle at Nellis            activity
Airforce base, Yeager once more broke the sound barrier,               Melanie Boly, postdoc at the Belgian National Fund for
reaching mach 1.4.                                                     Research in Liege, has been hard at work to find a new
"Cockpits don't change; you just use the controls to make the          method of testing patents that can empirically decide
airplane do what you want to do," he said with a smirk in an           whether they are in fact conscious. A team of 32 volunteers
interview with the associated press.                                   were subjected to a short electrical pulse on their brains,
                                                                       after which the brain activity was monitored. In awake

October 16th, 2012                                                                                                    Published by: VR-Zone

patients, the pulse caused a response of activity which
spread across the brain. In healthy, but sleeping patients, the         Microsoft gearing up for
response was similar but shorter.                                       Windows 8 launch by
As Boly performed the test on vegetative patients, the result
was similar to that of the sleeping volunteers, and she found
                                                                        ordering 5 million Surface
that the more conscious they were, the more complex the                 tablets
brain activity response. This "response complexity index"               Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-gearing-up-for-
 could thus help determine consciousness of patients in the             windows-8-launch-by-ordering-5-million-surface-tablets/17464.html
future.                                                                 October 16th, 2012

New theory on the origin of
ball lightning
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-theory-on-the-origin-of-ball-
October 16th, 2012                                                      It may rain tablets come Christmas, literally. Component
                                                                        suppliers in Asia have reported that Microsoft has put in an
                                                                        order for somewhere between 3 to 5 million Surface tablets.
                                                                        Such an order can only mean that Microsoft is serious about
                                                                        snagging away some of the market share from the big-boy of
                                                                        the tablet world—Apple.
                                                                        According to the Wall Street Journal, the amount of tablets
A recently published paper lays out a new mathematical                  Microsoft has ordered is similar the orders that were placed
theory for the formation of ball lightning, an incredible and           by Amazon and Google for their respective tablets. Apple,
mysterious weather phenomenon.                                          on the other hand, has reportedly ordered around 10 million
Ball lightning is an elusive and mysterious phenomenon;                 iPad minis from its Asian suppliers.
a softball sized orb of electricity which has yet to be fully           Apple has not confirmed the iPad mini—the rumored 7.85-
understood since it is so difficult to empirically study. It            inch budget iOS tablet. However, there are quite a few
can appear anywhere from the sky, or even in your own                   rumors floating around which suggest that Apple will lift the
home. However, scientists from Australia’s Commonwealth                 lid on the iPad mini in about a weeks’ time.
Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO)
                                                                        Adding the amount of tablets that Amazon, Apple, Microsoft
and Australia National University have recently published
                                                                        have ordered together and you’ll have more than enough
a paper which details a mathematical model that may help
                                                                        tablets to go around this holiday season.
explain the origins of ball lightning.

Ball lightning encounter in the 19th century
Previously, every thing from microwave radiation,
antimatter and burning remnants of previous lightning
strikes have been proposed as explanations, but the new                 (Surface Tablet's keyboard also acts as a screen cover)
paper instead turns towards ion streams. Ions, electrically
                                                                        Microsoft hasn’t announced the prices of its upcoming
charged atoms, which appear as remnants of lightning
                                                                        Surface RT tablet, but some sources have indicated that the
strikes, could gather on surfaces, such as a plane of glass,
                                                                        software-giant may sell the device for as low as $200. Many
and accumulate over time. These ions might then excite the
                                                                        are speculating that Apple will sell the iPad mini for as low as
molecules in the air around it, leading to a discharge.
                                                                        $250, with a few thinking that the device will go for around
The new theory is entirely mathematical, relying on                     $300.
generally accepted theories and formulas, which means it
                                                                        Apple currently controls nearly 70 percent of the tablet
should be possible to test the theory, and perhaps even
                                                                        market, and the entrance of the iPad mini may only help to
recreate the lightning.
                                                                        strengthen that strangle hold. Windows 8 and the Surface
                                                                        tablet is Microsoft’s answer to the iPad, but only time will

October 16th, 2012                                                                                                         Published by: VR-Zone

tell whether or not Microsoft can succeed in captivating                  impressive new feature to Halo 4's multiplayer with the
consumers with its new products.                                          Infinity system.
Update: Microsoft has finally uncovered the pricings of its               In 343's newly releasedHalo 4: Infinity Multiplayer video
Surface RT tablets. The 32GB model will cost $499, and the                players get a behind the scenes look at how the system
64GB model will cost $699. As for the keyboard accessories,               was created, executed, and finely tuned to deliver a whole
the Touch Cover will cost $119.99, whereas the Type Cover                 new multiplayer experience that's unlike any other in the
will cost $129.99.                                                        Halo franchise. Essentially, Infinity is the UNSC flagship of
                                                                          the Spartan IV program, and acts as a headquarters for all
                                                                          players to customize their own Spartan warriors as well as
Samsung announces prices of                                               build an engaging story arc that spans across multiple areas
upcoming Windows 8 PCs                                                    of the game.
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-announces-prices-of-          This essentially breathes new life into the multiplayer
upcoming-windows-8-pcs/17462.html                                         gameplay and gives the mode a more substantial feel,
October 16th, 2012                                                        making it an actual extension and part of the universe rather
First off are the Samsung Smart PCs. The Pro 700T will run                than just a separate game on the side. Check out the vid on
for a cool $1,200, whereas the lower tier 500T will cost you              Halo Waypoint via Xbox LIVE or the official Halo website
$750 with a keyboard, and $650 without. The 500T’s price                  for more information.
difference with and without a keyboard is rather intriguing               Experience Halo 4's revolutionary Infinity multiplayer mode
—begging us to ask the question: “Is the bundled keyboard                 firsthand when the game relea on Nov. 6, 2012
really that expensive?”
Next up are the Mobile PCs, or laptops, or Ultrabooks—or
whatever you want to call them. The Series 9 Premium
                                                                          Jared Polis: FTC should not
Ultrabook will come in two models, a 13-inch and a 15-inch.               overrgulate the online tech
 The smaller 13-inch will cost $1,300, and the 15-inch will
be $1,500. The 15-inch Series 7 Notebook is slightly over a               industry
                                                                          Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/jared-polis-ftc-should-not-
grand, and will cost you $1,100 apiece.
Samsung’s Series 5 Ultra Touch will vary in prices depending              October 16th, 2012
on configurations. The Core i3 model will cost $810, but
for $50 more people can upgrade a Core i5. The Series
3 is Samsung’s attempt at wooing bargain hunters, with
notebooks starting at $450. The prices of the Series 3 will
increase, however, if the system’s base configurations are
changed.                                                                  For many startups and small businesses, Google is one of
The Series 7 All-in-One desktop PCs will also vary in prices              the main driving forces in deciding whether or not these
depending on configurations. The model with the 27-inch                   smaller-timers succeed. At least that’s what Congressman
display will cost $1,700, and consumers will have to drop                 Jared Polis is saying.
$1,100 for the smaller 23.6-inch model. The most affordable               The FTC is currently investigating Google’s business
out of the desktop models announced is the Series 5 All-                  practices, and if it turns out there’s something fishy then
in-One, which is slightly less than one grand—coming in at                there may be a huge antitrust case against the search giant.
                                                                          Polis, a self-proclaimed “high-tech entrepreneur”, cautions
                                                                          the FTC to not overregulate the tech industry, especially
343 Studios Goes Behind The                                               when it comes to a company that’s dynamic like Google.
Scenes to Explain Halo 4's                                                We all know Google’s presence in the tech industry via its
                                                                          search engine, but search is not the only thing that Google is
Infinity Multiplayer                                                      developing and deploying. Take for instance, Google Maps
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/343-studios-goes-behind-the-scenes-   is very popular among people who are looking for driving
to-explain-halo-4-s-infinity-multiplayer/17442.html                       directions, geo-locations, and even a visual tour of the site
October 16th, 2012                                                        that is of interest.
                                                                          In Polis’ letter to the FTC’s Chairman Jon Leibowitz,
                                                                          he claims that Google has helped small businesses grow
                                                                          through the search engine’s advertising tools. Polis also
                                                                          credits Google for its indirect involvement in helping people
343 goes behind the scenes to show gamers how the idea of                 to obtain jobs, because more jobs become available when
Halo 4's dynamic Infinity multiplayer mode blurs the lines                businesses grow.
between competitive and co-operative play.
Halo 4 has streamlined the franchise, adding in a plethora
of new features and content that expand both the universe
and game mechanics of the series. For gamers who have
always wanted more out of their multiplayer experience than
simple competitive matches, 343 Studios has introduced an

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                                                                     October 16th, 2012

                                                                     While the original Padfone convertible hybrid concept didn't
                                                                     exactly light up the smartphone world when it officially
                                                                     debuted at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, ASUS
                                                                     quietly went back to the drawing board and came with up
                                                                     with a much improved offering that has the credentials to
                                                                     challenge the established big boys out there.
                                                                     While the original Padfone convertible hybrid concept didn't
                                                                     exactly light up the smartphone world when it officially
                                                                     debuted at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, ASUS
(Congressman Jared Polis among his constituents)                     quietly went back to the drawing board and came with up
“Google’s advertising tools…help grow our business and               with a much improved offering that has the credentials to
reach new customers around the world, generating                     challenge the established big boys out there.
hundreds of new jobs,” Polis says in his letter. “I’ve seen
firsthand Google’s economic impact on my state: in 2011,
Google helped generate $1.4 billion of economic activity for
Colorado businesses, website publishers and nonprofits.”
According to Polis, his constituents have never complained
about the lack of choices when it comes to online
services. So instead of regulations via the FTC or other
government agencies, Polis believes that consumers can
protect themselves—especially when it comes to tech
companies that have a lot of online presences.
“I have never heard on of my constituents say that they
don’t feel like they have enough choices online, or that they
feel locked in to using any of these services. Competition
among these services is leading to lots of great services
for consumers—and consumers aren’t asking congress or                The new phone itself has very impressive hardware
the FTC to protect them. Quite to the contrary consumers             specifications that positions it at the top echelons of the
demand the rapid pace of progress and change that has                Android ecosystem, with a top of the line quad core
become the norm on the internet.”                                    Qualcomm S4 Pro APQ8064 (first spotted in the LG
                                                                     Optimus G) running at 1.5GHz augmented by a whopping
Furthermore, Polis doesn’t want the FTC “overregulate
                                                                     2GB of RAM to provide a snappy multitasking experience.
Internet content,” because consumers drive the economy
and they should get to decide what stays and what goes. Polis
pointed out the rather inefective PIPA/SOPA proposals
from a year earlier to make his case against government
intervention in online businesses.
“Today’s giant can be tomorrow’s failure without any
government intervention; market forces drive obsolescence
at a break neck pace which should only further abrogated the
need for government intervention,” he says.
Adding to his argument, Polis pointed out that firms such as
AOL, MySpace, and Yahoo were all considered “dominant”
in the past, but look at where they’re at now. The online
tech industry is constantly evolving, and consumers decide
what’s hot and what’s not.
“Consumers can switch to a new service with just one click,”
Polis concluded.
                                                                     The display also got an upgrade to a top of the line 720p
                                                                     4.7 inch LG Super IPS+ panel (previously 4.3 inch) with
ASUS Padfone 2 and                                                   maximum brightness of 700nits, which means you can use
                                                                     the phone even under broad daylight. Current units come
Padstation Preview                                                   with Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich but ASUS is working
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-padfone-2-and-padstation-   on a Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update which is slated to be out
preview/17457.html                                                   next month.

October 16th, 2012                                                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

                                                              Right: Elegantly designed Volume Up/Down and Power

                                                              Bottom: Micro USB port with MHL support that also serves
                                                              the docking connector to the Padfone Station

Top: Centered 3.5mm jack for earphones and regular
microSIM slot

                                                              Its non-removable battery has a capacity rating of 2140mAH
                                                              and its rear facing camera is a 13 megapixel Sony f/2.4
                                                              sensor. Unfortunately just like the iPhone and Google Nexus
                                                              phones, there is no micro SD slot for storage expansion.

Left: The Z-height of the Padfone 2 tapers to one end, just
like most comtemporary designer products.

                                                              Phone Specifications
                                                              Networks                     WCDMA 900/2100MHz
                                                                                           LTE 800/1800/2600MHz

October 16th, 2012                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

                         HSPA+ (DL: 21Mbit/s,            Audio                              MP3 / WMA / 3GP / AAC /
                         42Mbit/s (optional) / UL:                                          AAC+
                         5.76Mbit/s)                     Dimension                          137.9 x 69 x 9mm
                         LTE (DL: 100Mbit/s / UL:        Weight                             135g
Operating system         Android 4.0 ICS
                         (upgradeable to Jelly Bean)
Processor                Qualcomm Snapdragon S4
                         (8064 + 9215m) quad-core        Amazon's search
                         Cortex A15 class (1.5GHz)
                         with Adreno 320 graphics
                                                         technologist William Stasior
Storage / memory         16GB / 32GB / 64GB eMMC         to run Apple's Siri
                         Flash / 2GB LPDDR2 RAM          Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amazon-s-search-technologist-
Color                    Black / White                   william-stasior-to-run-apple-s-siri/17456.html
Connectivity             802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi with        October 16th, 2012
                         Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0
                         & NFC (mobile payment
                         function is optional and by
                         request only)
                         3.5mm audio jack, Micro
                                                         After snatching up former AMD big time engineer Jim
                         ASUS 13-pin dock connector      Mergard from Samsung, Apple has reeled in another well-
                         (supports Micro-USB 2.0 &       known tech exec to help run its Siri department. The move to
                         Mobile High-Definition Link     hire Amazon’s search technologist, William Stasior, means
                         for HDMI connection)            that Apple is probably looking into developing its own search
GPS                      A-GPS & GLONASS                 system.
Display                  4.7“ (1280 x 720) / 312ppi      Correlation is not causation, or so that saying goes, but
                         Super IPS+ (550 nits)           there’s no denying that some of Apple’s recent move to
                                                         obtain top employees and execs from other companies mean
                         Scratch-resistant Corning®      that Apple wants a chunk of the pie—a pie with Apple and
                         Fit Glass with HCLR Film        berries.
                         (anti-fingerprint coating)
Main camera              13MP BSI Sensor Sony            Stasior has been running Amazon’s search and search
                         Camera, f/2.4 Aperture,         advertisement, and his move over to Apple means that
                                                         Apple wants to wedge itself into the search-pie that’s still
                         five-element lens, auto focus   incubating in the oven. Siri, which Stasior will now lead, is
                         with LED flash                  Apple’s voice activated personal assistant program. Hence,
Front camera             1.2MP                           Stasior plus Siri equals something that has to do with voice
Other                    G-sensor, proximity sensor,     activated search. There’s a high chance that that’s what
                         ambient light sensor, gyro      Apple wants Stasior to do, but there’s also a high chance that
                         sensor, e-compass               it may not be the case.
Battery                  2140mAh Li-Polymer (non-        Apple’s core business is in consumer electronics/gadgets,
                         removable)                      but recently there have been a wave of new products which
Talk time                Up to 16 hours with 3G          suggest Apple wants to extend its reaches, beyond hardware.
Standby time             Up to 352 hours with 3G          The recent launch of the iOS6 Maps app reveals that Apple
Browser                  HTTP / Google browser /         wants to compete in the GIS arena, with its main competitor
                         YouTube browser /               being Google.
                         Facebook / Google+
Messaging                SMS / MMS / email / IM
Video                    Video Playback: MPEG4/
                         H.264/H.263/WMV @ HD
                         Video Recording: MPEG4/
                         H.263 @ HD 1080p / 60fps
                         @ 720p
                         H.264 Video Decode @
                                                         (A Siri voice activated search engine?)
                         720p / Video Encode
                         @1080p                          Major companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple
H.264 / Ogg / Theora /                                   have signaled their intents on expanding beyond their core
MPEG4 / WMV / 3GP                                        business models. Google has a stake in just about every tech
                                                         sectors, while Microsoft has been trying to claim a spot in the
Picture                  JPEG / PNG / GIF / BMP

October 16th, 2012                                                                                        Published by: VR-Zone

hardware industry. Apple, out of all the tech companies in       Gamers brand along with a few illustrations of its features
the world, doesn’t want to be left behind; hence, the moves      all over the packaging.
to obtain employees from companies that are in different
segments of the tech market.
If all these major tech firms intermingle in terms of core
strategies, how will we be able to differentiate them down
the line? The fog has rolled in, let's see what emerges once
the fog lifts.

ASUS ROG Matrix HD 7970
Platinum 3GB Review
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-rog-matrix-hd-7970-
October 16th, 2012

                                                                 Included in the box set is a small Diablo 3 themed Steelseries
                                                                 QCK cloth mousepad, a CrossfireX bridge long enough for
                                                                 three slots (not shown here) and some other overclocking
                                                                 related accessories which we will go through later in this
We have proven previously that, clock for clock at least,
AMD's Tahiti from the Southern Islands family remains the
fastest and most forward looking GPU over the competition's
Kepler GK104. Ten months on from the initial launch, the
Republic of Gamers division at ASUS have come up with a
custom triple slot, supercharged version of the Radeon HD
7970, also giving owners a few avenues to squeeze out every
bit of potential to satisfy their need for speed.
Ever since the less than flattering relevations about Nvidia's
Green Light programme for board makers were exposed
to the public, buying a more expensive, custom GTX 680
seems a bit daft given that no (easy) voltage adjustments
are possible, thus restricting the clock frequency potential.
Thankfully AMD has not imposed such restrictions on
their OEM vendors and we've seen companies like MSI
and Sapphire coming out with innovative cooling solutions,
software utilities and beefed up voltage regulation to allow     Armed with four full-sized DisplayPort and two DVI-D
users to find the upper limits of the TSMC 28nm Tahiti XT        connectors, the Matrix 7970 Platinum is capable of up
core.                                                            hooking up to six display Eyefinity from a single card without
                                                                 the need for a (still unreleased) DisplayPort 1.2 MT hub.
Next to a regular reference HD 7970 GHz edition card, the
newcomer looks like an aircraft carrier parked next to a
fishing trawler thanks to its hulking cooler and extended
PCB size.

                                                                 There are also dual CrossfireX connectors here, which is a
                                                                 puzzling design decision as the triple slot cooling solution
                                                                 inherently means only one of them will ever be used
                                                                 (explaination: typical motherboards and cases only have
No surprises here with the oversized box design either, with     seven or eight slots, thus limiting multi-GPU action to only
ASUS deploying the usual red motifs of the Republic of           dual cards) without the use of a slot extender or riser.

October 16th, 2012                                                                                                     Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                      the next 18 hours, hundreds of users downloaded games with
                                                                      a big discount, or in some cases, for free. In total, 44 games,
                                                                      including Mass Effect 1 and FIFA Soccer 12, were available
                                                                      for free by using the code.

Utilizing the "Tahiti 2" GHz Edition ASIC that we've                  EA's button logo
cover previously, the card is factory programmed to run
at 1100MHz on the core (as opposed to 925MHz on the                   The code was only meant for use within the US and Canada,
initial HD 7970, 1050MHz on the GHz Edition) and an                   though a fake US address in the billing section, though
aggressive 1650MHz on the memory (only 1375MHz and                    breaching the terms of service for EA's store, allowed users
1500MHz respectively on the standard cards). These kind of            worldwide to make use of the code. It is unknown how much
frequencies would require extra binning to pick the creme             money EA lost as a result of the discount code, but one can
of the crop, which is a always a good thing for the buyer.            assume it was enough to cause a bit of frustration.
We also note with interest the relatively low ASIC quality            After the coupon code was disabled, the Reddit post which
rating, which implies high electrical leakage (scales better          had originally spread it, instead began showcasing the spoils
when cold, subzero cold)                                              of what it's users had acquired. It is a shame though, that the
                                                                      people who originally took the survey in order to get the code
                                                                      legitimately, will no longer be able to use it.

                                                                      Apple opens its sixth store in
                                                                      mainland China
                                                                      Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-opens-its-sixth-store-in-
                                                                      October 16th, 2012

                                                                      On October 15, Apple's official website announced that the
                                                                      company will open its sixth major retail outlet in mainland
                                                                      China. It will be located on the bottom floor of APM
                                                                      (formerly the the Sun Dong An mall) of Beijing's Wangfujing
                                                                      area, less than a mile from the city center. The new store
EA's discount code led to free                                        is part of the expansion plans for Wangfujing Street, and is
                                                                      expected to become the largest Apple outlet in Asia. The
games                                                                 store will sell a full range of Apple products and third-party
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ea-s-discount-code-led-to-free-   accessories and will have a genius bar for customer service.
October 16th, 2012

A poorly designed discount code by Electronic Arts led to
free games and massive discounts for their online store, over
the weekend
Electronic Arts recently had a campaign where answering a
                                                                      Apple already has two stores in Beijing, one in Sanlitun and
survey about their company led to a discount code for $20
                                                                      one in Xidan. There are also three in Shanghai; one in
worth of content from their online store. Over the weekend
                                                                      Pudong, one in Hong Kong Plaza, and one on East Nanjing
though, this promotional campaign backfired, as the code
was released in a post on Reddit.
Unfortunately for EA, the code wasn't unique; it could be
used multiple times, and by multiple users. As a result, over

October 16th, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

The opening date of Beijing's new Apple outlet coincides
with the iPhone 5's release date in maindland China--              China reports rise in online
October, 20.                                                       attacks
                                                                   Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/china-reports-rise-in-online-

Oldest brain fossil discovered                                     attacks/17453.html
                                                                   October 16th, 2012
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/oldest-brain-fossil-
discovered/17446.html                                              According to the China National Computer Network
October 16th, 2012                                                 Emergency Response Center (CNCNERC), between January
                                                                   and June this year, nearly 7.8 billion computers and 27,900
                                                                   IP addresses were hacked from the United States. The
                                                                   CNCNERC are claiming that Anonymous is behind the
                                                                   majority of the attacks. Anonymous is adding to the claim by
                                                                   announcing that it plans to bring down the websites of five
                                                                   major corporations.
The fossilized remains of a an ancient arthropod reveals the
oldest brain ever preserved and shows it had an advanced
brain, too.
On the fossilized remains of an arthropod, Fuxianhuia
Protensa, there's a little red stain on the head; the oldest
known fossilized remains of a brain. The creature, which was
found in southwest China, breaks the record for providing
the oldest brain remnants ever found, at 520-million years

                                                                   The US House of Representatives Permanent Select
                                                                   Committee on Intelligence has recently announced that
                                                                   Huawei and ZTE (China-based firms) equipment may be
                                                                   used to perform espionage against the American people and
                                                                   advised US companies not to use equipment from either
                                                                   company. In addition, the Committee accused Huawei and
                                                                   ZTE of bribery and violation of immigration laws.
                                                                   While the Permanent Select Committee voices national
                                                                   security concerns, CNCNERC claims a rise in network
                                                                   attacks from other countries: 24% of attacks were from the
                                                                   United States, 17.2% from Japan, and 11.4% from South
The fossilized creature, with the red stain that used to be it's   Korea.
brain                                                              Zhou Yonglin, Director of the Emergency Response Center,
The remains reveal some new and important findings; the            said that the rise in number of attacks is quite severe, and
creature had a three-part brain with a complex nervous             that foreign hackers use IP addresses to spy on Chinese
system; evidence that such thing evolved into animal               computers and infect them with Trojans.
life much sooner than previously assumed. Modern day
arthropods, such as insects, spiders and crabs, still have this
same brain structure.
“It was very fascinating and very exciting,” says Nicholas
Strausfeld, from the University of Arizona; coauthor of the
study which disclosed the discoveries. “It suggests that the
organization we see in the modern brains is very ancient.”
Previously, scientists had believed that early arthropods
had a similar brain structure to brachiopods, such as
fairy shrimp. Those creatures share a common ancestor to
the arthropods, and have a two part brain with an extra
nerve cluster near the stomach. Scientists concluded that
sometime after the arthropods and brachiopods separated
evolutionarily, the nerve cluster on arthropods climbed up to
the brain and became a third section. As a result of the new
findings, chances are the reverse happened - the somewhat
simplistic lifestyle of brachiopods led to their brains de-

October 17th, 2012                                                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

VR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks!
  VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly                   Apple iPad Mini expected
  publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the
                                                                 next week
                                                                 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-ipad-mini-expected-next-

Corsair Neutron 240GB SSD                                        October 17th, 2012

Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/corsair-neutron-240gb-ssd-
October 17th, 2012

                                                                 Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Mini at an event in
                                                                 California, hitting back at rivals like Amazon who have been
                                                                 providing smaller tablet computers.
                                                                 Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Mini at an event in
   Corsair is perhaps the most active manufacturer when          California, hitting back at rivals like Amazon who have been
it comes to SSDs, actively jumping at any opportunity to         providing smaller tablet computers.
expand their products range and offer more options to
potential customers. The company today offers tens of SSDs
through eight product series, using the controllers of no        The Cupertino-based firm sent an invitation out to an
less than 3 manufacturers and various types of NAND flash.       event on 23 October at the California Theatre in San Jose,
Today we are having a look at the new Neutron series, which      providing a clue to what will be revealed by stating, “We've
introduces a new controller from Link_A_Media (LAMD).            got a little more to show you.”
Can the newcomer compete with the well-established
products from manufacturers like Micron and Sandforce?
                                                                 What that “little” is has been speculated for months now,
We will find out in this review.
                                                                 with many expecting a device with a display between seven
Corsair is perhaps the most active manufacturer when it          and eight inches, a major departure from Apple's standard
comes to SSDs, actively jumping at any opportunity to            9.7-inch iPad.
expand their products range and offer more options to
potential customers. The company today offers tens of SSDs
through eight product series, using the controllers of no
less than 3 manufacturers and various types of NAND flash.
Today we are having a look at the new Neutron series, which
introduces a new controller from Link_A_Media (LAMD).
Can the newcomer compete with the well-established
products from manufacturers like Micron and Sandforce?
We will find out in this review.

                                                                 With Amazon offering its 7-inch Kindle Fire HD tablet for
                                                                 $199, analysts expect the iPad Mini to sell for between $199
                                                                 and $299, offering a more affordable Apple product for
                                                                 consumers. This will be vital if Apple hopes to maintain its
                                                                 position in the market, as companies like Amazon continue
                                                                 to steal market share thanks to the lower price tag.

                                                                 Other elements of the device, such as storage space and
                                                                 processor speed, will likely be weaker than the current iPad
October 17th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

model and even its predecessor, in order to compensate for
the hit to the company's profit per unit, but if it manages to   Intel expects similar revenue in the fourth quarter,
hit a similar price range to the Kindle Fire then Apple will     predicting $13.6 billion, plus or minus $500 million.
likely win out on brand identity alone.                          Potential sales of PCs and tablets with Windows 8 could
                                                                 help it recover, as more people move to mobile computing
                                                                 devices, powered by chips designed and built by Apple or
                                                                 Samsung, among others in a growing market.
Intel profits down 14 percent
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/intel-profits-down-14-
percent/17486.html                                               Nissan to sell "steer-by-wire"
October 17th, 2012
                                                                 cars in 2013
                                                                 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nissan-to-sell-steer-by-wire-cars-
                                                                 October 17th, 2012

Intel has released its revenue report for the third quarter of
the year, revealing a drop in profit of 14 percent, blaming a
changing computer industry for the fall.
Intel has released its revenue report for the third quarter of   Nissan is to sell “steer-by-wire” cars next year, letting
the year, revealing a drop in profit of 14 percent, blaming a    drivers control vehicles through the use of electronic
changing computer industry for the fall.                         signals, a technology used in aeroplanes, compared to older
                                                                 mechanical links.
The chip giant brought in $13.5 billion in revenue, compared     Nissan is to sell “steer-by-wire” cars next year, letting
to $14.2 billion last year, with operating income at $3.8        drivers control vehicles through the use of electronic
billion, a decline on the €4.8 billion of last year, and net     signals, a technology used in aeroplanes, compared to older
income of €3 billion, less than the €3.5 billion it earned in    mechanical links.
2011. As a result, basic earnings per share were down from
$0.67 to $0.59.
                                                                 The Japanese car giant revealed plans to mass produce
                                                                 cars with the technology, a first in the industry, offering a
Revenue for the company's PC Client Group was $8.6               number of advantages over the previous system, including
billion, flat compared to the previous quarter, but a drop of    faster transmission of driver commands to the wheels,
eight percent compared to last year. Its Data Centre Group       better insulation from disturbances caused by feedback, and
brought in $2.7 billion, down 5 percent on the last quarter,     improved fuel efficiency.
but up six percent on 2011. Other Intel revenue was $1.2
billion, up six percent on the second quarter, but down 14
percent on last year.                                            The technology could face an uphill struggle, however, in
                                                                 terms of addressing motorist safety fears. Although the
                                                                 technology is used in the air, similar systems on the road
                                                                 have not had good publicity, such as a Mercedes-Benz
                                                                 “brake-by-wire” feature in 2004, which sometimes failed to
                                                                 transmit signals to the brakes, resulting in a recall of two
                                                                 million cars.

“Our third-quarter results reflected a continuing tough
economic environment,” said Paul Otellini, President and
CEO of Intel. “The world of computing is in the midst of
a period of breakthrough innovation and creativity. As we
look to the fourth quarter, we're pleased with the continued     Nissan hopes to address these issues in the short term with
progress in Ultrabooks and phones and excited about the          a backup clutch system that resorts to a more old-fashioned
range of Intel-based tablets coming to market.”                  technique, but it suggested that it would like to drop this
                                                                 safety feature in the future. If it did, it would be able to move

October 17th, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

the steering wheel to anywhere in the car, or replace it with a    Artist's rendering of Alpha Centauri Bb
joystick. It even suggested a steering wheel in the back seat,     In this case, the star was wobbling at a speed of 1.8 kph,
which does not exactly sound like a very good place for it, but    making it very difficult to detect. It took more than 4 years
the theoretical freedom is impressive.                             and 450 HARPS observations to confirm the existence of the
The technology could eventually be rolled out to another           "It’s an extraordinary discovery, and it has pushed our
new approach to driving: driverless cars. Nissan already           technique to the limit," said Dumusque in a statement.
unveiled its own self-driving car at CEATEC 2012, which            The study is being published today in the journal Nature,
could respond to a smartphone, and Google has been busy            despite the fact that some scientists are still debating the
getting US state approval for its driverless cars. The two
                                                                   existence of the planet. Researchers cite the extremely weak
technologies together could revolutionise the industry and         signal as a potential for error. Dumusque's team however,
give drivers a totally different road experience.                  state that the probability of having a false reading according
                                                                   to their tests, is 0.1%
                                                                   The planet, known as Alpha Centauri Bb, is a super earth, a
Planet found circling Alpha                                        rocky planet with approximately 113% the mass of the earth.
                                                                   Whenever one hears of an exoplanet, hopes of finding alien
Centauri B                                                         life, or perhaps the prospect of colonizing it, come to mind.
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/planet-found-circling-alpha-   However, chances are slim for either of those, as it is outside
centauri-b/17475.html                                              the star's habitable zone, much too close to the sun and likely
October 17th, 2012                                                 filled with molten rock and lava. Alpha Centauri Bb is in fact,
                                                                   very close to it's star at just 6 million kilometers. Earth, to
                                                                   compare, is roughly 150 million kilometers from the sun.
                                                                   Due to Bb's close proximity to it´s sun, it also orbits very
                                                                   quickly; a year on Bb is just 3.2 days long
                                                                   Luckily, the heat doesn't mean that the discovery is
                                                                   negligible; the existence of one exoplanet often means the
A new planet has been found orbiting our nearest star              existence of more in a system; it is common for solar systems
system, Alpha Centauri. It is a discovery that pushed the          with low mass planets (such as Bb) to have somewhere
used technology to the limit and though likely not supporting      between two and seven planets. Perhaps farther out in the
life, it gives hope that other planets may be nearby.              system, in the habitable zone where liquid water can be
The Alpha Centauri system is a binary star system, and at          present, there is hope for another planet.
an approximate 4.5 light years away, it is also the closest
star system to earth. The two stars orbit each other with
an orbit of approximately 80 earth years. It was recently
                                                                   HTC unveils One S Special
discovered that a hitherto unknown planet is orbiting one          Edition
of the system's stars, Alpha Centauri B, thus making it the        Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/htc-unveils-one-s-special-
closest exoplanet known to mankind.                                edition/17483.html
                                                                   October 17th, 2012
The planet was found by a research team under Xavier
Dumusque of Geneva Observatory and University of Porto in
Portugal, who made the discovery by utilizing an instrument
called the High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher,
(HARPS). The techniques used looked at tiny wobbles in
Alpha Centauri B: Gravitational interaction between the star
and the planet pulls both the planet towards the star, and the
other way around. By observing the star's position, one can        HTC has unveiled the One S Special Edition, and aside from
determine if there's a planet in the system by how much the        the mid-range specs, what is it about this device that makes
star is moving, wobbling, as the planet circles it.                it so special?
                                                                   The original One S is HTC’s mid-range Android device which
                                                                   boasts the powerful dual-core Snapdragon S4 clocked at
                                                                   1.5GHz, 1GB of RAM, an 8MP rear camera, and a 4.3-inch
                                                                   screen with a resolution of 960x540.
                                                                   Now, onto what makes the One S Special Edition so special.
                                                                    The One S Special Edition will come with 64GB of internal
                                                                   storage, and…well, that’s about it. Aside from the increased
                                                                   storage, everything about the One S Special Edition will be
                                                                   the same as the original One S.
                                                                   It’s hard to dignify the “Special Edition” with just an increase
                                                                   in storage, but who are we to say what makes a device unique
                                                                   and better than something else. As for pricings, the One S
                                                                   Special Edition will go for approximately $615.

October 17th, 2012                                                                                                     Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                       (A device that's prone to getting scratches during the
                                                                       assembly line trip)
(HTC One X+ will be available via AT&T this fall)                      A Foxconn executive has attributed the iPhone 5 shortage
The One S is currently available on various mobile carriers in         to its complicated design and manufacturing process.
the US, but its beefier counterpart—the One X—is currently              According to him, the iPhone5’s “light and thin [design] is
only available from AT&T. HTC’s One X in the US does                   very complicated.”
not boast a quad-core, but rather it also has a dual-core              “The iPhone 5 is the most difficult device that Foxconn has
Snapdragon S4 like the One S model. The swap for the quad-             ever assembled,” he claims. “It takes time to learn how to
core was necessary to achieve 4G LTE capability here in the            make this new device.”
                                                                       The coating material which the new iPhone uses is very
AT&T has announced, however, that it will deliver a quad-              susceptible to scratches, and during the manufacturing
core 4G LTE capable HTC One X device sometime this fall                process it is very difficult to keep the fresh product from
—dubbed the One X+. The One X+ will retain the beastly                 obtaining pre-retail blemishes.
quad-core Tegra 3 chip clocked at 1.7GHz.
                                                                       “It’s always hard to satisfy both aesthetic needs and practical
While we’re on the topic of specs, is the One S Special Edition        needs,” he added.
a justifiable ($615) investment considering its specs?
                                                                       There’s no denying that Foxconn is running on all cylinders
                                                                       in an effort to keep up with demand for Apple products.
Foxconn explains why there's                                             However, the manufacturing giant has also been heavily
                                                                       criticized recently for its employee management system.
an iPhone 5 shortage                                                   A riot not too long ago broke out at one of the Foxconn
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/foxconn-explains-why-there-s-an-
                                                                       manufacturing facility in China, and although it is still
                                                                       unclear what the main cause of the riot was, reports have
October 17th, 2012
                                                                       indicated that tension between workers and management
                                                                       arose because Apple had demanded higher product quality
                                                                       control—something the workers felt like they could not meet.

                                                                       7-inch Cube U9GT4 Android
According to Foxconn, it is quite difficult to make an iPhone          Jelly Bean tablet for $130
5, or rather it is difficult to please consumers.                      Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/7-inch-cube-u9gt4-android-jelly-
Millions of people are lining up to purchase an iPhone                 October 17th, 2012
5, but not all have walked away with a shiny new Apple
smartphone. Despite popular demand, Apple (and by
extension, Foxconn) has not been able to deliver enough
goods to keep iPhone-fanatics happy.

                                                                       Bargain hunters who are looking for a well-priced tablet
                                                                       that has an up-to-date Android OS should take a look at the
                                                                       Cube U9GT4. This 7-inch Android Jelly Bean-powered slate
                                                                       boasts relatively good specs for the price of just a little over
                                                                       one US Benjamin.

October 17th, 2012                                                                                                    Published by: VR-Zone

Competitively priced at $130, the Cube U9GT4 is a dual-core
tablet that can get the job done without breaking the bank.
 Underneath the hood lies the 1.6GHz Cortex-A9 processor
with a Mali-400 GPU, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage
(expandable via a microSD card), and the screen resolution
isn’t too bad either—coming in at 1024x600.

