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									                                      Budget WorkSheet
Monthly Living Expenses                             Direct Educational Expenses*
  Mortgage or Rent                                    In-State Tuition**                 $14,623.00
Utilities:                                            Fees                                $4,065.00
  Electric/Heat                                       Health Insurance                      $830.00
  Water/Sewer                                         Books & Supplies                    $1,600.00
  Telephone/Cellphone                               Total Direct Ed. Expenses            $21,118.00
  Internet                                          ** If you're Out-Of-State Add $14,623.00
  Car Payment                                       Yearly Income Sources
  Gas                                               Anticipated Yearly Income:
  Parking/Tolls                                       Employment
Insurance:                                            Spousal Income
  Automobile                                          Other Income
  Medical/Dental                                      Next Summer's Income
  Home/Apartment                                    Other Resources:
  Life                                                Savings
  Other                                               Parent's Contribution
Personal Expenses:                                    Gifts/Other Sources
  Groceries                                         Financial Aid:
  Dining                                              Scholarships/Grants
  Recreation                                          Federal Loans***
  Clothing                                            Private Loans
  Household Goods                                     Veteran's Benefits
  Dependent Care                                      Work Study
  Misc. Expenses                                    ***Loan eligibility is $35,100 in-state and $49,956 out-of-state.
  Travel                                            Total Yearly Income
Loan Payments:
  Credit Cards                                      Putting The Numbers Together
  Other                                                Total Yearly Income                               $0.00
Interview Expenses:                                    Minus Total Living Exp.                           $0.00
  Clothes/Suits                                        Minus Educ. Exp.                                $21,118.00

Total Monthly Expenses              $0.00           Yearly Discretionary Income                       -$21,118.00
  Multiply Expenses by 12
Total Yearly Expenses               $0.00

 ** Based on estimated 2011-2012 Budget. Annual tuition and fees increase approximately 10%. Fee increase
                                       expected for 2011-2012.

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