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1 Website, $1,180 Autopilot
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The introduction to this guide will be short and sweet. The reason
is simple, this report only works with extreme focused action. I
get emails quite frequently from people asking me if you indeed
can make a full time income online. The answer, quite simply, is
yes. The next question I inevitably get is those asking why they
are not making much or anything at all. My response back is
usually some version of 'Show me what you have.' They then
proceed to show me scattered, unfocused websites, if they even
have a website at all. There is a common thread with almost all of
their failures. They have virtually no web presence, are picking
poor niche products or getting caught up in meaningless details
instead of getting offers in front of potential buyers.

By the way I am by no means saying failures aren't inevitable in
this business. They will happen and the important thing is to learn
from them. This approach takes hard work but once you get it
going then its like a boulder rolling down a hill that you can't stop.
In other words it becomes hands off, autopilot income. If the idea
of 'work' turns you off then this guide is not for you. It should not
scare you though because you are building a lasting asset. Now
let's make you some money.

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       Chapter I – Quick Case Study
First of all if you aren't familiar with me let me prove to you that I
know what I am talking about. The website in question has
produced solid profits for me for over two years now. More
importantly than that it is doing so consistently.

As you can see the website averages $1,188.56 a month. Over the
course of a year this simple 7 page website has amassed

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How many of these would you make with that kind of return
per website? Admittedly this is one of my better performing sites
but that by no means suggests this was a flash in the pan
marketing effort. Heck even if you only created 10 websites
making half what this one makes per month you'd still be pulling
in nearly $600 per site, per month which would add up to nearly
$72,000 dollars per year when all combined. Do I have your
attention now?


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      Chapter II – Picking a product
Far and away the most important part of affiliate marketing is
picking the right products. I have seen some of the crappiest
'marketing' ever produced still generate great sales simply because
of choosing the right products. So what is the right product?

Be careful what you read on forums where crowds of people will
tell you to stay away from saturated markets. I can tell you from
personal experience this is where the real money is made. The
product I promote is very popular in a niche that people have
routinely told me to stay out of. Don't let busy markets scare you.
I repeat, don't let busy markets scare you. People are spending
money on these items, that's why they are so crowded! Sell
what lots of people buy.
For the website I am profiling in this guide (as well as all my other
websites) I looked through a lot of affiliate marketplaces to find
something that was very obviously selling. Depending on the
affiliate marketplace there are a few ways to determine this. Most
people are familiar with Clickbank and its use of the 'gravity'
metric. Pretty much anything over 15 gravity gets my attention
and I'll even go for ones in the 200s. The most simple and
straightforward way to determine if a product is wanted is

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checking to see its number of searches.

Once you find some potentials after browsing different affiliate
marketplaces head on over to the google keyword tool and start
typing some in.

The google keyword tool isn't exactly precise but it gives a pretty
good rough estimate. Pretty much anything getting over 1,000
searches a month is worth considering. The higher number of
searches, the better and no market scares me to get into. Once you
find a product that is getting substantial searches (over 1,000 a
month but preferably a lot more) head on over to Google. Let's
say for example you used the Google Keyword Tool and found
the product 'Blue Widgets' was getting over 1,000 searches a
month. You would then type the following in Google's search bar
one at a time:

Blue Widget review
Blue Widget reviews
Blue Widget results
Blue Widget feedback
buy Blue Widget
Blue Widget information

As you type those in take note of the total number of search

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results for each keyphrase. Type the keywords in quotes like this:
“blude widget review”. In my opinion solid rankings are fairly
easily attainable with anything under 75,000 results. Shoot for
phrases that are under 60,000 and if you can find keyword phrases
under 30,000 you are really in business.