                                                                       An image of the solar flare. Earth would fit more than ten
                                                                       times along the length of the flare.
                                                                       Solar flares are a massive energy release of the sun,
                                                                       sometimes up to a sixth of the sun's total energy output, or
The U9GT4 isn’t exactly an elite among the 7-inchers, but it’s         160,000,000,000 megatons of TNT, which can be seen as
certainly not a bottom feeder either. For about $200, people           a sudden brightening in the sun and is often followed by
can buy the Google Nexus 7, but despite its beefy quad-core            a coronal mass ejection (CME), essentially a burst of solar
Tegra 3 processor, the Nexus 7 doesn’t have an expansion               material being flung out into the solar system.
port for additional storage. The 8GB Nexus 7 will run out
of memory quick if users pile on the video and music files.            These CMEs usually reach earth about one or two days later,
  Hence, that’s a big downside when it comes to owning a               and it is the earth's interaction with these ionized particles
Nexus 7.                                                               which, together with regular solar winds, are the cause of
                                                                       auroras. If a solar flare is powerful enough though, they may
Despite being a good 7-inch Android tablet, the U9GT4 does             cause damage, disturbing power grids and radio systems.
lack a few features that may not make it as attractive to              A particularly disastrous solar flare may even permanently
consumers. One of the features that the U9GT4 does lack is             disable many electronic components, such as transformers,
the GPS functionality, which the Nexus 7 does have.                    leading to widespread power outages.
                                                                       Solar flares affect the entire solar system though; one hazard
                                                                       that would be encountered during a manned missions to
                                                                       Mars for example, would be the radiation emitted from solar
                                                                       winds, which the astronauts would somehow have to shield
                                                                       against during the entire flight.

                                                                       Mobile gamepad the size of a
                                                                       Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/mobile-gamepad-the-size-of-a-
                                                                       October 17th, 2012

Massive solar flare erupts
from sun                                                               Gaming on a touchscreen device can be cumbersome at
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/massive-solar-flare-erupts-from-
                                                                       times, because the response time may not always be up to
                                                                       par as with a physical control pad. Even if there are third
October 17th, 2012
                                                                       party gamepads available on the market for your tablets or
                                                                       smartphones, those devices can sometime be too much of a
A gigantic solar flare, 100,000 miles across, has erupted              hassle to lug around. This is where the iMpulse comes in. It’s
from the sun, showcasing how truly great the scale of things           a tiny control pad (the size of a key chain) that is compatible
can be in the universe. In comparison, the Earth only has a            with the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and even PCs.
diameter of roughly 7926 miles.
                                                                       Black Powder Media is currently looking for backers on
                                                                       Kickstarter, and so far they have exceeded their pledge goal,
                                                                       which only goes to show that this nifty little device might be
                                                                       worth the investment.

October 17th, 2012                                                                                         Published by: VR-Zone

The maker claims that the iMpulse is “the SMALLEST
wireless controller for mobile devices.” It’s tiny, and that’s
no joke, and this is the specs of the iMpulse:

                                                                  (The spiffy new Xbox LIVE UI)
                                                                  One of the most useful additions to the update is the new
                                                                  Pin feature, which allows gamers to "pin" items to a list of
                                                                  shortcuts to their homepage: everything from regularly used
                                                                  apps to games can be stored here to quickly launch from
                                                                  a handy list without having to scour menus. This is a huge
                                                                  timesaver and optimizes convenience and efficiency all in
                                                                  one easy-to-use way.
Not only does the iMpulse act as a gamepad, but users can
also use it as a media controller. The D-pad acts as the          Possibly the most exciting feature added to Xbox LIVE is
volume control, and the action buttons can be used to mute,       integrated web browsing with Internet Explorer, allowing
play, reverse, and fast forward a video.                          gamers to use their console to surf the web for the first
                                                                  time. Whether or not the browsing experience will fully
Imagine running your Game Boy emulator on your                    mirror that of PC web browsing is still uncomfirmed, but
smartphone and having this little bad boy as a controller,        hopefully the browser will be able to run Flash and other
sick! Check out the Black Powder Media Kickstarter page for       software to deliver the same quality of browsing available on
more details.                                                     a computer.
                                                                  Overall the new Xbox LIVE Dashboard update optimizes
Xbox LIVE Dashboard Update                                        many elements to the marketplace and generally frees up the
Incoming                                                          pages, making for a more enjoyable browsing experience.
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/xbox-live-dashboard-update-
October 17th, 2012

Xbox 360 owners can expect a new Xbox LIVE dashboard
update when they fire up their console, as there will be a few
new features and a new sleek design.
Microsoft's latest overhaul to the Xbox LIVE dashboard
is quite impressive and adds in many new features
including web browsing with Internet Explorer, more
security measures, a new sleek design, and even a spolight
for the often overlooked Xbox Indie Games.
The new interface is a standard Windows 8 UI design with
a stylized grid that adds more slots on each pane, allowing
gamers to efficiently and easily browse through content
without having to search for it manually. While the current
Xbox LIVE interface has a similiar setup, the update adds
more slots to maximize screen coverage, making it less
confined and restricted.

October 18th, 2012                                                                                                       Published by: VR-Zone

VR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks!
  VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly
                                                                        The Pirate Bay said this is the latest move in “getting rid
  publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the
                                                                        of our earthly form,” or, in other words, the kind of stuff
                                                                        that can easily be tracked and stopped. It previously got
                                                                        rid of trackers and torrents, now employing safer magnet
The Pirate Bay moves to                                                 links, and this move to the cloud means that the file-sharing
                                                                        pirates will likely be around for some time to come.
cloud to avoid shutdown
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-pirate-bay-moves-to-cloud-to-
                                                                        Skydiver record could affect
October 18th, 2012                                                      spacesuit design
                                                                        Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/skydiver-record-could-affect-
                                                                        October 18th, 2012

                                                                        The successful jump of skydiver Felix Baumgartner on
                                                                        Sunday could change how spacesuits for astronauts are
Notorious file-sharing website The Pirate Bay has moved to
the cloud in order to prevent it from being shut down.
Notorious file-sharing website The Pirate Bay has moved to              Dustin Gohmert, head of the crew survival engineering office
the cloud in order to prevent it from being shut down.                  at NASA, said that the record-breaking achievement could
                                                                        help NASA improve its own spacesuits to ensure better
                                                                        survivability of not only astronauts, but also space tourists
The website cited a kind of spiritual truth for its decision            and high-altitude pilots and passengers.
in a blog post, comparing the cloud to Brahman of the
Hindus and suggesting that failure to adapt will lead to being
“forever forgotten beneath the veils of maya,” a Sanskrit               He said that spacesuits have changed little since Joe
term for illusion.                                                      Kittinger's jump in 1960, which held the record until
                                                                        this week when Baumgartner plummeted at 834 miles
                                                                        per hour, significantly faster than the speed of sound.
The esoteric aside, the reality is that the cloud-based solution        Traditional spacesuits are meant for sitting down in, while
makes it easier and cheaper for The Pirate Bay to run, and,             Baumgartner's one was designed specifically for the high-
more importantly for its operators, makes it much more                  altitude fall.
difficult to block or close down, since it will no longer rely on
physical servers in a single location.
                                                                        A huge amount of data was collected from the jump,
                                                                        including medical information like the skydiver's heart rate
                                                                        and bloodpressure. This is being analysed by a team led by
                                                                        Dr. Jonathan Clark, a former flight surgeon for NASA, whose
                                                                        wife lost her life in the Columbia space shuttle accident.

“All attempts to attack The Pirate Bay from now on is an
attack on everything and nothing,” the website said. “The site
that you're at will still be here, for as long as we want it to.
Only in a higher form of being. A reality to us. A ghost to
those who wish to harm us.”
October 18th, 2012                                                                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                   The company is not entirely off the hook, however, as the
                                                                   review found vulnerabilities in its networking gear that could
                                                                   be exploited by hackers, and there is always the possibility
                                                                   that these security holes were deliberately put there as a kind
                                                                   of back door for espionage.

At the time of NASA's last shuttle flight last year the
possibility of astronauts escaping a disaster situation
required that they be no higher than six miles above the
Earth and travelling at speeds no greater than 230 miles
per hour. Baumgartner's successful fall from 24 miles above
Earth at 834 miles per hour shows that it is possible for a
more daring escape.
                                                                   Despite the potential clearing of Huawei's name, the US
                                                                   government is still on edge about it. It revealed that
Baumgartner's descent could have went very badly, however,         it banned the company from working on an emergency
and it almost did when he initially launched into an out-of-       network last year, due to “national security concerns.”
control spin for around 40 seconds, with two and a half times
the force of gravity hitting his body, which could have caused
him to black out and suffer a stroke. He managed to correct        The revelations follow calls from members of the US House
his position into a downward V-shape, and this could be the        of Representatives Intelligence Committee to ostracise
deciding technique for surviving similar jumps.                    Huawei and ZTE from all US business deals, with a
                                                                   supposedly secret document accompanying their report
                                                                   highlighting cases of spying. The security fears are not
                                                                   limited to the US either, as Canada has banned Huawei from
                                                                   a government network deal, following a similar move by
White House review finds no
evidence of Huawei spying                                          Both Huawei and ZTE deny the allegations of spying and
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/white-house-review-finds-no-   have vowed that their equipment is safe. The findings of this
evidence-of-huawei-spying/17502.html                               White House-backed report largely agree, but that is unlikely
October 18th, 2012                                                 to quell suspicions of collusion with the Chinese government
                                                                   and does not cover information that might have been more
                                                                   recently revealed.

                                                                   UK court orders Apple
A White House sanctioned review of the potential security
risks posed by Chinese telecommunications equipment firm           to publicly say sorry to
Huawei has found no evidence of spying.                            Samsung
A White House sanctioned review of the potential security          Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/uk-court-orders-apple-to-publicly-
risks posed by Chinese telecommunications equipment firm           say-sorry-to-samsung/17500.html
Huawei has found no evidence of spying.                            October 18th, 2012

Sources close to the 18-month long primarily classified
inquiry told Reuters its findings, which may appease
growing fears in the US and other countries that Huawei is
supplying information to the Chinese government.

October 18th, 2012                                                                                                        Published by: VR-Zone

A ruling by a UK court is forcing Apple to apologize publicly
to Samsung for accusing the South Korean-tech firm of
copying the iPad’s design with the Galaxy Tab tablet.
Samsung and Apple are engaged in more than one legal
battle with each other worldwide, but it’s rare for the judges
presiding over the court case to force Apple to issue a public
The apology that Apple must issue has to be published in
various media outlets in the UK, because the judges want
to eliminate consumer misconceptions that Samsung copied
Apple’s design scheme.
The decision to make Apple say sorry to Samsung was
actually from a few months ago, but it was not until recently
that the judges upheld the decision to force Apple to issue an
apology statement via UK’s media outlets.
Furthering the apology demand, the court wants Apple to
provide a link to the judges’ decision on its UK website. The             (Best Buy will have to compete with devices such as the
next requirement, which is oddly even more specific, for the              Nexus 7 which features a quad-core Tegra 3 CPU)
apology is that the statement must be printed in 14 point (or             Google’s Nexus 7 currently sets the standard for what is
larger) using the Arial font.                                             considered a “budget” Android tablet. The lowest priced
Samsung had to scoff up a little over $1 billion recently                 Nexus 7 model features a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and
because a California court found that it had infringed upon               8GB of internal storage. Best Buy’s Insignia Flex will feature
Apple’s patents. However, a court-ordered public apology                  a 1GHz dual-core processor, Android Ice Cream Sandwich to
may be just as devastating for the world’s most valuable                  boot, and an expected battery life of 10 hours.
company.                                                                  Apple is rumored to launch its own budget tablet soon—the
                                                                          iPad mini, and this means that Best Buy will have to deal
                                                                          with a lot more competition. The Cupertino-based tech giant
Best Buy to launch its own                                                currently controls the majority of the tablet market share,
Android tablet with the                                                   and the launch of an “affordable” iPad means that it may also
                                                                          strengthen its hold on the growing tablet market.
Insignia Flex                                                             Various sources are reporting that the Insignia Flex may hit
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/best-buy-to-launch-its-own-android-
                                                                          the shelves of local Best Buys as early as November 11.
October 18th, 2012
                                                                          Nokia Lumia 920 exclusive to
                                                                          AT&T for first 6 months
                                                                          Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nokia-lumia-920-exclusive-to-at-t-
                                                                          October 18th, 2012

Best Buy wants to get in on the tablet madness that’s
sweeping the globe, and it will deploy its own in-house device
dubbed the “Insignia Flex” to make a marking on the hotly
contested tablet market.
The Insignia Flex will be a 9.7-inch Android-powered tablet
that will go for between $239 and $259. As for the specifics
                                                                          Nokia’s latest flagship smartphone will be the Nokia Lumia
regarding the Insignia Flex, Best Buy has not spilt the beans
                                                                          920, which features Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone OS.
on the tablet’s specification. One can only speculate that
                                                                            Although Nokia has stirred up quite a bit of hype for the
if Best Buy wants to legitimately contend with the likes of
                                                                          Lumia 920, the device will only be available via AT&T for the
Apple, Amazon, and Google, that it will have to deliver a
                                                                          first six months.
device that’s not half-baked.
                                                                          The Nokia Lumia 920 is possibly considered the top dog
The rumored price of the Insignia Flex is right around what
                                                                          among the Windows Phone flagships which will launch
many would consider a bargain or a budget device. Among
                                                                          sometime this fall or early next year. However, the Lumia
the budget Android tablet makers, the key players are
                                                                          920’s exclusiveness to AT&T may prevent it from getting the
Amazon’s Kindle, Google’s Nexus 7, and Barnes & Noble’s
                                                                          exposures Nokia desperately wants.
                                                                          Six months is not that long. But for a company like Nokia, the
                                                                          longer it takes for their Windows Phone 8 devices to catch
                                                                          on, the more money the Finnish firm will hemorrhage.
                                                                          Sales of the Lumia 820 were rather dreary, but Nokia
                                                                          is hoping that the Lumia 920 along with the fresh WP8

October 18th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

platform will give the company a much needed boost. The
Lumia 920 is a well spec’d device boasting a Snapdragon S4        If you haven't been lucky enough to score an invite, Google
dual-core clocked at 1.5GHz with an Adreno 225 GPU. It also       will be live streaming the event on YouTube.
features a 1280x768 4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ display, 1GB
of RAM, an 8MP rear camera, and a 2000mAh battery.
Nokia also claims that the Lumia 920’s touchscreen will be        China Telecom goes after
so sensitive that it’s operable even when users are wearing
                                                                  rural users
                                                                  Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/china-telecom-goes-after-rural-
Unfortunately for many current Lumia 8XX users, Nokia is          users/17496.html
not planning on providing an OS update for current WP7            October 18th, 2012

Got your invitation? Google
announce Android event later
this month.                                                       The countryside and villages may be the final frontier for all
                                                                  Chinese mobile service providers but China Telecom seems
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/got-your-invitation-google-
                                                                  to be gaining fast in the fight for this high potential market.
October 18th, 2012                                                The challenges in reaching end users in China's vast
                                                                  countryside are obvious. Average spending power is lower.
                                                                  The disjointed transportation links mean mobile phones
                                                                  pass through the hands of multiple sellers, adding to the
                                                                  price. Finally, locally produced imitations of popular models
                                                                  are the norm rather than the exception. Still the fact that
Not to be outdone by Apple, who announced an event                China Telecom sold six million phones to users in China's
yesterday, Google has today sent invitations to the media for     rural villages last month proves it's worth the trouble.
an event relating to its mobile operating system Android.
                                                                  The real hands-on work of driving sales falls to local
Not to be outdone by Apple, who announced an event                agents. China Business News spoke with one agent, whom
yesterday, Google has today sent invitations to the media for     they called Hu Ling for the interview. Based on her nine
an event relating to its mobile operating system Android.         years’ experience she said that the market in rural villages
The event will be held next Monday, October 29 (US time), in      definitely has potential.
New York. This may stir some controversy, as it is the same       “A lot of people there already have smart phones. They tend
date that Microsoft will launch Windows Phone 8 across the        to just go for the big phones with four inch screens. They
United States in San Francisco, having sent invitations two       don't pay much attention to brands” she said.
weeks ago.
                                                                  Still it's not easy for Hu Ling. Some months she only sells
                                                                  20 phones at a profit of 100 to 200 RMB ($16 to $32), and
Google's invitation does not explicitly state what will be        50 RMB ($8) of that may go to another local retailer, further
revealed, but uses the tagline "The playground is open". This     eating into her profit.
hints that the event may have something to do with Google         So what has China Telecom done for small time agents like
Play - formerly the Android Market - which is the tech giant's    Hu Ling? First of all they're doing the obvious and selling
one-stop shop for apps, movies, books and magazines.              their phones for 10% to 20% less than the competition. That
                                                                  makes the agent's job easier. But China Telecom has taken
                                                                  care of an even more frustrating problem for small scale
                                                                  sellers. They have set up a website to simplify the wholesale
                                                                  buying process and cut associated costs.
                                                                  The website, called BaiKeWang, allows small scale sellers
                                                                  to buy just a few phones at a time but pay shipping rates
                                                                  that are competitive with large scale retailers. They can also
                                                                  take advantage of any special offers China Telecom might be
                                                                  offering. Hu Ling said it has allowed her to save about 10%
                                                                  and added that “this platform is like a provincial level buyers
                                                                  The success of China Telecom's approach is reflected in
                                                                  the continuing rise in the number of rural users. But the
                                                                  competition isn't standing still either. China Mobile is still
The playground is open, to those fortunate enough to be           by far the market leader. And China Unicom is going after
invited.                                                          rural users with a different strategy. They provide service
                                                                  and support from vans where people can't get to their stores.
                                                                  Who said state owned industries couldn't be innovative?
Analysts have also speculated that the event could see the
unveiling of the next version of Google's Nexus smartphone.

October 18th, 2012                                                                                                         Published by: VR-Zone

Korea to increase free Wi-Fi                                               Newmen debuts Iron Man
access for its populace                                                    look-alike mouse in Hong
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/korea-to-increase-free-wi-fi-access-
                                                                           Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/newmen-debuts-iron-man-look-
October 18th, 2012
                                                                           October 18th, 2012

Locations that offer free Wi-Fi will be extended to 2000 by
the end of this year in South Korea. This follow moves by                  Sci-Fi fans attending the 2012 Hong Kong Electronics Fair
other Asian countries like Japan and Taiwan to offer free Wi-              can't overlook the mouse that looks like the mask of Iron
Fi to their populaces.                                                     Man, Marvel's popular modern-day iron-clad superhero.
Three of South Korea’s major mobile operators, KT, SK                      Chinese company Newmen unveiled their new Iron Man-like
Telecom, and LG UPlus have said that they will invest in                   mouse at the 2012 Hong Kong Electronics Fair, held from
the 1000 locations that will offer free Wi-Fi. The plan was                October 13 to 16. The mouse mimics Iron Man's mask and
revealed on the 17th, with many of the locations to receive the            comes in black, silver, and white. The eyes light up blue
free Wi-Fi hotspot being libraries, government offices and                 when the mouse moves or when a button is clicked.
bus terminals.
Users can learn where there is free Wi-Fi at the Korea
Information Agency website (speed.nia.or.kr) by clicking the
link: 'Public WiFi Free'. A simple user authentication will be
used to gain access to the free hotspots.

                                                                           None of the designs, however, imitate the character's
                                                                           trademark red and gold mask, probably because of copyright
                                                                           issues. All the mice are wired because the eyes draw quite a
                                                                           bit of power, therefore, no wireless mice are available.

                                                                           Nvidia's Top End Kepler
(Patrons using the free Wi-Fi offered at a local Starbucks |
Image: cissp)                                                              Unveiled: Tesla K20 Comes
Beginning next year, the Korean Communications                             with Disappointing Specs,
Commision (KCC) plans to support local governments
and cellphone carriers by sharing the cost of building
                                                                           Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nvidia-s-top-end-kepler-unveiled-
free Wi-Fi hotspots in places such as traditional markets,
health centers, and welfare facilities to better serve the
                                                                           October 18th, 2012
underprivileged populace.
Recently, other countries in Asia have begun to offer more
free Wi-Fi hotspots. Japan has already begun offering free
Wi-Fi at the expense of various companies. Connect Free,
one of the free Wi-Fi services, allows stores to easily offer free
internet to their patrons. 7-Eleven, Lawson, and Starbucks
have also started offering free internet within the confines of            Nvidia is preparing to unveil its highest end Kepler at the
their businesses.                                                          SC'12, but a lot of details were hidden from the public… until
                                                                           now. Thanks to CADnetworks' premature specifications, we
Taiwan is one of the trend's leader, as the Taipei
                                                                           learned everything that was missing.
city government started introducing free public Wi-Fi
throughout Taipei last year.                                               German publication Heise.de was the first to catch up with
                                                                           the specifications of CADnetworks' new visual workstation,
                                                                           ProViz W60 and the G13, G26 and G40 servers. The
                                                                           specifications only confirm what we were suspecting - Nvidia

October 18th, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

was coy about disclosing the amount of memory that was           as the company hopes it to be - Larrabee Reborn (Xeon Phi)
to be placed on the K20 boards because it will actually end      and FirePro S9000 are too close for comfort, and with Intel's
up less than its predecessor, Tesla C2075. We suspected          pricing schemes, no wonder Nvidia is worrying about its
this might happen as both Samsung and Hynix refused to           neighbor on the east side of the 101 freeway.
manufacture the 4Gbit GDDR5 chip, citing lack of interest.
According to our sources, the reason was a bit different,
and quite unflattering for both Samsung and Hynix - both         Security flaw found in Steam
companies requested money from Nvidia in order to get the        Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/security-flaw-found-in-
high-density GDDR5 to market, but they refused to give out       steam/17477.html
exclusivity deal to the company. At least, that's how one side   October 18th, 2012
of the story goes.
Faced with the availability of only 1 and 2 Gbit GDDR5 chips,
it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the K20
could only ship with no more than six physical gigabytes, e.g.
five workable gigabytes once ECC is enabled (by default).

                                                                 A security flaw has been found in Steam's browser
                                                                 commands which could allow hackers to gain access to your
                                                                 computer through a back door.
                                                                 Hackers could have a new means of accessing your computer
                                                                 through a browser command which utilizes Valve's software
                                                                 distribution system Steam. When your browser accesses
                                                                 a URL that begins with the command "steam://", it will
                                                                 prompt your copy of steam to launch and perform some
                                                                 operation. Usually, such an operation would be to launch a
                                                                 game, or install or uninstall software.

Thus, the K20 board is featuring a 7.1 billion transistor
manufactured in 28nm process at TSMC, once more
becoming the world's largest silicon (once again, a title
Nvidia held since 2006 and the G80 chip). The chip in
question has 13 SMX clusters enabled, which carry 192
cores each - for a grand total of 2,496 CUDA cores. The
number trounces the GK104 (available in GeForce GTX
660Ti/670/680/690, Quadro K5000 and Tesla K10) by a
significant margin, as the GK104 carries "just" 1536 cores.      The Steam logo
The chip physically carries 16 SMX cores, with two being
disabled for yield purposes. If TSMC improves on its 28nm        Unfortunately, it seems this allows hackers a backdoor to
process, we might see a K25 or K30 with full 2880 CUDA           install or run compromising software on your computer,
cores, but don't expect too much.                                including using exploits in games with the source- and
                                                                 unreal-engines. Some browsers, such as Chrome or Internet
The number of cores is not the only change, though               explorer will not access such a URL without first prompting
- Nvidia was working hard on optimizing the Double               you; however Safari, and Steam's own browser will run
Precision performance, failing short of self-imposed target      these URLs without question. Firefox lies somewhere in the
of 1.5 TFLOPS DP. As it stands right now, the K20 will           middle. It will ask you to confirm, but will not alert you that
barely outperform the Xeon Phi (ex-Larrabee, now Knights         there may be a risk involved (unsurprisingly perhaps, as the
Corner / Knights Ferry) and AMD's own FirePro S9000              command is meant to be associated with steam).
(which is hidden on AMD's website so well that you can't find
it unless you use a search engine).                              No attacks in the real world have been reported so
                                                                 far, and the issue will probably be addressed shortly,
The GPU will only work at 705MHz, meaning that you can           but until then, remain vigilant of any links you click
expect double-precision performance to the tune of 1.17          and try to avoid strange URLs. A full report on the
TFLOPS, barely double than C2075/M2075/M2090. Single-            security hole can be found here: http://revuln.com/files/
precision performance is quite solid at 3.52 TFLOPS, but         ReVuln_Steam_Browser_Protocol_Insecurity.pdf
still lags behind AMD's Tahiti GL GPU (4TFLOPS Single,
1TFLOPS Double).
The price is set at already announced $3199, or 2950 Euro.
All in all, when it comes to 2013 Accelerator / GPGPU battle,
we can now say that Tesla K20 is nowhere near as impressive

October 19th, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

VR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks!
                                                                     With so much on the cloud, however, and so many people
  VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly                       living their lives effectively online, the Chromebook is a
  publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the          definite option. It comes with 100GB of free Google Drive
  geeks.                                                             space (albeit only for two years, then you have to pay).
                                                                     Other typical Google products like Gmail, YouTube, Maps,
                                                                     Search and Google+ are also available, and Google is touting
Google and Samsung unveil                                            it as extra secure, with no need to worry about anti-virus
new Chromebook                                                       software.
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/google-and-samsung-unveil-new-
chromebook/17522.html                                                The new Chromebook is available to pre-order for $249 from
October 19th, 2012                                                   Amazon, Best Buy, PC World, Currys, and the Google Play
                                                                     store. It releases next week.

Google and Samsung have unveiled the latest Chromebook,
                                                                     Kickstarter horror game
a netbook powered by Google's Chrome operating system                cancelled after developer
designed to get users immediately online.
Google and Samsung have unveiled the latest Chromebook,              Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/kickstarter-horror-game-cancelled-
a netbook powered by Google's Chrome operating system                after-developer-loss/17521.html
designed to get users immediately online.                            October 19th, 2012

Since the device is essentially a bare bones internet-
connected machine it weighs just 2.5 pounds and is just 0.8
inches thick. It has a battery life of six hours of typical use
and features an 11.6-inch high-definition display.
                                                                     A horror game funded by Kickstarter has been cancelled
                                                                     after all of its developers quit, sending a negative signal to
As expected for the Chrome OS, it boots up in under 10               supporters of crowdsourcing projects.
seconds and resumes instantly. Windows 8 should start up
faster than previous versions, but it likely will have trouble       A horror game funded by Kickstarter has been cancelled
beating Chrome purely because it can do more and therefore           after all of its developers quit, sending a negative signal to
has more to load.                                                    supporters of crowdsourcing projects.

                                                                     Mob Rules Games spent $42,500 on early development
                                                                     of Haunts: The Manse Macabre, where players would be
                                                                     able to play as the inhabitants of a haunted house or the
                                                                     investigators seeking to uncover its mysteries.

                                                                     The company sought an additional $25,000 funding from
                                                                     fans via Kickstarter in June of this year. $28,739 was raised
                                                                     from 1,214 backers, which should have covered the projected
                                                                     costs and left gamers with a new title to enjoy.

                                                                     Rick Dakan, head of Mob Rules Games, told fans that “there
                                                                     are no longer any programmers working on the game.”
                                                                     The lead programmer was hired for a year to work on the
                                                                     game, but then returned to Google, while the second lead
                                                                     programmer also departed.

October 19th, 2012                                                                                                       Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                         “As of last week, after about a year, I’m no longer associated
                                                                         with Apple,” he tweeted. “As for why? Because I forgot to
                                                                         reply to an email.”

                                                                         It appears that Apple had emailed him informing him that
                                                                         he was to continue with the company as a remote intern,
                                                                         but that when he failed to respond in a timely manner
                                                                         it withdrew the offer, leaving Comex free to pursue other

Apparently the game is finished, but only an alpha build,
which needs extensive testing from QA and adjustment
from developers, and there is no one available to do this
work. There is the possibility it could be rescued, but it
either means more funding or volunteer work from a few
developers. There are talks with another game studio to take
over the title and Dakan offered to refund anyone who wants
their money back from his own pocket.
                                                                         According to Forbes the departure involved more than just
                                                                         an ignored email, but the exact nature of what was involved
Kickstarter backers usually are offered incentives to support            was not revealed. Allegra claims it “wasn't a bad ending.”
a project, such as early access to a title, a free copy on release,
a mention in the credits, and any number of other goodies.
What supporters will need to factor in is that this is only on           Some are hoping this will give Allegra freedom to return
condition that the game actually gets released.                          to his hacking days, with many seeking a jailbreak for iOS
                                                                         6, the latest version of Apple's mobile software. He is not
                                                                         so sure, however, citing possible legal difficulties due to his
                                                                         previous employment with Apple, which likely included a
                                                                         clause prohibiting him from hacking Apple software outside
                                                                         of the workplace.
Apple sacks iPhone hacker
for not responding to email                                              For now he plans to return to college.
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-sacks-iphone-hacker-for-not-
October 19th, 2012

                                                                         Halo 4 'Scanned' launch
                                                                         trailer released
                                                                         Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/halo-4-scanned-launch-trailer-
                                                                         October 19th, 2012
Apple has sacked a hacker it previously hired due to his
ability to jailbreak the iPhone, allegedly because he forgot to
respond to an email.
Apple has sacked a hacker it previously hired due to his
ability to jailbreak the iPhone, allegedly because he forgot to
respond to an email.                                                     Halo Waypoint has released the official Halo 4 live action
                                                                         launch trailer "Scanned", featuring a rare glimpse of Master
                                                                         Chief's past and history in impressive HD quality.
Nicholas Allegra, known as Comex in the hacker world, set
up the website JailbreakMe and earned fame and notoriety
after he discovered how to jailbreak older versions of iOS.
Apple wisely decided to get him on its side, but it looks like
that partnership has now come to an end.

October 19th, 2012                                                                                                        Published by: VR-Zone

  "Master Chief's mind is violated by a powerful new
                                                                          GTA V in action. Looks awesome.
  enemy, who in searching for Chief's weaknesses,
  finds the source of his strength."                                      Rockstar has stated that pretty much any suggestions you
                                                                          can come up with are welcome: "Whether it's suggestions for
In Halo 4's official launch trailer, our iconic hero's mind is
                                                                          competitive in-game Crew features in Multiplayer, new ways
probed or scanned by a malevolent entity who's trying to
                                                                          to manage and recruit, ideas for enhancing Social Club Crew
find a weakness in the seemingly invincible warrior. In this
                                                                          pages and leaderboards, things you did and didn't like about
probing, gamers get a rare glimpse into Master Chief's past
                                                                          Crews in Max Payne 3, or any thoughts at all related to Crews
life, before he was the iconic Spartan hero and just a carefree,
                                                                          really that you'd like to share – we're all ears. We'd especially
sand castle-building, kid named John.
                                                                          love to hear from current Crew members and leaders so that
Fast forwarding through the years, we see John and his                    we can continue making our unique approach to persistent
comrades after the grueling experiments of the Spartan II                 team based Multiplayer as fun as it can be in GTAV."
as well as the ceremonial donning of the Mjolnir Mark II
                                                                          If you want to contribute, Rockstar has an email address
Powered Armor after his training.
                                                                          which they'll use to accept any suggestions. So go ahead and
The live action trailer does an excellent job in adequately               reach out at GTAVCrewFeedback@rockstargames.com
displaying a moving and revealing characterization of
Master Chief, building anticipation and apprecation from
fans--especially those who don't know much about Sierra                   New filehosting service
117's history. The cinematic trailer is in pristine HD quality
and delivers quite an impressive look at Master Chief's
                                                                          "Mega" has ways of avoiding
persona as well as what drives him to keep on fighting.                   another raid
Halo 4 will be available on Nov. 6, 2012 for the Xbox 360                 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-filehosting-service-mega-has-
console. For more information on further updates be sure to               ways-of-avoiding-another-raid/17517.html
check Halo Waypoint's website.                                            October 19th, 2012

Rockstar wants your help for
GTA V multiplayer
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/rockstar-wants-your-help-for-gta-v-
                                                                          Kim Dotcom, creator of Megaupload, is back with his new
October 19th, 2012
                                                                          file hosting service, Mega. Unlike Megaupload, Mega will be
                                                                          safe from raids due to it's "ironclad safe harbors"
                                                                          "Mega" is the name of the replacement for Megaupload,
                                                                          the file hosting service which was shut down by the US
                                                                          government not too long ago. The founder of both services,
                                                                          Kim Dotcom, explains that what he refers to as "Ironclad safe
Rockstar games, developers of the Grand Theft Auto series,                harbors" will protect Mega from the same fate that befell it's
wants suggestions for the multiplayer Crews system in                     predecessor.
upcoming GTA V. Anyone can contribute and they want all
your suggestions.
GTA V is going to utilize the new Crews system which
debuted with Max Payne 3. Crews are groups of Rockstar
Social Club members who form persistent teams and
compete together online. Rockstar doesn't believe, however,
that the Crews system is a finished product; there's always
room for improvement, and they want input from the

October 19th, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                      Coffee - the hottest liquid known to man
                                                                      The research will be presented at the 2012 American
                                                                      Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists annual meeting.
                                                                      Afterward, the researchers hope to continue their work and
                                                                      deliver a more powerful version of the strip which could
                                                                      work for two to three days and relieve more severe burns.
                                                                      Of course, just because you don't feel the pain doesn't mean
Kim Dotcom, founder of Mega
                                                                      the hot food isn't doing damage to your mouth, so perhaps
Every file which is uploaded to Mega will be encrypted; be            we shouldn't all begin drinking boiling water just yet.
it a video file, software or text. Only the uploader will be
given this key, and it is up to this person to decide who
gets the key and who can view the content. It all boils down          Congress to conduct a
to accountability: Since the encryption key is not actually
stored with Mega, it is impossible for Mega to find out what
                                                                      second investigation on
kind of data is stored on their servers. In turn, this means          Huawei and ZTE
Mega can't be held responsible for it's users' actions.               Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/congress-to-conduct-a-second-
In essence, governments should not be able to come after
                                                                      October 19th, 2012
Mega, because the centralized service has no idea what's
being stored on their servers. Dotcom believes that the only
way this would be illegal is if encryption itself was illegal. A
few weeks back, we reported on Dotcom's announcement via
twitter that the new Megaupload would be unstoppable, and
it seems like this may indeed be the case.
                                                                      After more evidence against Huawei and ZTE have arose, the
                                                                      US House of Representatives Committee of Intelligence is
Hot food has burned your                                              planning on conducting another investigation to see if these
mouth for the last time!                                              Chinese firms are indeed trying to spy on the US with their
                                                                      consumer tech products.
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/hot-food-has-burned-your-mouth-
for-the-last-time-/17516.html                                         The US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee
October 19th, 2012                                                    has received more complaints about Huawei and ZTE,
                                                                      and the committee will respond by conducting another
                                                                      investigation on the two Chinese telecom equipment
                                                                      In the second wave of complaints, people continued
                                                                      expressed concerns over the security of Huawei and ZTE
Researchers from the University of Texas Austin have                  products, and warned that the two companies may be using
developed an oral strip that will relieve the burning                 their exported equipment to spy on American businesses.
sensation from hot food and drinks.                                    If the next investigation uncovers more serious and specific
The days of burning yourself on a slice of pizza or scolding          evidence of espionage, Huawei and ZTE may be completely
hot coffee are over. New research at the University of Texas,         expelled from the US market.
Austin, has led to the development of a new oral strip. The           In the first half of 2012, Huawei sales revenue reached
strip immediately numbs the pain where it has been applied,           102.7 billion yuan, 67.8% from overseas markets. ZTE has
allowing you to enjoy your hot food and drink without                 reported a revenue of 42.6 billion yuan so far this year,
pain. The strip is designed to deliver localized anesthetic           with 21.8 billion yuan from overseas, and has been ranked
Benzocaine, a drug usually used as a topical pain reliever in         the world's fifth largest supplier of telecommunications
dental products, as well as therapeutic polymers. The strips          equipment. ZTE has been promoting the next generation of
stick to your mouth and is completely non-toxic, dissolving           wireless communications technology in Europe.
in your saliva after it is applied.
                                                                      Some Chinese IT industry experts have complained that the
                                                                      US Congress is biased. Seventy-three Congress members
                                                                      have investments in Cisco, Huawei and ZTE's American

October 19th, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

Adding to Huawei and ZTE's troubles, the Intelligence                in "you will be paid next Friday" became a running joke at
committee was dissatisified with its investigation into the          the studio.
companies' financing and management. When asked,                     Sensory Sweep studios began as a handheld developing
Huawei representatives would not elaborate on the                    studio, but during it's later years, it graduated to home
relationship between the company and several Chinese                 console games as well. They made several titles for Capcom,
state-owned banks. The representatives also would not                Disney interactive and EA, among others, and their releases
give clear and accurate information about the company's              include Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 and Street Fighter II:
structure and decision-making process.                               Hyper Fighting. Sensory sweep peaked at 211 employees, but
                                                                     since 2009, ever since the legal dispute began, the studio has
Game studio CEO, David                                               been defunct.

