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									                       Centralina Workforce Development Board
                                Youth Council Meeting
               Rowan-Cabarrus Community College – South Campus
                           Concord, North Carolina
                        September 19, 2002 - 9:30 A.M.

Members Present                                                        WDB Staff

James Polk, Cabarrus Co. DSS/Youth Council Chair                       David Hollars
Devane Harvey, Anson Co. Youth Services                                Patricia White
Barbara Johnson, Winnie L. Hooper Community Center                     Stephanie Boger
Kenneth Edwards, Stanly County Schools
Joseph Pate, Pfeiffer University
Linda Smith, Union County Career Center
Donna Sell, Union County Public Schools
Alex Carruth, Student – Concord High School
Lori Ivey, Stanly County 4-H
Charles Marsh, Union County Public Housing Authority
Bonnie Stevens, South Rowan High School
Linda Spencer, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College


Brenda Allen, Anson County Schools
Manzell Spencer, Anson County Schools
Daisy Washington, ATI, Inc.
Donna Washington, ATI, Inc.
Bryan Duncan, Salisbury-Rowan Community Service Council
Audrie Daniels-Murphy, Union County Community Action
Paula Holmes, Union County Community Action
Skye Lewis, Lincoln County Public Schools
Roger Withers, Rowan-Salisbury Schools
Thelma Gibson, I-CARE, Inc./Lincoln County

Mr. James Polk, WDB Youth Council Chair opened the meeting at 9:30 AM. Twelve (12) members of the
Youth Council were present at the meeting. Guests present introduced themselves. Mr. Polk also
introduced Stephanie Boger, the new Workforce Development Board Program Associate.

Minutes of the June 6, 2002 Youth Council meeting were mailed to members with the notification for this
meeting. There being no corrections or additions to the minutes, a motion was made by Charles Marsh
and seconded by Donna Sell to approve the minutes. The motion was unanimously approved.

Nomination and Approval of New Members

The following people were nominated for membership to the Youth Council:

   1.    Mr. Alex Carruth
   2.    Mr. Ken Edwards
   3.    Ms. Lori Ivey
   4.    Mr. Joseph Pate

Centralina Youth Council Minutes
Page 2
September 19, 2002

The Youth Council reviewed a handout with a description of each nominee. The Chair, James Polk, made
a motion to approve each of the nominees. Bonnie Stevens seconded the motion. All were approved.

Approval/Appointment of Vice-Chair

Ms. Carol Johnson, Centralina Workforce Development Board Member (Mitchell Community College in
Statesville) was nominated by James Polk for the position of Vice-Chair of the Centralina Youth Council.
The motion was seconded by Barbara Johnson and unanimously approved.

Mentoring / Youth and Family Literacy Project

Stephanie Boger stated that there were several options for funding the Mentoring/Youth and Family
Literacy concept approved by the Youth Council. The Verizon Foundation, American Express (Financial
Literacy program), Staples Foundation for Learning, and First Union Foundation were all discussed. The
Philip Morris Foundation and Cannon Foundation were suggestions made by Youth Council members.
Mr. Ken Edwards described a program in Stanly County that provides computer access to students called
“Stanly Net.” This is a partnership with Stanly County Schools, Stanly Community College, Housing
Authority, and the City of Albemarle. The idea of combining mentoring and literacy into this program
would be the key component to help the program become more successful. It was agreed that Stephanie
Boger would continue to research sources of funding to find the best match for the mentoring/literacy

Youth Council Toolkit

Ms. Boger presented each member of the Centralina Youth Council with a “Youth Council Toolkit”. The
toolkit was produced by the U.S. Department of Labor and guides youth councils by offering tools to help
councils build effective operational youth service delivery. Members were asked to look over the toolkit
and pick out the items that they thought would be helpful.

Youth Council Logo

Stephanie Boger presented a handout with some ideas for a Centralina Youth Council logo. The logo
would go on the Centralina Workforce Development Board website with a link to a youth page. The
members suggested that it would be important to be able to link to other youth sites, including It was agreed that the logo should be kept simple and there should be more input from
youth for the design. Ms. Boger suggested an art competition where youth could design the logo and win
prize money. Donna Sell mentioned that high school art classes and computer application classes are
always looking for projects like this. Members agreed it was important to get more youth involved and
aware of the Youth Council. Lori Ivey suggested a 4-H evaluation of youth and the Leadership Stanly and
Anson programs would be a good place to start.

Youth Council Resource Handbook

Stephanie Boger presented an outline for a Centralina Youth Council Resource Handbook for all
members. The handbook would serve as a reference guide including all information, history, membership
listing, youth service providers listing, and other valuable pages. The handbook will model the Centralina
Workforce Development Board’s Resource Handbook for Board Members. A draft of the handbook will
be complete for review at the November meeting.

Centralina Youth Council Minutes
Page 3
September 19, 2002

Southeast Youth Investment Summit

Stephanie Boger reported that the Southeast Youth Investment Summit – Creating a Comprehensive
Youth Investment Strategy would be held October 15-17, 2002 in Charlotte. There are eleven (11)
members on the local team at this time. Ms. Boger encouraged others, especially representatives from
local community colleges, to join the team.

Special Grant Funds to Support Youth Programs

David Hollars reported that the NC Department Of Commerce – Division of Employment and Training
has allocated Special Grant funds to the Centralina Workforce Development Board to support Workforce
Investment Act (WIA) youth programs. A total of $6,000 is available to each of the seven (7) counties in
the Centralina region. Copies of the plan of action and proposed budget for each county was reviewed and
approved by the Youth Council. Letters of approval will be sent to local WIA providers.

Summer Youth Employment Opportunities

Several WIA Youth Service Providers reported on the 2002 Summer Youth Component. Patricia White
introduced each person and extended appreciation for his or her hard work and commitment to youth.

        Anson County: Brenda Allen reported that three (3) out-of-school youth participated.
        Manzell Spencer reported that 19 in school youth were served and they worked on “Skills for
        Stanly County: Daisy Washington reported that 23 in and out-of-school youth participated.
        Rowan/Cabarrus: Bryan Duncan reported that 19 youth participated in Rowan County.
        Union County: Paula Holmes reported that they served 30 youth and placed them at 19 sites.
        Iredell/Lincoln: Thelma Gibson reported that they had a total of 16 youth participated from
        Lincoln and 38 from Iredell County.

Other Items for Discussion

It was pointed out to all members that the handouts in the right side of the folder were updates from
various media that report on youth news. They included: “Youth Today,” “Youth Resource
Connections,” and “YC Works.” Members were asked to review the handouts and use the information as

Stephanie Boger asked for any volunteers to form a sub-committee to work on developing the Youth
Council Logo Art Contest. Alex Carruth and Linda Spencer both agreed to serve on the committee and
help Centralina WDB staff in developing the competition process for the logo design.

The next meeting of the Centralina Youth Council was tentatively scheduled for Thursday November 21,
2002 at 9:30 AM. Location will be announced later. There being no further business, Chairman Polk
adjourned the meeting at 10:45 AM.

Youth Council Meeting Minutes 09-19-02

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