Let's say I typed in all those keyword phrases I listed above and
Blue Widget results came back with the least amount of results at
30,000. We would now make this our top priority for our domain

Following this example I'd head on over to a domain registrar like
Namecheap and try and land that domain name, preferably with
a .com, .org or .net. I'd register If the
domain name you seek is already taken try some of the other
extensions (.org, .net, .info, etc) or try getting the domain with
hypens in it. For instance Always try
and get .com, , .org or .net. They rank the best, I have tested this
over and over.

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 Chapter III – Building your website
We now have our domain registered and are ready to build the
website. Building a high converting site isn't nearly as
complicated as people make it. There are 3 things that your
affiliate site must have and its not rocket science.

1. You have a top fold offer on every page of your website. (Top
fold suggests that the top portion of your website prominently
displays what you are selling)

2. Your site has excellent navigation and is user friendly. All
pages should be accessible by 1-2 clicks max.

3. You take care of the loose ends like a disclaimer page and
privacy policy with full disclosure of compensation to abide by
the FTC regulations.

Your website should have at least 7 pages. If it starts to become
profitable start adding more content to it to grow its stature. Only
do this once you have gotten results so as not to waste time,
money and resources into something that isn't proven. The reason
this is effective is because it allows you to fail quickly. Not every
website will strike gold but building such small sites initially
allows you to put one up and move on quickly. Once you start

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to see results go back and nurture it by adding more content so it
has a wider presence on the web.

So what's on the 7 pages? Your home page, which in our example
is, will have a neutral review of the product
of 450-500 words divided into 5 paragraphs. Weave in your
affiliate links once per paragraph.

The review will be a light endorsement of the product. What I
mean by 'light' endorsement is that it needs to sound neutral and
professional, NOT sales-like. I highly recommend you buy the
product yourself so you can accurately review it.

The way I avoid sounding sales-like or overly promotional while
still placing it in a positive light is by approaching it as if I were a
doctor and was simply stating the facts. I've seen it all before and
I'm just presenting the information to the reader. To do this you
can highlight a few positives of the product and maybe 1 negative
as well. Make sure the negative isn't something too awful because
we still want people to be interested in it.

After you have completed your home page you will write 4
articles of 450-500 words utilizing the product name in the title
and 3-4 times in the article itself. Remember those keywords we
came up with a few pages back? I would use those as the

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keywords in my 4 articles. I target one keyword per article. Now
we have 5 pages done. The 6th page will be your disclaimer. Do a
search on Google to find examples of disclaimer pages. The most
important aspect is to disclose that you are compensated for sales
as a result of visitors clicking your links. If you are wondering if
this makes people not buy I have never had any issues with it.

The 7th and final page will be your privacy policy. You can also
find some good examples of those with a quick search. Here is
the layout of all seven pages of your website.

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And last but not least...

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There you have it. Your simple 7 page website. Not too shabby
eh? If you aren't skilled at creating websites or simply want a
shortcut one of the best affiliate marketers in my opinion has
released extremely high converting templates to help you. They
can be found here: VIP Essentials: Site Layouts That SELL

This is by far the simplest way to start creating professional
affiliate sites that sell very well and can easily be designed to fit
the format that I just explained above. It allows you to build
pages that are conducive to maximum search engine visibility.
Anybody with any skill level can get started with this because the
templates make it very user friendly. Even advanced marketers

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benefit from this because it speeds up the site building process
exponentially. Time is money. Don't get sucked into buying
premium $97 templates and such, you don't need them. You can
access it here:

>>>>>>> VIP Essentials: Site Layouts That SELL

       Chapter IV – Promote/Traffic
This seems to be the point where a lot of marketers get tripped up.
Everything I outline below can be done yourself but I hate
building links and promoting so I outsource all of it. This is how I
promoted my website that averages $1,180+ a month.

Think of things in logical terms - unless people are looking at
what you have as products or services, you won't make any sales.
Most marketers fail miserably in realizing this. They don't make
the most of web traffic generating techniques to help the sales.
Traffic generation is not as complicated as most people would
have you believe.