Rushton, jailed for unpaid
                                                                     NHN Japan releases new
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/game-studio-ceo-david-rushton-   version of LINE
jailed-for-unpaid-wages/17514.html                                   Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nhn-japan-releases-new-version-of-
October 19th, 2012                                                   line/17513.html
                                                                     October 19th, 2012

                                                                     In the newest version they have simplified the registration
                                                                     process. You can set which friends' activity appears on your
                                                                     timeline, receive notification of new chat messages, and they
                                                                     have made some changes to the group chats, too.

CEO of game developer Sensory Sweep Studio, has just                 In previous versions any member of a group chat session
begun a jail sentance for not paying his employees, and will         could invite or delete another member, but who did the
be spending the next year behind bars.                               inviting or deleting was never displayed. Now in the newest
                                                                     version you can see clearly who invites who and who's
The founder, president and CEO of Sensory Sweep Studio,              kicking who out.
a game development studio based in Utah, is now serving
a prison sentence of one year for not paying his employees.          The explanation of what the service includes, along with
The Utah Attorney General ordered the sentence for what              the privacy settings, has been significantly simplified. You
is estimated at $1.2 million in unpaid wages. Rushton has a          can actually finish reading everything above “agree” in a
history of financial fraud; he was sentenced to six months in        reasonable amount of time, and change your preferences for
prison back in 2010, along with a $516,816 restitution fine          allowing the app to add new friends with a simple tick box.
for tax fraud and racketeering.                                      Which friends you get displayed on your timeline is similarly
                                                                     easy to set. In your settings you can select display or do not
                                                                     display. It's not permanent and it's easy to change. Also when
                                                                     you're in a screen other than chats, with the new version
                                                                     you'll be updated of any new messages, including from users
                                                                     who aren't your friends.
                                                                     On top of all this, the new version for Android has also
                                                                     received a makeover. The display has been redesigned so it's
                                                                     easier to use and more secure. All said and done, it still has
                                                                     all the fun stickers you loved before.

                                                                     Origin of Saturn's moons
                                                                     Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/origin-of-saturn-s-moons-
                                                                     October 19th, 2012

David M. Rushton
                                                                     A new study is suggesting that Saturn's myriad of medium
More than 100 of the studio's employees are still owed               sized moons might have been created when it's largest moon,
for their labor and one employee, Adam Hunter, told the              Titan, was formed during violent collisions in the ringed
associated press that Rushton still owed him $12,000. A              planet's orbit.
wage claim manager at the Utah Labor Commission added
that they encountered "very few cases where he made                  Saturn has more than 60 known moons, though most of
payroll." According to Hunter the phrase "Next Friday", as           these are rather small and are most likely captured asteroids
                                                                     and the like. Of the ones large enough to have colloquial

October 19th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

names though, a new theory has arisen as to how these
moons were formed.                                                AMD to let go 15 percent of
The new theory, put forth in a study by Erik Asphaug of the       workforce after disappointing
University of California, Santa Cruz, and Andreas Reufer,
from the University of Bern, Switzerland, suggests that at
                                                                  third quarter
                                                                  Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-to-let-go-15-percent-of-
one point, Saturn had a number of larger moons, similar to
Jupiter's Galilean moons. When these rocks later collided
                                                                  October 19th, 2012
in orbit, they merged to form Titan, Saturn's largest moon,
and at the same time, they discarded material during the
collisions which later formed the smaller moons.
The discarded material was most likely composed of chunks
of icy rock and dust. The dust was eventually attracted to the    AMD has decided to let go about 15 percent of its workforce
larger bits of material, and given enough time, would clump       following a bad outing in the third quarter. The chip maker
together to form the smaller moons, which are a few hundred       announced in a recent press release that it had incurred a
miles across.                                                     loss of $157 million last quarter.
                                                                  In a statement to investors and the press, president and CEO
                                                                  of AMD, Rory Read, attributed part of AMD’s struggle to
                                                                  the contracting PC market. Rory also noted that AMD is
                                                                  currently undergoing a restructuring process to ensure that
                                                                  it can adapt to the change in the PC ecosystem.

This might be the view from Saturn's moon Titan, looking
out over a lake of liquid methane
This theory is interesting because it models the Saturn
planetary system's formation after the formation of our solar
system: Our eight planets were formed in much the same
way - initially, gas is attracted by gravity to form planetary
bodies; and later in their development, the larger bodies
collide and merge, while casting off excess material which
forms smaller bodies.
"These satellite collisions are a regime that is not very well    (Rory Read, president and CEO of AMD)
understood, so the modeling opens up new possibilities in
general for planet formation," Reufer said.                       “The PC industry is going through a period of very significant
                                                                  change that is impacting bot the ecosystem and AMD,”
It is generally agreed that Earth was formed in much the          Rory said. “It is clear that the trends we knew would re-
same way; that there were originally two smaller bodies,          shape the industry are happening at a much faster pace
much closer to each other in size, and that they collided,        than we anticipated. As a result, we must accelerate our
leaving one planet with more mass and one moon with less.         strategic initiatives to position AMD to take advantage of
Their theory is strengthened by the fact that many of Saturn's    these shifts and put in place a lower cost business model. Our
smaller moons, such as Enceladus and Dione, seem to share         restructuring efforts are designed to simplify our product
the same composition as Titan's mantle, and it would explain      development cycles, reduce our breakeven point and enable
why Titan has a high eccentricity - a collision could certainly   us to fund differentiated product roadmaps and strategic
account for that.                                                 breakaway opportunities.”
The study is being presented today at an annual meeting           AMD is not the only big name chip maker that has seen
for the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American           poor numbers last quarter. Intel, the big daddy of them
Astronomical Society in Reno, Nevada and will soon be             all, reported earlier that its profit dropped 14 percent from
published in the journal Icarus.                                  last year’s standard. Not surprisingly, the Santa Clara-
                                                                  based semiconductor giant also blamed the change in the PC
                                                                  ecosystem for the decline in profit.
                                                                  Intel and AMD are trying to make it in the mobile market
                                                                  with their upcoming mobile enhanced chips. Both chip
                                                                  makers will launch their own “Z” chips aimed at competing
                                                                  with other ARM-based processor makers. AMD will launch
                                                                  its ultra-low power Z-60 APU, and Intel will launch a

October 19th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

revised Atom chip of its own—the Z2760. The key difference        spend the last of their money on research, facilities, training
between the two is that Intel’s Z2760 is aimed at providing       or equipment. As revenue depends on how well you do
productivity for businesses, whereas, AMD’s Z-60 is meant         each month, skipping a few battles is not an option; panic
for the average consumers.                                        levels will increase and countries will permanently leave the
                                                                  XCOM project, ceasing their funding. A country abandoning
Both AMD and Intel have criticized ARM-based Windows
                                                                  the project marks the worst possible long-term outcome,
tablet as not being able to run legacy Windows programs.
                                                                  as not only you will lose the monetary income from the
  Microsoft, a long time benefactor for Intel and AMD,
                                                                  single country but you can also never unlock the continent
will launch the ARM-based Surface tablet on October 26.
                                                                  bonus by launching a satellite above all of the countries of
 Demand were so high for the device that the 32GB model
                                                                  a single continent. Despite that the new XCOM remains a
($499, set for delivery on the day of launch) sold out within
                                                                  game with a highly multiangular gameplay, it actually is
the first day.
                                                                  significantly less complex than its 20 year old predecessor,
                                                                  which is unfortunately it is not a good thing for the adept
XCOM: Enemy Unknown                                               tacticians who enjoyed the first version of the game.

Game Review
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/xcom-enemy-unknown-game-
October 19th, 2012

Some of the most anticipated PC games of this year were
sequels or remakes of popular older games; most of them
however have blatantly failed to live up to the expectations of
the gaming community due to their ambiguous storylines/
endings and or their very little actual content, or even due      Base "Ant View"
to their numerous bugs and cropped gameplay. Today we
are having a look at the remake of a game from the nineties
regarded as one of the best turn-based tactics games in
                                                                  Sacre bleu! Google threatens
history; XCOM: Enemy Unknown.                                     to exclude links to French
Some of the most anticipated PC games of this year were
sequels or remakes of popular older games; most of them
                                                                  Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/sacre-bleu-google-threatens-to-
however have blatantly failed to live up to the expectations of   exclude-links-to-french-media/17511.html
the gaming community due to their ambiguous storylines/           October 19th, 2012
endings and or their very little actual content, or even due
to their numerous bugs and cropped gameplay. Today we
are having a look at the remake of a game from the nineties
regarded as one of the best turn-based tactics games in
history; XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

                                                                  Google has threatened to exclude French media sites from its
                                                                  search results if France implements a proposed law forcing
                                                                  search engines to pay for content, according to a letter
                                                                  obtained by French news agency AFP.
                                                                  Google has threatened to exclude French media sites from its
                                                                  search results if France implements a proposed law forcing
                                                                  search engines to pay for content, according to a letter
                                                                  obtained by French news agency AFP.
                                                                  The letter sent by Google to several ministerial offices this
                                                                  month said it "cannot accept" such a move and the company
                                                                  "as a consequence would be required to no longer reference
Older gamers would remember that XCOM is far more than            French sites." It said such a law, which would require Google
just a turn-based tactical combat strategy game. The greatest     to make payments to media sites for displaying links to their
feature of the XCOM game and what made the original so            content, would "threaten (Google's) very existence". It also
famous is the complex, multiangular gameplay. After all,          noted that Google "redirects four billion 'clicks' per month
the commander (that's you) has to fully organize the XCOM         towards the Internet pages" of French media.
project; from finances to research and from the soldier's
training to equipment ordering or fabrication. The game is
often leaving the users unable to decide which would be           Leading French newspaper publishers last month called on
the best course of action, often having to choose whether to      the government to adopt a law to force Internet search
                                                                  engines such as Google to pay for content. They said a law
October 19th, 2012                                                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

should impose a settlement in the long-running dispute with
Google, which receives high volumes of advertising revenue        New nano-assembly
from user searches for news contained on media websites.          techniques on the way
                                                                  thanks to Florida chemistry
                                                                  Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-nano-assembly-techniques-on-
                                                                  October 19th, 2012

                                                                  The study represents a major breakthrough in the field,
                                                                  showing how thermodynamic forces can be used to
                                                                  manipulate growth of nanoparticles into superparticles with
                                                                  unprecedented precision.
                                                                  A team of researchers from the University of Florida
Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti told a parliamentary          department of chemistry has developed a new technique for
commission this week that she was in favour of the idea,          growing new materials from nanorods.
calling it "a tool that it seems important to me to develop".
                                                                  Materials with enhanced properties engineered from
                                                                  nanostructures have the potential to revolutionize the
Google France said earlier that it believed such a law "would     marketplace in everything from data processing to human
be harmful to the Internet, Internet users and news websites      medicine. However, attempts to assemble nanoscale objects
that benefit from substantial traffic" sent to them by Google's   into sophisticated structures have been largely unsuccessful.
search engine. Newspapers around the world have seen their        The UF study represents a major breakthrough in the
bottom lines come under pressure as their print advertising       field, showing how thermodynamic forces can be used to
revenues slide and online readers resist paying for access        manipulate growth of nanoparticles into superparticles with
when so much content is free on the Internet.                     unprecedented precision.

French lawmakers last year rejected plans for a tax on            The study is published in the Oct. 19 edition of the journal
online advertising revenues, fearing the project would hurt       Science.
small local companies more than global Internet giants like
Google, Facebook or Twitter.
                                                                  "The reason we want to put nanoparticles together like this
                                                                  is to create new materials with collective properties," said
Google France representatives are to meet Friday with             Charles Cao, associate professor of chemistry at UF and
officials from the finance ministry to discuss the project        corresponding author of the study. "Like putting oxygen
and this week's statement from European data protection           atoms and hydrogen atoms together in a two-to-one ratio
agencies saying Google's new privacy policy does not comply       – the synergy gives you water, something with properties
with EU laws.                                                     completely different from the ingredients themselves."

Google rolled out the new privacy policy in March, allowing
it to track users across various services to develop targeted
advertising, despite sharp criticism from US and European
consumer advocacy groups.

The EU agencies told Google it had a few months to fix the
policy or face legal action.

Source: AFP

October 19th, 2012                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                study. "There are all sorts of issues to be overcome when
                                                                assembling building blocks from nanoscale particles. I don't
                                                                think anyone has been able to get them to self-assemble into
                                                                superparticles like this before."

                                                                "They have achieved a tour-de-force in precision and
                                                                control," he said.

                                                                Source: University of Florida

An artistic impression of a superparticle formed from self-
assembling nanorods. Credit: Dustin S. LaMontagne

In the UF study, a synergism of fluorescent nanorods,
sometimes used as biomarkers in biomedical research,
resulted in a superparticle with an emission polarization
ratio that could make it a good candidate for use in creating
a new generation of polarized LEDs, used in display devices
like 3-D television.

"The technology for making the single nanorods is well
established," said Tie Wang, a postdoctoral researcher at UF
and lead author of the study. "But what we've lacked is a
way to assemble them in a controlled fashion to get useful
structures and materials."

The team bathed the individual rods in a series of liquid
compounds that reacted with certain hydrophobic regions
on the nanoparticles and pushed them into place, forming a
larger, more complex particle.

Two different treatments yielded two different products.

"One treatment gave us something completely unexpected
—these superparticles with a really sophisticated structure
unlike anything we've seen before," Wang said.

The other yielded a less complex structure that Wang, and
his colleagues were able to grow it into a small square of
polarized film about one quarter the size of a postage stamp.

The researchers said that the film could be used to increase
efficiency in polarized LED television and computer screens
by up to 50 percent, using currently available manufacturing

"I've worked in nanoparticle assembly for a decade," said
Dmitri Talapin, an associate professor of chemistry at
the University of Chicago who was not involved with the

October 22nd, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

VR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks!
  VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly
  publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the

Google developing Star Trek
computer interface to rival
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/google-developing-star-trek-
October 22nd, 2012

Google is developing a new computer interface inspired by
technology seen in Star Trek, which could offer a more
                                                                   He predicts that within three to five years we will have “a
sophisticated alternative to Apple's Siri software.
                                                                   Star Trek assistant” and that Google has built “baby steps”
Google is developing a new computer interface inspired by          towards this reality. The company has been working hard on
technology seen in Star Trek, which could offer a more             its Glasses project for many months, which will effectively
sophisticated alternative to Apple's Siri software.                be a smartphone built into a pair of glasses that can display
                                                                   content, make calls via voice commands, and present a more
                                                                   engaging computer experience without taking the user out
The jack of all trades company is working on what it called        of the everyday world. Building on this so that users are
“ubiquitous computing,” similar to the gadgets seen in Star        communicating with computers throughout their home or
Trek, which respond to user commands and questions.                office will be a major step in computing and might bring
                                                                   science-fiction that bit closer to fact.
On the surface it might sound a lot like the personal assistant
software Siri, but the key difference is that Google wants to      The problem for such gadgets, and for Siri and its
push things beyond smartphones, so that users can simply           software rivals, is that computers often have a hard time
ask a question at home and the answer will display on their        understanding human commands, especially when they are
Google Glasses screen, TV display, or even on a screen built       phrased in a colloquial way or with an accent. Until this
into their refrigerator.                                           is addressed widespread adoption of such technology will
                                                                   always be a challenge.
“Why should someone stop their conversation because
they're missing a tiny piece of information that you need to
take that conversation further?” said Amit Singhal, VP and
Senior Engineer of Search at Google. “You have to pull out         Apple drops Java from Macs
your phone. You have to unlock the phone. You have to type.        over security fears
Already you have lost valuable seconds and the conversation        Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-drops-java-from-macs-over-
has become unnatural and awkward.”                                 security-fears/17546.html
                                                                   October 22nd, 2012

                                                                   Apple is to automatically remove old versions of the Java
                                                                   software from browsers on Mac computers over growing
                                                                   security fears.

October 22nd, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

Apple is to automatically remove old versions of the Java                 A new art exhibition has opened in London's City Hall, and
software from browsers on Mac computers over growing                      for the next week, it will be showcasing all of the greatest
security fears.                                                           artwork the gaming world has to offer, as well as never before
                                                                          seen art from the likes of Batman: Arkham City, Dishonored,
                                                                          Guild Wars 2 and Tomb Raider. Admission will be free.
The latest update for the Apple operating system will axe
Java software that previously came bundled with Mac OS X.
Users will then have to manually redownload the software
from Oracle if they want to continue to access websites or
content written in the Java programming language.

The move follows a promise made two years ago that Apple
would at some stage in the future no longer include Java
in its installations. There was no word on that commitment
until now and Apple has not provided any explanation for
why it made the cut.

                                                                          The exhibition at the city hall
                                                                          The exhibition has been organized by Ukie, the association
                                                                          for UK interactive entertainment, as part of this year's
                                                                          London game festival. The reason for the exhibition is
                                                                          to celebrate the British game industry's recent success. A
                                                                          number of British developers, including Batman developer
                                                                          Rocksteady, has raised the British game industry's value to
                                                                          an estimated £3 billion last year.

The timing is obvious, however, as Java has come under
heavy fire from security experts in recent weeks and months
over a number of vulnerabilities that could be exploited by
hackers. In August several security holes were found, which
were patched by Oracle a few days later, but since then there
have been reports of other vulnerabilities, including two new
ones discovered last Friday.

Since Java will not be outright banned on Macs, users
can still download it themselves and possibly suffer from
security issues as a result, but at least then Apple can claim
no responsibility for those problems, since the software is no
longer officially supported.
                                                                          Dr. Jo Twist, CEO of Ukie
                                                                          Some of the art has been created exclusively for the event,
Video game art exhibition                                                 and several pieces, including posters from Fable 3 and
                                                                          paintings from Arkham City are signed by the developers
opens in London                                                           and will be auctioned off at the end of the exhibition on
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/video-game-art-exhibition-opens-in-   Friday the 26th. All proceeds from the auction will be given
london/17545.html                                                         to the charity SpecialEffect, which aims to enrich the lives of
October 22nd, 2012                                                        disabled children with video games.
                                                                          If you can't make it to London, feel free to bid on some of the
                                                                          art online, at londongamesart.com

London's City hall has opened a free art exhibition which for
the next week will display the best art the world of gaming
has to offer, from several big gaming brands based in the UK.

October 22nd, 2012                                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

Google's future as search                                               Google Play Store apps
engine uncertain, analyst                                               putting users at risk
says                                                                    Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/google-play-store-apps-putting-
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/google-s-future-as-search-engine-
                                                                        October 22nd, 2012
October 22nd, 2012

                                                                        A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of
After a surprisingly weak annual report, some analysts are              Leibniz and the Philipps University of Marburg has found
beginning to wonder what Google's future as a search engine             that nearly 8% of the 13,500 Android apps tested failed
is, and whether it will soon join the leagues of AltaVista and          to protect personal information such as bank account and
Yahoo.                                                                  social media logins.

Last week, Google presented a surprisingly weak quarterly               Researchers found that these unsecured apps did not have
report, making one analyst scratch his head and perhaps                 the sufficient scrambling mechanism to block attackers
consider if Google's dominance over search engines is about             from obtaining or diverting data that passes back and forth
to fade.                                                                between the phone and server.

Eric Jackson, founder of investment company Ironfire                    According to the BBC, the researcher conducted the study
Captial, expressed his concerns that Google, and indeed                 on some of Google Play’s most popular apps, some of which
Facebook as well, may soon face the same fate as Yahoo                  have already achieved millions of downloads.
and Alta Vista: "In five to eight years they are going to
disappear in the way that Yahoo has disappeared," he said
in an interview on CNBC, "Yahoo is still making money, it’s
still profitable, still has 13,000 employees working for it, but
it’s 10% of the value that it was at the height of 2000. For all
intents and purposes, it’s disappeared.”

                                                                        (Risk getting your bank account information stolen every
                                                                        time you check your balance.)
                                                                        For the study, the researchers used a fake Wi-Fi hotspot and
                                                                        specially designed tools to “spy” on the data that the app
                                                                        sent and received via the hotspot. During the various phases
Eric Jackson                                                            of their study, researchers found that many apps failed
Jackson is reasoning that people's media habits are                     to secure details regarding bank accounts, email services,
changing. We are spending more and more time on our                     social media, and corporate data. They also found that
mobile phones and less time in front of our computers,                  various Android apps can disable security programs and/or
googling things at a desk. This has resulted in a lower price           fool the system into thinking that a secure app is infected.
per click for online ads, which in turn, means lower profits             Other more sophisticated tools can even inject specific code
for Google. Facebook has already seen the impact of this; it's          into the system, leading it to carry out possibly unwanted
stock market value has halved since it's introduction, and the          commands.
same thing may now be happening to Google.                              What’s even scarier is that the researchers found that an
Google, however, is so much more today, than a search                   attacker can potentially re-direct a request to transfer funds
engine provider. Assuming that Google is simply going                   via the security holes in the apps.
to disappear because people's media usage is changing,                  In a follow up survey, researchers found that many people
seems like a rash assumption at best. In fact, companies                could not recognize that their phone data were at risk of
such as Google and Facebook are facing an unprecedented                 being hijacked.
opportunity for expanding into the mobile market, and that's
exactly what they seem to be doing.                                     “About half of the participants (out of 754 people) could not
                                                                        judge the security state of a browser session correctly,” said
                                                                        the researchers.

October 22nd, 2012                                                                                                         Published by: VR-Zone

Ben Heck's Xbox 360
portable mod
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ben-heck-s-xbox-360-portable-
October 22nd, 2012

                                                                            T-Mobile’s “value plan” seems like the much more attractive
                                                                            initial price point, but right under the pretty bargain number
About a month ago, we reported on a hobbyist turning his
                                                                            there’s a small print saying that you’ll be billed an extra $20
Xbox 360 into a portable gaming rig, and not surprisingly
                                                                            per month for 20 months.
there’s another Xbox 360 mod that will leave you wishing
you had a 3D printer.                                                       With the classic plan, potential T-Mobile customers will be
                                                                            looking at dropping $419 on the spot, but there’s a $50 mail
                                                                            in rebate available if one does choose to go with the classic

                                                                            Wal-Mart, on the other hand, will supposedly offer the
                                                                            Galaxy Note II for $299, but it’s unknown what the contract
Recently, on The Ben Heck Show, the tech whiz Ben Heck                      requirements will be like through Wal-Mart.
took apart an Xbox 360 and turned it into a portable
                                                                            The original Galaxy Note has received a good following,
machine complete with built-in sound and monitor. Heck
                                                                            and the Note II will probably follow suit as the mashing of
used a TI audio amplifier that offered integrated stereo for
                                                                            smartphone and tablets is growing in popularity.
the console's sound output, and a volume control board that
also fulfilled other duties such as eject and boot up. For the
monitor, Heck used a thin/low power rating 16-inch LED                      Huawei Summit available in
backlit display. For the custom case, he used the MakerBot
Replicator and a material called Sintra to print out parts to               North America
cover up the naked Xbox motherboard and DVD drive.                          Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/huawei-summit-available-in-north-
A few other tools, such as a laser cutter and soldering
                                                                            October 22nd, 2012
equipment were used to complete the mod, and the result is
quite a sight. Heck’s full break down and customization of
the Xbox can be seen below.

T-Mobile Galaxy Note II to be
priced at $299
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/t-mobile-galaxy-note-ii-to-be-priced-
October 22nd, 2012

                                                                            The Huawei Summit is now available for the first time in
                                                                            North America, and can be found at T-Mobile stores. It is
                                                                            an Android phone with a 3.5 inch screen boasting a 480 x
                                                                            320 resolution, with a 3.2 megapixel camera. It comes with
Samsung’s successor to the Galaxy Note will hit the US soon,                GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, a Swype keyboard, and
and T-Mobile seems like it wants in on the phablet game. A                  a touch-screen text input system. Selling for 50 USD, the
leaked image from the carrier’s website has revealed that the               Huawei Summit is an affordable smartphone with all the
Galaxy Note II will go for $299 on a “value plan”, and $419                 essentials.
on the “classic plan”.
                                                                            Huawei has been in hot water since the US House of
                                                                            Representatives Intelligence Committee released a report

October 22nd, 2012                                                                                             Published by: VR-Zone

suggesting that it, and fellow Chinese company ZTE, had                inventions for use by first responders to nuclear accidents.
been using exported network equipment to spy on foreign                The suit was unveiled at Japan Robot Week 2012.
businesses. ZTE recently announced that it would turn its              Cyberdyne (yes, really. I look forward to your Skynet jokes)
focus from wireless systems to consumer electronics as part            have modified the Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL - more
of the company's recovery. Could Huawei redeem itself                  jokes from the SciFi fans, anyone?) to protect the wearer
by selling the Summit abroad? Nevertheless, the next few               from radiation. This was achieved through lining the suit
months will be crucial in determining Huawei's future in the           with tungsten shielding that can halve radiation exposure,
international market.                                                  according to University of Tsukuba professor Yoshiyuki
                                                                       Sankai, who developed HAL.
New BioShock Infinite
"Beasts of America" trailer
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-bioshock-infinite-beasts-of-
October 22nd, 2012

The community-voted BioShock Infinite "Beasts of America"
trailer gives players a satisfying and action-packed glimpse
of Columbia's dangerous streets and havoc-filled skies.
The new BioShock InfiniteBeasts of America trailer is                  The suit was already impressive, with the ability to respond
explosive and packed with gameplay footage that was voted              to the user's movements by detecting electical impulses in
in by the official Irrational Games Facebook community. The            the skin, boosting strength. It also monitored the wearer's
trailer takes us across Columbia's many areas that keep the            heartrate and temperature, and has an exhaust fan to
same distinct BioShock old-fashioned style and visual flair,           prevent heatstroke.
many of which have stunning, high quality detail.
The heart of the trailer, though, is the combat action: players        The exoskeleton is being improved to help workers who have
get to see many of the in-game abilities as well as the                to wear heavy radiation protection clothing. Japan is still
extremely satisfying Sky-Hook to ride the rails of Columbia,           struggling with radiation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear
flying at high speeds thousands of feet above the ground and           plant, which was severely damaged last year during one of
taking out enemies at the same time. Viewers also get to see           the country's most powerful earthquakes. Four of the six
the wide array of enemies in the game, from gigantic robotic           reactors at the plant were damaged or destroyed during the
henchmen that make Big Daddies look small to coffin-                   event, and the government ruled that the remaining two be
backed baddies that are strangely akin to Pyramidhead from             turned off also. So while the plant has been shut down, the
Silent Hill.                                                           cleanup continues, and the threat of radiation in ongoing.
BioShock Infinite is slated for release on Feb. 26, 2013 for
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. For more information
please visit the game's official website.

HAL suit modified to deal
with nuclear disaster
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/hal-suit-modified-to-deal-with-
October 22nd, 2012

Inspired to action by last year's Fukushima disaster,
Japanese company Cyberdyne has modified one of its
inventions for use by first responders to nuclear accidents.
The suit was unveiled at Japan Robot Week 2012.
Inspired to action by last year's Fukushima disaster,                  Before the radiation modifications, the suit was marketed as
Japanese company Cyberdyne has modified one of its                     a power suit for physiotherapy patients and elderly people,

October 22nd, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

boosting strength throught the aforementioned skin sensors        iPad mini, the 8GB Nexus 7 is more of a “bargain” than the
ability to detect the patient's movement.                         16GB iPad mini. Amazon’s 16GB Kindle Fire HD ($199) is
                                                                  being sold for no profit according to its CEO, Jeff Bezos.
                                                                  Apple’s business model is selling hardware for a profit,
HAL's legs carry most of the weight, as well as any tools the
user needs.                                                       and investing in its software to maintain customer loyalty.
                                                                   Amazon and Google, on the other hand, are making tablets
                                                                  and selling them for almost no profit at all, and instead
So it's a great idea, but has it come too late? Some will         profitting from selling digital goods (i.e. apps, games, music,
say yes, questioning its value even if it actually does get       videos) through their respective marketplaces.
deployed to Fukushima. However, in a country prone to             The initial investment might be the biggest drawback when it
natural disasters with fifty six reactors either operational or   comes to selecting an Apple tablet, but despite the premium
under construction, it probably doesn't hurt to be prepared.      price tags on most Apple products, the Cupertino-based
                                                                  company is still dominating the tablet market by a mile.

Source: Japan Daily Times
                                                                  DangDang releases One
Price of iPad mini starts at                                      Piece multiplayer game
$329                                                              Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/dangdang-releases-one-piece-
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/price-of-ipad-mini-starts-    October 22nd, 2012
October 22nd, 2012

                                                                   The "One Piece" multiplayer game, based on the anime,
                                                                  has become wildly popular in China. It's popular, but can
                                                                  Luffy and his gang conquer China the same ways they did the
                                                                  oceans of One Piece?
When Microsoft announced the pricings of its Surface RT
tablets, some were content, but there were also a few that was
disappointed that the Surface tablets weren’t a bit cheaper.
 If you skimped out on the Surface, and are willing to explore
iOS, then perhaps the rumored price of the iPad mini may
catch your eyes.

                                                                  On October 17, Dangdang, the Chinese e-commerce
                                                                  company, released "One Piece" the multiplayer game based
                                                                  on the classic Japanese anime of the same name. Already,
                                                                  the game has 60 servers and nearly 100 thousand players.
                                                                    It is a horizontal dueling-style MMORPG where gamers
Although the rumored prices of the iPad mini may not be as        play as pirates from the anime. Dangdang has also started
much as “bargain” as some would think, but it’s definitely a      sweepstakes and contests for players, with more than 10
bit cheaper than Microsoft’s Windows 8 RT slates. 9to5mac         million yuan worth of prizes, which include e-books, iPads,
reported that the 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad mini will cost around      and online gold and experience.
$329, the 32GB model will cost $429, and the 64GB will run
                                                                  There are an estimated 800 thousand online games available
for a cool $529.
                                                                  in China right now, generating a substantial revenue for
Looking at the iPad mini’s pricings, we can see that the 32GB     developers and advertisers. Companies can post games to
model ($429) is only slightly less expensive than the 32GB        their sites to generate traffic and revenue as well as increase
Surface RT tablet ($499).                                         brand awareness and customer retention. In 2011, the
Previously, some analysts thought that the base model iPad        Chinese online gaming industry was worth 5.55 billion yuan
mini could go for as low as $250-$299, but as the new             with a growth rate of 10% per business quarter.
reports are rolling in, that won’t be the case. Many are          Out of the hundreds of thousands of online games in China,
speculating that Apple wants to dominate the tablet market        "One Piece" has become wildly successful because of the
completely, and that the iPad mini is meant to compete with       anime's popularity, classic japanese game animation, and
budget tablets like Amazon’s Kindle and Google’s Nexus 7.         the diversity of activities within the game. The game is
Google’s 8GB Nexus 7 is currently being sold for $200, and        available at 37wan.com.
although it offers only half the internal storage of the 16GB

October 22nd, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

Apple - Foxconn supply chain
showing strain
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple--foxconn-supply-chain-
October 22nd, 2012

 The strikes at Foxconn factories we saw in the first week
of October are winding down. However, squeezed between
workers' demands for higher wages and pressure from Apple
CEO Tim Cook, Foxconn is still in a tight spot. The continued
survival of the alliance, forged during Steve Jobs' time as
CEO, is in doubt.                                                  (Young Chinese people seeking employment opportunities
The strikes at Foxconn factories we saw in the first week          at Foxconn)
of October are winding down. However, squeezed between             Another often overlooked contributor to the recent strikes
workers' demands for higher wages and pressure from Apple          and workers protests is a demographic shift and a shift
CEO Tim Cook, Foxconn is still in a tight spot. The continued      in values among young Chinese. The current generations
survival of the alliance, forged during Steve Jobs time as         of young people in China have grown up with more
CEO, is in doubt.                                                  opportunities and higher expectations. Fewer of them are
Foxconn enacted wage increases in July in response to a Fair       satisfied shuffling back and forth between home and the
Labor Association audit which followed a string of worker          factory every day, even for four hundred dollars a month.
suicides and a fatal explosion the year before. Foxconn also       One of the interns Tencent Tech interviewed at a Foxconn
promised, by 2013, to bring worker overtime into line with         factory said “there is no future working in a place like this.”
the legal limit of 36 hours per month on top of 40 hour            An industry source told Tencent Tech that Foxconn is
work weeks. In order to do that it will need to recruit tens of    preparing to have one million production robots in place
thousands more workers.                                            within three years.
Last month, Appleinsider reported that Apple was likely
sharing the costs of increased wages at Foxconn factories.
More recently, however, Tencent Tech quotes Taiwanese
                                                                   BioWare: "We don't want
media sources as saying that Foxconn has requested a price         Shepard 2.0 in Mass Effect 4"
increase on original equipment manufacturers for Apple and         Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/bioware--we-don-t-want-
that Apple has not yet responded.                                  shepard-2.0-in-mass-effect-4-/17528.html
The background for this is that while further increases in         October 22nd, 2012
Chinese labor costs will shrink Apple's margin, as of 2010,
labor costs in China made up only 1.8% of the cost of
producing the iPhone and 2% of the cost of producing the
Much of the investigative reporting on the labor disputes          BioWare producer Fabrice Condominas reveals that
at Foxconn factories has been conducted by China Labor             Commander Shepard won't be in Mass Effect 4, and explains
Watch, a New York based NGO with a goal of improving               why the studio wants a new face to represent the continuing
working conditions for Chinese workers. Li Qiang, the              franchise.
founder of CLW, now reports that average hours for Foxconn
                                                                   In a recent interview published yesterday on VG247,
workers have not gone down. Rather, the hours have
                                                                   BioWare Montreal producer Fabrice Condominas discusses
actually increased from 170 to 300 hours per month since
                                                                   that the studio feels that Commander Shepard has run his
April. This increase occurred alongside the build-up to the
                                                                   course through the series, and that it's time for a new
launch of the iPhone 5.
                                                                   character to take charge as an intergalactic hero in Mass
                                                                   Effect 4.
                                                                     “There is one thing we are absolutely sure of – there
                                                                     will be no more Shepard, and the trilogy is over.”
                                                                   In response to a question of what features that gamers can
                                                                   expect from the new chapter of the Mass Effect franchise,
                                                                   Condominas replied:
                                                                     "So first, we don’t want to make ‘Shepard 2′, or Mass
                                                                     Effect 4 with like, ‘oh there’s no more Shepard but
                                                                     you’re a soldier in the universe’. So this will be a
                                                                     very, very different context for sure, and nothing
                                                                     has been decided on the rest.”

October 22nd, 2012                                                                                                        Published by: VR-Zone

  “This is really our starting point. Now the Mass
  Effect universe is vast, and very, very rich. So at this
  point in time, we don’t even know what kind of time
  frame we’re going to be in. All we’re doing is more
  gathering ideas from the teams, gathering feedback
  to see several things.”

This may be a let down for all fans of Team Shepard, but
it's refreshing to see that BioWare is open to change and
realizes that re-hashing popular elements can get old and
stale. It's nice to see that the studio is willing to go outside of
its comfort zone to bring a new protagonist to the spotlight
and continue on with the franchise while keeping the same
distinct blend of sci-fi and action.
In the meantime gamers have plenty to keep them busy                      ZTE plans a turnaround, spies
with the newly released Retaliation multiplayer DLC and
the Omega singeplayer DLC coming Nov. 27, 2012. If that's
                                                                          on consumers instead?
                                                                          Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/zte-plans-a-turnaround-spies-on-
not enough to keep you occupied then be sure to check out
the new Operation Bloodlust weekend challenge that's in
                                                                          October 22nd, 2012
currently in effect!

Beijing Apple store has
successful opening day                                                    Following accusations of espionage by the US government,
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/beijing-apple-store-has-successful-   ZTE announced that it will turn its focus to selling consumer
opening-day/17530.html                                                    mobile phones instead of enterprise networking products.
October 22nd, 2012
                                                                          On October 18, at a conference in Milan, ZTE Vice President
Beijing's newest Apple store officially opened for business at            He Shiyou, announced that ZTE would shift its focus to
9am October 20, 2012. Wangfujing street, part of a popular                mobile phones. This announcement comes after a couple
pedestrian shopping district, was crowded with people,                    of difficult weeks for the company. Earlier this month,
many of whom had started camping out the day before.                      the US House of Representatives' Intelligence Committee
 Employees gave away commemorative Apple T-shirts, but                    accused ZTE and Huawei of potential espionage and warned
having underestimated the number of people present, ran                   companies not to use their products.
out within thirty minutes.
                                                                          With the threat of being booted out of the US and other
The new store is Apple's largest retail outlet in Asia, with 300          western markets, ZTE management has cut executives'
employees and three floors, with the top floor having a 360               pay, consolidated departments, and dropped unnecessary
degree genius bar instead of the traditional counter so as to             products. He Shiyou said, "This is difficult for all of us, but
comfortably handle a larger number of customers.                          the key to success is being able to better meet challenges,
Apple will open five more stores in mainland China, part of               make the right adjustments, and find new opportunities for
a plan to reach all corners of the country's market. The next             development."
store will open in Shenzhen, near Hong Kong.

