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									                  Title                                         Composer
188               Air For Band                                  Frank Erickson
22 AB             Aladdin, Selections from
207AB             Alleluia! Laudamus Te                         Alfred Reed
189AB             Allied Honor                                  Karl L. King
1 AB x-tra        Alvamar Overture                              James Barnes
202               Amazing Grace                                 Frank Ticheli
246 AB            Amazing Grace
4 ABCDEF          America, The Beautiful                        Samuel Augustus Ward
2 ABCDEFG         American Civil War Fantasy                    Jerry H. Bilik
185AB             American Fanfare                              John Wasson
3                 American Folk Rhapsody No. 1                  Clare Grundman
250               American Folk Rhapsody No. 2                  Clare Grundman
6                 American In Paris, An                         George Gershwin
157ABCDE          American Salute                               Morton Gould
5 AB 113          Americans We                                  Henry Fillmore
257               An Original Suite                             Gordon Jacob
18 A              Antithigram                                   Jack Stamp
226               Appalachian Legacy                            Robert Sheldon
7 AB              Athletic Festival March                       Serge Prokofieff
187               Barnum and Bailey                             Karl L. King
168 AB            Beguine For Band                              Glenn Osser
75                Black Horse Troop, The                        John Philip Sousa
234               British Eighth March                          Zo Elliott
10 AB             Broadway Show-Stoppers Overture
9A                Broadway Spectacular
11 ABC            Caccia                                        W. Francis McBeth
12                Caccia and Chorale                            Clifton Williams
159               Cajun Folk Songs                              Frank Ticheli
112 AB171AB       Canticle: All Creatures Of Our God and King   Claude Thomas Smith
13 AB             Caprice and Interlude                         Fritz Velke
258 AB            Celebrations                                  John Zdechlik
145               Cenotaph                                      Jack Stamp
14 ABC            Chant Variants                                Elliot Del Borgo
8 AB              Cheerio March                                 Edwin Franko Goldman
15 ABCDEFG        Chester Overture for Band                     William Schuman
101               Chicago Tribune March                         W. Paris Chambers
177AB             Chimes of Liberty, The                        Edwin Franco Goldman
16ABC 212         Chorale and Alleluia                          Howard Hanson
17 CC             Chorale and Shaker Dance                      John Zdechlik
100               Chorus Line Spectacular, A
194               Chorus Line, A
244 AB            Circus Bee, The                               Henry Fillmore
115               Circus Suite, A                               Stuart Johnson
199               Coat of Arms                                  George Kenny
21                Collage For Band                              Jim Curnow
22 BCD 146 AB     Colonel Bogey                                 Kenneth J. Alford
102 ABC           Colonial Airs and Dances                      Robert Jager
230               Colossus of Columbia March                    Russell Alexander
181               Come Sweet Death                              J.S. Bach
23 ABCDEF         Concert Variations                            Claude T. Smith
25 AB             Concerto for Trombones                        Norman Leyden
118               Concerto for Tuba and Band                    Frank Bencriscutto
175no condscore   Concerto No. 1 (for F-Horn) (K.412)           W.A. Mozart
196AB             Concord                                       Clare Grundman
119               Copland Portrait, A
237               Corinthian Overture                           Elliot Del Borgo
209AB     Corsican Litany                                    Vaclav Nelhybel
217       Courtly Airs and Dances                            Ron Nelson
249       Cradlesong                                         Steven Barton
239 AB    Dance Of The Comedian                              Bedrich Smetana
221AB     Danse Celestiale                                   Robert Sheldon
110       Dialogues on "In Dulci Jubilo"                     John P. Zdechlik
260       Diamond Prelude                                    James L. Hosay
26        Diamond Variations                                 Robert Jager
27        Divergents                                         W. Francis McBeth
120       Divertimento For Band                              Vincent Persichetti
121 AB    Dixieland Jazz Funeral, At A                       Jared Spears
173AB     Do Not Go Gentile Into That Good Night             Elliot Del Borga
114       El Capitan                                         John Philip Sousa
149       El Capitan                                         John Philip Sousa
210       Elegy For A Young American                         Ronald Lo Presti
29 ABC    Ellington Portrait, An
30 ABC    Elsa's Procession To The Cathedral                 Richard Wagner
208AB     Emperata Overture                                  Claude T. Smith
117ABCD   English Folk Song Suite                            Ralph Vaughan Williams
180       Epinicion                                          John Paulson
122       Esprit De Corps                                    Robert Jager
32 AB     Exaltation                                         James Swearingen
255 AB    Exultate                                           Samuel R. Hazo
219       Fairest of the Fair, The                           John Philip Sousa