This is also a great time to start looking into outsourcing a variety

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                 1 website, $1,180 autopilot                              15

of jobs. Trust me, it is well worth it. Almost all of these methods
can be done on your own so if you don't have the money it is
completely doable, but once you start to see some profits I
STRONGLY suggest that you reinvest and start delegating tasks.

Remember, you are the brains of this operation, utilize the talents
of others to get that new car, go on that next vacation, be able to
spend time with your family, etc. I am going to divide this section
up into two sub categories involving free methods of getting
traffic as well as paid.

If you don't have the money for the paid strategies then you can
obviously still have great success with the free ones but again,
once you have the funds, reinvesting works wonders. These tried-
and-tested methods require very little effort from you, so to begin,
let's learn about some very important aspects for your success -
search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords.

Using SEO And Keywords To Your Advantage

The methods discussed here will give you everything you need to
know about driving traffic from numerous sources. But, before
starting any of them, you need to know about search engine
optimization and using keywords appropriately.

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Search engine optimization is not something you can explain in a
few paragraphs. But, if you get the basics right and practice upon
them, you'll see how the practical experience gradually helps you
to grasp a better understanding of the techniques involved.
Optimizing both your website and promotional campaigns is the
first step towards drawing targeted traffic.

On-Site Optimization

Search engine optimization starts within your website and the
following will ensure it's done correctly.

Title Tags – search engines place a lot of importance on the title
tag you have on a web page, blog or article. The most effective
way to ensure this is to use the single most significant keyword
per page. (Remember our keyword lists?)

It may sound impossible to rely on just one, so it's not essential to
do so for your main web pages, but promotional material will fare
much better if you follow this principle. This is the second most
important thing you can do for on site optimization followed
only by....

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Domain – if you can incorporate your main keywords in the
website's domain, you will have a higher chance of getting a better
page rank in search engines, in turn affecting more visibility to
your targeted audience.

Getting your desired keyword in the domain is the most
powerful thing you can do to get you on your way to top
rankings. I have tested this over and over. (We did this earlier in
this report)

Meta Tags – this is where you describe your site and its content to
the search engines. Don't stuff it with hundreds of keywords and
phrases. Instead, include a different set of keywords in each page,
by focusing on what's most relevant to each. The search engines
will pick up the pages accordingly, matching the search keywords
to your page's relevancy.

Page Content – whatever keywords you used in your title tag, you
must use the same within your page's main content a few times.
Try and get the keyword at least once at the start and once close to
the end as possible.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) – this rather complicated topic is
about how you can provide related content within your website to
let the search engines know that people can find different and

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relevant content to the main product or service you provide.
For example, if your website is about getting a professional tattoo,
by having some content about permanent tattoo removal will
make the search engine recognize you better.

Internal Linking – placing internal links within your site is a trick
to have more exposure towards a search engine spider. This
means, if you can have a link back to your main page within every
other page in your site, it's a good thing.

Make sure the link is stated using the entire URL and not just the
page name according to your site structure. So, instead of linking
to index.html, you must link to
(whatever your domain is, that's just an example)
Your sites must have excellent navigation, meaning every page
is accessible within two clicks at most.

Using Alt Text – images are a great way to make a website
appealing to your visitors, but to truly make it work in your favor,
you must use the Alt text on images wisely. Use the text to
concentrate on the keywords specific to that web page.

Proper Page Names – it's alright to have a web page with two
words in its name, but don't use underscores or spaces to separate
the two words. Instead, use a hyphen, which is much more search

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engine friendly.
For example, instead of using aboutus.html or about_us.html, use

Factors Outside Your Website
Besides what you do to optimize your website, there are a few
optimization pointers to consider when you submit promotional
material for your site.

Keywords/Tags – when you have the chance to use keywords and
tags in your promotional materials (articles, blogs and ads),
simply focus on the most important and relevant keywords. Target
them according to what the main content discusses.