October 22nd, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                    support for medical bills and if the person dies of cancer
                                                                    therapy 1 billion won (slightly more than 900,000 dollars)
                                                                    in compensation.

                                                                    In other news two secondary witnesses are being knocked
                                                                    out of the litigation the family of the victim and the Labor
                                                                    Welfare Corporation has brought against Samsung.

                                                                    If the dialogue goes forward this long and contentious
                                                                    litigation could start to come to an end.

                                                                    Britain to recruit next wave
Having been suspected of espionage through business                 of code breakers from Xbox
wireless networks, ZTE will turn to consumer products,
especially mobile phones. Today, mobile phone sales                 generation
account for 35% of ZTE's revenue, but He Shiyou aims to             Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/britain-to-recruit-next-wave-of-
increase sales to 50% of total revenue over the next three          code-breakers-from-xbox-generation/17526.html
years.                                                              October 22nd, 2012

Samsung to talk to family of
factory worker who died of
cancer                                                              At the country home where Britain's top computer scientists
                                                                    cracked the "unbreakable" Nazi Enigma code — a key factor
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-to-talk-to-family-of-
                                                                    in victory in World War II — a hunt is underway to find new
                                                                    cyber spies from the Xbox generation.
October 22nd, 2012
                                                                    At the country home where Britain's top computer scientists
                                                                    cracked the "unbreakable" Nazi Enigma code — a key factor
                                                                    in victory in World War II — a hunt is underway to find new
                                                                    cyber spies from the Xbox generation.
                                                                    Foreign Secretary William Hague said the government was
Samsung Electronics say they would like to have a dialogue          looking for up to 100 apprentices for Britain's intelligence
with the family of factory worker who died of leukemia. The         agencies to emulate the men and women who worked at
factory worker worked in a Samsung semiconductor factory.           Bletchley Park, the former code-breaking centre just north
Samsung Electronics say they would like to have a dialogue          of London and once the most secret place in Britain.
with the family of factory worker who died of leukemia. The         It will be the young innovators of this generation who will
factory worker worked in a Samsung semiconductor factory.           help keep our country safe in years to come.
There has been litigation for several years between the
Samsung semiconductor factory and the families of several           "Today we are not at war, but I see evidence every day of
workers who died of cancer after working there.                     deliberate, organised attacks against intellectual property
                                                                    and government networks in the United Kingdom from
                                                                    cyber criminals or foreign actors," Hague said.
According to a Samsung representative this request for
dialogue would include what kind of compensation and how
the compensation would be offered the victims families. Last
year a court agreed that Samsung was responsible for two
of the victims deaths but cleared Samsung of three other

The attorney for the victim and his family said that he
could not confirm reports that the semiconductor factory
had asked for a dialogue to take place.

Samsung has recognized the problems related to industrial
accidents. Starting August last year Samsung workers who
worked in the semiconductor and LCD factory and got                 The World War II Enigma decoding machine at Bletchley
cancer within three years of retiring would get ten years of        Park. Photo: AFP

October 22nd, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                 The grant announced on Thursday will allow Bletchley to
                                                                 unlock another £5 million in Heritage Lottery Funding to
"It will be the young innovators of this generation who will
                                                                 protect the facilities and allow more of what it did to be
help keep our country safe in years to come against threats
                                                                 exhibited to the public.
which are every bit as serious as some of those confronted in
the Second World War."
                                                                 "Without the code-breaking geniuses of Bletchley Park our
                                                                 country would have been at a devastating disadvantage
In 2012, Jonathan Evans, Director-General of the MI5
                                                                 during the war," Hague said. "And without the men and
domestic spy agency, warned of "industrial-scale" cyber
                                                                 women of GCHQ and our other intelligence agencies we
espionage and theft against Britain and cited the case of an
                                                                 could not protect Britain today."
unnamed London-listed company which lost £800 million
as the result of a state cyber attack from abroad.
The apprenticeship scheme aims to recruit talented               Source: Reuters
potential code-breakers and computer scientists from
school pupils and university students mainly to the
Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the
state eavesdropping service.                                     noPhoto, the anti camera
                                                                 tickets hardware
The Foreign Office said they wanted to tap into the Xbox         Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nophoto-the-anti-camera-tickets-
generation who had grown up in a world of social media and       hardware/17525.html
interactive computer gaming.                                     October 22nd, 2012

Hague also announced a £480,000 donation to help secure
the future of Bletchley, whose existence only became public
knowledge in the 1970s when its role in the war was revealed.
                                                                 A traffic camera may never be able to catch you running a
                                                                 red light again. How is this possible? Simple, you fight flash
                                                                 with flash.
                                                                 This simple contraption, which wraps around your car’s
                                                                 license plate, acts like a reflector so that the traffic camera
                                                                 won’t be able to nail you as you’re moving across the
                                                                 intersection. To be a little more specific, the contraption has
                                                                 a built in optical trigger that will set off a few xenon flashes
                                                                 to overexpose the picture taken by the traffic camera.
                                                                 The creator of this device, Jonathan Dandrow, calls it
                                                                 noPhoto—a straightfoward name indeed. Dandrow claims,
                                                                 however, that the device is not meant for people to neglect
                                                                 the law and drive carelessly. Rather, he insists that noPhoto
                                                                 is meant to help ordinary citizens fight money-hungry
A replica of the Turing Bombe. Photo: AFP
                                                                 President of the National Motorist Association, Gary Biller,
The cryptographers who worked at the site are credited with      concurs with the notion that various municipals install
helping to shorten World War II by up to two years and save      traffic cameras with the sole purpose of money-making in
countless lives by deciphering about 3000 German military        mind, even though the counter argument is that the cameras
messages a day.                                                  are meant to increase traffic safety.
                                                                 "Red-light cameras are a money-making enterprise for the
It was here that a team working under mathematician              cities that deploy them," says Biller. "Proponents claim that
Alan Turing cracked the Enigma code, which the Germans           cameras improve intersection safety by deterring red-light
regarded as unbreakable, while scientists also designed and      running and by ticketing rolling-right-turn-on-red drivers.
developed Colossus, a truck-sized machine which was one of       Yet numerous studies, including an investigative report by
the world's first programmable electronic computers.             the Washington Post, have shown accident rates increasing
                                                                 by double-digit percentages after the introduction of
But after the war prime minister Winston Churchill ordered       Regardless of the intents behind the traffic cameras,
that the Colossus computers and 200 Bombe machines, used         Dandrow thinks he is on to something with noPhoto and is
to crack the Enigma code, be destroyed to keep them secret       currently seeking backers via Indiegogo. His hope is that
from the Soviet Union, and the unheated, Spartan huts            he’ll be able to raise $80,000 to have noPhoto certified by
where the code-breakers worked fell into a state of disrepair.   Underwriter’s Laboratories. The price tag will be around

October 22nd, 2012                                              Published by: VR-Zone

$350 apiece, and as of right now, the contraption is still in
the prototype stage.

October 23rd, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

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Apple announces iPad Mini,
iPad 4, and revamped Macs
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-announces-ipad-mini-ipad-4-
October 23rd, 2012

Apple has unveiled the iPad Mini, a new fourth-generation
iPad, and updates to its Macbook and iMac ranges.

The smaller device, designed to compete with Amazon's
Kindle Fire and other more compact rival tablets, is 23
percent thinner and 53 percent lighter than the previous
iPad model, featuring a smaller 7.9-inch display, compared              There was a surprise for those at the Apple event, however,
to the traditional 9.7-inch display of its larger cousin. It is         when Apple unveiled the iPad 4, only six months after the
powered by a dual-core A5 processor, comes with a front-                iPad 3, or “new iPad,” went on sale. This upgrade features the
facing high-definition FaceTime camera, a 5 megapixel                   same size screen as the previous models, but packs a faster
iSight camera on the back, and runs iOS 6.                              A6X chip, a high-definition camera for FaceTime, and iOS
                                                                        6. It also touts a battery life of 10 hours, the same as the
                                                                        previous model.
“iPad mini is every inch an iPad. With its gorgeous 7.9-inch
display, iPad mini features the same number of pixels as the
original iPad and iPad 2, so you can run more than 275,000              Prices will start at $499 for a 16GB model, $599 for a 32GB
apps designed specifically for iPad,” said Philip Schiller, SVP         model, and $699 for a 64GB model. The 4G version will cost
of Worldwide Marketing at Apple. “iPad mini is as thin as a             $629, $729, or $829 respectively.
pencil and as light as a pad of paper, yet packs a fast A5 chip,
FaceTime HD and 5 megapixel iSight cameras and ultrafast
wireless?all while delivering up to 10 hours of battery life.”

Prices for the Wi-Fi iPad Mini will start at $329 for a 16GB
model, $429 for a 32GB version, and $529 for 64GB. For
those who want 4G, they will need to fork out $459, $559,
or $659 respectively.

                                                                        Both the iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPad will be
                                                                        available for pre-order this Friday, 26 October, and will
                                                                        ship on 2 November in the US, most of Europe, Singapore,
                                                                        Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, and
                                                                        New Zealand.

                                                                        Apple also unveiled a new iMac with Intel Core i5 or i7
                                                                        processors, a choice of Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, and
                                                                        a standard 8GB RAM and 1TB hard drive, which can be

October 23rd, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

upgraded to 32GB of RAM and 3TB of storage. Screen sizes                  October 23rd, 2012
available include 21.5-inches or 27-inches. It also features
four USB 3.0 ports and two Thunderbolt ports. Prices start
at $1,299 for the 21.5-inch model and $1,999 for the 27-
inch model, and they will be available in November and
December respectively.
                                                                          The UK's primary's internet service providers (ISPs) have
                                                                          been asked by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) to
                                                                          block access to three additional websites accused of pirating
                                                                          copyrighted material.
                                                                          The UK's primary's internet service providers (ISPs) have
                                                                          been asked by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) to
                                                                          block access to three additional websites accused of pirating
                                                                          copyrighted material.

                                                                          BPI wants Fenopy, H33t and Kickass Torrents banned by
                                                                          the ISPs, which would not affect the websites themselves,
                                                                          but would prevent many UK users from accessing and
                                                                          downloading from them.

                                                                          The ISPs, which include BT, Sky, Virgin Media, O2, EE and
                                                                          TalkTalk, said they would comply with the request, but only
                                                                          if they receive a court order similar to that put in place in
As if an iPad Mini was not enough, Apple updated the                      April for The Pirate Bay, one of the world's most popular file-
Mac Mini with a choice of Intel Core i5 or i7 processors,                 sharing websites.
a standard 4GB of RAM, upgradeable to 16GB, integrated
graphics that is 65 percent faster than previous models, four
USB ports and one Thunderbolt port, and a 1TB hard drive.
Prices start at $599 for an i5 model and $999 for an i7 model.
It is available immediately.

Finally, Apple introduced a new version of its 13-inch
MacBook Pro with a Retina display. This version is 20
percent thinner and nearly a pound lighter than current
models, a 2.5GHz or 2.9GHz i5 or i7 processor, Intel HD
Graphics 4000, 8GB of RAM and 758GB of flash storage,
two USB 3.0 ports and two Thunderbolt ports. It is available
today and prices start at $1,699.

                                                                          “Like The Pirate Bay, these websites are profiting illegally
                                                                          from distributing music that isn't theirs, without permission
                                                                          and without paying a penny to the musicians, writers and
                                                                          producers who created it,” a BPI spokesperson told the BBC.
                                                                          “It is plain wrong. The existence of these sites damages the
                                                                          growth of Britain's burgeoning digital music sector.”

                                                                          The fact that The Pirate Bay was blocked means there is
                                                                          now a precedence in law for these websites to be banned,
                                                                          which makes it highly likely that a court order will be in
                                                                          place in a relatively short period of time. The BPI will then
                                                                          undoubtedly go after other websites believed to be sharing
                                                                          copyrighted content.

UK ISPs asked to block more
piracy websites
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/uk-isps-asked-to-block-more-piracy-

October 23rd, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                  also be rolled out to smartphones in future, which suffer
Microsoft claims Skype                                            from insanely low battery lives. If Microsoft is able to make
for Windows 8 can run in                                          power efficiency a key feature of Windows Phone 8, it could
                                                                  give itself a much-needed boost in market share.
background with no power
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-claims-skype-for-
October 23rd, 2012

Microsoft claims that the latest version of its Skype
videoconferencing software, designed for Windows 8, will
use essentially no battery power when running in the
Microsoft claims that the latest version of its Skype
videoconferencing software, designed for Windows 8, will
use essentially no battery power when running in the
background.                                                       Omron develops real-time
                                                                  facial expression estimation
The ambitious claim is based on a complete re-engineering         technology
of the software's code, making it run much more efficiently       Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/omron-develops-real-time-facial-
than its current resource-hogging version, giving it a            expression-estimation-technology/17568.html
potential boost over rivals.                                      October 23rd, 2012

Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion in 2011 and has
mostly left it untouched in that time. This will be the
first major change to the software in both design and
functionality, and if it works as intended it could make the
acquisition appear more positive in the eyes of many Skype
users.                                                            Omron has developed a technology that can estimate seven
                                                                  different facial expressions in real time, paving the way for
                                                                  advancements in robotics, gaming, and image search.
                                                                  Omron has developed a technology that can estimate seven
                                                                  different facial expressions in real time, paving the way for
                                                                  advancements in robotics, gaming, and image search.
                                                                  The Facial Expression Estimation technology, part of
                                                                  Omron's OKAO Vision collection, combines Omron's
                                                                  3D model-fitting technology and statistical classification
                                                                  method, determining the mood of a person in a picture
                                                                  through the relative position of all parts of the face.
                                                                  The process uses a very small amount of system memory
                                                                  and provides results in real-time, and it can work for videos
                                                                  as well as still images. The seven facial expressions it
                                                                  can recognise are happiness, surprise, fear, disgust, anger,
                                                                  sadness, and neutral, capturing the primary emotions of
The power saving works by Skype ending its use of the CPU         humans.
within just one minute of the user switching to another
application, which is just long enough to keep it active for
quick multi-tasking, while also ensuring it is not draining the
battery. This is done by utilising Windows Push Notification
Services and Connected Standby, where notifications can
still be detected without the same kind of energy draw as
when fully loaded up.

This upgrade will be important for laptop and tablet users
who will have Windows 8 installed, but the technology will

October 23rd, 2012                                                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                      The UN has announced in a report that it hopes to increase
                                                                      the use of surveillence against internet users, claiming that
                                                                      it will help investigate, as well as prosecute, terrorists.
                                                                      The United Nations recently released a 148 page report
                                                                      which details the organization's hopes of using internet
                                                                      surveillance in order to investigate terrorism. The report
                                                                      details how terrorists are using social media, such as
                                                                      Facebook and YouTube, in order to "spread propaganda".
                                                                      Yury Fedotov, executive director of the UN Office on Drugs
                                                                      and Crime, explains that terror cells can at a low cost, and
                                                                      with high anonymity, spread their beliefs to the world.
                                                                      The report, which was released at a Vienna conference,
                                                                      further states that a major issue with prosecuting terrorists
                                                                      online, is that there is no internationally agreed upon
                                                                      standard for data retention from ISPs in various countries.
                                                                      The US Department of Justice has similarly been lobbying
                                                                      for congress to enact legislature which forces ISPs to retain
                                                                      data on their customers for future police investigations, and
                                                                      was faced with stark opposition.

The technology has a wide number of potential uses. A
robot could be programmed to react in different ways to
the facial expression it recognises from an interacting user.
For example, it could be programmed to pat the user on the
back and say “Everything will be okay” if it sees a sad facial
It could be used for image search, letting users find pictures
of people experiencing different emotions without needing
the file name or tags to spell out what is contained in
the photo. Photo decoration, which automatically adds                 The UN building in New York
decorative features to a picture based on the detected facial
expression, is another possible application.
One area where this technology is likely to be taken up big-          The current report however, has stated that it may be
time, however, is gaming. With Nintendo revolutionising               necessary to go even further in terms of data retention,
the gaming industry with its Wii motion control console,              than the proposed US legislature. The report hopes to
the ability to detect the user's facial expressions and adjust        store conversations from instant messaging or VoIP services
gameplay on the basis of that could make for more engaging            such as Skype as well. It also hopes to require registration
experiences. We have already seen some of this in action              for use of free wi-fi spots, such as in cafés and airports;
with the addition of facial recognition to long-running MMO           and wants to make more use of mobile location data in
EverQuest II, and similar technology will likely be a feature         criminal investigations. Finally, the report draws concern to
of future gaming consoles.                                            "terrorist"-developed video games.
                                                                      I feel a need to add my own two cents to this matter: This
UN hopes employ anti-                                                 proposal is yet another attempt of a governing body to
                                                                      invade the liberties of the individual and I personally find
terrorism surveillence of                                             it horrendous, especially as many of the things the proposal
                                                                      is hoping to police should be protected as free speech. It
internet                                                              doesn't matter who you're trying to silence; if you do it to
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/un-hopes-employ-anti-terrorism-   one group of people, you've done it to everyone. Benjamin
surveillence-of-internet/17562.html                                   Franklin once said: "Any society that would give up a little
October 23rd, 2012                                                    liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose
                                                                      both.", and I wholeheartedly agree with this; that liberty will
                                                                      never be returned. This is why SOPA and PIPA have met with
                                                                      so much opposition, and so should this.

October 23rd, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

EVE online player loses                                             The new Iron Man 3 HD
$6000                                                               trailer is live
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/eve-online-player-              Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-new-iron-man-3-hd-trailer-is-
loses-6000/17560.html                                               live/17557.html
October 23rd, 2012                                                  October 23rd, 2012

                                                                    The cinematic trailer has just been released by Marvel
In a tragic turn of events, a player in EVE online has just lost    Studios for Iron Man 3, the highly anticipated sequel to
over $6000 after his ship, carrying valuable in game assets,        Marvel's superhero blockbusters.
was shot down.
EVE online is a game infamous for having a real-world
economic effect on it's players. The space based MMO lets
players enter into a number of professions including mining
and piracy, and over the years, large corporations have
arisen which deal in funds that have a real world equivalent.
There has been plenty of crime and dubious activity in EVE's
servers, including robberies and corporate take downs. As it
happens, there is in fact, quite a bit of cash floating around to
make that sort of thing very profitable. Now though, it seems
it is more bad luck and poor decision making that has led to
a monumental financial loss for one player.
The player, who will remain anonymous, was transporting             Marvel's iconic playboy billionaire Tony Stark is back for
upwards of $6422 worth of virtual assets in a ship. The assets      more high-tech action-packed mayhem in Iron Man 3's new
were mainly in the form of blueprints, which allow for the          official trailer. No more teasers--the newly released trailer is
manufacture of a certain number of an in-game asset, and            two minutes of Marvel awesomeness, setting a rather grim
are thus very valuable. The craft that was transporting these       tone for upcoming sequel. In it, viewers see a new solemn
goods was a small, weak ship, and the player reasoned that,         side of Tony Stark as he realizes that carnage always follows
if it encountered hostile players, it would be able to outrun       in his wake, and wants to protect the one thing he holds dear:
them.                                                               Pepper Potts. Stark sheds his cocky and arrogant attitude
                                                                    for a more serious persona, and in the trailer we see that
                                                                    he's plagued by nightmares and seems to be psychologically
                                                                    damaged by the events of the earlier films, especially when
                                                                    he comes to the realization of being a literal magnet to chaos.
                                                                    The trailer also introduces a new breed of archvillain to the
                                                                    series in the form of Mandarin, a nefarious evildoer straight
                                                                    out of Marvel's comics. Ben Kingsley delivers a stunning
                                                                    performance as the ruthless malefactor, even for the small
                                                                    snippet that we see of him. From his brief monologue and
                                                                    the accompanying footage, Mandarin establishes himself as
                                                                    a calm and quite sadistic character who will go to any lengths
                                                                    to destroy Tony Stark. His motives aren't exactly revealed in
                                                                    the trailer, but perhaps he's motivated by revenge like Ivan
                                                                    Vanko from Iron Man 2, or maybe he just likes to make the
                                                                    world burn. Some men are like that, you know.
                                                                    One thing's for certain, though: Tony Stark will have to defy
It was a ship similar to this one that was carrying the             the odds to defeat the insidous Mandarin, but he may have
blueprints                                                          to be willing to sacrifice everything, including Pepper or his
                                                                    own life, to save the day this time...
                                                                    Iron Man 3 explodes onto the big screen on May 3, 2013.
As it turns out, the ship couldn't, and when it entered
hostile space, it was destroyed, along with the blueprints.
CCP, creators of EVE Online, confirmed the kill and the             Dragon Age III: Inquisition
legitimacy, sealing the nail in the coffin for that money.
                                                                    concept art released!
                                                                    Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/dragon-age-iii-inquisition-concept-

October 23rd, 2012                                                                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

October 23rd, 2012

BioWare, creators of the Dragon Age franchise, has released
concept art for Dragon Age III: Inquisition, giving gamers a
first look at the new game world.
Bioware has just released three concept art images for
their upcoming game, Dragon Age III: Inquisition. The
concept art, featured below, depicts a castle on a snowy
high mountain (players may be able to control castles in the
game), a temple overgrown with vegetation, and a large open
                                                                  Apple's iBookstore to go live
The game was announced last month and will feature a
                                                                  in 18 more countries
                                                                  Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-s-ibookstore-to-go-live-in-18-
human protagonist, a more expansive world and improved
visuals. During the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment expo
                                                                  October 23rd, 2012
this weekend, Bioware revealed that "one level in Dragon
Age III [will be] as big as all of Dragon Age II's levels." The
new game will be utilizing DICE's Frostbite 2 engine for it's
More customization is also expected, as well as player
choices which more effect the game world than previously.
Dragon Age III is expected to release in late 2013                Here’s how we know for sure that Apple will be showing
                                                                  off the new iPad mini at today’s hype event. Right before
                                                                  the mini is set to unveil, Apple’s iBookstore has extended its
                                                                  service to 18 more countries.
                                                                  AppleInsider was notified by an Australia-based iBooks
                                                                  label that their backend system listed 18 new countries
                                                                  as “pending”. These countries include Argentina, Bolivia,
                                                                  Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador,
                                                                  El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, New Zealand,
                                                                  Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela.
                                                                  Most of the countries on the pending list is in South America
                                                                  —some with growing economies, and some stagnant.
                                                                     Nonetheless, expansion of iBooks into South America
                                                                  means that Apple sees potential, and a “budget” slate
                                                                  (rumored going price of $329 for 16GB iPad mini) fits the
                                                                  living standards of the region.

                                                                  Despite the news, the publisher also noted that books won’t
                                                                  be immediately available to the new areas.
                                                                  “iTunes Connect is showing their status as pending for
                                                                  contract reasons, although I’m quite certain that they’ll
                                                                  trigger to available during [today’s] keynote. This is quite a
                                                                  big jump for iBooks,” said the source.

October 23rd, 2012                                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

Also per the same source, the addition of the 18 countries              have a feature like Apple’s Airplay,” an anonymous source
brings the tally up to 50 countries that now support                    told Sina Tech
iBookstore sales.                                                       Xiaomi is known more for being able to churn out affordable
Amazon currently leads the pack with its digital distribution           smartphones for the masses, so perhaps it won’t surprise
system, and the reasonably priced Kindle devices only help              anyone if the same company will be able to deliver an
to drive that dominance in the e-book market even further.              affordable set-top box. There are quite a few Android-
                                                                        powered set-top boxes right now on the market, and the
                                                                        Vizio Co-Star is among the more popular boxes.
Toys R Us launches Tabeo                                                Vizio’s Android-powered set-top box is currently going for
'kid-friendly' Android tablet                                           $99, but can Xiaomi make a quality box that is cheaper?
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/toys-r-us-launches-tabeo-kid-         Apple is also currently selling the Apple TV set-top box for
friendly-android-tablet/17559.html                                      $99, but some people just don’t have that taste for the iOS
October 23rd, 2012                                                      flavor.
For a kid’s toy, the Tabeo has sufficient specifications to
run just about any kiddie games/apps you can throw at it.
 It boasts a 1GHz Cortex A8, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal
storage (expandable via microSD), and is driven by Android
4.0 ICS. The 800x480 TFT 7-inch screen is a nice touch,
considering my first Game Boy was a 2-bit device that had a
2.6-inch screen.

Some of the apps/games that come preloaded on the Tabeo
include Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja (no blood), Temple Run,
Angry Birds, Collapse, and a few educational apps such as               (This box [via eBay] features Android 4.0, 1.2GHz Cortex A8,
Kids Numbers and Math.                                                  and 1GB of RAM. It costs $63.99, but the brand is unknown)
Extra features include a micro-HDMI out, and a front facing             When it’s all said and done, however, Xiaomi’s main market
camera. The standard Wi-Fi connectivity is present, and                 is still China. eBay has plenty of cheap Android set-top
Toys R Us claims that the Tabeo can keep Barney on the                  boxes for around $60-70, but these are literally “unknown”
screen for 7 hours.                                                     branded hardware. It would be nice to see a cheap Xiaomi
                                                                        set-top box floating around, even if Xiaomi doesn’t intend
The going price for the Tabeo is $149.99, and accessories for
                                                                        for its product to extend beyond the Great Wall.
the device range from $5.99 to $39.99. Toys R Us says that
the “Tabeo can be used by the whole family, no matter their
age.” Even so, the device doesn’t look like it’s slobber proof,
hence, kids/babies that have a tendency to put things in their
                                                                        Nokia to launch affordable
mouths should be kept away from the Tabeo.                              Lumia 510 smartphone
                                                                        Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nokia-to-launch-affordable-

Xiaomi working on an
                                                                        October 23rd, 2012

Android set-top box?
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/xiaomi-working-on-an-android-set-
October 23rd, 2012

                                                                        Nokia answers the public cry for a more affordable
                                                                        smartphone with the Lumia 510, an entry-level smartphone
                                                                        that packs a punch while taking it easy on your wallet.
Is Xiaomi, a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, going to
launch a set-top box of its own? Word out of China is that
Xiaomi already has a prototype.
“Xiaomi is an internet company, and TV set-top-boxes will
be using the internet [streaming] as a main selling point. As
far as integration with the Xiaomi phone is concerned, it will

October 23rd, 2012                                                                                             Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                    not to face the battle of Xbox 2 versus PlayStation 3. As the
                                                                    results stand, Microsoft did manage to narrowly beat Sony
                                                                    in the battle of consoles, with 68.9 million consoles sold
                                                                    versus Sony's 67.2 million. Unfortunately for both players,
                                                                    Nintendo walked away with honors, as the company sold
                                                                    96.7 million Wii consoles, and made a profit on every console
                                                                    they made (versus Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which lose
                                                                    money on hardware and gain profit on number of games
                                                                    For the new battle of the consoles, we could end up without
                                                                    a single number in their names. Nintendo already made
                                                                    up their mind with Wii U; PlayStation could end up being
The mobile phone industry has been under considerable               named something like PlayStation Ultra or PlayStation
pressure to make smartphones more affordable and                    World, while Microsoft is still deciding on the name.
accessible to the public; with the Lumia 510, Nokia answers         Our sources close to heart of the matter told us while the final
the call with an impressive entry-level device that does            name of the console is still undecided, there are some names
pretty much everything you want it to. Priced at just $199          which were discarded a while ago. The final marketing call
the Nokia Lumia 510 won't put you in debt or break your             will be decided during the first quarter of 2013, with the
bank account. It features a 4'' 480x800 TFT display,                introduction in the second quarter of 2013, probably at E3.
a single core Snapdragon processor, 256 MB of RAM, a                Microsoft plans to have a large venue near to the exhibition
5.0 megapixel camera, 4GB internal memory with 7GB of               grounds, such as the Nokia Arena and have a celebrity-laden
additonal Skydrive cloud storage.                                   launch, with the global marketing campaign to get tickets
  "With the Nokia Lumia 510 we continue to meet                     for the launch event covering all countries where Xbox will
  our commitment to bring Windows Phone to new,                     be sold. This naturally, will exclude many countries around
  lower price points," said Jo Harlow, executive vice               the globe, an error which Sony used to its advantage with its
  president of Nokia Smart Devices.                                 region-free approach to PlayStation Network.

The Nokia Lumia 510 is an entry-level smartphone, meaning           If our sources are correct, the candidates for the next Xbox
that it will have certain restrictions, one of them being no        name are "Xbox 8" (to align with Windows 8 & Windows
option for external storage. Still, Nokia's affordable option       Phone 8), simply "Xbox" and "Xbox Next". There was also a
runs on the Windows Phone 7.5 operating system and is               rumor that the console might be named identically to one of
a great fit for anyone who's currently on a budget. Nokia           already existing services, such as Xbox Live or Xbox Kinect,
has also provided its own exclusive apps and services to the        but both of those names should be discarded. Xbox Four was
Lumia 510 including Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps.                     dropped due to similar pronunciation of the number "four"
                                                                    and "death" in Mandarin Chinese. Xbox 8 could also be the
The Nokia Lumia 510 will be available in five vibrant colors--      bringer of good luck, as that number has particularly positive
red, yellow, cyan, white and black--and has an estimated            connotation.
retail price of about $199 (excluding taxes and fees). Nokia
has planned to start selling the Lumia 510 in November 2012         What we know is that Durango development platform is
starting with India and China followed by South America             finally running on AMD hardware, as the company taped
and Asia-Pacific nations.                                           out GPU which will be in use for the Xbox Next console.
                                                                    The initial Durango XDK (Xbox Development Kit) featured
                                                                    an 8-core Sandy Bridge processor (SNB-E, LGA2011 on
There's No Xbox 720, Next-                                          a custom motherboard with embedded memory), 8GB of

Gen Microsoft Xbox to be
                                                                    DDR3 memory and Nvidia Fermi-class graphics (GTX 570).
                                                                    The new kit allegedly comes with 8-core FX processor, and
Named "Xbox Next"?                                                  Southern Islands graphics, with the final console allegedly
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/there-s-no-xbox-720-next-gen-   featuring Sea Islands, AMD's second generation 28nm GPU
microsoft-xbox-to-be-named-xbox-next-/17552.html                    hardware.
October 23rd, 2012                                                  2013 should turn to be a very interesting year in terms of
                                                                    consoles - watch this space for continuous coverage. But for
                                                                    now, you can done and dust the Xbox 720. As police officer in
                                                                    South Park says, "Move along people, nothing to see here."

For quite some time, numerous media outlets and gamers
themselves were calling the next-gen Xbox console - Xbox
720. Naturally, it made sense as it would be double the 360,
but in reality, that designation never stood any chance.
The name Xbox 720 (Google search for "Xbox 720"
brings 7.2 million results) became really popular among
mainstream gaming media which was caught off guard when
Microsoft deliberately chose the name Xbox 360 - in order

October 23rd, 2012                                                                                                       Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                        Best Buy reveals prices for
                                                                        HTC 8X and AT&T Nokia
                                                                        Lumia 920
                                                                        Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/best-buy-reveals-prices-for-htc-8x-
                                                                        October 23rd, 2012

                                                                        Best Buy recently revealed pre-order prices for the HTC 8X
                                                                        ($99) and Nokia Lumia 920 ($149) Windows Phone 8 on it's
                                                                        website Sunday morning.
Taiwan Mobile to release
Amazing A2
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/taiwan-mobile-to-release-amazing-
October 23rd, 2012

Taiwan Mobile has announced the upcoming launch of                      Best Buy is now taking pre-orders for the new HTC 8X and,
the Amazing A2 smartphone, an upgraded version of the                   later on, the Nokia Lumia 920 phones that run on Windows
Amazing A1 released in May. Update: Chinese VR-Zone has                 Phone 8, Microsoft's newest smartphone operating system.
a review of the Amazing A2 over at their site.                          The HTC 8X is offered for $99 with a 2-year activation,
Taiwan Mobile has announced its plans to launch the                     and the Nokia Lumia 920 is $149 with the same plan and
Amazing A2 phone, a upgraded version of the Amazing A1.                 activation agreement, which takes a considerable chunk out
 The Amazing A2 will come with a 1 GHz Qualcomm S2                      of both of the phone's whopping $599 retail costs.
MSM8255 dual-core processor, a 4-inch 800x400 screen,                   Neither HTC or Nokia have yet to reveal prices for their
4 GB of internal memory (expandable up to 32GB via                      upcoming Windows 8 phones, but Best Buy seems to
microSD), a 5 megapixel camera, a 1600 mAh battery, and                 inadverdantly announced the price range for both phones,
will be powered by Google's Android 4.0.                                taking pre-orders for both Windows Phone 8 phones at
                                                                        the above costs. Shortly thereafter, the Nokia Lumia 920's
                                                                        information and pre-order page was taken off of Best Buy's

The Amazing A2 will sell for NT$4990, but qualified
customers will be able to trade in their Amazing A1 phones
for a discount. The Amazing A1 has averaged 60,000 sales                The HTC 8X features 8GB internal memory with a 4.3'' HD
per month since its release in May. The Amazing A2 is                   touchscreen, and lightning-fast 4GLTE for optimum speed
expected to sell 100,000 a month for the first 6 to 8 months            and coverage.
on the market. Taiwan Mobile has sold 1.6 million phones
so far this year.

October 23rd, 2012                                               Published by: VR-Zone

The Lumia 920 features a 1280x768 4.5-inch screen, a 1.5
GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core processor, 1 GB of
RAM, and 32 GB of memory.
For more information on pre-orders be sure to visit the Best
Buy web page.

AMD FX-8350 vs Intel Core
i7-3770K @ 4.8GHz - CPU
Performance Compared
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-fx-8350-vs-intel-core-
October 23rd, 2012

Do the Piledriver FX core improvements help win back
some enthusiast mind share or is it another power guzzling
disappointment again?

October 23rd, 2012                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

                     AMD FX-8350 vs Intel Core
                     i7-3770K @ 4.8GHz - Multi-
                     GPU Gaming Performance
                     Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-fx-8350-vs-intel-core-
                     October 23rd, 2012

                     Nobody buys a CPU with unlocked multipliers to run it
                     at stock frequencies, which you will see inside the many
                     reviews around the web today. So what happens when you
                     pit the flagship architectures together near the edge of
                     conventional air and water cooling, Vishera FX ($199) vs Ivy
                     Bridge ($329), at 4.8GHz? Which one will the discerning
                     gamer choose?
                     Test Setup:
                     CPU/Motherboard:                    AMD FX-8350 on ASUS
                                                         Crosshair V Formula-Z
                                                         Intel Core i7-3770K on ASUS
                                                         Maximus V Formula
                     Memory:                             G.Skill TridentX 2 x 8GB @
                                                         2400MHz 10-12-12-31 2T
                     GPU/Drivers:                        2 x AMD Radeon HD 7970
                                                         GHz Edition
                                                         Catalyst 12.9 Beta + 12.9
                                                         CAP 1
                     Operating System:                   Windows 7 SP1 with latest
                                                         patches as of 20/10

                     Battlefield 3

October 23rd, 2012                                                    Published by: VR-Zone

Sleeping Dogs
                     F1 2012

Crysis 2 (DX11)      Counter-Strike : Global Offensive

                     Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E
                     hits Japan on October 25
                     Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/galaxy-tab-7.7-plus-sc-01e-hits-
                     October 23rd, 2012

Sniper Elite V2

                     Japan has finally set the release date for the Galaxy Tab 7.7
                     Plus SC-01E, a 7.7-inch tablet that is specifically built for
                     ultra high-speed LTE networks.
October 23rd, 2012                                                                                          Published by: VR-Zone

Docomo has recently revealed the official release date of the      The third quarter 2012 results call however, did not include
Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E in Japan. It is scheduled to be         all the things that AMD has worked behind the stage.
available to consumers at all of service shops on October 25       According to our confidential sources, the company is on
2012. This is part of Docomo's plan to eventually proliferate      the shopping spree for new executives and engineers, as well
the use and access of ultra high-speed LTE networks across         as companies to acquire. We have some indications what
the country.                                                       companies are being targeted, but this time around we won't
                                                                   disclose whom AMD is buying.
                                                                   With the new strategy, the company wants to eradicate
                                                                   its internal bureaucracy which our sources compared to
                                                                   specific European countries. The company had some issues
                                                                   in attracting top talent from competing companies such as
                                                                   Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm and Apple, while at the same time
                                                                   it bled brain power to these, and much more companies -
                                                                   such as Synaptics. The new strategy mentioned on the call
                                                                   also called for consolidation of numerous sites (Sunnyvale,
                                                                   Austin, Markham, Boston, Houston, Denver etc.), but given
                                                                   that previous consolidation efforts only spent more money,
                                                                   we'll see how that will pan out.