33 AB     Fantasia in G Major                                Johann Sebastian Bach
34ABCDE   Festival Prelude, A                                Alfred Reed
236       Festival Sinfonia                                  Roland Barrett
123       Festive Overture Opus 96                           Dmitri Shostakovich
262       Fiddle Tunes (from the Am. Revolution)             James Curnow
204ABC    Finale from Kalinnikov's Sym. No. 1                Kalinnikov
252       Finale from Symphony No. 1 in G Minor              Kalinnikov
124 AB    First Suite for Band                               Alfred Reed
35ABCDE   First Suite in E Flat                              Gustav Holst
167 ABC   Flight                                             Claude T. Smith
108 AB    Florentiner March                                  Julius Fucik
36 ABC    Folk Festival                                      Dmitri Shostakovich
229       Folk Song Suite for Military Band                  R. Vaughan Williams
197       Fortress                                           Frank Ticheli
106 ABC   Free Lance March,The                               John Philip Sousa
39 AB     Gallant Seventh, The                               John Philip Sousa
153 AB    Gathering of the Ranks at Hebron, The              David R. Holsinger
248       Genius of Paul Simon                               Paul Simon
38 ABCD   George Washington Bicentennial March               John Philip Sousa
179       Gerona (Concert Pasodoble)                         Santiago Lope
201 ABC   Gershwin
40 AB     God Bless The Child
41 ABC    God of Our Fathers
228       Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of W & P           P.D.Q. Bach
245 AB    Grand Serenade for an Awful lot of Winds & Perc.   P.D.Q. Bach
107 ABC   Greensleeves
43 ABC    His Honor                                          Henry Fillmore
242 AB    His Honor                                          Henry Fillmore
50 AB     Hoagy Carmichael in Concert
42        Holiday For Winds                                  Glenn Osser
225AB     Hounds of Spring, The                              Alfred Reed
192       HungarianDance #5                                  Brahms
44        Hymn and Allelujah                                 Jim Curnow
191       Hymn For Band, A                                   Hugh M. Stuart
182AB            I Am                                             Andrew Boysen, Jr
91               If Thou Be Near                                  J. S. Bach
45               Imperatives                                      Leland Forsblad
46               Impresario Overture, The                         W.A. Mozart
104 AB           In Memoriam Dresden                              Bukvich
254              In the Bleak Midwinter                           Gustav Holst
170AB            Incidental Suite                                 Claude T. Smith
205              Independentia March                              R.B. Hall
48 AB            Introduction and Fantasia                        Rex Mitchell
49 ABC           Introduction and Festiva                         David Shaffer
154 AB           Introit                                          Fisher Tull
203              Irish Tune from County Derry                     Percy Grainger
129 AB           Jerome Robbins' Broadway
51 ABC           Joyance                                          Claude T. Smith
126 AB           Jubilee For Winds                                Claude T. Smith
52               Jubileus                                         John Edmondson
88 C             Kalinnikov's Finale from Symphony #1             Kalinnikov
31               Klaxon, The                                      Henry Fillmore
53               La Forza Del Destino                             G. Verdi
193AB            La Gazza Ladra                                   G. Rossini
259              Last Spring, The                                 Edward Grieg
127              Legacy                                           Elliot A. Del Borgo
183AB            Les Miserables
128 ABCD         Liberty Bell March, The                          John Philip Sousa
240 AB           Light Calvary Overture                           Franz von Suppe
55 ABC           Light Cavalry Overture                           Franz von Suppe
195ABC           Light Cavalry Overture                           Franz von Suppe
200AB            Light Eternal                                    James Swearingen
213 AB           Little English Girl                              D. Delle Cese
220AB            Little Ripper March, The                         David Stanhope
67 AB            Lux Aeterna                                      Elliot Del Borgo
56 ABC           Lyric Essay                                      Donald Coakley
57 AB            Man of La Mancha
232AB            Mannin Veen                                      Haydn Wood
186              March and Procession of Bacchus                  Leo Delibes
147              March of the Steel Men                           Charles S. Belsterling
59 A             March: Winds                                     Clare Grundman
58 AB            Marche Des Parachutistes Belges                  Pierre Leemans
60               Mars from "The Planets"                          Gustav Holst
178 no cond scoreMilitary March                                   Ludwig van Beethoven
103ABC           Miss Saigon, Medley from
54 AB            Morning, Noon and Night                          Franz von Suppe
169 AB           My Kind of Towns
61 ABC           National Emblem March                             E.E. Bagley
111              Nobles of the Mystic Shrine March                 John Philip Sousa
235              October                                     Eric Whitacre
143 AB           Of Sailors and Whales                             W. Francis McBeth
62 ABC           On The Mall                                       Edwin Franko Goldman
206              Orpheus Overture                                  J. Offenbach