Anchor Text – by using keyword-based anchor text, instead of just
using the URL, your external linking strategy gets more results.

Focused Content -whichever method you use to promote your
website, always concentrate on targeting specific keywords. Each
article, page or blog should focus on a single keyword and topic.
This helps the search engine distinguish your page from keyword
stuffed versions, providing a boost in your web page ranking.
Remember how earlier I discussed how each of your articles will
target only one keyword?

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Unique Content – this is something very important and cannot be
stressed enough. Duplicate content does not work in your favor
(although it won't kill you), so try to make your content as unique
as possible. Avoid copying and pasting other site content that you
haven't written (or had written) and also if you use the same
content in different pages on your site, keep it different by 20-30%
as a minimum. It's not so much that duplicate content penalizes
you, but rather think of it that unique content is rewarded.

These are the most important factors to consider when you are
going through the search engine optimization process. When you
focus on individual keywords and provide valuable contributions
to the online world, the search engines and readers alike will help
you achieve an excellent ranking in a very short time.

How To Promote Your 7 Page Site:

I realize not everyone has a lot of money to spend but that doesn't
mean you have to be any less successful. There are some free
ways and paid ways to drive traffic below. Paid can speed up
success so once you have generated some income I would come
back to them to fully promote your website effectively.

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First Article Submission:
For each one of my product sites I will write 3-4 articles using
keywords from their prospective lists that we created and submit it
to 5 specific directories.

Ok so lets say I was working on the site for our "Blue Widget
Results" review. Remember at this point we already have a
review with our affiliate links posted for it. I would consult my
keyword list for this product and write an article centered around
one keyword.

Remember we want that keyword to appear naturally in the
title, first and last paragraph.

I would then take that article and submit it to:

Don't worry about rewriting for every submission like you may

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have heard. With the exception of Buzzle as they only accept
original content. Submit to EzineArticles or Buzzle first.

Just change the title (while still keeping the keyword in there of
course) and the description and you'll be fine. This will save you
BUNDLES of time. Google won't give a hoot as long as they
aren't on the same website and as long as you aren't submitting
to crap directories.

And you won't be because you will be submitting to those 5
specifically and they are trusted websites.

This is the most basic article submission plan since it is under the
free strategies. It should be known however that there are many
ways to maximize article marketing campaigns that go way
beyond the scope of this guide. If you are ever interested in
getting the most out of every article submission I highly
recommend you check out my guide called Article Marketing

I outsource all of this for each 7 page website I create, from the
writing to the submission and it saves me a TON of time.

As far as high quality freelancers to hire, I use
There are some excellent writers on there that you can hire for

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competitive prices but pay attention to their ratings.

Once you find good people, treat them like gold and they'll run
this part of your business like clockwork. This posting and article
submission process will bring a stream of targeted traffic as well
as build some high quality backlinks to help us rank for our
desired keywords in the search engines. This initial submission of
3-4 articles is just to spread a few across respected high pagerank
websites. We'll get to a more 'traffic building' article submission
in a second.

Directory Submission: One thing I always do is submit my site
for directory links. It isn't free so if you are broke you can skip
this but come back to it once you have the funds, it helps
tremendously. There is a guy from the Warrior Forum who has a
service I use constantly. You can find it here:

Second Article Submission: The next thing you will do is write
or outsource 30 articles about your product. You can do extensive
research if you wish to target long tail keywords however I have
noticed that for as simple a website as these are, simple terms are
still very effective. What I mean by simple terms is I almost
always include the product name somewhere in the title of all my
articles. Just like we researched before, I'd write articles such as

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                 1 website, $1,180 autopilot                              24

“Golden Secrets Revealed From Blue Widget Reviews” or “Blue
Widget Results That Have Everyone Talking!” For these
examples I was using the keywords blue widget reviews and blue
widget results. Do not overcomplicate this process. While
extensive research for long tail keywords is highly effective
remember that we are testing the market first. We are seeing if our
product is going to sell. Once we have a keeper and are getting
sales is when I start to fine tune my campaigns and find better
keywords. It is completely useless to find long tail keywords for a
product that no one wants. Remember we are testing first, scaling
up later (if its a success).