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E is considered an upgrade
over the original version. The 7.7 Plus SC-01E uses the
APQ8060 (1.5 Ghz dual-core) processor, and is supported
by 1GB of RAM. It also comes with 32GB of internal storage,
although an external microSD/mircoSDHC/TransFlash can
be used to extend the device's data capacity. For its screen, it
uses a Super Active Matrix OLED Plus display, with a WXGA
resolution that is set at 1280x800 pixels. The dimensions
of the unit are 197(length) X 133(width) X 7.9(thickness)
millimeters, and weighs around 0.34 kilograms. Its battery
has a charge capacity of about 5100mAh, and comes with
Android 4.0 (ICS) OS out of the box.                               The picture above clearly shows in which direction AMD
                                                                   is heading. The company is dead set on integrating
Samsung claims that the overall multitasking capability is         both x86-64 and ARM Cortex cores, with the Cortex-M5
generally improved in the Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E.              part already announced (x86-64 will be used for general
With its LTE connectivity, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E is       computation, Cortex-M5 will be utilized for encryption) -
capable of accessing any high speed network that is available      but that's just the start. With the next generation hardware,
to NTT Docomo. These data services include: The ultra high-        AMD has plans to integrate baseband in the CPU die and
speed Xi (Max. 75 Mbps), followed by the FOMA High-Speed           beat Intel to the pulp, which had that plan set for 2014 and
connectivity service (Max. 14Mbps). In addition, the tablet        2015 Bay Trail platform with Valleyview SoC designs (2014
also supports the international roaming connectivity service       Valleyview is a successor to 2013 Silvermont, both use the
World Wing. Depending on availability, users of the Galaxy         next-gen 22nm LP process at Intel).
Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E may also connect to Mobacas to watch           Bear in mind that during the conference call, AMD all but
programs from the smartphone-optimized NOTTV service.              confirmed that the company secured design wins for all three
The price of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E was revealed at        consoles - Nintendo Wii U was already known, but Microsoft
the time of the announcement.                                      Xbox Next and PlayStation Next were obvious unknowns. In
                                                                   any case, we have received an invite for a press conference
                                                                   with three very interesting executives; AMD CEO Rory Read,
AMD to Announce Its Future                                         Senior VP and General Manager for Global Business Units
Strategy on October 29, 2012                                       Lisa Su and "a special guest." With AMD keeping the identity
                                                                   of this special guest a secret, we might see a surprising turn
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-to-announce-its-future-
                                                                   of events.
October 23rd, 2012                                                 Officially, the press conference will take place next week in
                                                                   San Francisco, with the subject being the new ambidextrous
                                                                   strategy. A quick search on the AMD website leads to a press
                                                                   release dated February 2nd, 2012 - where AMD mentioned
                                                                   way the company will head in the future.

During the disappointing quarterly results call (joining in
all other tech companies which had a miserable quarter,
including Intel etc), AMD's CEO Rory Read announced the
restructuring of the company, which includes letting go 15%
of its workforce.
October 24th, 2012                                                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

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Quarter of 18-25 year olds are
Facebook friends with boss
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/quarter-of-18-25-year-olds-are-
October 24th, 2012

One quarter of people between the ages of 18 to 25 are friends
with their employers on Facebook, potentially exposing
career damaging content, according to a study by internet
security firm AVG.
One quarter of people between the ages of 18 to 25 are friends
with their employers on Facebook, potentially exposing
career damaging content, according to a study by internet
security firm AVG.

AVG surveyed 4,400 people in the given age bracket in 11
different countries on their social network habits as part of         60 percent do not restrict content from co-workers, which
Digital Baggage, the sixth instalment of its Digital Diaries          is possible on Facebook, albeit less intuitive than the Circles
study.                                                                feature of Google+. The US was top of the list with 59
                                                                      percent for not restricting profiles, followed by Italy at 58
                                                                      percent and Spain at 54 percent. Japanese workers are more
While one in four add their boss on Facebook, the majority            cautious, with only 27 percent leaving their profiles open to
of those who do have social media links with their colleagues         co-workers.
are not careful about what they are posting, which might
harm their job prospects.
                                                                      Worse yet, 13 percent post “abusive content” insulting their
                                                                      boss or company after a bad day at work, which could be seen
                                                                      by a colleague and used against them, or in some cases might
                                                                      even by seen by the boss him or herself. Of those asked,
                                                                      Italian young workers are most likely at 18 percent to vent
                                                                      about their job online, while only 10 percent do so in France
                                                                      and New Zealand.

                                                                      Many workers also have inappropriate content online, such
                                                                      as images they may not want their employers to see. The
                                                                      Spanish topped the list by far with 80 percent, while the
                                                                      UK and US were much better, with only 25 percent and 21
                                                                      percent posting potentially damaging photos.

October 24th, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                   Alongside the new OS, people are also expecting a few
                                                                 more Nexus devices which may hit retail just in time for the
                                                                 holiday season.

                                                                 (Google 'Nexus 4'. | Image: @evleaks)
For those who do not believe online presence matters in the
workplace, they might want to think again. The study found       LG will be the brand that will grace the next Google Nexus
that 15 percent of Italian young people had been asked about     smartphone. The device, many seem to think, will be based
things they posted online in an interview, while that figure     off of LG’s flagship smartphone—the Optimus G. Meaning,
is 13 percent for the US, nine percent for Australia, and six    the Nexus 4 will boast a quad-core 1.5GHz CPU, 2GB of
percent for the UK. This is a number that is likely to grow as   RAM, 16GB of internal storage, an 8MP rear camera, and a
more companies view the internet as an important medium          1280x768 4.7-inch display.
for their identity, which could be damaged by the poor online    The Nexus 7 lineup will also receive some love, with sources
identities of their employees.                                   suggesting that the popular 7-inch tablet will receive a
                                                                 memory upgrade (up from the max of 16GB) and HSPA+
“AVG’s latest research clearly shows young people today
have a comfort with using online social networks that is         Also, Google is going to move into the 10-inch tablet market
leading to blurring between their professional and private       with something called a Nexus 10. This time around,
lives,” said Tony Anscombe, Senior Security Evangelist           however, it will be Samsung and Google tying the knot with
at AVG. “It seems obvious that posting abusive content           each other. The Nexus 10 will supposedly boast a screen
about a boss or workplace is not very sensible, but it’s         resolution that’s higher than the third-gen iPad.
important to understand that not only could it damage a          Android 4.2 will be Google’s answer to iOS6; some of the new
person’s existing career, it could also negatively impact on     features include a new panoramic camera capability, Play
future opportunities too. Our research findings indicate that    Store content will be accessible from a widget, and multi-
today’s 18-25 year old ‘digital natives’ need to be more aware   user support for tablets.
of their online brand as something employers and recruiters
are increasingly investigating.”
                                                                 PlayStation 3 master key
Image Credit: AVG                                                leaked online
                                                                 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/playstation-3-master-key-leaked-
New Nexus gadgets and                                            October 24th, 2012

Android 4.2 to be unveiled on
October 29
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-nexus-gadgets-and-
October 24th, 2012
                                                                 Hackers have published online the "master key" to Sony's
                                                                 PlayStation 3 gaming console, paving the way for a
                                                                 potentially monumental increase in pirated games.
                                                                 Hackers have published online the "master key" to Sony's
                                                                 PlayStation 3 gaming console, paving the way for a
                                                                 potentially monumental increase in pirated games.
The rumored Android Jelly Bean 4.2 will purportedly be
unveiled next week at Google’s press event in New York.
October 24th, 2012                                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

A hacker group called The Three Musketeers released the                  Square Enix game developer of titles such as Deus Ex:
LVO decryption keys into the wild after a class action lawsuit           Human Revolutions and the Final Fantasy series, has signed
against Sony over the security breach of the PlayStation                 a new long term contract for the use of Unreal Engine 4.
Network was dismissed by a judge.                                        Square Enix, Japanese video game developer of, among
                                                                         others, the Final Fantasy series, has just signed a new long
                                                                         term contract with Epic for use of the Unreal Engine 4,
“You can be sure that if it wouldn't have been for this leak,
                                                                         supplementing it's current Unreal Engine 3 license. This
this key would never have seen the light of day, only the fear
of our work being used to make money out of it has forced                makes Square Enix the first developer to officially sign with
                                                                         Unreal Engine 4.
said us to release this now,” the group said in a statement.
The comment follows allegations that Chinese hackers who
got their hands on the codes intended to charge fees for

                                                                         Image from the tech demo of the Unreal Engine 4
                                                                         Epic stated that the contract will involve multiple games
                                                                         and that Epic Games Japan will be equipping Square Enix
                                                                         with the best development tools they have available. Taka
                                                                         Kawasaki, territory manager of Epic Games Japan continued
                                                                         to speak of the strong bond between the two companies and
                                                                         that Epic would continue to service Square Enix for many
                                                                         years to come.
                                                                         Unreal Engine 3, however, is still being used for
                                                                         development. Currently, Epic is creating Gears of War:
                                                                         Judgment, and mobile games for handheld devices are
The problem for Sony is that it cannot simply change these               beginning to make use of the engine as well.
keys, as they are used to direct updates to the millions of
PlayStation 3 consoles around the world. Any updates Sony                If you're curious about the new engine, a tech demo video
makes, especially to improve its security and address the                walkthrough was released earlier last year; check it out here
threat of piracy, can now be decrypted by hackers, putting
the company in an extremely difficult position.
                                                                         Microsoft charged for
                                                                         browser selection breach
Indeed, any attempts to rectify the problem may hit genuine              Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-charged-for-browser-
consumers more than pirates and hackers, and thus Sony                   selection-breach/17580.html
might decide it is wiser to simply leave things alone. That              October 24th, 2012
said, Sony has previously dealt with attempts to jailbreak the
PlayStation 3 with updates to the console's firmware, and                The EU has charged Microsoft with a breach in an agreement
there might be similar options for the company following                 made with the European Commission three years ago.
this latest hack.                                                        Microsoft had promised to allow users a choice of browser
                                                                         when installing their Windows 7, but this is a promise made
                                                                         three years ago, and still not fulfilled. The charge concerns
                                                                         any Windows 7 copies sold after February of 2011. Microsoft
Square Enix signs Unreal                                                 is claiming this is a technical error; that the browser choice
                                                                         screen did indeed exist, but simply didn't display. They
Engine 4 deal                                                            ensure that the issue will be fixed.
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/square-enix-signs-unreal-engine-4-
October 24th, 2012

October 24th, 2012                                                                                                    Published by: VR-Zone

Unfortunately for Microsoft, they did not pick up on this             Careful with that MasterCard, ma'am
technical error before the EU did, and now initial steps have         Customers can still make purchases today by letting the
been taken which may lead to a nasty fine for the software            teller swipe their card in the card reader attached to the
corporation. The EU's competition commissioner Joaquin                cash registers but is advising it's customers to change their
Almunia has stated that Microsoft should expect sanctions,            pin numbers and keep a close eye on their credit card
should it be decided that Microsoft is indeed infringing on           statements until further notice. Purchases made online at
the agreement.                                                        barnesandnoble.com, nook and from various nook apps,
The battle between Microsoft and the EU has already cost              remain secure. The company stated that they were "working
the company an estimated €1.7 billion, and this fine could            with banks, payment card brands and issuers to identify
spell even more trouble for Microsoft as it could allegedly be        accounts that may have been compromised, so banks and
as high as 10% of the company's earnings; a truly gargantuan          issuers can employ enhanced fraud security measures on
amount.                                                               potentially impacted accounts.

                                                                      New Boeing missile disables
Barnes & Noble checkouts                                              Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-boeing-missile-disables-
hacked; credit card info                                              October 24th, 2012

Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/barnes--noble-checkouts-hacked-
October 24th, 2012

                                                                      Boeing has created a new missile that is able to disable
                                                                      computer systems as it passes overhead. The CHAMP
                                                                      missile, as it's called, may mark a shift in non-lethal warfare.

Hackers have manipulated the keypads at the checkout in               Boeing has been working on a new missile system, and
63 Barnes & Noble book stores. The result is stolen credit            what they've come up with is called the CHAMP Missile, or
cards, and FBI investigation and dismantling of thousands             "Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced
of point-of-sale terminals.                                           Missile Project". The missile is a new development in non-
                                                                      lethal warfare, which disables electronic devices, including
In Barnes & Noble bookstores across the United States,                PCs, by the use of powerful radio waves. The missile was
hackers have tampered with the keypads at the checkout                successfully tested last week at the US Airforce Research
desk and managed to steal credit card information from                Laboratory.
customers. Customers who shopped at the bookstore chain
as recently as last month in New York, Miami, San Diego and
Chicago. Though as many as 63 keypads had been tampered
with, only one is known to have been compromised so far.
Barnes and Noble discovered the issue on September 14th,
but they've been keeping things quiet after contacting the
FBI, who have been attempting to track the hackers down.
Meanwhile, the bookstores have removed over 7000 point of
sale terminals and none of the 63 keypads, which have been
removed from the their stores, have not been replaced.

                                                                      Artist's rendering of the CHAMP missile

October 24th, 2012                                                                                                       Published by: VR-Zone

The missile test took place in the Western Utah Desert                   television. The Xbox will automatically pick up where the
on October 16th. The missile was flown past a two story                  user left off, and the tablet will serve as a remote and
building, and as it passed, onboard microwave emitters                   secondary screen, which can be used to start at different
disabled every piece of electronics in the structure. The                points in the film, or to view information about actors
missiles even disabled the cameras which were recording the              currently on screen.
event. Keith Coleman, project leader for CHAMP was very                  With Internet Explorer for Xbox, users will also be able
pleased with the results:                                                to send a browsing session from their Windows phone to
"This technology marks a new era in modern-day warfare.                  the console, and then to a tablet as well. Thus, a unified
In the near future, this technology may be used to render an             cross-device, cross-platform browsing experience becomes
enemy's electronic and data systems useless even before the              possible with SmartGlass - albeit, the infamy of Internet
first troops or aircraft arrive." he explained, also stating that        Explorer might cause some reluctance to adopt this feature.
they had made science fiction into fact. When or if we will              In these ways, and many others, it seems that SmartGlass
see the missile in the field though, is a different matter; but          will be a neat way to organize and share entertainment
as a non-lethal tactic, it's pretty promising indeed.                    among computing devices. But, it is clearly a Windows
                                                                         based service, and therefore a smart way to perpetuate Xbox
                                                                         services to users that do not have an Xbox console.
                                                                         Thanks to the launch of the SmartGlass, Microsoft "will
                                                                         rapidly accelerate the reach of Xbox entertainment from
                                                                         more than 67 million consoles to literally hundreds of
                                                                         millions of devices worldwide," wrote Microsoft's chief
                                                                         marketing officer for its Interactive Entertainment Division,
                                                                         Yusuf Mehdi, in an official blog post. "Also this week, we
                                                                         will take our biggest step ever to increase our global reach,
A room full of computers has been disabled by the CHAMP                  extending Xbox entertainment experiences to 222 countries
                                                                         from 35."
Microsoft rolling out
'SmartGlass', cross-device                                               Zagg and iFrogz introduce
entertainment application                                                accessories for iPad Mini
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-rolling-out-smartglass--   Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/zagg-and-ifrogz-introduce-
cross-device-entertainment-application/17572.html                        accessories-for-ipad-mini/17582.html
October 24th, 2012                                                       October 24th, 2012

Microsoft will be rolling out 'SmartGlass' this week, a multi-
platform application to unify Xbox entertainment among                   With Apple's unveiling of the iPad Mini yesterday,
various devices. The service will also help to perpetuate Xbox           consumers will be looking for accessories to enhance their
services to those who do not possess an Xbox console.                    miniature tablet experience. ZAGG and iFrogz are some of
Microsoft will be rolling out 'SmartGlass' this week, a multi-           the first to showcase their ranges, which include keyboards,
platform application to unify Xbox entertainment among                   cases and protective films.
various devices.                                                         With Apple's unveiling of the iPad Mini yesterday,
SmartGlass is yet another example of the nebulous                        consumers will be looking for accessories to enhance their
computing experience that has been made possible by the                  miniature tablet experience. ZAGG and iFrogz are some of
internet and so-called "post PC" electronics. When users                 the first to showcase their ranges, which include keyboards,
have smartphones, tablets, computers and game consoles,                  cases and protective films.
it's easy to get disorganized - especially when it comes to
entertainment. It isn't fun or simple to manually transfer six
gigabytes of music or video from a laptop to a phone to a                First up are the ZAGGkeys Mini 7 and ZAGGkeys Mini
tablet, or any other way around.                                         9, durable folios with built-in keyboards to turn the iPad
                                                                         Mini into something like a laptop computer. The former is
But many efforts exist to help weed out this dilemma,                    designed specifically for the size of the new 7.9-inch tablet,
and now Microsoft is taking a shot at it with SmartGlass.                which means a smaller keyboard, while the latter features a
Announced in June and to be launched this week, the service              keyboard with larger spacing. Both come with built-in stands
will unify Xbox online services among various devices with               to hold the tablet at a proper viewing angle, and ZAGG is also
an application that will be available on Windows 8, Windows              releasing a stylus that will work with the Mini 9. Both cost
Phone 8, Google and iOS devices. Movies, TV shows, music,                $89.99.
and games will be able to synchronize and stream through
the service.
A user who begins to watch a movie on his tablet will, for
example, be able to send the movie to his Xbox connected
October 24th, 2012                                                                                              Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                 ZAGG is also providing a portable battery, and iFrogz has a
The InvisibleSHIELD is a protective film for the iPad Mini
                                                                 number of audio accessories available, as well as additional
display, made from a material used by the US military to
                                                                 screen protection options.
protect the leading edges of helicopter blades. It is easy
to apply and features strong durability, backed up by a
lifetime guarantee should it become damaged over time. The       All accessories will be available from 2 November, the launch
original version costs $24.99, a high-definition version with    day for the iPad Mini.
greater clarity costs $29.99, and a smudge-proof version also
costs $29.99. Full coverage of the entire device ranges from
$34.99 to $39.99.                                                The 25 most popular
                                                                 passwords of 2012
iFrogz is offering two new cases for the iPad Mini. The Breeze   Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-25-most-popular-passwords-
is a one-piece case with a unique ventilation look and a         of-2012/17577.html
textured feel, with colours available in black/blue, black/      October 24th, 2012
silver, and black/pink. It costs $29.99.

                                                                 The 2012 list of the 25 most popular passwords has been
                                                                 published. If yours is on the list, you may want to consider
                                                                 changing it.
                                                                 Perhaps the greatest risk to a computer's security is the
                                                                 laziness of the user. That at least seems to be the case after
                                                                 reviewing a list of 2012´s most popular passwords. Despite
                                                                 websites urging users to pick unique and often lengthy
                                                                 passwords, and despite it being well known that a complex
                                                                 password is paramount to protecting an account, it seems
                                                                 that people are just horribly predictable and lazy anyway.
                                                                 SplashData, a company dedicated to mobile productivity and
                                                                 security solutions, has compiled the list, which is composed
                                                                 of the 25 most popular passwords from this year. The
The Merge employs a TPU frame and PU cover, allowing the         passwords, which were ranked by number of occurrences,
case to be folded over so that the tablet can be viewed from     were grabbed from thousands of stolen passwords which had
different angles. It costs $49.99.                               been published online. This, naturally, shows that the more
                                                                 popular and predictable passwords are ultimately unsafe.

October 24th, 2012                                                                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                  23. ninja

                                                                  24. mustang

                                                                  25. password1

                                                                  Fujitsu Reveals New Feminine
                                                                  "Floral Kiss" Ultrabook Line
                                                                  Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/fujitsu-reveals-new-feminine-floral-
                                                                  October 24th, 2012
"password" is not a good password, surprise surprise...
A similar list was published last year, and unfortunately,
not much has changed. "password" still ranks as the most
popular password, and apart from a few additions, such as
"jesus" and "password1" (for those services which require
numbers in their passwords), it all looks pretty much the         Fujitsu has recently announced the development of the new
same. The list is replicated below. If you happen to spot yours   FMV LIFEBOOK CH55/J, also known as the "Floral Kiss"
in there, go ahead and pick something a little more original.     ultrabook line. It is an ultrabook that was conceptualized for
1. password                                                       female tech consumers.
2, 123456                                                         Starting this fall 2012, Japanese electronics consumers will
                                                                  now be able to feel the feminine side of ultrabooks with
3. 12345678                                                       Fujitsu's new line of "Floral Kiss" FMV LIFEBOOK CH55/
                                                                  J ultrabooks. Apparently visually designed with the delicate
4. abc123                                                         lady in mind, it is said to have external and internal design
                                                                  features that makes it more suited for the female user. It
5. qwerty                                                         would come in three different colors: Elegant White, Luxury
                                                                  Brown and Feminine Pink.
6. monkey

7. letmein

8. dragon

9. 111111

10. baseball

11. iloveyou

12. trustno1

13. 1234567
                                                                  While the main feature of the ultrabook seems to be its
14. sunshine                                                      special color schemes, the "feminine" side of the unit actually
                                                                  refers to the entirety of the ultrabook's external components.
15. master                                                         For example, the power button is designed to look like a
                                                                  pearl, while the caps lock status LED indicator is made to
16. 123123                                                        look like a diamond piece. The letters in the keyboard are
                                                                  even etched in deep gold color, contrasted against a pure
17. welcome                                                       white background. All in all it is visually enhanced to exude
                                                                  the look and feel of a quasi-fashion item, not too different
18. shadow                                                        from an elegant purse or a lovely handbag.
                                                                  As for its base specs, the FMV Lifebook CH55/J is not really
19. ashley
                                                                  that different from the previously rolled out LIFEBOOK
                                                                  U772 and UH572. For its CPU, it is equipped with a
20. football
                                                                  Core i5-3317U processor (3MB Smart Cache, 1.7 Ghz dual-
                                                                  core, turbo to 2.6 Ghz), while the RAM is set at 4GB.
21. jesus
                                                                  The storage medium is a combination of an SSD and
                                                                  a standard 500GB 5400RPM HDD. The OS is a 64-
22. michael
                                                                  bit Windows 8 (standard), which is installed with an
                                                                  additional Office Home and Business 2010 productivity

October 24th, 2012                                                                                             Published by: VR-Zone

suite. The unit's dimensions and weight are also more               Nvidia repeated the event with the GT200-based Teslas, and
or less the same with the FMV LIFEBOOK UH75/J, at                   the question of allocation remained. The current process
322(length)x228.5(width)x17.5(thickness) and 1.45 kg.               is the 28 nanometer node, and we've heard AMD, Nvidia,
                                                                    Qualcomm and Apple all discussing yield issues with the said
Additionally, there's another version of the FMV Lifebook
                                                                    node, responsible for the supply constraint of GPUs, SoC's,
CH55/J ultrabook that will be released as a collaborative
                                                                    APUs and baseband chips. In short - everything 28nm is in
item with Agete, a well-known Japanese jewelry company.
                                                                    the short supply.
The limited edition model will sport a different "Precious
Violet" color scheme, and will have a few of Agete's personal       With Fermi (GTX 400 and 500 Series), we heard that Nvidia
touch ups that would still let out the feminine elegance in the     implemented stricter die allocation program, with the sole
ultrabook.                                                          goal of achieving as high revenue per die as possible. With
                                                                    Kepler GPU architecture and the 28nm allocation being the
                                                                    way it is, it was quite obvious that in terms of revenue per die,
Nvidia's Green Light Program                                        Tesla will take the first place, Quadro should come second
Overclocking Limitations -                                          and GeForce last. This is the same policy as with other
                                                                    semiconductor companies, since Intel will sell every Xeon-
Origins and Implications                                            certified die they can lay their hands on.
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nvidia-s-green-light-program-
                                                                    When Kepler launched, we heard partners mentioning
                                                                    the Green Light program, and alleged consequences that
October 24th, 2012
                                                                    Nvidia's own partners could go through. We spoke with
                                                                    Nvidia representatives, and members of no less than four
                                                                    companies which manufacture Nvidia-based graphics cards.
                                                                    We'll address both sides and leave you to come up with your
                                                                    own conclusions.
                                                                    In our discussion with Nvidia, which was very quick to react
Recently, a new controversy appeared in the high emotional          to our inquiry, it was stated that the Green Light program in
world of performance graphics cards. EVGA has just                  no way affects the allocation of the GPUs and boards for its
announced that they will no longer support EVBot                    ecosystem. The statements should be taken as such and we
overvoltage tool for their highest end cards. We dug up and         see no reason why their statement should not be a correct
found the reason why - to meet the Green Light program.             one. After all, both sides are trying to get as much money as
We investigate the origins of the program and some of its           they can.
                                                                    However, in our discussions with the AIC (Add-in Card)
Back in June 2007, Nvidia launched its GPGPU adventure              vendors, we were told that not adhering to the Green Light
very modestly, in a briefing with maybe 10 journalists              program indeed can affect the chip allocation, and that at
and 2-3 analysts in a building across the now-iconic                least two board partners "felt the pinch" of not adhering to
headquarters in Santa Clara. It was a hot summer day,               the Green Light. Now, there are two sides of every story, so
but one of questions that I had on my mind was how the              is this one.
company is going to cope with the supply demands for its
                                                                    The AIC Side of things
GeForce and Quadro cards, if Tesla really picks up.
                                                                    First of all, Nvidia indeed, does have its "darlings", preferred
                                                                    board partners that get premium paws on the allocation. You
                                                                    can easily guess who these partners are, but we've known for
                                                                    years that working with Nvidia is tougher than for instance,
                                                                    working with AMD or even Intel. In fact, there are Nvidia
                                                                    executives that don't have a clue about a project, walk in, do
                                                                    the damage and ultimately allow for companies like AMD,
                                                                    Intel or Freescale to sweep the deals. However, that is the
                                                                    same with most companies.
                                                                    Out of four AICs we spoke with, two said they experienced
                                                                    allocation issues with the GTX 600 Series and that they
                                                                    believe they're being punished for offering GTX 500 and
                                                                    600 boards with unsanctioned voltage modifications, either
                                                                    through BIOS, software utilities or hardware mods. Some
                                                                    AICs even went public with the issues they experienced, such
                                                                    as the recent MSI and TweakTown vs. Nvidia escapade.
After all, the G80 die the company used was the largest
                                                                    Our sources told us that they are not the only ones which
die ever manufactured by TSMC, using the 65nm process.
                                                                    experienced allocation issues, as:
The rollout was slow, but Tesla lineup started to receive
design wins and is on the way of becoming a sizeable                "NV is constantly thinking about Quados and Teslas. They
business. However, semiconductor manufacturing did not              no longer want to sell or support high-end GeForces with
go as well as the company hoped for. TSMC had a nice                modifications. In the past, we could do whatever we want
run with 90, 80, 65 and 55nm process nodes, but the                 with the GPU and they would honor the RMA for as long
company ran into numerous issues with the 40nm process,             as you return the board with the original heatsink. Thus all
followed up by canceling the 32nm process. In May 2008,             of our modified boards with 3rd party air or liquid cooling

October 24th, 2012                                                                                           Published by: VR-Zone

had their original heatsinks stored in boxes and in case         Reducing RMAs has never been a focus of Green Light.
of RMA we would just unmod the GeForce card, put the             We support overvoltaging up to a limit on our products, but
heatsink back on and ship it back."                              have a maximum reliability spec that is intended to protect
This policy was known for years, and we visited several          the life of the product. We don’t want to see customers
storage facilities which had hundreds of boxes storing tens      disappointed when their card dies in a year or two because
of thousands of original reference heatsinks. With the Fermi     the voltage was raised too high.
refresh, partners were told that the company would only          Regarding overvoltaging above our max spec, we offer
accept RMA on custom PCBs, not allowing for overvoltage of       AICs two choices:
boards on their regular PCBs. Furthermore, one source said
the following:                                                   · Ensure the GPU stays within our operating specs and have
                                                                 a full warranty from NVIDIA.
"When we started manufacturing AMD boards, Nvidia told
us that they will cut our allocation and they did. But they      · Allow the GPU to be manually operated outside specs in
were too dependent on us and came back humbled offering          which case NVIDIA provides no warranty.
us level playing field. However, good part of our GF110 chips    We prefer AICs ensure the GPU stays within spec
was directed to EVGA, especially in Q4 2011 and Q1 2012.         and encourage this through warranty support, but it’s
Fourth quarter really hurt us. Nvidia doesn’t think AMD is       ultimately up to the AIC what they want to do. Their choice
their competitor anymore and with Teslas they're no longer       does not affect allocation. And this has no bearing on the
dependent on us."                                                end user warranty provided by the AIC. It is simply a
All of this, combined with the fact that special boards like     warranty between NVIDIA and the AIC.
EVGA Classified, ASUS DC2-4GD5, MSI Lightning all had            With Green Light, we don’t really go out of the way to look
to have their voltage mods removed only goes to show that        for ways that AICs enable manual OV. As I stated, this isn’t
there is a limited number of dies available, and that Nvidia     the core purpose of the program. Yes, you’ve seen some
probably does not want to share more than they have to.          cases of boards getting out into the market with OV features
                                                                 only to have them disabled later. This is due to the fact
                                                                 that AICs decided later that they would prefer to have a
Nvidia's side                                                    warranty. This is simply a choice the AICs each need to
Unfortunately for AIC and gaming/hardware enthusiast             make for themselves. How, or when they make this decision,
ecosystem, selling a GTX 680 even for $800 per board             is entirely up to them.
(which usually retails for $499) - Nvidia knows they need        With regards to your MSI comment below, we gave MSI
each and every Fermi and Kepler die for their Tesla              the same choice I referenced above -- change their SW
x20xx and K10 boards, as they're going as hotcakes in            to disable OV above our reliability limit or not obtain a
the professional segment. We recently learned of Amazon          warranty. They simply chose to change their software in
acquiring over 10,000 Tesla K10 boards at a price of just        lieu of the warranty. Their choice. It is not ours to make,
$1500-1800 each, with a mandatory $500/board annual              and we don’t influence them one way or the other.
subscription for overnight replacement. Thus, GK104 dies
are in very hot demand and with the 28nm yields being the        Remember, we introduced a whole new set of API
way they are (read: poor) - Nvidia will not do anything to       functionality for AICs to integrate, that they have never
support enthusiasts and damage the premium sales.                seen or worked with before. We wanted to ensure that
                                                                 everyone could have a great app, and EVGA was simply one
After all, it is the success of Tesla and Quadro lineups that    of the first folks trying to line up their software introduction
enabled prices of GeForce boards to be very affordable.          to our accelerated launch window.
GeForce cards of today feature up to seven billion transistors
on a single board (GTX 690) for less money than you'd need       In short, Green Light is an especially important program
to spend on an Intel Core i7-3960X, for example - which          for a major, new product introduction like Kepler, where
offers significantly less compute performance. For price         our AICs don’t have a lot of experience building and
parity comparison, pairing the $999 i7-3960X with a $100         working with our new technologies, but also extends the
graphics card will result in significantly weaker experience     flexibility to AICs who provide a design that can operate
than if you would pair a $999 GTX 690 board with a $100          outside of the reliability limits of the board. And, if you
CPU.                                                             look at the products in the market today, there is obviously
                                                                 evidence of differentiation. You only need to look at the
This is the answer we got from Nvidia, which is published at     large assortment of high quality Kepler boards available
glance:                                                          today, including standard and overclocked editions."
"Not sure why you think Green Light is a bad thing for           If we take a look today, it is noticeable that the choices are not
consumers and/or AICs. It’s not. It’s actually an awesome        as vast as they used to be. Still, Nvidia is the manufacturer
program designed to ensure a set level of quality criteria       that makes the silicon, and their reference designs now make
are met for all GTX products in the field.                       for majority of GeForce-based offerings. This is something
Green Light was created to help ensure that all of the           they implemented long time ago, with hiring Flextronics to
GTX boards in the market all have great acoustics,               do the manufacturing for all GeForce 8800 GTX (we come
temperatures, and mechanicals. This helps to ensure our          full circle to the G80) and later GeForce 8800 Ultra boards,
GTX customers get the highest quality product that runs          with some manufacturers offering custom 9800 GTX, GTX
quiet, cool, and fits in their PC. GTX is a measureable brand,   275/280/285 and GTX 480/580 boards.
and Green Light is a promise to ensure that the brand            But with everyone being pressured for margins, the fact of
remains as strong as possible by making sure the products        the matter is that Nvidia has to protect themselves and offer
brought to market meet our highest quality requirements.

October 24th, 2012                                                                                                     Published by: VR-Zone

more "ala carte pricing" model, more akin to U.S. airlines              food and beverage companies and laboratories, primarily
(pay for this, pay for that). The time of romance ended and             because it is classified as non-pharmaceutical and cannot be
the room for growth is now located elsewhere.                           used to diagnose or treat any disease.
Naturally, if TSMC "gets their s*** together" and delivers              The technology in the new saliva sensor is based on
on the 28nm node in 2013 and more importantly, delivers                 existing optical topography technology. By shining weak
solid Gate-Last 20nm process at the tail end of 2013, Nvidia            near-infrared light on the scalp, it is possible to measure
should have easier time to become more flexible towards its             and graph changes in blood volume. If you have ever had a
partners. Until then, Green Light it is. Now, where's AMD               sensor put on the end of your finger to measure how much
with parts that will blow Kepler and Kepler Refresh out of              oxygen was in your blood then you have experienced this
the water?                                                              kind of optical topography. Hitachi explained that they were
                                                                        looking for a new application for this technology when they
                                                                        developed the WOT-S20.
Millet Phone sells big on first                                         Until now anyone wanting to know how much saliva a person
day                                                                     was producing would have had to measure drool in a beaker,
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/millet-phone-sells-big-on-first-    or have the subject fill his mouth with cotton, or directly
day/17573.html                                                          insert tubes into the subject's salivary glands. Ouch! This
October 24th, 2012                                                      new device consists of a headset with sensors on either
The Xiaomi (Tsiao-mee) Millet Phone 1S Standard Edition,                side of the face, a control box for changing settings, and a
a smartphone available for the first time on October 23,                handheld controller which displays readings in real time. It
allegedly sold 300,000 units in four minutes and 15 seconds             works by releasing pulses of near infrared light targeted at
in mainland China. The 1S Youth version, which has less                 your parotid glands. Those are the largest of your salivary
processing power, sold 50,000 units in the same amount                  glands, wrapped around your jaw bone behind your teeth.
of time. Xiaomi has announced that it will drop the 1S                  The device then records how the light diffuses through the
Standard Edition's price from 1499 yuan to 1299 yuan to                 soft tissue. It measures levels of oxygenated, deoxygenated,
maintain momentum in sales. Analysts have said that this                and total hemoglobin. Because of the way it works you could
price drop will let the Millet Phone slaughter the market.              even use it while the subject was having a drink.

The day before the release, Securities Times Online reported
Xiaomi only had 450,000 units of the 1S Standard Edition.
Whether or not this is true, some bloggers criticized Xiaomi
of preparing fewer phones so as to limit the number of
Others have criticized the Millet Phones for their low
processing power, which may be the cause of frequent
crashes and lower quality images, but Xiaomi says that the
low processing power helps Xiaomi to maintain viability in
the competitive smartphone market. The company chose
the name "Xiaomi," which roughly translates to "millet" and
literally translates to "little rice," because rice is one of the       The control box and the controller are wirelessly connected.
most basic forms of sustenance. The Millet Phone is meant               Readings can also be taken directly from the control box
to have all the qualities of a smartphone that gets a person            attached to the headset. The whole system is expandable.
through daily life, without any superfluous functions.                  One controller can be used with up to four headsets. That
Xiaomi has already announced that it is planning a Millet               image of one researcher simultaneously monitoring how
Phone 2S and will announce specifics on October 26.                     much four people are salivating, should be proof enough for
                                                                        anyone that there are always new things to be invented.

Hitachi Launches a New
                                                                        Murder over used Xbox in
Device to Measure Saliva
                                                                        North Carolina
Secretions                                                              Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/murder-over-used-xbox-in-north-
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/hitachi-launches-a-new-device-to-   carolina/17566.html
measure-saliva-secretions/17563.html                                    October 24th, 2012
October 24th, 2012

                                                                        In North Carolina, two men have been found guilty of
The newest device from Hitachi the – Wearable Optical                   murder, after shooting a man when arguing over a used
Topography Series WOT-S20 – measures saliva secretions                  Xbox.
using near infrared imaging. Hitachi will begin accepting
                                                                        As if gaming didn't have enough of a bad rep in the eyes of
orders on November 1. The product will be marketed toward
                                                                        mainstream media, two North Carolina men have now been
October 24th, 2012                                                                                                     Published by: VR-Zone

charged with murder resulting from an argument over a used
Xbox 360.

