The Top Online Portfolio Managers - AAII.xls by longze569


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Website Name                                                                                                Wikinvest
Company                                                             Morningstar, Inc.                       Smart Money Magazine                             Wikinvest
Web Address                                                                               
Subscription Price                                                  free to $19.95/mo.                      free; $58 or $108/yr.                            free
Portfolio Updates (Frequency of Updates)                            automatic (delayed quotes)              automatic (delayed quotes), real-time $108/yr.   automatic (delayed quotes)
Desktop Software Compatibility                                      Money, Quicken                          Money, Quicken
Brokerage Services                                                  none                                    none                                             70+
                                                                    Financial Times, Dow Jones Newswires,   Barrons Online, Dow Jones Newswires,             Bloomberg, CNN Money, Fortune, MarketWatch,
Newswire Services                                                   MarketWatch, Morningstar,               MarketWatch, Motley Fool,                        New York Times, PR Newswire, RealMoney,
                                                                    PR Newswire, Reuters, Seeking Alpha     SmartMoney,                              Reuters,,
E-Mail Alerts (News/Price Targets/Dividends/Splits)                 yes (news/dividends/splits)             yes (price targets)                              yes (news)
E-Mail Reports (Security Values/Market Summary)                     yes (security values)                   yes (security values)                            yes (security values)
Additional       Stock Screening/Mutual Fund Screening              yes                                     yes                                              no
Analysis Tools Financial Planning                                   yes                                     yes                                              no
                 Interactive Charting                               yes                                     yes                                              yes
Maximum Portfolios/Securities per Portfolio                         25/140 (free), 25/280 (premium)         50/50                                            unlimited/unlimited
Maximum Securities                                                  3,500                                   2,500                                            unlimited
Securities/      Cash/Stocks/Mutual Funds/ETFs                      yes                                     yes                                              yes
Assets           Bonds (Fixed/Variable/Zero/PIK)                    yes                                     no                                               no
Handled          Annuities                                          no                                      no                                               no
                 Options/Futures/Warrants                           no                                      yes (options                                     yes (options)
                 Real Estate/Partnerships                           no                                      no                                               no
                 User-Defined                                       no                                      no                                               no
Security         Identification (Name/Ticker/CUSIP)                 yes (name/ticker)                       yes (name/ticker)                                yes (name/ticker)
Classification Account Number/Management Firm                       no                                      no                                               yes
                 Asset Class (Predefined/User-Defined)              yes (predefined)                        yes (predefined)                                 yes (predefined)
                 Industry                                           yes                                     yes                                              yes
Transactions     Deposit/Withdrawal; Buy/Sell                       yes                                     yes                                              yes
Handled          Short/Cover                                        no                                      yes                                              yes
                 Margin                                             no                                      no                                               yes
                 Dividends (Cash/Stock/Splits/Reinvest)             yes                                     yes                                              yes
                 Receive/Deliver Security                           no                                      no                                               no
                 Interest Income                                    yes                                     no                                               no
                 Treatment of Fees/Commissions                      yes                                     yes                                              yes
Security Lot Assignments (Avg. Cost/FIFO/Specific Lot)              no                                      yes (average cost)                               yes (FIFO)
Reports          Current Holdings                                   yes                                     yes                                              yes
                 Holdings by Lots                                   no                                      no                                               no
                 Cash Portfolio Status                              yes                                     yes                                              yes
                 Tax Schedules (Interest/Dividends/Capital Gains)   no                                      no                                               no
                 Projected Cash Flows                               no                                      no                                               no
                 Customized Reports/Views                           yes                                     yes                                              yes
Performance      Security/Industry/Asset Class/Investment Style     yes (security)                          yes (security/asset class)                       yes (security/industry/asset class)
Reports          Portfolio (Single/Multiple)                        yes (single)                            yes                                              yes
                 Holding Period/Between Period Returns              yes                                     yes                                              yes (holding period)
                 Value-Weighted IRR/Time-Weighted Returns           yes                                     yes (time-weighted)                              yes (time-weighted)
                 Tax-Adjusted Returns                               no                                      no                                               no
                 Benchmark Comparison                               yes                                     yes                                              yes
Import/Export Data                                                  yes                                     yes                                              yes

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