You will submit the 30 articles to because they
provide the best traffic. Make sure your resource boxes have a
strong call to action and if you are building a list in your niche,
which I will touch on later, be certain to point out the free report
they can obtain by opting in. If 30 articles makes you groan and
seems like a lot of work I assure you we are doing the hard part
now so we can relax later. Building autopilot websites can be
very 'front heavy' meaning the bulk of the work is done at the
beginning but tapers off with time. Don't whine, take action.

Social Bookmarking: The next thing we are going to do is social
bookmark our website with our most desired keyphrase as our
anchor text. In our example, that would be blue widget results.

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                  1 website, $1,180 autopilot                              25

When using the same anchor text for links as we have for our
domain (remember how we 'registered' in
our example) it is very powerful. Either by yourself or through
outsourcing, create 100 social bookmarks to the homepage of
your site. Make sure you include a lot of the high page rank
bookmarking sites in your campaign of 100 such as propeller
(very powerful), digg, oyax, mister wong, delicious, etc.

100 social bookmarks can be outsourced on the cheap even for
those with a tight internet marketing budget. Go to places like,,, or
Tons of people will offer their services for this job. It is one of the
easiest things to outsource. Make sure you mention in your job
listing that you will need a spreadsheet with all your active links
upon completion so you can be sure it was done correctly.

Backlinks: The last thing I do for my 7 page website is use a
backling service called High Quality Backlinks. Their web
address is (not an affiliate
link). I do not know the webmaster, I just find it to be a very
convenient service. I usually get the 150 backlink package. Not
everyone likes to put link building into someone else's hands so if
you'd like to build your own by all means do so. Even if you
choose not to go with the backlinking services, if you have done
the other promotion/link building your website will still perform

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better than the vast majority of sites out there.

            Chapter V – Build a List
The vast majority of niches are conducive to list building. I know
you are tired of hearing how lucrative list building can be but
there is a reason it pops up in so many discussions and forum works. For every 7 page website you create you
should be putting an opt in on there to compile a list of subscribers
to market to. Visitor retention is vital. It is a proven fact that the
majority of people do not purchase a product upon first viewing.
By having them on your list you can market to them in the future
to turn them into a buyer. I cannot stress enough how valuable
this step is and how much I wish I would've started list building
right when I started affiliate marketing. Go over to GetResponse
or Aweber to find a good autoresponder service. They are all very
moderately priced. If you are on a shoe string budget you can skip
this step for now but the second you start seeing some decent
profits you must come back to it.

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           Chapter VI – Conclusion
This is the exact process I went through to generate a website that
generates an average of $14,000 per year. If the process seems too
basic or simple to work then you are probably looking for a magic
bullet. The secret to internet marketing is there is no secret. It
took me over a year to stop looking for the 'magic button', it
simply doesn't exist. I go by K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. It is
very easy to get bogged down and distracted by the latest
products, software, this that and the other. Its easy to waste hours
upon hours, days upon days perfecting your font, your design,
your copy, whatever. Do not get caught up in this. If you are
wasting time take a step back and ask yourself if you are
following the K.I.S.S. Principle. The biggest piece of garbage
website will always make more sales than the marketer sitting on
the sidelines perfecting his until he is blue in the face. Just get
sites built, get them out there, put them in front of buyers and
profit. Fire first, aim later. You can fine tune when you start
making sales and scale up from there.

This process is proven and it works. Don't whine, take action.

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Here is a small sampling of some big name affiliate marketplaces
that you can find products in. There are tons out there:


Here is the easiest and best way to build affiliate websites:

VIP Essentials: Site Layouts That SELL

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