Back in Christmas of 2009, Justen Jarel King and
Christopher Andrew Alexander headed to the home of Jason
Lee Smith and roommate Emanuel Gantlin in Fayetteville,                 The images are not perfect, as you can see above and it
NC. Gantlin had previously purchased an Xbox from                       seems like motion blur is more difficult to fix than simply
Alexander, who now wanted the console back. To aid him                  poor focus. There are artifacts all over the images, but that
in this, he brought King with him to retrieve it. After                 being said, the improvement they exhibit is very impressive
entering Smith's home, Alexander found the Xbox and began               indeed.
disconnecting it from the television. King, meanwhile, drew             If you want a copy of the program, and again, note that it is
a pistol. Gantlin testified that as King cocked the pistol, it          for Windows only, you can download it here
fired, striking Smith in the chest.
Smith did not survive the shot, and now, King and Alexander
have pleaded guilty to second degree murder. King has
                                                                        New Xbox LIVE update goes
subsequently been sentenced to more than 13 years in                    live
prison, while Alexander faces 10 years.                                 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-xbox-live-update-goes-
                                                                        October 24th, 2012

New program allows you to
deblur images at touch of a                                             Gamers can now experience a new and improved Xbox
                                                                        LIVE experience including SmartGlass tablet and phone
button!                                                                 integration, new Apps like Internet Explorer web browsing,
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-program-allows-you-to-deblur-   and a sleek new look.
October 24th, 2012

A new application has been created which lets you deblur
photos at the touch of a button, and it makes CSI just a little
less unrealistic.                                                       In our recent Xbox LIVE Update article we took a look at the
Vladimir Yuzhikov, a software engineer working in image                 new features that Microsoft added to the Xbox 360's online
and signal processing, has created a windows application,               service, ranging from helpful and convenient additions as
"SmartDeblur", which allows the user to, at the touch of a              well as a stylish new UI. Now gamers can experience the
button, sharpen up foggy and unfocused images. Yuzhikov                 new Xbox LIVE for themselves after firing up their console
explains that the app sharpens up blurring which occurs                 and downloading the new update. After using the update and
from both movement and poor focus.                                      exploring the additions firsthand, I personally have a few
                                                                        gripes about the update, such as Internet Explorer's limited
This kind of blurring (ie, non-artificial blurring) has been            web video playback.
impossible to fix with conventional software until now, and
Yuzhikov explains that the mathematics behind it are 70                 The Internet Explorer Troubleshooting page on Xbox.com
years in the making. Trying to fix blurring is thus not a               has this to say about the app's web browsing limitations:
particularly new thing, but actually succeeding is.                       "Like many mobile devices, Internet Explorer on
                                                                          Xbox does not support browser plug-ins. If a
                                                                          webpage use a plug-in such as Flash, Java, or

October 24th, 2012                                                                                             Published by: VR-Zone

  Silverlight, the webpage may appear blank or notify            close and still has many of the same features. With
  you that a plug-in is required. If you experience              Smartglass device interactivity, the new Pin ability, and a
  this issue, follow these steps to configure Internet           cohesive, easy-to-use interface, the new UI is a welcome
  Explorer to request the mobile version of pages you            change of scenery to the Xbox 360's online experience.

                                                                 New vaccination method may
                                                                 have applications for herpes,
                                                                 HIV, cancer.
                                                                 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-vaccination-method-may-have-
                                                                 October 24th, 2012

While Microsoft didn't make claims that the Xbox LIVE IE
App would be able to play any video on the web, it is kind of    A Yale study attempting to find methods of vaccinating
a let down that it doesn't support all of the necessary video    against genital herpes, has possibly come across a new
plugins. This can sometimes be remedied by changing the          technique which could be employed to fight against a
settings to "request mobile version of webpages", however,       number of viruses, including HIV and herpes, as well as solid
allowing some content to be played back. IE browsing seems       tumors.
to be made for viewing most websites in terms of pictures        A new Yale study may have implications on how a variety of
and written content, however YouTube, Dailymotion, and           medical conditions may be treated or protected against. The
other basic video sites are easily played back.                  researchers have developed a technique, "prime and pull",
And let's face it, it's awesome to be able to surf the web via   which could help with vaccinating against herpes.
your television set.                                             The technique involves so called T-cells, an integral part of
Besides the minor Internet Explorer issues which may very        the immune response system. T-cells are antibodies which
well be absolved with later patches, the new Xbox LIVE           are deployed when a pathogen enters the body, and they
interface is convenient and very easy on the eyes. Players       adapt and learn from their experience. T-cells remember
can now find what they're looking for with the UI's basic tile   how to defeat a certain kind of pathogen, making them very
setup, and with the new Pin feature, gamers can "pin" their      effective if the pathogen ever enters the body again. This is
favorite apps, games, and even web pages to their homepage.      essentially what vaccines do; they create these specialized
                                                                 T-cells by introducing a small amount of (often dead)
                                                                 pathogen, and forcing the immune system into reacting and
                                                                 creating preemptive antibodies.

Microsoft also provides an innovative new feature that
allows players to use their SmartGlass tablets or phones
to navigate, control, and view certain parts of the Xbox
LIVE interface as a second screen, such as the Internet          A T-cell killing a cancer cell
Explorer web browser. Kinect voice control is also supported     However, there are certain areas of the body which T-cells
via IE, providing a unique hands-free browsing experience.       do not inhabit, such as in the central nervous system and
In terms of security, parents can restrict access to certain     certain parts of the genitals. The prime and pull technique
websites with the Safety feature to guard their children from    hopes to change this. At first, it "primes" the T-cells by
unwanted content.                                                adapting them to fighting certain viruses, such as herpes,
Overall the new Xbox LIVE update is impressive and shows         and then "pulls" them into places where they wouldn't
Microsoft's ingenuity and attention to detail. While the         normally be. Chemokines are a type of chemical which
Internet Explorer browser doesn't deliver the full dynamic       initiates movement in immune cells, and the study found a
web browsing experience that a computer does, it comes           way to topically apply them to the unprotected areas.

October 24th, 2012                                              Published by: VR-Zone

Thus, the prime and pull technique manages to mount a first
line defense against viruses which would otherwise enter
the body unopposed. In mice, trials have proven successful.
Though certainly far from human applications at this point,
the research is optimistic. One day, the technique could even
be used to combat HIV or tumors.

October 25th, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

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  publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the

Scientists discover one of the
smallest supermassive black
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/scientists-discover-one-of-the-
October 25th, 2012

                                                                      The galaxy in question is 55 million light years from Earth
                                                                      and does not contain a concentration of stars in its centre, as
Scientists have discovered one of the smallest supermassive
                                                                      many galaxies containing black holes usually do, given the
black holes in the universe, nestled inside a spiral galaxy that
                                                                      black hole sucks in nearby matter.
would typically be deemed to be unable to support such an
interstellar phenomenon.
Scientists have discovered one of the smallest supermassive           Scientists have identified four other galaxies that might have
black holes in the universe, nestled inside a spiral galaxy that      similar sized supermassive black holes, but they all appear to
would typically be deemed to be unable to support such an             have a star concentration in the centre, which was previously
interstellar phenomenon.                                              believed to be a requirement for supermassive black holes to

The miniature supermassive black hole (yes, we know
that is somewhat of a contradiction) has a mass that is               The findings were published in the October issue of The
200,000 times smaller than the sun, making it one of the              Astrophysical Journal.
smallest identified by scientists. To put it into perspective,
supermassive black holes usually have a mass that is millions
or billions of times larger than the sun.
                                                                      Hacker group Anonymous
The black hole was found in in the NGC 4178 galaxy, spotted           appeals to UK police to "join
initially in images taken from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
and subsequently compared with data from Chandra and
                                                                      us" in emails
                                                                      Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/hacker-group-anonymous-appeals-
NASA to confirm the discovery.
                                                                      October 25th, 2012

                                                                      The hacker group called Anonymous has contacted members
                                                                      of the British police force by email to ask them to “join us,”
                                                                      one of its most unusual moves to date.
                                                                      The hacker group called Anonymous has contacted members
                                                                      of the British police force by email to ask them to “join us,”
                                                                      one of its most unusual moves to date.

October 25th, 2012                                                                                                       Published by: VR-Zone

They hacked into the UKPoliceOnline forum and stole the                    Nokia is to sell some of its manufacturing plant in Salo,
email addresses of police officers, whom they then emailed a               Finland, as part of its continuing efforts to raise money for a
manifesto to which reads in part like a recruitment message.               renewed attempt to take on the smartphone market.

“We know that most of you are working-class people, like                   The Finnish mobile company, which once ruled the phone
the majority of us, and that you too have mortgages, student               arena, is to sell the property to Orion, a company that makes
loans, or your children do, and other debts as well. Don't                 pharmaceutical drugs. The sale will include production
defend the traitors against us, your fellow citizens,” the                 facilities and warehouses, and Orion will turn it into a
message said, according to the Associated Press. “We offer                 packing and logistics centre, which will employ 100 people.
you our hands in friendship. Join us.”

                                                                           The move follows a decision made by Nokia in June to close
                                                                           down the Salo factory and axe 850 jobs, so it is not surprising
                                                                           that it now wants to get rid of the lingering facility.

It is not exactly clear why Anonymous made this move,
which could incite the police to crack down more on its
members and supporters, but it could be related to previous
arrests of hackers alleged to be involved with the group.
The appeal might be designed to elicit sympathy from police
officers to avoid future arrests, but it is unlikely to work on
the vast majority of those in the force.
                                                                           Nokia has been struggling to compete with rivals like Apple
The message was described as “sober and thoughtful” by                     and Samsung, despite a deal with Microsoft for Windows
Geoff Hyams, managing director of the NSI Group, which                     Phone, and this has led to plummeting profits, making it
operates the police forum in question. He likened it to a                  even harder for the company to mount a new offensive.
recruitment message, though it is not clear if Anonymous                   The sale of this property is likely only the first of many
really believes it can convert current police officers to                  as it offloads unnecessary assets in a bid to become more
vigilante-style hackers.                                                   competitive.

London Metropolitan Police said it was investigating how                   The financial details of the transaction were not revealed.
Anonymous got the email addresses.

                                                                           Nintendo loses more than
Nokia to sell Finnish                                                      $350M in first half of 2012
manufacturing plant                                                        fiscal year
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nokia-to-sell-finnish-manufacturing-   Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nintendo-loses-more-than-350m-in-
plant/17595.html                                                           first-half-of-2012-fiscal-year/17591.html
October 25th, 2012                                                         October 25th, 2012

Nokia is to sell some of its manufacturing plant in Salo,
                                                                           Nintendo has just announced it's earnings from the first half
Finland, as part of its continuing efforts to raise money for a
                                                                           of 2012, and they've reported losses of $351 million, or ¥28
renewed attempt to take on the smartphone market.
                                                                           billion, significantly worse than they originally predicted.

October 25th, 2012                                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

For the first half of the 2012 fiscal year, Nintendo was                the unit. The small table or desk at the center can be turned,
expecting losses of around $250 million, or ¥20 billion.                providing the adjustment for the laptop's orientation. While
However, as their report shows, the actual losses are                   it is advertised by default to allow the use of laptops while
significantly higher; around $350 million, or ¥28 billion.              lying down, the positioning freedom that it has also allows
Much of this came in the first quarter, when they reported              it to be used for situations where there is no available flat
being down $220 million. They attribute this partially to               ground or desk to place the laptop on.
disappointing 3DS sales and stagnation of Wii sales; even               When fully folded, the face-up bed desk stays as a single
though this is still an improvement over the losses the                 thin block, making it easy to store and carry around. The
company reported for the same quarter in 2011.                          dimensions of the item when it is folded are set at 585 x 40
                                                                        x 300 mm, and weighs 1.6 kg. It can support a maximum
                                                                        weight of 12 kg when the desk is upright, and 6 kg when it
                                                                        is upside down.
                                                                        There were actually earlier versions of the bed desk designed
                                                                        and released by Thanko before. Unlike the back-connecting
                                                                        desk joints of the face-up version though, these were
                                                                        designed with its desk-linking joints connected at the desk's
                                                                        front part, and were instead made to keep the laptop in an
                                                                        upright position.
                                                                        Thanko has announced to release the face-up bed desk as a
                                                                        limited edition item. It will be available on their Thanko Rare
                                                                        Item Shop for 5,980 yen (around 76 USD).

                                                                        China hits 200 million 3G
One source of the lost $350 million is the strengthening of             users after only 3 years
                                                                        Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/china-hits-200-million-3g-users-
the yen. As the yen grows stronger, other currencies become
comparatively weaker, and profits from exported products
                                                                        October 25th, 2012
That being said, the year is not over yet, and the second half
will see the launch of Nintendo's new and highly anticipated
console, the Wii U. Some people have already gotten in line
for it, so it will no doubt have an impact on Nintendo's
finances, and perhaps help earn back some of those losses.
                                                                        It's been only three years since China began offering 3G, and
                                                                        despite a shaky start, the number of users has skyrocketed
Thanko's Face-up Bed Desk                                               to over 200 million. Now, the schedule has been pushed up
allows full laptop use even                                             for introducing 4G.
                                                                        In 2009, China introduced 3G network trials, which were
while lying down                                                        met with some initial problems. The launch used a myriad
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/thanko-s-face-up-bed-desk-allows-   of different wireless technologies which resulted in mixed
full-laptop-use-even-while-lying-down/17590.html                        reviews. However, the advent of microblogging sites like
October 25th, 2012                                                      Weibo and the popularity of particular devices, has led these
                                                                        issues being ironed out. As a result, 3G use has begun to

                                                                        Chinese online media company Sina Corp has put the
                                                                        explosive change into perspective: It took China two years to
Thanko has unveiled their new face-up bed desk, a                       reach 100 million users, and now it has managed to double
convenient support tool that allows you to keep using the               that number in half the time.
laptop efficiently even while lying down.                               China's Minister of information and IT has expressed that
People who uses their laptops while in bed might be                     he hopes to speed up the nations development of 4G, and
delighted with this new little invention by Japanese tech               that the first network may be ready for use within a year.
accessory company Thanko. Called the face-up bed desk                   Originally, this was not scheduled to happen until 2014 at
("napping" desk), it is basically a foldable and adjustable             the earliest, but it's not strange that 3G's success would light
desk made of aluminum that can hold your laptops at any                 the fire under LTE technologies.
angular position. It is designed to be capable of adjusting
any standard notebook computer at any desired position, no
matter where you are.
                                                                        Mini Android UG007 PC with
The main body of the face-up bed desk is made up of                     Jelly Bean 4.1
adjustable jointed arms, which allows height positioning for            Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/mini-android-ug007-pc-with-jelly-

October 25th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

October 25th, 2012                                                Earlier this month, the US House of Representatives
Mini PCs powered by Google Android haven’t caught on just         Intelligence Committee announced suspicions that Huawei
yet, but still the movement to mass produce power efficient       and fellow Chinese company, ZTE, had been using their
devices using Google’s mobile OS is gathering momentum.           exported equipment to spy on American businesses. Since
  If you’re willing to explore Android as more than just          then, both companies have been turning their focus from
a tablet/smartphone enhanced platform, then perhaps the           wireless systems to consumer electronics, mainly mobile
UG007 may be able to get your started.                            phones.

The UG007 looks like a USB stick, but it’s actually an
“HDMI” stick that hooks up directly to your HDMI capable          Shanghai Nutshell CEO
monitor/TV. Once the UG007 is attached to your display,
you can run the on board Android Jelly Bean 4.1 as if it was      resigns
a tablet—minus the touchscreen, that is.                          Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/shanghai-nutshell-ceo-
                                                                  October 25th, 2012

                                                                  Guo Chaohui, CEO of Shanghai Nutshell, announced on
                                                                  October 25 that he is resigning. "I am resigning because my
                                                                  wife is sick, and I want to go home," he said. "I want to help
                                                                  her back to health and be with my loved ones." He officially
                                                                  submitted his resignation on October 19.
                                                                  Shanghai Nutshell is an e-reader company and a subsidary of
                                                                  Shanda Entertainment. Under Guo Chaohui's management,
                                                                  Nut Shell released the Bambook, a high quality touch screen
                                                                  ebook catered specifically to the Chinese market.
                                                                  "Apple and Amazon have successful business models," Guo
                                                                  said. "If you truly love the software, do the hardware,
                                                                  too. The purpose is not to control the customer's entire
                                                                  experience, but to improve the experience overall. In the
                                                                  internet age, people grow up questioning and condemning.
                                                                   Through questioning, you can improve the business model.
                                                                    Through condemning, you can improve the customer
                                                                  Guo's resignation comes at a time of high turnover for
A 1.2Hz dual-core Rockchip RK3066 with the Mali 400               Shanda. The CEO of Shanda Entertainment, Tan Qunzhao,
hums underneath the tiny shell, and that’s a lot of horses        left recently. Within the past year, other business segments
for something that costs just around $80. The UG007 also          have experienced low retention at the executive level.
features 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage (expandable
up to 32GB via microSD), 1 USB 2.0 port, and of course the
HDMI output.                                                      HP EliteBook Folio 9470m to
Connectivity-wise, the UG007 has built in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,       launch alongside Windows 8
as well as support for external 3G. If there are any downsides    Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/hp-elitebook-folio-9470m-to-launch-
to this particular device, it’s the fact that it’s powered by a   alongside-windows-8/17585.html
Rockchip. Devices featuring the Rockchip CPU tend to stay         October 25th, 2012
limited to the OEM’s OS, hence, no fooling around much
with the system later on.

Huawei to release mystery
phone                                                             HP will be launching an ultrabook alongside Microsoft’s
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/huawei-to-release-mystery-    launch of Windows 8 his Friday, but HP’s ElitePad 900 won’t
phone/17587.html                                                  hit the market until January.
October 25th, 2012
                                                                  The EliteBook Folio 9470m is a 14-inch 1366x768 matte
Huawei will officially launch a new phone at a conference in      display laptop with a removable battery (something many
Beijing on October 29, but the details are still a mystery. The   other notable ultrabooks lack). Within its thin profile lies an
company has held online and offline activities to promote the     Ivy Bridge processor, 3 USB 3.0 ports, VGA & DisplayPort,
mysterious phone and has invited hundreds of users to the         and will come with a 52Whr battery with an optional 60Whr
conference to see it unveiled.                                    battery also available. HP claims that the laptop can stay
                                                                  lit for 20 hours on a single charge of the battery, but this
The phone's configuration and price have been kept a secret,
                                                                  number is still not official.
but according to leaked information, the phone will come
equipped with a Hass quad-core chip and a 4.5-inch high-
definition screen custom designed by Tencent.

October 25th, 2012                                             Published by: VR-Zone

HP’s ElitePad 900 tablet is perhaps the more intriguing
device, but again, it won’t go on sale until January. Like
many other Clover Trail-based (Atom Z2760) Windows 8
tablets, the ElitePad 900 will be targeted at businesses.
 Under the 11.6-inch 1280x800 touchscreen is 2GB of RAM,
up to 64GB of internal storage.
Although the Z2760-based tablets are geared more toward
businesses, Windows 8 tablets will also come with Intel's
Core i series. Microsoft recently made the Surface RT tablet
available for pre-orders, but the Core Surface Pro won’t be
available until early next year.

October 26th, 2012                                                                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

VR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks!
                                                                    including the Apple iPad, will be affected by the new
  VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly                      exemptions.
  publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the
                                                                    These new alterations follow a complaint to the Copyright
                                                                    Office by the Business Software Alliance (BSA). This July,
                                                                    the BSA argued to the Copyright Office that jailbreaking
DMCA exemptions updated;                                            leads to piracy.
                                                                    “Jailbreaking enables the installation and execution of
iPad jailbreaking and phone                                         pirated -- i.e., unlicensed -- apps on a mobile device,"
unlocking illegal                                                   the BSA wrote. "So there is a direct link between piracy
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/dmca-exemptions-updated-ipad-
                                                                    and the circumvention of TPMs [technological protection
                                                                    measures], -- jailbreaking is the precondition for making
October 26th, 2012
                                                                    pirated apps valuable."
                                                                    Digital rights advocacy group EEF (The Electronic Frontier
                                                                    Foundation) argued against this reasoning in its own letter
                                                                    to the Copyright Office.
                                                                    "There are many legitimate, non-infringing reasons why
                                                                    a user might choose to jailbreak or root a device. These
                                                                    reasons range from installing non-infringing applications
New DMCA exmeptions are going to make iPad and tablet               that happen to be unapproved by the device's vendor, to
jailbreaking/rooting illegal, starting next Sunday. Further         customizing a device's appearance, to transforming a phone
updates will make it illegal to unlock phones and SIM cards         into a flashlight."
purchased after January 26 of 2013.
                                                                    But in an odd and confusing twist, the new exemptions
Users of iOS products such as the iPhone and iPad have long         which prevent users from rooting tablets do not prevent
enjoyed the privilege of legally 'Jailbreaking' the devices. The    them from rooting phones. So, jailbreaking the iPhone will
jailbreaking process grants users root access to the device in      not be illegal.
question, enabling them to run applications unapproved by
Apple, and to use various customizations such as themes and         The reason that tablets are receiving the prohibition, and
UI modifications.                                                   phones are not, arises from ambiguity over the term 'tablet'.
                                                                    Tablets apparently constitute a broad and poorly defined
In July of 2010, a Digital Millennium Copyright Act                 class of devices with, according to the Copyright Office,
exception was approved, officially legalizing the procedure.        "significant distinctions among them in terms of the way
Such exemptions are granted by the U.S. Librarian of                they operate, their intended purposes, and the nature of the
Congress when it believes that users are ultimately harmed          applications they can accommodate."
when forbidden to engage in non-infringing activities. In
2010, it clearly believed that this was the case, to the chagrin    Of additional relevance is the effects of new exemptions on
of Apple.                                                           'unlocking'. Phone owners will not legally be able to alter
                                                                    their phones or SIM cards purchased after January 26, 2013
                                                                    in order to make them compatible with other networks.
                                                                    Anybody in the U.S using nonofficial apps on their jailbroken
                                                                    iPads will have to be willing to kiss them good bye on Sunday
                                                                    of next week, when the new exemptions take effect.

                                                                    Apple posts 27 percent Q4
                                                                    revenue growth, disappoints
                                                                    Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-posts-27-percent-q4-revenue-
iPad, displaying "Cydia", jailbroken app/tweak repository
(image by The iPad Guide)
But this year, under advisement from the U.S Copyright
Office, renewed exemptions to the DMCA will prevent users
from jailbreaking or rooting tablet devices. All tablets,

October 26th, 2012                                                                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

October 26th, 2012                                                  the $55 billion expected by analysts, especially with the
                                                                    release of new products like the iPad Mini and fourth-
                                                                    generation iPad. The lower figures likely relate to tough
                                                                    competition for the holiday season from rivals including
                                                                    Google, Samsung, Amazon and Microsoft.

Apple has posted its financial results for its fiscal 2012 fourth
                                                                    Microsoft reverses European
quarter, with revenue up by 27 percent, sales of iPhones up         games ban for Windows 8
58 percent, and sales of iPads up 26 percent; and yet despite       Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-reverses-european-games-
these positive figures some are disappointed that stronger          ban-for-windows-8/17610.html
growth did not occur.                                               October 26th, 2012
Apple has posted its financial results for its fiscal 2012 fourth
quarter, with revenue up by 27 percent, sales of iPhones up
58 percent, and sales of iPads up 26 percent; and yet despite
these positive figures some are disappointed that stronger
growth did not occur.
                                                                    Microsoft has reversed a ban on mature games in Europe
                                                                    that prevented them from displaying or being accessed from
The company posted revenue of $36 billion for the quarter           the Windows 8 Store.
ending 29 September, up from the $28.3 billion in revenue           Microsoft has reversed a ban on mature games in Europe
it made the same time last year. Net profit was also up from        that prevented them from displaying or being accessed from
$6.6 billion to $8.2 billion, leaving diluted share values at       the Windows 8 Store.
$8.67, compared to $7.05 in 2011.

                                                                    The inadvertent ban came about from a ratings mismatch
The Cupertino, California-based firm sold 26.9 million              between the US and Europe, where games like Call of Duty,
iPhones in its fiscal fourth quarter, 14 million iPads, 4.9         Mass Effect and Skyrim were given the “mature” rating, or
million Macs, and 5.3 million iPods, with only the latter           ages 17 and over, by the American ESRB system, but were
representing a decline, a drop by 19 percent as more people         given a PEGI 18 rating, or ages 18 and over, in Europe.
turn to smartphones to replace their mp3 players.

                                                                    The distinction meant that the games were classified as adult
                                                                    content by the Windows 8 Store, which prohibits the sale
                                                                    of adult-only software, effectively banning their sale and
                                                                    resulting in significant outcry from gamers and developers.

“We’re very proud to end a fantastic fiscal year with record
September quarter results,” said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.
“We’re entering this holiday season with the best iPhone,
iPad, Mac and iPod products ever, and we remain very                Microsoft acted quickly, relaxing the restrictions to restore
confident in our new product pipeline.”                             the games to the Windows 8 Store, but some developers,
                                                                    like Minecraft creator Markus Persson, continue to criticise
                                                                    Microsoft's testing and certification system, which he
Despite the seemingly impressive figures, Reuters reports           believes turns the PC into a closed platform, making it
that many analysts are disappointed that there were no              incredibly difficult for the gaming industry.
surprise jumps in growth, with particular dissatisfaction
with sales of the iPad. Apple's strong iPhone sales are
dwarfed by the 56.3 million smartphones sold by Samsung             Gamers can, of course, download and install their titles
in the same quarter.                                                through conventional means on Windows 8 machines, but
                                                                    the lost marketing and distribution opportunities are a
                                                                    major setback. A much bigger problem, however, is that
There is also disappointment at the outlook for the present         Windows RT, the version of Windows 8 designed for tablet
quarter, with Apple predicting revenue of $52 billion, below        computers, will only allow users to download software from

October 26th, 2012                                                                                                    Published by: VR-Zone

the Windows 8 Store, which makes Microsoft certification             finding they can use their smartphones to scan their codes
vital on that medium.                                                and determine their security clearance.

                                                                     This means a passenger can know in advance if they will
US air security threatened by                                        bypass security, allowing them to potentially hide things in
                                                                     their shoes, coats or belts, or leave items in their bags that
unencrypted boarding pass                                            would normally have to be put through separately, such as
barcodes                                                             laptops and toiletries. In effect, it is an open invitation to
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/us-air-security-threatened-by-
October 26th, 2012                                                   Of course, to be eligible for skipping the security stage the
                                                                     customer needs to be part of the PreCheck programme,
                                                                     which can only be joined in two ways: with a payment of
                                                                     $100 that is used to perform a background check, or be a
                                                                     randomly selected frequent flier, who gets the service for
                                                                     free. Regardless of how long it might take to get into the
Passenger aircraft in the US face a significant security             system in the first place, there is no excuse for this lax
threat, with revelations that boarding pass barcodes are             security.
not encrypted, potentially allowing for dangerous items to
brought on board.
                                                                     Image Credit: MTCV
Passenger aircraft in the US face a significant security
threat, with revelations that boarding pass barcodes are
not encrypted, potentially allowing for dangerous items to           Nintendo to sell Wii U at a
brought on board.
                                                                     Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nintendo-to-sell-wii-u-at-a-
The current system used in the US allows for randomly
                                                                     October 26th, 2012
selected individuals to skip the pre-boarding security
process. The randomness of this has until now acted as
a good deterrent from attempting to bring unauthorised
baggage, but a number of people have figured out a way
to determine if you have been selected or not based on the
barcodes provided.

                                                                     Nintendo will be selling the Wii U at a loss according
Aviation blogger John Butler found that he was able to use           to Satoru Iwata, the company’s president said in his Q2
a website to decode the barcode on his boarding pass, not            financial briefing.
only revealing the passenger name record, seat assignment,
flight number, and other personal details, but whether or not
they will be admitted to the plane without a vigorous security

                                                                     (Nintendo counts down to the official Wii U launch date on
                                                                     its site.)
                                                                     The shift in business strategy means that Nintendo is
                                                                     following the trend in which a company invests in the
                                                                     hardware and sell them at a loss, but profits later on from
                                                                     add-on sales or by other means.
                                                                     “We had to book a loss on the hardware, which is currently
                                                                     in production and will be sold below cost,” says Iwata.
                                                                     The ‘take a loss’ and ‘profit later’ strategy has been deployed
                                                                     by both Microsoft and Sony in the past, so it comes as
                                                                     no surprise that Nintendo is falling in line with the trend.
                                                                      Analysts from IHS iSuppli estimated that Sony lost $300 on
In fact, the barcodes are so badly secured that a user can           every original 2007 20GB PS3 model. Sony did not confirm
simply count the bolded bars at the end, with one signifying         that it had incurred the hefty loss at the beginning, but
no check and three signifying a check. Many people are also

October 26th, 2012                                                                                          Published by: VR-Zone

confirmed later on that the PS3 did not become profitable            States to have an opportunity to see and purchase
until 2010.                                                          LG's new Ultra HD TV.
The BBC reported that Microsoft also deployed a similar              The LG 84-inch class (84-inch diagonal) LED TV,
strategy with the Xbox 360, and that the gaming console              with a native Ultra High Def screen resolution of
market was not the only segment that shifted its strategy.           3840 x 2160 to match its impressive size*, has an
  Amazon’s chief, Jeff Bezos, also confirmed that its line of        MSRP of $19,999.99. Model 84LM9600 quadruples
Kindle tablets were being sold at their production costs. The        the level of detail from full 1080p HD resolution to a
e-commerce giant profited from the sales of digital goods            massive 8 million pixels. Even before so-called "4K"
such as MP3s, videos, and e-books which were available               content is available, LG's powerful up-conversion
through Amazon’s online marketplace.                                 engine, the proprietary "LG Resolution Upscaler
                                                                     Plus," delivers higher detail from current HD/SD
Technologies have also progressed to the point where
                                                                     external sources.
casual gamers can entertain themselves with powerful
smartphones and tablets. Hence, maintaining gaming                   On hand at Video & Audio Center's Lawndale/
console attractiveness among casual consumers mean that              Torrance, Calif. store today to discuss the
Nintendo has to adapt to the change in the gaming                    importance of Ultra HD's development and
ecosystem.                                                           its expected market adoption were industry
                                                                     luminaries, including Jeff Joseph of the Consumer
“Nintendo’s move is an acknowledgement of a wider reality
                                                                     Electronics Association (CEA); Randall Dark,
that smartphones, tablets, connected televisions and other
                                                                     an award winning director and 4K content
non-dedicated devices now offer excellent game playing
                                                                     pioneer; and industry insider and technologist Tom
experiences,” says Ed Barton, director of digital media at
Strategy Analytics.
                                                                     * Joseph, CEA's senior vice president of
Nintendo posted its first ever annual loss in April, and
                                                                     communications and strategic relationships and
predicted that it would net only approximately $75 million
                                                                     passionate advocate for 4K technology, said,
in profit during the business year.
                                                                     "Innovation drives our industry, and Ultra High
                                                                     Definition is the latest innovation that will
LG 84LM9600 4K 84-inch LCD                                           transform home entertainment. This milestone is
                                                                     a pivotal moment in TV history because Ultra HD
TV launches in the US                                                4K technology will make it possible for consumers
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lg-84lm9600-4k-84-inch-lcd-tv-   to purchase huge TVs with crystal clear picture
launches-in-the-us/17606.html                                        quality."
October 26th, 2012
                                                                     * Dark, CEO of Randall Dark Productions, and
The 84-inch behemoth boasts a 3840x2160 resolution, built-           one of the world's first directors/ cinematographers
in 2.2 stereo speaker system, 3D support, and the ‘SmartTV’          to advance high-definition programming, said,
capability which allows you to stream internet content from          "Content is always a major factor when new
popular sources such as Netflix. Sony also has a similar             hardware technologies are introduced on the
product, the XBR-84X900, but it will cost big screen junkies         market. The LG Ultra HD TV's upscaling capability
$5k more.                                                            is crucial so consumers can enjoy the benefits of
Ultra HD TVs will take a while to set in, but when it does,          higher resolution now, while the rest of the industry,
let’s all hope that it won’t take a year’s salary to own one. For    myself included, work on ways to advance this new
now, however, these 4K monoliths are available for public            format with native 4K content."
consumptions. Go ahead, pre-order yours today.                       * Campbell, widely quoted technologist and futurist
Press Release:                                                       who serves on the CEA Ultra HD Working Group,
                                                                     said, "I liken the dawn of Ultra HD technology
  LG Electronics Launches First 'Ultra-High-                         to the switch from standard-definition analog TV
  Definition' 4K TVs In U.S                                          to digital high-definition TV in the late 1990s. It's
                                                                     going to be big, and not just because it's key for
  LG's 84-inch Class Display Boasts Four Times the                   big screens. I can already see consumers calling for
  Resolution of Full HD, Ushers in New Era in Picture                more models, more sizes and more content."
  Quality for Large-Screen TVs
                                                                     "Picture quality has always been LG's foremost
  LOS ANGELES, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --                         priority, one that's especially important now as
  Ushering in a new era in home entertainment, the                   manufacturers scale TVs to meet the trend line
  first "Ultra High Definition" flat-panel TV – with                 pointing toward larger and larger class sizes,"
  four times the resolution of today's HDTVs – went                  said Jay Vandenbree, senior vice president, LG
  on sale today to consumers in the United States.                   Electronics USA, and head of LG's U.S. home
  LG Electronics USA chose Southern California,                      entertainment business. "We were instrumental in
  the epicenter of entertainment and innovation, as                  developing the HD standard and, similarly, our goal
  the consumer launchpad for this groundbreaking                     now is to pioneer Ultra High Def technology to
  technology. Teaming up with high-end retailer                      create the crisp and immersive viewing experience
  Video & Audio Center, LG hosted hundreds of                        consumers are currently missing with large-screen
  consumers eager to be among the first in the United                TVs."

October 26th, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: VR-Zone

  Joseph Akhtarzad, vice president and co-owner                     "otaku" center of Japan, promotion for almost anything
  of Video & Audio Center's three LA-area stores,                   takes on a slightly different, cuter level.
  said, "Ultra High Definition is a very significant                On October 12, 2012, Microsoft Japan announced that
  development, a high-end product catering to a high-               reservations can now be taken for Windows 8 orders. At least
  end consumer who demands the ultimate home                        two weeks before the official worldwide release, tech shops
  entertainment experience. We are proud to be the                  around Japan have already begun accepting pre-orders and
  first retailer in the nation to sell this cutting-edge LG         reservations of the announced Windows 8 product packages.
  technology to consumers."
                                                                    While there are no significant changes in standard
  In addition to its excellent picture quality, LG's                distribution packages, Microsoft Japan has actually
  84LM9600 boasts a growing Smart TV ecosystem,                     prepared a little nifty bonus for those who are into the
  which is composed of over 1,000 apps and gives                    "Akiba-kei" (Akihabara-style) culture. Extra Windows 8
  users access to a growing range of premium content                DSP (fresh install) packages that feature two new "moe"
  services**. Users can easily browse and navigate                  mascots, Madobe Ai and Madobe Yuu, will be presented as
  through the Smart TV ecosystem using LG's Magic                   an exclusive OS theme. The package will include various
  Remote, which allows users to make commands                       custom media and installation files, as well as other extra
  using the control modes of Voice Recognition,                     stuff, for those who are interested to have more than just an
  Wheel, Magic Gesture and Point. It also features                  OS to their new PC's.
  LG's CINEMA 3D technology and an imbedded
  2D to 3D conversion engine expanding 3D content
  availability. For more information on LG's Ultra
  HD TV please visit, http://www.lg.com/us/tvs/
  *No "ultra high definition" or "4K" video content is
  currently available. No broadcast or other standard
  currently exists for "4K" or "ultra high definition"
  television, and the 84LM9600 may or may not
  be compatible with such standards if and when
  **Internet connection and certain subscriptions
  required and sold separately. Content and services
  vary by product and are subject to change without
  For a small percentage of the population, the
  viewing of stereoscopic 3D video may cause
  discomfort such as dizziness or nausea. If you
  experience any of these symptoms, discontinue                     Using these "moe" mascots to generate higher amount of
  using the 3D functionality and contact your health                interest to a specific group of potential customers isn't new
  care provider.                                                    in Japan. In fact, Microsoft Japan has already done it at
                                                                    least 3 years ago with Madobe Nanami, the "moe" mascot for
  Designs, features and specifications subject to                   Windows 7. Special bonus packages for the Japanese version
  change without notice. LG LED TVs are LCD TVs                     of Windows 7 also included exclusive media and installation
  with LED backlighting.                                            files that would let the user have Madobe Nanami become a
                                                                    resident of their computer unit.
Madobe Yuu and Ai put a cute                                        These special Windows 8 DSP packages will include a

twist on Japanese Windows 8
                                                                    Microsoft Wedge Touch mouse, and will be available at
                                                                    around 18,000 to 20,000 yen (around 230 to 255 USD).
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/madobe-yuu-and-ai-put-a-cute-
October 26th, 2012                                                  Apple says 'sorry' to
                                                                    Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-says-sorry-to-
                                                                    October 26th, 2012
Mascot characters Madobe Yuu and Madobe Ai spices up
special Japanese versions of Windows 8 with their cute,
"moe" charm.
Promotion for new tech software in Japan isn't really that
different from how it is done here. You present the software's
                                                                    About a week ago, a UK court demanded that Apple issued a
capabilities, show its potentials, and market to the people
                                                                    public ‘apology’ to Samsung for accusing the South Korean
how they could use it efficiently. However you may want
                                                                    tech firm of copying the iPad’s design. Apple has complied,
to know that once you hit Tokyo's Akihabara district, the
                                                                    but the ‘apology’ seems rather mild.