28               Overture "1812"                                   Peter Tchaikovsky
243 AB           Overture "1812"                                   Peter Tchaikovsky
63 AB            Overture For Band                                 Felix Mendelssohn
65 ABC           Overture in B Flat                                Caesar Giovannini
64 AB            Overture On An Early American Folk Hymn           Claude Thomas Smith
190AB            Pageant                                           Vincent Persichetti
156 AB           Pas Redouble                                      Camille Saint-Saens
218 AB           Pathfinder of Panama, The                         John Philip Sousa
112 C            Phantom of the Opera, Selections from the
85 ABC       Poet and Peasant Overture                  Franz von Suppe
66 AB        Poetic Intermezzo                          James Barnes
223AB        Polka and Fugue                            Jaromir Weinberger
150 AB       Porgy and Bess Medley
238AB        Porgy and Bess Medley
172AB        Praire Wind                                Greg Sanders
68           Praise To The Lord                         Vaclav Nelhybel
69           Prelude                                    Jean Beghon
130 131 AB   Prelude on Three Welsh Hymn Tunes          Ralph Vaughan Williams
198abc       Prelude, Sicliano, and Rondo               Malcom Arnold
261          Pride of the Fleet                         James L. Hosay
70 AB        Procession of Nobles                       Nicholas Rimsky-Korsakov
132          Prospect
71           Psalm for Band                             Vincent Persichetti
158          Puszta                                     Jan Van der Roost
72 AB        Return of The Jedi, Symphonic Suite From   John Williams
256 AB       Ricercare                                  Jack Stamp
73 AB        Riders For The Flag                        John Philip Sousa
231AB        Riverdance                                 Bill Whelan
74 B 133     Riverfest                                  James Barnes
152 AB       Rolling Thunder March                      Henry Fillmore
116          Rollo Takes A Walk                         David Maslanka
227          Rushmore                                   Alfred Reed
161abc       Salute to PMEA March                       A. D. Davenport
105 AB       Salvation Is Created and Awake
184AB        Sang                                       Dana Wilson
160          Scenes from "The Louvre"                   Norman Dello Joio
78 ABC       Scottish Rhapsody, A                       Clare Grundman
76 ABC       Second American Folk Rhapsody              Clare Grundman
134 ABC      Second Suite in F For Military Band        Gustav Holst
135 ABC      Semiramide Overture                        Gioachino Rossini
151 AB       Shine On Harvest Moon
37 AB        Silk and Satin                             Ron Thielman
80           Sinatra In Concert
81 AB        Sinfonians                                 Clifton Williams
82           Sonata For Winds                           Charles Carter
222AB        Songs of Sailor and Sea                    Robert W. Smith
83 ABC       Spoon River                                Percy Aldridge Grainger
241          Star Spangled Banner                       Francis Scott Key
163          Star Spangled Banner, The
162          Star Spangled Banner, The
214          Star Spangled Banner, The
164          Star Spangled Banner,The
166          Stars and Stripes Forever                  John Philip Sousa
109 AB       Stars and Stripes Forever                  John Philip Sousa
148          Stars and Stripes Forever                  John Philip Sousa
253          Star-Spangled Banner, The                  John Stafford Smith
92 ABC       Stephen Foster, A Tribute to
165 AB       Symphonic Dance No. 3 "Fiesta"             Clifton Williams
155 AB       Symphonic Festival                         Robert W. Smith
137 AB       Symphonic Gershwin, The
88 AB        Symphonic March on an English Hymn Tune    Claude T. Smith
90           Symphonic Movement                         Vaclav Nelhybel
211 AB       Symphonic Suite                            Clifton Williams
136 139 AB   Symphonic Suite                            Clifton Williams
24 AB        Symphonic Triptych                         James Curnow
224ABC       Symphony #3 "Slavyanskaya"                 Boris Kozhevnikov
87           Symphony for Band                          Morton Gould
79               Them Basses March                      G. F. Huffine
142 AB           Toccata                                Girolamo Frescobaldi
251              Toccata for Band                       Paul Erickson
176no cond score Totem Pole                             Eric Osterling
89 ABC           Trail of Tears                         James Barnes
77               Trauersinfonie                         Richard Wagner
93 AB            Tribute to Irving Berlin
125              Valdres Concert March                  Johannes Hanssen
138 AB           Variants on a Mediaeval Tune           Norman Dello Joio
96               Variations on "America"                Charles Ives
94 ABCD          Variations on "Jerusalem the Golden"   Charles Ives
84 AB            Variations on A Korean Folk Song       John Barnes Chance
215AB            Vesuvius                               Frank Ticheli
19               Walking Frog, The                      Karl L. King
216AB            West Side Story Selections For Band    Leonard Bernstein
141 B            West Side Story, Highlights from       Leonard Bernstein
247              Where Never Lark or Eagle Flew         James Curnow
47               Whip and Spur March                    Thomas S. Allen
97AB             William Tell Overture                  Gioacchino Antonio Rossini
233              With Quiet Courage                     Larry Daehn
174              Ye Banks And Braes O'Bonnie Doon       Percy Grainger
98 AB            Yorkshire Ballad                       James Barnes
144              Yorkshire Overture                     Philip Sparke

