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GSM commercial alarm systems by JackieChow2


New design commercial alarm systems with GSM cellular communicator. 30 wireless zones and 16 hard wired zones work with up to 116 units wireless sensors, protects your residential and business from intrusion, fire, panic, flood and more. Read more information:

More Info
Commercial Alarm

                            16 wired zones,30 wireless zones
                            Intruder alarm panel: GSM816
                                                                                         UNIFORE Security

 Easy to install and program, saving your time and money
 Security system for un-trained residential users, the alarm system included with separate
 keypad which contains LCD display and intuitive menu system for programming and

 GSM cellular network and PSTN for alarm communication
 Alarm system built-in GSM module and voice dialer module for alarm transmission. Can call
 up to 5 phone numbers and send text message (SMS)

 Professional high security solution
 End station and keypad configuration gives system integrity upon intrusion; with end station
 out of reach

                                                       Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
HONGKONG VSTAR INTERNATIONAL LTD.                                             
Product Summary:
The GSM816 control panel is a fully programmable, 8 wired zones and 30 wireless zones alarm
system, which can be expanded to 16 wired zones to protect up to 46 potentially vulnerable
areas of a building. Designed to offer maximum flexibility and ease of use, the GSM816 is an ideal
choice for domestic, commercial or industrial installations where remote signally may be required.

The GSM816 system maximum accepts 4 remote wired keypads and 8 wireless keypads can be
housed in 8 separate locations of a building enabling the control panel to be installed in a secure
location away from prying eyes, offering greater protection from sabotge.

In addtion, the security keyad with shortcut alarm reporting buttons design such as Fire, Panic,
Burglar, when user touch the button more than 2 seconds, it will trigger the related alarm

Different from other brand security alarm system, GSM816 system built-in GSM module, this
enable security alarm system can be installed remote places where without the phone line.
The security alarm system can preset 5 phone numbers for alarm receiving (including 1 central
monitoring station, 4 personal numbers), GSM816 system is suitable for central monitoring and

Product's specification:
Model                                                      GSM816
Zones           16 fully programmable hard wired zones and 30 fully programmable wireless zones
Panel           Metal alarm cabinet , end station with AC/DC transformer and backup battery connector
Keypad          Accepts 4 hard wired keypad and 8 wireless keypad
Display         Professional blue LCD display, full feature plain text, 2 lines
Arming modes    AWAY ARM, STAY ARM modes
Communication   Telephone & GSM cellular network
Preset numbers Can preset 5 phone numbers (including 1 central monitoring station, 4 personal numbers)
Alarm Report    Voice dialing call and text message (SMS) reporting to CMS or personal number
Maximum Sensors 116 units wireless sensors (intrusion, fire, panic, water leak...etc), unlimited wired sensor
Smart zones     Support smart zone function, automatically check the windows/doors status
Event log       100 alarm event log, 100 operation event log
Code            Support admin code, user code, programming code, duress code, remote control code
Voice Message   Can record up to 9 seconds voice message
Siren Output    DC 12V 600mA siren output
AUX Output      DC 14V 1A power supply for wired sensors
GSM Frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHz works at any countries (except Japan)
Wireless Freq.  433.92MHz, 868MHz (optional)
Power Supply    100 - 240V, Manual switch between 100V and 240V
Backup Battery  Accepts 12V 1.4A, 12V 7.2A Solid Lead-Acid Rechareable Battery
Certificates    CE, FCC

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Telephone: +086-755-28901540

                                                                                              UNIFORE Security

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