October 26th, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

The UK Apple site simply pointed out that the “judge made
several important points comparing the designs of the Apple      Microsoft can limit browser
and Samsung products.” Thereafter, the ‘apology’ quoted          choices on Windows RT
the judge’s ruling, and concluded with a separate ruling in      Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-can-limit-browser-
Germany in which the judge ruled that “Samsung engaged           choices-on-windows-rt/17603.html
in unfair competition.”                                          October 26th, 2012
CTRL + F the entire page and no ‘sorry’ or ‘apology’ were to
be found.

                                                                 Microsoft can limit browser choices on its Windows RT OS,
                                                                 so what does Mozilla and Google have to say about it?
                                                                 Recently, the EU Competition Union declared that Microsoft
                                                                 had breached its promise to offer more web browser choices
                                                                 on its Windows 7 desktop operating system, and therefore
                                                                 a hefty fine might be heading Microsoft’s way. However,
On 9th July 2012 the High Court of Justice of England            Windows RT, the version of Windows 8 that can run
and Wales ruled that Samsung Electronic (UK) Limited’s           on ARM-based chips, won’t be under the same type of
Galaxy Tablet Computer, namely the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Tab          restrictions.
8.9 and Tab 7.7 do not infringe Apple’s registered design No.    Mozilla, creator of the Firefox browser, has been
0000181607-0001. A copy of the full judgment of the High         outspoken about Microsoft limiting competing developers
court is available on the following link www.bailii.org/ew/      by restricting the use of the Windows RT APIs. Google seems
cases/EWHC/Patents/2012/1882.html.                               to agree, as the search giant “share[s] the concerns Mozilla
In the ruling, the judge made several important points           has raised.”
comparing the designs of the Apple and Samsung products:         “We could build a beautiful Firefox that looked really nice on
"The extreme simplicity of the Apple design is striking.         Metro [the then-current code name for the Windows RT user
Overall it has undecorated flat surfaces with a plate of glass   interface, or UI], but Firefox would be so crippled in terms
on the front all the way out to a very thin rim and a blank      of power and speed that it’s probably not worth it to even
back. There is a crisp edge around the rim and a combination     bother,” says director of Firefox, Asa Dotzler.
of curves, both at the corners and the sides. The design looks   Firefox currently enjoys about 29 percent of the market
like an object the informed user would want to pick up and       share in Europe, but browser restrictions in Windows RT
hold. It is an understated, smooth and simple product. It is     may lower that number significantly. Microsoft recently
a cool design."                                                  launched its own Surface RT tablet, and needless to say,
"The informed user's overall impression of each of the           they sold like discounted TVs on Black Fridays. For now,
Samsung Galaxy Tablets is the following. From the front they     Microsoft doesn’t have to alter its Windows 8 RT platform
belong to the family which includes the Apple design; but        to accommodate Google or Mozilla, and according to EU’s
the Samsung products are very thin, almost insubstantial         head of antitrust, Joaquin Almunia:
members of that family with unusual details on the back.         “We have looked at Windows RT, and on the basis of our
They do not have the same understated and extreme                investigation so far, there are no grounds to pursue further
simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design. They are      investigation on this particular issue. But we will closely
not as cool."                                                    monitor all the elements of the Windows software and how
That Judgment has effect throughout the European Union           Microsoft complies to [its] commitments.”
and was upheld by the Court of Appeal on 18 October
2012. A copy of the Court of Appeal’s judgment is available
on the following link www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/
Civ/2012/1339.html. There is no injunction in respect of the
registered design in force anywhere in Europe.
However, in a case tried in Germany regarding the same
patent, the court found that Samsung engaged in unfair
competition by copying the iPad design. A U.S. jury also
found Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple's design and
utility patents, awarding over one billion U.S. dollars in
damages to Apple Inc. So while the U.K. court did not            (Want a Surface RT tablet? | Image: WSJ)
find Samsung guilty of infringement, other courts have
recognized that in the course of creating its Galaxy tablet,     The official launch of Windows 8 will happen in only a few
Samsung willfully copied Apple's far more popular iPad.          hours’ time, and Microsoft has gone all out to take over Time
                                                                 Square for the launch event.

October 26th, 2012                                                                                                     Published by: VR-Zone

Windows 8 is tricky,                                                    New Halo 4 gameplay launch
according to sample of                                                  trailer released
"typical users"                                                         Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-halo-4-gameplay-launch-trailer-
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/windows-8-is-tricky-according-to-
                                                                        October 26th, 2012
October 26th, 2012

                                                                        The new Halo 4 launch trailer features exclusive gameplay
                                                                        footage of one of this year's most anticipated video
                                                                        game releases, continuing Master Chief's journey into the
With Windows 8 less than a week away from launch, a group               mysterious Forerunner world of Requiem.
of 14 "typical users" took part in a UK test and reported that
the new UI was less than simple to use.
The UK design firm Foolproof has recently conducted a
test of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 8, and
there are a few issues. 14 people, called "typical users" by
Foolproof, were tasked with navigating around Windows 8's
new Modern UI for some time and report back on their
The testers were all previous windows users, which one
might think would aid in understanding the new version
of the OS. However, the drastically different, tile oriented
design of Windows 8's user interface is quite new, and
ditches the traditional windows environment everyone's
familiar with. It seems that this causes somewhat of a
learning curve, and the testers report back it's a bit steep.
                                                                        Halo 4's new gameplay launch trailer showcases the
                                                                        upcoming game's impressive sci-fi elements and amazing
                                                                        graphics, chronicling Master Chief's journey as he explores
                                                                        the mysterious Forerunner world of Requiem. Accompanied
                                                                        by Cortana, an super-advanced AI, Master Chief unlocks a
                                                                        few secrets of the universe and awakens an unearthly foe and
                                                                        unwittingly starts an intergalactic war.
                                                                        The trailer itself is brief and clocks in at only one minute
                                                                        an eleven seconds, however it gives an adequate description
                                                                        and plot summary of Halo 4 while not spoiling any of the
                                                                        story's revelations. It is refreshing to see a trailer released
                                                                        that is entirely comprised of in-game footage, especially
                                                                        when it shows off new glimpses at footage that some
                                                                        gamers aren't familiar with. 343 Industries has created a
                                                                        monumental shift in the Halo franchise with this release,
                                                                        and begins a new saga that further explores the Halo
Windows 8's new interface                                               universe.
Among the issues they reported back, the users had trouble
staring internet explorer, and that they weren't able to                Windows 8 debuted - mostly
discern what text fields were editable when typing emails. In
addition, they often felt as if they'd lost access to programs          old news
if minimized, as there is no taskbar to organize your open              Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/windows-8-debuted--mostly-old-
programs. The users did however, admit that the new design              news/17600.html
was sleek and attractive.                                               October 26th, 2012

Windows is scheduled for release tomorrow, so you can
see for yourself what you think of the operating system.
Personally, I find that the "typical windows user" isn't the
most computer savvy out there, so this may all be a bit
exaggerated.                                                            Today, Windows 8 was debuted at a fairly bombastic event
                                                                        in New York City. New Windows 8 hardware was showcased
                                                                        at the event, but not much was revealed or announced that
                                                                        hasn't already been known for a while.

October 26th, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

A lot of excitement has been building up in anticipation of
Windows 8, which was officially debuted today at an event          Star Citizen reaches
in New York City. Microsoft took the opportunity at the            Kickstarter goal
event to showcase Windows 8, and hardware offerings by its         Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/star-citizen-reaches-kickstarter-
partners. To the disappointment of many, the company did           goal/17593.html
not reveal many new details about the operating system, or         October 26th, 2012
new additions to its somewhat meager application store.
But despite the lack of new details at today's event, it can
be safely taken for granted that Windows 8 is going to
change everything. That is not to say that it will revolutionize
technology, but that its operating system is so thoroughly
embedded into the computing world at large, that millions          After launching a Kickstarter campaign to aid the
of people can be expected to adopt the operating system in         independent funding of Star Citizen, Chris Roberts and his
a very little amount of time.                                      development team have already reached the amount they
                                                                   were seeking, after less than a week.
                                                                   After Chris Roberts, creator of Wing Commander,
                                                                   announced two weeks ago that he was developing a new
                                                                   Space Sim, they've been raking in money. Originally, they
                                                                   wanted to crowdfund the game without using Kickstarter,
                                                                   and that's going well so far, with $1,434,652 of their
                                                                   $2,000,000 goal reached so far (as of October 25, 2012).
                                                                   However, the funding site crashed after a day (the issue has
                                                                   been fixed), which forced Roberts to create a Kickstarter as
                                                                   a backup way to fund the game.
Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer (image from PCWorld)
As such, it is no surprise that there was no lack of Windows
8 compatible hardware showcased at the event, from
desktops, laptops, tablets, to tablet-laptop hybrids. “Our
partners have come up with incredible new designs,” said
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. “Are these new designs PCs?
Yes. Are these new designs tablets also? Yes.”
Microsoft’s RT tablet was included in the product lineup, and
will go on sale Thursday at 10 p.m. ET.
Noting the somewhat barren application store, Ballmer
reminded attendees that the online Windows Store contains
the highest stock of applications of any app store on its
launch day. Of course, he is correct - the iOS store, for          Lookin' good so far
example, had 500 apps at its launch, and the Android store
had 2,000. Meanwhile, the Windows Store had nearly 8,000           It's been only 5 days since the Kickstarter campaign began
apps available as of Tuesday.                                      and it has already exceeded it's goal, today reaching close to
                                                                   $600,000 - $100,000 higher than it's original half million
Nevertheless, the lack of big name developers in the store         goal. If you combine this cash with that raised on the game's
could still make it a dud with consumers. Notably, official        own site, Roberts has surpassed the $2 million he needs to
apps for Twitter and YouTube are not currently present, and        make the game... and there's still a lot of time left on the
a lot of popular games are also missing from the store.            campaigns.
For consumers, Windows 8 is going to be a sometimes                Players should be happy to hear this, as any money that goes
difficult but necessary adjustment to make. Windows 8              into the project from this point on will lead to more features,
doesn't seek to alter the way consumers use their computers,       more polish and ultimately a better game. Plus, as usual with
but every other device they use as well. The simplistic            these campaigns; if you want to help with the funding, there
and mobile style interface blurs the distinction between           are some nice perks in it for you. I've already done my part,
mobile and desktop operating systems, and a goal for further       and I'm looking forward to getting a nice sleek starship upon
interconnectedness betwixt Windows devices is evidenced            launch.
by Windows' SmartGlass, which will roll out this week.
If there was any lackluster at today’s event, it should be kept
in mind that the real release of Windows 8 will be when it         AMD to Enter Mobile in
is installed on practically every PC available to consumers.
Then, if they ever wanted to ignore it, they will have no
                                                                   a Money Earning Way:
choice.                                                            Launching a FirePro APU
                                                                   Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-to-enter-mobile-in-a-money-

October 26th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: VR-Zone

October 26th, 2012                                                   October 26th, 2012

There's a lot of flak that both AMD and Intel are receiving          Phanteks is a company which entered the CPU cooling
on the mobile side of things. The investors want to see them         market suddenly a few months ago and managed to
go into the mobile market and earn $5-10 per chip instead            surprise everyone with their PH-TC14PE super tower cooler,
of $30-X,XXX, but that’s just how the world works.                   which competed and even outperformed the most popular
When it comes to AMD, the company has an image problem               products from well-known manufacturers at the time of its
with the investors which are of the traditional kind, and            release. There have been many who hinted that the excellent
go where the market focus currently is, instead of focusing          performance of the PH-TC14PE might have been a stroke of
on highly profitable niches. After AMD caught wind with              luck, as the cooler managed to beat most of its counterparts
taking some share from Nvidia's Quadro line of products, the         by a few decimals of a degree. Today we will be seeing if
company introduced FirePro APU - essentially a rebadged              the company can repeat a miracle as we will be looking at
Trinity (Fusion A10) with professional graphics capabilities         another product from Phanteks, the PH-TC14CS, a C type
and certification.                                                   cooler designed to offer high performance without the need
                                                                     of a very wide case.
Back on IDF Fall 2012 in San Francisco, we met with Steven
Belt from AMD who showed us a prototype tablet from                  Phanteks is a company which entered the CPU cooling
Fujitsu. Recently, Fujitsu became the first tablet maker to          market suddenly a few months ago and managed to surprise
announce a product based on AMD Z-60 APU (codename:                  everyone with their super tower cooler, which competed
"Hondo"), but that was just the start. The second tablet win         and even outperformed the most popular products from
(again with Fujitsu) is a more important one, since it will          well-known manufacturers at the time of its release. There
mark the arrival of professional graphics in the mobile space.       have been many who hinted that the excellent performance
This is a market niche for all the professionals who simply          of the PH-TC14PE might have been a stroke of luck, as the
did not have a tablet capable of handling graphics in a way          cooler managed to beat most of its counterparts by a few
they want.                                                           decimals of a degree. Today we will be seeing if the company
                                                                     can repeat a miracle as we will be looking at another product
The promise of cloud computing may fill the newspapers,              from Phanteks, the PH-TC14CS, a C type cooler designed to
online media and spreadsheets, but the fact of the matter is         offer high performance without the need of a very wide case.
that remote workplace with graphics is simply a miserable            Brand                          PHANTEKS
experience. We've received dozens of emails from our
                                                                     Model                          PH-TC14CS
readers that are saying that Cloud services simply don't work
when you need to work on complex graphics.                           Type                           Heatsinks and Fans
                                                                     Compatibilities                Intel Socket: LGA
Enter FirePro. AMD's first professional grade tablet will                                           2011/1155/1156/1366/775
feature very similar and catchy design as the consumer                                              AMD: FM1/AM3+/AM3/
version, but also carries a lot of graphics horsepower for                                          AM2+/AM2 (stock back-
users that need that FirePro experience like on desktop and                                         plate required)
mobile. Naturally, a 4.7 Watt part cannot perform as good
                                                                     Color                          White
as the parts with 2-5x higher envelope, but it will offer much
better workflow than working with 3D models on an iPad or            Materials                      ?Copper (Base and heat-
a similar tablet. Should the FirePro tablet win the hearts and                                      pipes), Nickel Plated
minds, we believe it will only be the matter of time before                                         ?Aluminium (Cooling fins
we see other players joining the frame, Intel probably with                                         and Top Cover) with P.A.T.S
Xeon tablets, and Nvidia with Quadro tablets.                                                       and C.P.S.C.
                                                                     Fan Model                      PH-F140 Premium Fan with
Bear in mind that neither Nvidia nor Qualcomm cannot
                                                                                                    PWM Adapter.
run full version of Windows 8, being stuck on Windows
RT. AMD's advantage is that FirePro-based tablet can run             Fan Size                       140 x 140 x 25mm
Windows 8 Pro wth all the regular (desktop) versions of              Fan Compatibility              140 x 140 x 25mm (2pcs),
productivity suites. With AMD being the first out the door,                                         120 x 120 x 25mm (2pcs)
the company just may gain traction by exploiting market              Bearing Type                   UFB (Updraft Floating
niches where earnings and profits are high, and revenue and                                         Balance) Bearing
negative pressure (read: competition) being low.                     Blade Geometry                 Nine White Colored Blades
                                                                                                    with MVB(Maelström Vortex
                                                                                                    Booster) Design
Phanteks PH-TC14CS CPU                                               Speed (RPM)                    1300 ± 10%
Cooler Review                                                        Max Air Flow                   88.6 CFM
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/phanteks-ph-tc14cs-cpu-cooler-   Max Air Pressure               1.37mm H2O
                                                                     Acoustical Noise              19.6 dB (A)
                                                                     Speed with PWM Adapter        700 – 1200 RPM ± 10%

October 26th, 2012                                       Published by: VR-Zone

Max Air Flow with PWM        45.1 – 78.1 CFM
Max Air Pressure with PWM    0.45 – 1.21mm H2O
Acoustical Noise with PWM    13.4 – 19 dB (A)
Input Power                  2.8 W
Current (Ampere)             0.24 A
Rate Voltage                 12V
MTBF                         >150,000 h
Heatsink Dimension without   143.8 x 140 x 112mm
Fans                         (LxWxH)
Heatsink Dimensions with     160 x 151 x 112mm (LxWxH)
Single Fans
Heatsink Dimensions with     160 x 151 x 140.5mm
Dual Fans                    (LxWxH)
Heatsink Weight without      600g
Heatsink Weight with Fans    750/900g (Single/Dual)
Package Dimensions           167 x 214 x 190mm (LxWxH)

October 29th, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: VR-Zone

VR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks!
                                                                          October 29th, 2012
  VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly
  publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the

French Euromillions website
hacked and defaced                                                        Google has launched an interactive map that tracks the
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/french-euromillions-website-hacked-   projected path of Hurricane Sandy, which is ravaging the
and-defaced/17641.html                                                    east coast of the United States.
October 29th, 2012                                                        Google has launched an interactive map that tracks the
The French Euromillions website has been hacked and                       projected path of Hurricane Sandy, which is ravaging the
defaced with a passage from the Koran criticising gambling.               east coast of the United States.
                                                                          As many turn to social media for updates about the
                                                                          hurricane, Google has provided an online map that shows
A hacker group called Moroccanghosts took over the                        where Sandy is expected to hit, with a cone covering an area
website, posting a message on the front page in Arabic and                that takes into consideration two-thirds of historical official
French that linked gambling with the “works of the devil.”                forecast errors over a five-year sample, allowing for a fairly
                                                                          reliable look at which parts of the US will be affected.
The website, euromillions.fr, was hacked on Sunday                        The map shows the Category 1 hurricane, with winds of 92
morning, but the Koran verse was removed by Sunday                        miles per hour, hitting the coast of New Jersey and moving
evening. The website has since been restored to its normal                inland tonight. It is expected to weaken to a tropical storm
condition.                                                                tomorrow as it heads past Maryland and into Pennsylvania,
                                                                          weakening further as it heads into New York, yet still capable
                                                                          of devastating winds of around 40 miles per hour.

The website of Francaise des Jeux (FDJ), the company that
runs Euromillions in France, was also inaccessible, likely the
victim of the same hackers.

It does not appear that any data, which includes customer
credit card details, was compromised in the attack, nor was
any money stolen from the lottery. FDJ said no other games
run by it were affected.

Google launches interactive
map to track Hurricane                                                    Google has highlighted the locations of evacuation centres
Sandy                                                                     and emergency shelters set up by the Red Cross, making its
                                                                          map an important resource in the hours and days to come,
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/google-launches-interactive-map-to-
                                                                          with some 50 million people at risk, thousands of whom

October 29th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

have been forced to abandon their homes in mandatory
The hurricane threatens many lives, with fierce winds and
disastrous flooding, and it has led to the cancellation of a
number of high-profile events, including some of the US
presidential election campaigning. Google also cancelled
the launch event of its Nexus 4 smartphone and the latest
version of Android, stating that it will let consumers know
more as soon as possible.

IDC study finds consumers
increasingly using mobile as
default internet gateway
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/idc-study-finds-consumers-
October 29th, 2012

                                                                   Western Europe and Japan are slower to adopt the change,
                                                                   with IDC predicting it will take an additional two years for
                                                                   these regions to reach the same milestone.

Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices like               “In the consumer world, mobile Internet usage is already
smartphones and tablets as their primary means of accessing        beginning to displace PC usage, and the United States
the internet, according to the latest Worldwide New Media          is leading this trend,” said Karsten Weide, program vice
Market Model report by the International Data Corporation          president, Media & Entertainment at IDC. “There has been
(IDC).                                                             much talk about how the future of the Internet will be mobile
                                                                   first and PC second. In the United States, that future is now.”
Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices like
smartphones and tablets as their primary means of accessing
the internet, according to the latest Worldwide New Media          Weide said that a large reason for the change is because
Market Model report by the International Data Corporation          “the PC was never truly a consumer product,” with many
(IDC).                                                             using one “because there was no better alternative.” The rise
                                                                   of user-friendly mobile devices, however, has changed the
                                                                   computer landscape forever.
The findings show a sharp shift away from PCs as the default
for accessing the internet, with the number of those logging
on from their PCs in the US expected to shrink from 240            Intel SSD 335 240GB
million this year to 225 million in 2016.
                                                                   Performance Preview
                                                                   Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/intel-ssd-335-240gb-performance-
Meanwhile, those using mobile devices to get online will           preview/17627.html
grow from 174 million this year to 265 million in 2016. This       October 29th, 2012
will mean that in 2015 there will be more people logging
on from mobile devices than old-fashioned PCs, a first in

                                                                   The Intel SSD 335 is an incremental refresh of the
                                                                   existing entry SSD 330 series featuring a Sandforce SF-2281
                                                                   controller and bleeding edge 20nm IMFT MLC chips to
                                                                   deliver a potent mix of price, quality and performance. We
                                                                   run through a few quick benchmarks before a formal review
                                                                   later on.
                                                                   Intel is one of the bigger players in the solid state drive
                                                                   markets with top to bottom offerings for the consumer and
                                                                   enterprise datacentres. Although not the front runners in
                                                                   price or performance, Intel SSDs have a reputation of being
                                                                   fairly reliable thanks to its stingent firmware validation
                                                                   processes and yield leadership in the fabs.

October 29th, 2012                                                                                             Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                drive is a serious competitor at its US$184 price tag ($0.76/

Bundled accessories is nothing out of the ordinary, although
we would have preferred if the 3.5inch bracket lined up to to
the connectors in hot swap bays.

                                                                The downloadable Intel SSD Toolbox (latest version has
                                                                RAID TRIM support on 7-series chipsets) offers a facility to
                                                                check drive diagnostics, apply registry tweaks and update
                                                                firmware when necessary.

Measuring 9.5mm thick, the 2.5-inch SSD 335 will fit in
most laptop drive bays, although you can probably remove
the PCB from the metal case to make it work in something
thinner. Intel has not announced capacities other than the
240GB but according to the roadmaps we can expect to see
180GB and 80GB variants in Q1 2013.
                                                                iPhone 5: Why in the world
                                                                are you not coming to Korea?
                                                                Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/iphone-5-why-in-the-world-are-you-
                                                                October 29th, 2012

                                                                The release of the iPhone 5 in South Korea is slower than
                                                                was originally expected. It was supposed to be released
                                                                on the 2nd of November, but that was postponed and
                                                                customers who would like to buy an iPhone 5 still do not
                                                                know exactly when it will be released. Some sources are
                                                                thinking that domestic carriers will start carrying the iPhone
A fairly commonplace Sandforce SF-2281 SATA 6Gb/s               5 on November 26. However, as it has not been confirmed
powers the SSD 335, which Intel has included their usual        yet, that date is also in question.
special sauce in the firmware to enable better garbage
collection and long QD performance. With sequential speeds      Korea has not been included in the first or second waves
of 500MB/s / 450MB/s and 4K random reads and writes             of countries the iPhone 5 was released to. There is word
rated up to 42,000 IOPS and 52,000 IOPS respectively, the       that the Korea might not be even included in the third
                                                                wave. Initially, the iPhone 5 was released in 9 countries in
October 29th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

September; Japan, United States, Britain, France, Germany,        the toughest part of the project, since it will never be used
Canada, Australia, Canada and Singapore. A week later, it         as an actual product - but it still needs to be clear of any
was released in 22 more countries; Austria, Italy, Spain,         copyright issues which might appear.
Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, the Czech              The name for the three successors of Auburn Isle (codename
Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia. The date       for Larrabee silicon) are as follows:
when the third wave will be released is still unknown.
There are several different reasons why the introduction             • Knights Ferry (1st silicon)
of the iPhone 5 has been delayed. Domestic carriers SK               • Knights Corner (pre-production silicon, used in TACC
Telecom and KT both give different reasons. SK Telecom                 and other installations)
reported that the government certification of the iPhone 5
was delayed. KT claims that the certification of the iPhone          • Knights Landing (shipping silicon, available 2013)
has gone according to schedule but there has been a shortage
                                                                  The codenames come from Folsom lake in Northern
of parts.
                                                                  California, where Intel has quite sizeable research facility.
Samsung has a large share of the domestic market and              In fact, if you just happen to find yourself in Folsom, you
its smartphones have been selling very well domestically.         can take a Ferry, and after a Corner there will be Landing.
The market iPhone market in Korea is also rather small            Knights Ferry and Knights Landing are also locations in
compared to the world market. Many Koreans who already            California, while Corner was added as a bridge between the
have iPhone 4s are probably still stuck with a two year           two.
contract, thus, only a small number will upgrade to the
newest model.

How Intel Xeon Phi Got its
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/how-intel-xeon-phi-got-its-
October 29th, 2012

One of questions often asked by our readers is how                That in a nutshell, is a story of how strengths of a failed
projects get their codenames. In our discussions with Intel       project (Larrabee / Auburn Isle) got combined with different
representatives during the event held at Texas Advanced           internal well-thought projects and became an actual product
Computing Center, we learned how "Larrabee-reborn" got            line - Xeon Phi. Time will tell just how well the Knights
its name.                                                         Landing will… land. A lot more details should become
                                                                  available during the upcoming SC 12 supercomputing
First off, MIC (Many Integrated Core) project represents          conference which will be held from November 10-16 in Salt
unification of several projects inside Intel's R&D group. The     Lake City, UT.
teams that worked on the project came from numerous
different projects with TeraScale (remember the Polaris die
with 80 "Atom" look-a-like cores glued together?), Larrabee       NVIDIA's 18K+ Tesla K20
and Cloud Computer. The slide below shows you a path to
the introduction of Xeon Phi.                                     GPUs claims 'world's fastest
                                                                  open-science supercomputer'
                                                                  Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nvidia-s-18k-tesla-k20-gpus-claims-
                                                                  October 29th, 2012

                                                                  NVIDA has just announced the completion of ‘the world’s
                                                                  fastest open-science supercomputer’ at the Oak Ridge
                                                                  National Laboratory in Tennessee this month.
                                                                  Dubbed as the ‘Titan,’ this supercomputer will allow
Just like any other project, choosing a codename for three        researchers to compute and explore physical and biological
parts which complete the circle of Xeon Phi development           phenomena at a peak performance of more than 20 petaflops
wasn't easy. In our conversations with the Intel executives       (20 billion floating-point operations per second), with 90
and engineers, we learned that giving codenames is probably       percent of this brain power coming from 18,688 K20 GPUs.

October 29th, 2012                                                                                                 Published by: VR-Zone

The Tesla K20-powered supercomputer, NVIDIA claims,                YouTube’s audience, who are able to view the entire test
is 10 times faster and 5 times more energy efficient than          process and their intriguing results online.
the previous x86-based AMD Opteron 2.3 petaflops Jaguar            The “iPhone 5 Torture Test” uploaded 3 days ago has
system.                                                            achieved 63,000 hits so far, and the “Galaxy S3 Torture Test”
“The new Tesla GPU accelerators offer the performance              uploaded on July 10th has already hit a record of 360,000
and energy efficiency that enable Titan to scale to                hits. The tests in question included placing the devices for
unprecedented performance levels without consuming the             over 2 hours in a refrigerator and baking them in an oven for
energy equivalent of a small city,” said Jeff Nichols, associate   over an hour at over 200 degrees.
laboratory director for computing and computational
sciences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.                         Surprisingly, both devices successfully survived both
                                                                   extremes of hot and cold. The iPhone 5 displayed a
                                                                   ‘temperature warning’ message which advised the user to
                                                                   ‘wait until the device has cooled down before using’; however
                                                                   after cooling down, the device continued to work perfectly.
                                                                   Not only this, but both devices even managed to survive a
                                                                   swim in the depths of a fish tank in the Water Test – a
                                                                   test devised to confirm whether or not the phones would be
                                                                   usable if ever accidentally dropped in a toilet. This test was
                                                                   performed by momentarily immersing the devices in a fish
                                                                   tank then drying them out again in a vinyl bag laced with
                                                                   dehumidifying agent for 1-3 days, after which the devices
                                                                   worked perfectly.
                                                                   A split in the road came for the two competitors during the
                                                                   Washing Machine Test and the Scratch test, as the Unibody
                                                                   design of the iPhone proved to be its Achilles heel.
                                                                   In another set of videos, the team tested both devices by
                                                                   placing them one at a time into a drum washing machine
                                                                   and giving them a spin before removing them. The iPhone
Oak Ridge’s new system now boasts more than 18,000 K20
                                                                   4S failed this test and would not turn on afterwards, however
GPUs, 710 terabytes of memory, and a conversion of the
                                                                   the Galaxy S3 was saved by taking out the battery, wiping it
system’s 200 cabinets to a Cray XK7 supercomputer.
                                                                   down, and then placing it in a dehumidifying vinyl bag for a
NVIDIA hopes that Titan will usher in a new era of                 day – after which the device was fully usable again. The team
supercomputing in which the 1,000 petaflops mark will              noted that the Unibody design of the iPhone made it difficult
become a reality within the next few years.                        to dry out after the test and ultimately led to its demise.
“You simply can’t get these levels of performance, power-          Finally the Scratch Test took place by dropping the devices
and cost-efficiency with conventional CPU architectures.           onto the floor from hand height, shoulder height, and eye
  Accelerated computing is the best and most realistic             height. After enduring these freefalls, the Galaxy S showed
approach to enable exascale performance levels within the          no significant damage in the front glass or back plastic cover.
next decade,” said Steve Scott, chief technology officer of        Scraping the front glass with a sharp key did not lead to any
NVIDIA’s GPU Accelerated Computing.                                remaining scratches either.
                                                                   The iPhone 5 on the other hand, did not take so kindly to
Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Apple                                        this test, and suffered significant scratching on both the sides
                                                                   and back of the device. After dropping the device, either
iPhone 5 : Torture Test                                            the sides became scratched or the glass partially fractured.
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-galaxy-s3-vs.-apple-   When dropping onto concrete, significant scratching was
iphone-5--torture-test/17632.html                                  found to occur on the back of the device. As the device itself
October 29th, 2012                                                 was still usable after the affair, the team bestowed a very
                                                                   generous passing grade on the phone, but did advise users
                                                                   unwilling to use a protective case to reconsider purchasing
                                                                   the iPhone 5.

                                                                   New Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
What would happen if you left an Apple iPhone 5 in the             premium edition announced
refrigerator or baked it in the oven? Would a Samsung              Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-
Galaxy S3 break if you gave it a spin in the washing machine       premium-edition-announced/17631.html
or dropped it in your fish tank?
Curiosity has gotten the better of some folk who have
put their devices on the line to test just how strong
modern smartphones really are. A series of “Torture Tests”
undergone by the American IT site CNET and uploaded
to YouTube on the 29th are becoming quite popular with

October 29th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

October 29th, 2012                                                Electronic purchases and OEM pre-installations are also an
                                                                  effective way for Microsoft to control piracy in the area.
                                                                  Microsoft China announced earlier that Chinese users can
                                                                  upgrade their systems from previous versions of Windows
                                                                  to Windows 8 for 248 Yuan (around $40 USD), but have yet
                                                                  to officially announce other details regarding Windows 8’s
                                                                  retail price.

                                                                  Grand Theft Auto V rumored
                                                                  to release in spring 2013
Bethesda's massive RPG Skyrim has been an incredible              Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/grand-theft-auto-v-rumored-to-
success, heralding a new age in the franchise and earning         release-in-spring-2013/17624.html
a plethora of accolades from nearly every gaming venue on         October 29th, 2012
the planet--not to mention winning a Golden Joystick for
Best RPG of 2012. In light of the game's popularity and
critical acclaim throughout the sphere of both gaming and
pop culture, Skyrim is getting a definitive re-release in the
form of a "Premium Edition".
The Premium Edition includes a copy of the game, a t-shirt,
a nice authentic map of Skyrim, The Infernal City: An Elder
Scrolls Novel, a 600-page e-book strategy guide, six unique
postcards featuring concept art for the game, a disc with
bonus materials, and five songs from the game.
Inclusion of Skyrim's two currently available DLC packs
Hearthfire and Dawnguard hasn't been confirmed, but it
would definitely be a nice addition to the bundle.
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Premium Edition retails at
around $77 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC and will
available on Dec. 7, 2012.                                        A leaked promotional poster for Rockstar Games' upcoming
                                                                  Grand Theft Auto V presumably reveals the game's
Microsoft to abandon boxed                                        release window as Spring 2013, however this information
                                                                  hasn't been confirmed and remains speculation. Found by
Windows 8 in China                                                Polish gaming site GTA-Five.pl, the display (see above) is
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-to-abandon-boxed-   supposedly intended for use in retail promotion of the game
windows-8-in-china/17629.html                                     and features new artwork for GTA V alongside the familiar
October 29th, 2012                                                Pest Control image that was released earlier in the week.
                                                                  The video game magazine Game Informer plans feature GTA
                                                                  V on their December cover issue that will perhaps confirm or
                                                                  deny this launch window, but until more details are released,
                                                                  gamers can chock this one up to rumor.
                                                                  Grand Theft Auto V is currently in development by Rockstar
                                                                  North. For more information including artwork and the
Microsoft has changed their sales strategy for distribution
                                                                  official trailer, please visit Rockstar Games' official website.
of Windows 8 in China, discarding the traditional boxed
product in favor of online sales and pre-installation on OEM
devices.                                                          Third business quarter
In the past, Microsoft offered the option of purchasing a
boxed copy of Windows to users who wish to upgrade or
                                                                  shakes up smartphone
install the system on a new computer. However starting with       market
Windows 8 it will only be possible to obtain Windows via          Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/third-business-quarter-shakes-up-
purchase of a serial code online or an OEM device with            smartphone-market/17625.html
Windows preinstalled.                                             October 29th, 2012

Senior Vice President Xu Le Meng of Cernet, one Microsoft’s       IDC, a market research firm, has released a report on the
partners in the education market, revealed that Microsoft         worldwide smart phone market for the 2012 third business
would definitely not be providing boxed versions of               quarter, showing that the market has become increasingly
Windows 8 for the Chinese market, but would still provide         polarized, dominated by a few major companies while others
them in the United States.                                        have a limited chance for success. Approximately 179.7
Industry insiders have pointed out that 98% of the genuine        million smartphones were sold during the third business
copies of Windows sold in China were preinstalled versions,       quarter, with Samsung and Apple as the top two companies,
showing just how small the market for boxed copies really is.     selling 56.3 million and 26.9 million phones, respectively.

October 29th, 2012                                                                                                     Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                      South Carolina department of revenue director James
Nokia, a longtime established mobile phone company, has               Etter, who learned of the breach on October 10
dropped out of the top five sellers this year, but it is not out of   The governor has promised that the state is taking whatever
the market yet. In October, Nokia dominated the European              steps it can to prevent something like this from happening
market with the Lumia 920, surpassing the iPhone 5 in some            again. Two days after the breach, the state hired Mandiant,
markets. RIM has taken Nokia's place in the top five smart            an outside consultant, in order to help investigate the issue.
phone companies, but may not be there for long unless it              Mandiant found that the break in had occurred in mid
releases the Blackberry 10 soon. With Motorola's sales rising         September and on October 20th, the security gap which
and the iPhone 5 a hot item, RIM may fall behind Nokia                allowed the criminal access to the database, was finally
again.                                                                closed.
China-based company, ZTE has risen in the ranks, but has              In addition to the social security numbers, 387,000 credit
relatively low profit margins. ZTE's mobile phones sell in            card numbers were taken, too; though supposedly only
large numbers because of their affordability. Recently, ZTE           16,000 were unencrypted.
announced it was shifting its focus from wireless equipment
to mobile phones, hoping to overcome recent accusations of            Citizens who have filed taxes in South Carolina since 1998,
espionage, and will exert more effort to rise in the mobile           even those who have subsequently moved out of state,
phone market.                                                         are urged to call (866) 578-5422 to enroll in a consumer
                                                                      protection service and visit http://protectmyid.com/scdor.
                                                                      The state is offering a year of free credit monitoring and
Social security numbers                                               identity protection.

stolen from South Carolina
database                                                              Microsoft Surface is packing
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/social-security-numbers-stolen-   stores with customers
from-south-carolina-database/17623.html                               Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-surface-is-packing-stores-
October 29th, 2012                                                    with-customers/17620.html
                                                                      October 29th, 2012

The state department of revenue in South Carolina has just
been subjected to a major security breach, and as a result,           Almost akin to an Apple release, Microsoft's new Surface
millions of social security numbers have been lifted.                 tablet is filling the stores with customers and packing them
                                                                      in lines outside.
If you're reading this from South Carolina, thre is a chance
that somebody has snagged your social security number. It             Reports are coming in from all over of packed stores and
has just been released that a massive security, breached on           lines forming outside them, following the Friday release of
October 10, allowed an overseas computer criminal to break            Microsoft's new tablet, Surface. Though it has garnered a
into the South Carolina department of revenue's database              few mixed reviews across the web, this doesn't seem to have
and steal upwards of 3.6 million social security numbers. For         affected the consumers' curiosity all that much. At the new
comparison, the state's population is about 4.7 million.              makeshift store Microsoft has opened at Times Square, NY,
                                                                      600 people were waiting to play with the new tablet when
                                                                      the store opened. The tablet is already on three weeks back
                                                                      order from Microsoft's online store.