arr. John Moss

arr. James Swearingen

arr. Ken McCoy
arr. Carmen Dragon

arr. John Krance
trans. Philip J. Lang
arr. Frederick Fennell

arr. Richard Franko Goldman
arr. James Swearingen

arr. Frederick Fennell

arr.Warren Barker
arr. John Higgins

arr. Frank Erickson

arr. John Boyd
arr. Calvin Custer

arr. Warren Barker
arr. John Cacavas
ed. Robert E. Foster

arr. Frederick Fennell

arr. Glenn Cliffe Bainum
arr. Alfred Reed

arr. Lorenzo Sansone

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arr. Robert E. Foster

edited: Frederick Fennell

arr. Floyd E. Werle
arr. Lucien Cailliet

ed. Frederick Fennell

arr. Donald Hunsberger

arr. Glenn Bainum
transcribed by Glenn Cliffe Bainum

arr. M.L. Lake/F. Fennell

arr. William D. Revelli
arr. Frederick Fennell

arr. Tom Wallace

edited: Roy Weger
arr. Warren Barker
arr. Jackoboice
arr. Claude T. Smith
adapted Peter Schickele
adapted by Peter Schickele
arr. Alfred Reed
arr. Frederick Fennell
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arr. Warren Barker

arr. Robert Longfield
arr. Alfred Reed

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arr. Warren Barker

arr. Glenn Cliffe Bainum
arr. Frederick Fennell
arr. Lake-Kent
arr. Lucien Cailliet
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arr. Warren Barker
edited: William D. Revelli
arr. Henry Fillmore ed. Foster

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arr. Frederick Fennell

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arr. Bob Lowden

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