October 29th, 2012                                                                                         Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                   October 29th, 2012

                                                                   OCZ is a renowned manufacturer of high performance
                                                                   memory-related products, including solid state drives. Ever
                                                                   since the company acquired Indilinx, a designer of SSD
                                                                   platforms and controllers, they converted most of their
                                                                   available products to Indilinx-based designs. This includes
                                                                   the newest Vertex 4, the flagship series which OCZ currently
                                                                   retails for performance enthusiasts. Although the initial
                                                                   release had some firmware problems, OCZ resolved those in
                                                                   their latest firmware upgrade (1.5). Today we will examine
                                                                   the performance of a Vertex 4 512GB drive flashed to the
                                                                   ver1.5 firmware and see how it compares to competition.
The new Microsoft Store at Times Square (Credit: Shara
Tibken)                                                            OCZ is a renowned manufacturer of high performance
                                                                   memory-related products, including solid state drives. Ever
The tablets on sale right now are running Windows 8 RT,            since the company acquired Indilinx, a designer of SSD
a slimmed down version of Windows 8 capable of running             platforms and controllers, they converted most of their
only the Modern UI and programs compatible with it. For            available products to Indilinx-based designs. This includes
a tablet, this is still quite impressive; despite lacking the      the newest Vertex 4, the flagship series which OCZ currently
desktop mode, this is still a full fledged operating system like   retails for performance enthusiasts. Although the initial
you'd find on your pc with most of your favorite applications.     release had some firmware problems, OCZ resolved those in
A version of the tablet with Windows 8 Pro running on              their latest firmware upgrade (1.5). Today we will examine
an Intel processor is due early next year. The Surface has         the performance of a Vertex 4 512GB drive flashed to the
some other interesting features, such as a flexible 3mm soft       ver1.5 firmware and see how it compares to competition.
keyboard (can be upgraded to a regular tactile keyboard as
well). It may not be perfect, but it should be a welcome
improvement from the touch keyboards we're used to.
According to Microsoft's website, prices range between
$499.00 and $699.00, making it competitively priced with
the iPad.

Nexus 7 can now run Ubuntu
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nexus-7-can-now-run-ubuntu-
October 29th, 2012

                                                                   Manufacturer features and specifications
                                                                   Industry's highest IOPs    Incredible performance in
                                                                   performance up to 120,000  workstation and heavy-duty
                                                                                              environments with multiple
Google’s Nexus 7 is an affordable device—not to mention                                       data threads
powerful—so what else can you ask for? How about running
                                                                   No compression-related     Better performance with
Ubuntu natively on your $200 investment?
                                                                   performance limitations    "real world" data streams of
Android ICS is a nice tablet OS, but it may not offer the                                     varying "compressibility" as
productivity of a desktop. Thanks to the folks at Ubuntu,                                     well as fully incompressible
now you’ll be able to install the free desktop OS in just                                     data such as videos and
around 20 minutes! This is not a port, but a fully supported                                  multimedia files, encrypted
system from Ubuntu.                                                                           data, archive files such
                                                                                              as .ZIP files and software.

OCZ Vertex 4 512GB SSD                                             Indilinx InfusedTM Everest Leading edge dual-ARM
                                                                   2 platform                 controller architecture
Review                                                                                        enables faster performance
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ocz-vertex-4-512gb-ssd-                                   like nothing else you've
review/17621.html                                                                             experienced.

October 29th, 2012                                            Published by: VR-Zone

Fast boot times and ultra-   Boot up in as little as 9
low latency                  seconds, and industry-low
                             latencies of .04 reads and .02
                             writes enable superior
                             multitasking and flawless
Industry-leading 5 year      Backed by OCZ's renowned
warranty                     service for ultimate peace of
Ndurance 2.0 Technology      Advanced suite of NAND
                             Flash management to
                             increase durability and
                             reliability to expand the
                             NAND's lifespan

   • Up to 550 MB/s Sequential Reads
   • Up to 85,000 Random Write IOPS
   • Up to 120,000 Maximum IOPS
   • Available in 64GB to 512GB Capacities
   • Access Latency as low as 0.02ms
   • Strong performance at lower queue depths

October 30th, 2012                                                                                             Published by: VR-Zone

VR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks!
                                                               for a release in Spring 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
  VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly                 Rockstar may have confirmed the info based on the leaked
  publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the    advertisements that recently went viral that supposed the
  geeks.                                                       Spring 2013 release date.
                                                               Rockstar goes on to say that gamers can start pre-ordering
Rockstar confirms GTA V                                        GTA V on Nov. 5, 2012 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3--
                                                               just mere weeks away. They further reveal that a massive
Spring 2013 launch                                             news explosion for the game--new screenshots, trailers, in-
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/rockstar-confirms-gta-v-   game footage, etc--will be made available next month in
spring-2013-launch/17661.html                                  November.
October 30th, 2012                                             "Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft
                                                               Auto V takes place in a re-imagined, present-day Southern
                                                               California in the largest and most thriving game-world we
                                                               have ever created set in the sprawling city of Los Santos
                                                               and for miles beyond – from the tops of the mountains to
                                                               the depths of the ocean.

It's official! Rockstar Games confirms that speculation of
Grand Theft Auto V's Spring 2013 release date is actually      Major bug deletes player
true, and that you can start pre-ordering the game sooner
than you think.
                                                               characters in Borderlands 2
                                                               for Xbox 360
                                                               Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/major-bug-deletes-player-
                                                               October 30th, 2012

                                                               A bug is spreading through online play of Borderlands 2
                                                               on the Xbox 360, permanently killing off player characters
                                                               and frustrating gamers who have invested a lot of time and
                                                               energy into the game.
                                                               A bug is spreading through online play of Borderlands 2
                                                               on the Xbox 360, permanently killing off player characters
                                                               and frustrating gamers who have invested a lot of time and
                                                               energy into the game.

                                                               Players who modify their console can gain access to the so-
                                                               called “badass mode,” which gives players access to special
                                                               weapons and armour and lets them become more powerful
                                                               than characters created in the standard game. The catch is
                                                               perma-death, which means players cannot afford to make
                                                               one mistake or they have to start over from scratch.

                                                               That is all well and good, but the problem is that if a player
                                                               with an unmodded console joins a multiplayer game with
                                                               someone running in badass mode, they automatically get put
                                                               into badass mode too, leading to the perma-death function
                                                               spreading like a virus to players across the world.

Rockstar Games has officially confirmed the speculation in
a recent Newswire post that revealed that GTA V is slated

October 30th, 2012                                                                                                Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                          ZTE has become the fourth largest smartphone
                                                                          manufacturer in the world, according to a report by the
                                                                          International Data Corporation (IDC), pushing HTC further
                                                                          down the list.
                                                                          ZTE has become the fourth largest smartphone
                                                                          manufacturer in the world, according to a report by the
                                                                          International Data Corporation (IDC), pushing HTC further
                                                                          down the list.

                                                                          IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker put the
                                                                          Chinese telecommunications equipment and mobile device
                                                                          firm in fourth place in the third quarter, behind Samsung,
                                                                          Apple and RIM.
Many players are passing it on without even knowing,
while others are deliberately and maliciously attempting to
sabotage the experience of other players by inviting them                 ZTE shipped 7.5 million smartphones in the third quarter
to multiplayer games where there is an “infected” character,              of this year, helping it to take the place of HTC and almost
dooming the new player to a deleted character as soon as a                pushing it past RIM, with just a 0.1 percent gap between
mistake is made.                                                          them.

Developer Gearbox said it is working on a fix, but added that
it would take time to deploy to consoles. It cautioned players
to avoid public games, only playing with people they trust,
and recommended use of the Save and Quit option to allow
reloading of a character.

There is no word yet on already deleted characters. Chances
are that they are gone for good, which might not be an
issue for players who barely started the game, but there are
reports of deletion of powerful characters that received a lot
of time investment. If Gearbox does not do something to
compensate those players it may lose a lot of fans.

                                                                          The success for the company is attributed to ZTE's expansion
                                                                          to markets outside of China, with 35 percent of the
                                                                          company's shipments coming from international markets,
                                                                          including North America, the UK, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy
                                                                          and Russia.

                                                                          “The performance of our flagship Grand series smartphones
                                                                          has been a major driver of ZTE’s continued growth in the
                                                                          sector,” said Mr. He Shiyou, EVP and Head of the Terminal
                                                                          Division at ZTE. “These include both 3G and LTE devices
                                                                          such as the quad-core Grand Era, the dual core Grand X, and
                                                                          the Intel powered Grand X In. We also launched the world’s
                                                                          slimmest Quad-core Smartphone, Grand Era U985, in Q3.”
ZTE becomes world's fourth
largest smartphone maker                                                  ZTE is also the second fastest growing smartphone
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/zte-becomes-world-s-fourth-largest-   manufacturer, behind Apple, with a 400 percent increase
smartphone-maker/17660.html                                               in shipments between 2010 and 2011, when it shipped 15
October 30th, 2012                                                        million units. With 7.5 million sold in the third quarter of
                                                                          2012 alone, that figure is likely to be significantly higher
                                                                          this year, and we might even see it become the third largest
                                                                          smartphone maker soon.

October 30th, 2012                                                                                                    Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                       of variety that enables freedom and choice for the player
EA launches Need For Speed                                             to play the game the way they choose. Take down friends
Most Wanted                                                            in a race to the finish, explore the city to find new cars,
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ea-launches-need-for-speed-most-   flash past speed cameras, jump through billboards or take
wanted/17659.html                                                      on an Autolog Recommendation. Not only do players have
October 30th, 2012                                                     complete freedom, they’re rewarded for everything they
                                                                       do. With friends so naturally embedded into the heart of
                                                                       the experience, Need for Speed Most Wanted is the most
                                                                       socially-connected game of this generation.”

Electronic Arts has launched Criterion’s Need For Speed                The game is available immediately in North America and will
Most Wanted in stores and as a digital download from                   launch in Europe on 1 November. It is available on Xbox 360
Origin.com, paving the way for a racing experience that puts           with Kinect support, PlayStation 3, PC, PlayStation Vita, iOS
social competition at the heart of things.                             and Android, utilising CloudCompete to let players continue
                                                                       their experience on the move.
Electronic Arts has launched Criterion’s Need For Speed
Most Wanted in stores and as a digital download from
Origin.com, paving the way for a racing experience that puts
social competition at the heart of things.

                                                                       Huawei Quad-Core Honor vs.
The game uses Autolog 2, which tracks everything players
do in game and compares it to their friends, granting Speed            Huawei Dual-Core D1
Points for various achievements, including having the best             Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/huawei-quad-core-honor-vs.-
race times or further jumps through billboards. The system             huawei-dual-core-d1/17658.html
then provides recommendations personalised to the user,                October 30th, 2012
designed to fuel competition and rivalry in-game.

The game effectively takes what made so many games
on Facebook popular, the ability to compete against your
friends and boast about it later, and litters them throughout
the racing arenas. For example, the billboard challenge will              Huawei’s first quad-core HiSilicon chip in the Ascend
actually display the face of the person who is currently               D1 Quadcore XL brought users many surprises, and the
number one on it, tempting players to try to beat them and             HiSilicon K3V2 which powers the XL has become an emblem
get their own face pasted on billboards throughout town.               for the rising level of smartphone technology in China. Not
Therefore winning does not just mean a higher place in the             one to keep fans waiting, Huawei is back with a bang with
rankings list – in fact, the menus and lobbies are removed –           its Honor quad-core model, which carries the same quad-
rather an actual noticeable impact on the game world for all           core processor and a modest price tag of under 2000 Yuan
friends playing the title.                                             (around $320 USD).
                                                                       With the exception of the upgraded processor, this phone
                                                                       does not differ greatly from Huawei’s Ascend D1 model. Do
                                                                       you want an ultra-slim phone or a beefier high powered
                                                                       model? Well, let’s first compare the two phones in detail:
                                                                                         Huawei Rongyao       Huawei Ascend D1
                                                                       Screen Size       4.5in                4.5in
                                                                       Screen Material   IPS                  IPS
                                                                       Screen Resolution 1280x720             1280x720
                                                                       Network           GSM/WCDMA            GSM/WCDMA
                                                                       OS                Android 4.0          Android 4.0
                                                                       Cores             Quad-Core            Dual-Core
                                                                       CPU Model         HiSilicon K3V2       Texas Instr.
                                                                       CPU Frequency          1.4GHz          1.5GHz
“With our years of experience creating critically acclaimed            RAM                    2GB             1GB
blockbuster hits, Need for Speed Most Wanted is Criterion’s            ROM                    8GB             8GB
vision to shake up the series and breathe new life into the            Battery                2230mAh         1800mAh
genre,” said Matt Webster, Executive Producer at Criterion             Phone Size             134x67.5x10.5mm 129.9x64.9x8.9mm
Games. “We’re throwing years of convention out the window              Phone Weight           145g            132g
and creating an open world game with an open structure
                                                                       Camera Pixels          1.3MP+8MP       1.3MP+8MP
that lets players drive whatever car they want, how they
want, without consequences. We’ve built an experience full

October 30th, 2012                                                                                    Published by: VR-Zone

Although they may look different, on the inside the two       Both models have a similar head, with built in speaker and
models are quite similar. While it would seem that the        camera, and also a similar virtual key layout. However, from
Honor’s 2GB of RAM would take a clear victory, the slimmer    the pictures we can see that the Ascend D1 is just a little
body of the Ascend has its fair share of loyal followers.     thinner than the Honor. In theory 1.6mm isn’t that great a
So then, the processor difference is key in determining the   difference, but when holding the phone you can really feel
victor here.                                                  the difference in thickness.
                                                              The Honor’s buttons have an advantage over the Ascend D1,
If you’re slim, do you win?                                   and this can be attributed to Huawei’s improvements in the
                                                              humanized design of their products. For example, the power
Let’s take a closer look at the exterior of the two phones.   button is placed on the head of the Ascend D1, but on the
The Ascend D1’s narrower body doesn’t really affect the       Honor it is placed on the right side of the phone, making it
grippability of the phone during use, and the rounded edges   easy to push regardless of the screen size.
of both models give them a similar look overall.

Huawei Ascend D1 compared to Huawei Honor
                                                              Huawei Ascend D1 (Left) vs. Huawei Honor (Right) Data

                                                              Huawei Ascend D1 (Left) vs. Huawei Honor (Right) Power
                                                              Button & Port on Head

Huawei Ascend D1 (Left) and Honor (Right)

                                                              Huawei Ascend D1 (Left) vs. Huawei Honor (Right) Buttons
                                                              on Right Side

                                                              The camera on both phones has a similar 8MP lens with dual
                                                              flash bulbs. However, do they both take pictures with the
                                                              same quality? Keep reading for the answer!
Huawei Ascend D1 (Left) Thin Body Design
October 30th, 2012                                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

                                                                        is none other than Tsukumo, and it will be available to all
                                                                        Tsukumo PC speciality shops starting October 30, 2012.

8MP Lens & Dual Flash Bulbs

                                                                        The primary specifications of the TERA online-optimized G-
                                                                        Gear gaming desktop unit would still depend of course on
                                                                        the BTO (build to order) customizations set by the buyer.
                                                                        However for the baseline specs, users will be given the
                                                                        Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770 (quad-core 8MB cache 3.4 Ghz,
                                                                        overclock to 3.9 Ghz) for the CPU, 8GB DDR3 for the RAM
                                                                        capacity, and 1 TB HDD for the primary storage. The basic
                                                                        GPU for the unit will be a GeForce GTX 660. It will also be
                                                                        installed with a standard multi-DVD drive.

Huawei Ascend D1 (Left) Rounded Bottom Design

The Honor adopts a dual left-right mesh speaker, and both
phones possess noise cancelling dual microphones.

New TERA Online-optimized
G-Gear Desktop PC's on sale                                             These new G-Gear models will be installed with the latest
                                                                        Windows 8 OS. However the user can opt for a Windows 7
now                                                                     installation if he or she wishes to. In addition, along with the
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-tera-online-optimized-g-gear-   unit of course is a TERA client DVD, as well as a serial code
desktop-pc-s-on-sale-now/17655.html                                     that would let your TERA online account receive 5 special
October 30th, 2012                                                      items inside the game.
                                                                        Source: ITMedia (JP)

                                                                        What Microsoft really needs
                                                                        are developers, developers,
Project White Co. Ltd. has added a few new models for
their line-up of G-Gear gaming desktop PC models that are
                                                                        Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/what-microsoft-really-needs-are-
optimized for TERA Online gaming.                                       developers-developers-developers/17653.html
New MMORPG gamers in Japan who wish to maximize their                   October 30th, 2012
TERA online gaming experience can consider themselves
quite lucky today. That's because Project White, a company
that specializes in the distribution of PC-related tech
products and packages, has just started its sale of new
G-Gear gaming desktop PC models that are specifically
optimize for speed and performance when it is used to play
TERA online. The main branch assigned for its distribution

October 30th, 2012                                                                                               Published by: VR-Zone

Microsoft’s annual developer conference ‘Build’ 2012 will          these developers decide to jump ship to another platform,
open its doors on the 31st in Redmond, Washington. This            Microsoft may just find themselves clinging to the ledge of a
conference will give developers a chance to find out more          steep cliff, overlooking a precipice ruled by the likes of Apple
about developing on the myriad of new platforms which              and Android.
Microsoft have recently unleashed on the world – Windows           Microsoft must appeal to developers and get them on board
8, Windows RT, and Windows Phone 8.                                the Windows 8/RT/Windows Phone 8 train by all means
Microsoft is keeping tight-lipped on the exact content of          necessary, and Build 2012 will be the place to do that. This
their technological sessions which will take place throughout      may be the beginning of a new era, or the beginning of the
the conference, but many are anticipating the new morsels of       end for Microsoft.
technical information to be had regarding Microsoft’s’ new
ecosystem, and perhaps more importantly, how Microsoft
plan on developing this ecosystem in the future.                   Amazon China President
Windows Kinect                                                     Wang Hanhua Resigns
                                                                   Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amazon-china-president-wang-
Windows 8 supports a unified interface made up of both
touch and gestures. Kinect, in contrast, allows for fully
                                                                   October 30th, 2012
gesture-based control via the use of its sensors, and allows
for depth checking and voice recognition via its camera and
microphone attachments.
A number of users complain that touch use is an unnatural
addition to the PC environment, but with Kinect it may be
possible to reclaim an intuitive interface via gesture based
navigation of the operating system. Developers interested
                                                                   In the midst rumors of being sidelined by the company,
in this route may be able to glean some new methodologies
                                                                   Amazon China’s president Wang Hanhua has submitted his
from the conference on how to use Kinect effectively in PC
                                                                   resignation to Amazon HQ.
                                                                   Wang’s resignation is not at all sudden. The first quarter
Smartglass Support
                                                                   of this year saw Amazon send multiple high executives to
Smartglass is a multi-directional streaming application            its China office to directly manage business divisions such
which allows for interaction with an Xbox360 via a Windows         as retail. Wang himself was given control of the books and
8 based tablet or PC. As it stands, Smartglass seems more          music division and the open platform division which allows
like a toy than a real app, as functions which truly support it    third-parties to sell on Amazon China.
are few and far between – at present, the only thing you can
                                                                   Despite rumors of marginalization, Wang reported to the
do with it is watch Xbox-streamed video content on a tablet.
                                                                   media that the American executive in charge of retail actually
The fate of Smartglass falls on what exactly it can be used        reported directly to him, in the same manner as media and
for in the future; be it playing Xbox games through a tablet,      third-party division leaders do – directly contradicting such
or using a tablet to interface with a PC. Indications of the       hearsay which doubted his importance in the company.
future development of Smartglass are anticipated for this
                                                                   Wang did not let on how he felt during his 7 year stay at the
years Build event.
                                                                   company, nor did he indicate who would be taking over from
Cross Platform Development                                         his position. Amazon China’s future president has not been
Microsoft is trying hard to provide a multi-platform OS            confirmed to this date.
platform, but have a notorious history for failure in this area.   It would seem that questions regarding localization and
However with the recent boom in mobile devices, Microsoft          adaptation to the Chinese market will remain a touchy
can no longer rely on their desktop versions of Windows and        subject for Wang Hanhua and his successor for the time
Office alone to keep them afloat.                                  being.
Microsoft has had one instance of multi-platform success in        Amazon’s history in China began in 2004 when the U.S.
the past. That is with their game development environment          company acquired Chinese shopping website Joyo.com.
which supported multi-platform development of video                Following the layoff of Joyo.com’s president and vice
games on both Xbox360 and PC. Applications which work              president, Wang was given the role of president in 2005. In
seamlessly across all kinds of PC, smartphone, and tablet          2007 Joyo.com changed its name to Joyo Amazon, and in
device will be the key to Microsoft’s success in a world           2011 it finally changed its name to Amazon China.
where the line separating these types of devices has become
                                                                   Wang Hanhua repeatedly stated that Amazon China is
                                                                   no longer China’s Amazon, but instead is now Amazon’s
Conclusion: If you build apps, they will come.                     presence in China.
As Windows 8 has already been released, some of the                Ferocious industry competition in the region was met with a
excitement has been lost from this years Build conference;         lukewarm response by Amazon, who has shown diminishing
however, this release makes the conference that much more          returns. Q1 2012 results show Amazon trailing in the B2C
important. Windows 8 is one of the most talked about issues
                                                                   market with a mere 2.33% share, giving Amazon a 5th place
amongst developers right now.
                                                                   backseat behind the likes of Tianmao, Jingdong, Suning, and
The reason that Microsoft has had numerous successes               Tencent.
in the past can be traced to the must-have applications
built by their vast wealth of supporting developers. If
October 30th, 2012                                                                                                         Published by: VR-Zone

Wang Hanhua was seen to adopt a more long term strategy
for growth, but this didn’t necessarily impress his American               Third, well, Intel would be able to offer these in a
bosses. Perhaps Wang’s efforts contradicted the overall                    package together with the base Xeon CPUs, something very
synergy of Amazon’s forceful nature in the global market.                  important when budgeting for large machines. Like it or not,
                                                                           Nvidia can't match that.
Industry analysts stated that Amazon China is a part of a
much larger global system, which will not be influenced by
the departure of Wang Hanhua. But perhaps Amazon should
                                                                           Last but not least, the slight disappointment in the Tesla
give thought to what kind of original strategies will work in
                                                                           K20 specs, coming from the GK110 supposedly having to
the region, instead of trying to duplicate their success in the
                                                                           block off a gigabyte of its RAM for ECC (??) according to
U.S. with a photocopied approach.
                                                                           the grapevine, and overall reduction in the expected DP FP
                                                                           performance from 1.5 to less than 1.2 TFLOPs, coupled with
Intel "MIC" futures - will this                                            the CUDA issues, resulted in more of the users looking at the
derail Nvidia's HPC business?
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/intel-mic-futures--will-this-derail-   Will Xeon Phi cripple the Nvidia's most profitable GPGPU
nvidia-s-hpc-business-/17646.html                                          line, the Tesla HPC cards, the same way it brought down
October 30th, 2012                                                         AMD CPU market share? Not so fast, I think - Nvidia is far
                                                                           more aggressive than AMD in protecting its turf, including
                                                                           using various means of protection, which by itself deserve
                                                                           a separate story (or an action movie, maybe). Marshalling
                                                                           the media and channnels in its favour was one of its
                                                                           known strengths, until of course it also started making more
Intel's Xeon Phi, even before the official announcement in                 enemies than it could chew in those same circles.
the next few weeks, already has an impressive site in Texas.
Should Nvidia be worried about the newcomer?
Intel showed us the first major Intel Xeon Phi deployment                  On the other hand, Intel has far more heavy weaponry on
site at TACC in Austin, Texas - just a stone's throw from                  its side, including full control of the semiconductor process,
IBM Power engineers' den, by the way. The 6,400 node                       something that fabless Nvidia and now AMD cannot enjoy,
supercomputer will in its fully deployed first phase have that             as well as possibility of far tighter future interconnection of
same number of 1.08 DP TFLOPs Xeon Phi 'special edition'                   the Xeon and Xeon Phi, whether it's using the QPI bus for
KNC cards running as one per dual Xeon E5 node for a                       shared memory and cache coherency, or having them as both
formidable almost 7 PFLOPs of added horsepower on top of                   being bootable CPUs in mixed-mode clusters. Intel has seen
2 PFLOPs by the node CPUs themselves. The combined 9                       how Nvidia made some serious money selling Tesla cards
PFLOPs may sound impressive in the regional matters here,                  these past few years, and now they want that same market,
but it's still minute compared to over 100 PFLOPs to be                    with not much except Nvidia standing in their way.
seen by an even larger Xeon Phi monster, the Guangzhou
Supercomputer Centre to be online well before this date next
year.                                                                      Intel told us they're committed to keep substantial DP
                                                                           FLOPs advantage over their own CPUs for the Xeon
So, despite the dismal failure of Larrabee project as a                    Phi, which will not be easy as 2014 Haswell-EP Xeon
graphics engine, its core, repackaged as a HPC accelerator,                E5 v3 will reach three quarters of teraflop per socket
seems to have fairly good initial reception in the                         already, and its successor, Broadwell-EP, will likely touch
supercomputing community. Yet, it isn't really faster than                 teraflop DP FP per socket (or 2 TFLOPs in typical dual
the AMD FirePro W9000 or the upcoming Nvidia Tesla K20.                    socket workstation) without having to rely on clumsy
What's the reason for the good acceptance?                                 heterogeneous accelerators. This means a 2015 Xeon Phi
                                                                           should have at least 3 TFLOPs DP FP per card to justify being
                                                                           used at all.
First, the programming approach with mostly simple
recompile from an existing X86-oriented code, compared to
still messy CUDA or OpenCL, does help. A day vs a month                    Now, this push might leave the Nvidia Teslas by wayside
in code moving time can mean a lot to a researcher hard                    if they don't follow the advance. Will the Maxwell and
pressed to deliver results.                                                Newton bring some good news for Nvidia? They better do,
                                                                           as multi instruction set handling still falls second to pure
                                                                           performance when considering HPC choices.
Second, cutting off the now unwanted graphics related
parts from the old Larrabee to create pure HPC accelerator
hardware has freed some space on the dies to have other
                                                                           Apple executives leave
features, like for instance wider 512-bit GDDR5 (compared                  company
to 384 bits on the AMD and NV GPGPUs right now) and                        Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-executives-leave-
enable more memory, say 8 GB compared to 6 GB for the                      company/17654.html
competitors. When you must keep things in local memory                     October 30th, 2012
for maximum performance, every gigabyte counts, and here
                                                                           iOS VP Scott Forstall and retail VP John Browett will
there are two extra.
                                                                           be leaving Apple. Forestall's management team will be

October 30th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: VR-Zone

assuming his responsibilities, while the retail team will           The ASUS ROG Crossfire V Formula-Z is an updated version
be reporting to Tim Cook directly, until further notice.            of the original award winning Crosshair V Formula that
Apple announced the news via press release only a short             came out more than a year ago. Notably, the ROG team
time after Google and Microsoft both made big product               has opted to only release a single model for the AMD
announcements.                                                      enthusiast platform (as opposed to the usual three on Intel -
                                                                    Extreme, Formula, Gene). The no-show of mATX/ITX SFF
                                                                    offerings could be attributed to the lack of real estate needed
                                                                    to integrate a 990FX Northbridge and SB950 Southbridge
                                                                    chipset (Intel only has one PCH) and the large array of
                                                                    VRMs to feed the infamous power consumption of the
                                                                    Bulldozer/Piledriver based CPUs. Both motherboards will
                                                                    work optimally with the latest Vishera FX processors after
                                                                    BIOS updates but the newer offering has a few tricks and
                                                                    tweaks to make life easier for those chasing the benchmark

Forstall has been working for Apple since 1997, when Steve
Jobs hired him for NeXT. Eventually, he became a manager
for the development of Mac OS X and later, of Apple's iOS,
with around 1000 people working under him.
“He’s clearly a highly visible senior leader on the Apple team,
having driven the success of iOS,” explains analyst Charles
There have been a few signs that Forstall was about to leave.
In may, he sold 95% of his company stock, and though he is          A very long time ago when I was new to VR-Zone I learnt a
ever present at Apple's press conferences, he was nowhere           painful lesson not to disturb top overclockers when they are
to be found on the last one.                                        in the zone, because they will react like a provoked honey
The loss of Browett is perhaps less surprising, as he recently      badger especially when things are not going well. Included
laid off parts of Apple's retail staff to manage cut-backs;         in the accessories box is an informative sign for the user to
something which was largely regarded as a mistake. The lay          hang on the door knob and an assortment of other cables and
offs were, in fact, reversed very quickly.                          connectors to help everything get connected.

ASUS ROG Crosshair V
Formula-Z (990FX) Review
ft. Vishera FX-8350 on Phase
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-rog-crosshair-v-formula-
October 30th, 2012

                                                                    Over at the rear I/O Panel area, we find a re-arranged layout
AMD's Vishera FX is certainly not a front-runner when it            and an additional eSATA port. Overclockers will appreciate
comes to raw performance and power efficiency, but many             the inclusion of PS/2 port and handy CMOS reset button.
enthusiasts feel that it is a more interesting animal than Ivy
Bridge to handle when it comes to extreme overclocking. To
advantage of the numerous fine grained controls and knobs
for the CPU and memory, you'll need a motherboard, such as
the ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z we are reviewing here, that
won't literally set itself on fire or come unstuck when pushed
hard at subzero temperatures.

October 30th, 2012                                                                                          Published by: VR-Zone

Over at the other end of the motherboard, ASUS integrated    The onboard Realtek audio solution also received an
an extra ASMedia SATA controller to bring the total number   upgrade (ASUS calls the package SupremeFX III), with
of onboard 6Gb/s SATA ports to eight, which should cater     choice capacitors, noise isolation and improved EMI
for the storage aficionados.                                 shielding to improve the sonic fidelity.

In addition to the Windows 8 centric UEFI fast boot switch
and DirectKey (one touch access to BIOS screen), there is
also the cheeky inclusion of an Intel Thunderbolt header,
                                                             Fast growing Chinese 3G
which can be hooked up to the optional ThunderboltEX         market paves way for 4G
expansion card.                                              Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/fast-growing-chinese-3g-market-
                                                             October 30th, 2012

                                                             During the third quarter meeting of the Communication
                                                             Development division of Chinese Ministry of Information,
                                                             Secretary Zhang Feng announced the planned allotment of
                                                             spectrum for a future expanded Chinese 4G network.
                                                             According to Xinhua News, there were 100 TD-LTE stations
                                                             operating in Hangzhou in April, with the region planning
                                                             to build 2000 more by the end of the year—this makes up
                                                             China's first 4G network.
                                                             However, the type of frequency division to be used as well as
                                                             the spectrum to be allotted in the case of a frequency divided
                                                             network remained sticking points. A recent announcement
                                                             has cleared up this uncertainty. The secretary made clear
                                                             that a LTE-FDD network with a 1800-1860MHz uplink
                                                             and 2040-2100MHz downlink would augment the existing
                                                             network in Hangzhou.

October 30th, 2012                                                                                                      Published by: VR-Zone

China currently has the second highest number of 3G users               comparing Tmall to Amazon is not exactly comparing apples
in the world at 66.9 million. Along with the release of the             to apples. Amazon only derives 40% of sales from third party
iPhone 5, the migration of Chinese users to 4G networks                 sellers while Tmall makes up a larger part of Alibaba Group
sounds the death knell of 3G technology in the not-so-distant           sales volume.
future.                                                                 An International Data Corporation study valued total
This comes less than two months after Everything                        Chinese e-commerce at 780 billion yuan ($124.9 billion) in
Everywhere started offering 4G service to limited areas in              2011 while Harvard Business School valued US e-commerce
the UK. Sprint LTE service is currently available in 32 US              at $197 billion. Still with one more day to go the success of
cities and Sprint plans to expand that number to 100 by                 QQ's online sales campaign could indicate that in addition
March of next year.                                                     to buying the most cars and cognac, Chinese customers will
                                                                        soon spend more online than customers in any other country
It's not possible at this time to predict exactly how soon
                                                                        in the world.
Chinese mobile users will enjoy the same kind of widespread
coverage but we are likely at or approaching the tipping
point in the shift from 3G to 4G as the dominant mobile
network. We can expect to hear more news about it as device
                                                                        Is "Made in Japan" a phrase
manufacturers prepare for the shift.                                    of the past?
                                                                        Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/is-made-in-japan-a-phrase-of-the-

Tencent QQ's makes $33
                                                                        October 30th, 2012

million in less than two days                                           Japan has seen a decrease in manufacturing in recent
Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/tencent-qq-s-makes-33-million-in-   years, and now some experts wonder about the Japanese
less-than-two-days/17592.html                                           economy's future. Sony reported notable losses for the first
October 30th, 2012                                                      business quarter of 2012, and according to Goldman Sachs,
                                                                        the whole Japanese manufacturing industry has experienced
                                                                        negative growth over the same time period.
                                                                        Yao Haitian, a Japanese economic researcher from the
                                                                        Chinese Academy of Arts and Sciences, said, "It would be
                                                                        premature to say that Japanese manufacturing has come to
                                                                        an end. Japanese MC (Materials and Components) are quite
Just two months ago Zeng Ming, chief strategy officer of                upscale, and the profit margin is high. Other countries either
Alibaba Group told Reuters he expected Alibaba Group,                   don't produce the same materials, or can't produce materials
which includes Chinese online retail giant Taobao, to pass              of the same quality."
Amazon and Ebay in total sales volume this year. Now, a
                                                                        Still, Japanese industries are falling behind other East
three day nation-wide sales campaign by rival qq.buy.com
                                                                        Asian countries'. Japanese companies have been laying
has generated over 210 million yuan ($33 million) in just two
                                                                        off workers and restructuring to counter losses. Some
                                                                        economists use electronics fair participation to measure
Officially opened in March of this year, qq.buy.com, along              countries' economic strengths.       At the Hong Kong
with QQ Marketplace and Paipai, is part of Tencent QQ's                 Elecontronics Fair earlier this year, most of the booths
attempt to capitalize on its 711.7 million active IM user               were from mainland China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong
accounts and compete with Alibaba Group in the online                   Kong.
retail market.
                                                                        Economist Joseph Chu Chi has said that Japan used to be
The competition looks fierce, with Alibaba's Tmall – a                  very competitive when it came to end-product consumer
platform for small sellers – reporting 100 billion yuan ($16            devices, but those products are more expensive than their
billion) in transactions last year, and QQ's current sales              counterparts from China and South Korea.
volume already exceeding by a wide margin the 82 million
                                                                        "Japanese companies with terminal applications, such as
yuan ($13.1 million) a similar sales campaign generated
                                                                        cell phones, will continue to decline. Terminal digital,
earlier this year.
                                                                        application, and intelligence software are not Japanese
                                                                        strengths," says Chu.
                                                                        If Japanese companies were to become industry leaders
                                                                        again, they must become more innovative in their model
                                                                        designs and cut production costs.

                                                                        Steve Jobs' yacht is born
                                                                        Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/steve-jobs-yacht-is-born/17648.html

This stands in contrast to Amazon which reported $12.89
billion in net sales for the second quarter of this year. But

October 30th, 2012                                                Published by: VR-Zone

October 30th, 2012

The boat doesn’t go by the ‘iYacht’, but rather a much classier
and elegant name—Venus. The 260—foot ship is made of
lightweight aluminum, with ten-foot-high windows across
the hull, and of course decked out with Apple gadgets left
and right.

The boat was spotted for the first time floating in the Dutch
city of Aalsmeer, but it is currently unknown when Jobs’
yacht will make its maiden voyage. As for the cost, that’s
unknown, too. Jobs’ family thanked the crew that worked
on the yacht by giving them a thank you note, and each a
custom iPod shuffle.
Walter Isaacson (the man that wrote Jobs’ biography prior to
his death) quoted the picky Jobs as saying: “I know that it’s
possible I will die and leave Laurene with a half-built boat.
 But I have to keep going on it. If I don’t, it’s an admission
that I’m about to die.
Jobs remained engage in his yacht’s design process until
his death in October 2011 due to pancreatic cancer. The
Dutch custom yacht builders Feadership continued on with
the project, and French designer Philippe Starck furnished
the boat’s interior.


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