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Federal Funding Opportunities Matrix - Farm To Table Home.xls


									Agency    Funding Opportunity       Purpose                              Eligibility              Type of

USDA       Rural Community          Build capacity of rural              Non-profits,             Grant
Rural Dev. Development Initiative   communities or non-profits to        government agencies,
                                    undertake com./econ dev              Tribal groups

USDA       Intermediary Re-         Provides funds to an                 non-profits,             Loan
Rural Dev. lending Program          intermediary organization to         government agencies,
                                    provide loans to support             Tribal groups, rural
                                    economic development in rural        cooperatives
                                    areas, including direct loans to
USDA      Cooperative               Provide assistance to rural          non-profits              Grant
          Development Grant         residents to form cooperatives.
          Program                   That assistance can include
                                    grants or loans directly to the
                                    upstart cooperative.

USDA   Community Food               Provide funding to low-income   non-profits                   Grant
CSREES Projects                     and underserved communities to
                                    develop local food systems that
                                    increase food security and
                                    access to healthy foods.

USDA       Value-Added              Provide funding to producers to      Producers or producer Grant
Rural Dev. Agriculture Producer     develop or implement value-          groups
           Grants                   added activities.

USDA       Rural Business           Provide funding for rural projects non-profits, state/local   Grant
Rural Dev. Enterprise Grants        that provide financing or          governments
                                    technical assistance to small
                                    rural businesses.

USDA       Rural Economic           Provide funding to rural utilities   Rural utilities.         Grant or
Rural Dev. Development              to make loans to businesses or                                Loan
           Loan/Grant Program       organizations to support
                                    economic development
USDA       Rural Business           Provide funding for economic         Rural non-profits,       Grant
Rural Dev. Opportunity Grants       development projects in rural        govertment agencies,
                                    communities.                         Tribal groups,
USDA       Rural Energy for        Provide funding to producers or     Producers, rural small   Grant or
Rural Dev. America Grant/Loan      rural small business to develop     businesses.              loan
                                   and install energy efficiency or
                                   renewable energy systems.

USDA   Beginning Farmer and        Provide funding to organizations    Non-profit, government Grant
CSREES Rancher Development         to provide training and technical   agency,
       Grants                      assistance that helps beginning     college/university.
                                   farmers and ranchers.               Preference given to
                                                                       collaborative efforts.

EDA        Public Works and     Provide funding for infrastructure Government agencies, Grant
           Economic Development necessary to support economic colleges/universities,
                                development.                       non-profit
                                                                   organizations. Must
                                                                   serve a "special need"

HUD        Rural Housing and    Provide funding to housing or          Rural non-profits, Tribal Grant
           Economic Development economic development projects.         groups, CDCs, state
                                Projects can include direct loans      community dev.
                                to businesses.                         Agencies.

Treasury   New Markets Tax         Offers tax credits to financing     Certified Community      Tax
           Credits                 institutions that make              Development Entities.    Credit
                                   investments in low-income
USDA       Farmers Market          Offers funding to help farmers      agricultural           Grant
AMS        Promotion Program       market direct to consumers          cooperatives, producer
                                   including through farmers           networks, producer
                                   markets, roadside stands, CSA's     associations, local
                                   and agritourism.                    governments, nonprofit
                                                                       corporations, public
                                                                       health corporations,
                                                                       economic development
                                                                       corporations, regional
                                                                       farmers market
                                                                       authorities and Tribal

NMDA       Specialty Crop Block    Funding for a variety of projects Businesses, producers, Grant
           Grants                  to increase production and        cooperatives, non-profit
                                   marketing of any non-commodity organizations.
USDA   Healthy Food              Establish and assist enterprises   Non-profit              Grant
CSREES Enterprise Center         that process, distribute,          organizations,
                                 aggregate, store, and market       Cooperatives,
                                 healthy affordable foods           Commercial Entities,
                                                                    Agricultural Producers,
                                                                    Academic Institutions,

USDA     Environmental Quality   Provide incentives to farmers      Farmers and ranchers Grant
NRCS     Incentives Program      and ranchers to implement          or farming/ranching
                                 sustainable practices and          businesses.
                                 provide funding to help farmers
                                 and ranchers comply with
                                 environmental regulations.
                                 Includes organic production and
                                 energy efficiency and renewable
                                 energy use
USDA     Farm and Ranch Land     Provides matching funds to         State, local and Tribal   Grant
NRCS     Protection Program      purchase conservation              governments, non-
                                 easements.                         profits that have
                                                                    existing farmland
                                                                    protection programs.
Max. Award     Due Date Application             Requires      Program       Examples
                        Process                 Match?        Period

     300,000 May?       Submitted to local      Yes, 100%     Up to 3 years Train the trainer, technical
                        Rural Dev. Office or                                assistance, hiring of staff
                        through;                                 members to provide
                        narrative of approx                                 technical assistance
                        30 pages, plus
                        additional forms.
     750,000            Contact Rural           No                          Could be used to set up a
                        Development                                         microenterprise loan fund to
                                                                            provide start-up or
                                                                            improvement capital to
                                                                            grocery stores or food
                                                                            processing businesses.
     300,000            Submit either in       Yes, 25%       1 year        Could be used to help start a
                        paper or through                                    buying club, a producer
               Narrative                               cooperative, a cooperative
                        of up to 40 pages                                   grocery store
                        plus additional forms.

     300,000 May?       Submit online         Yes, 100%       1-3 years     Help low-income
                        through                                 communities develop
                        Narrative of up to 10                               community gardens or help
                        pages plus additional                               minority farmers develop a
                        forms.                                              marketing cooperative. Bring
                                                                            EBT to farmers markets.

300,000 for    May?     Either in paper or      Yes, 100%,    1 year        Start up funds for a berry
working                 through     can include                 farm. Development of a
capital,                Narrative of up to 35   in-kind                     specialty grain marketing
100,000 for             pages plus additional                               cooperative.
planning                forms.
no maximum,             Contact Rural           No                          Provide enterprise
but smaller             Development                                         development services and
projects given                                                              small loans to rural
priority                                                                    businesses.

                        Contact Rural           No

      50,000            Contact Rural                                       Business incubators,
                        Development                                         technical assistance to
                                                                            businesses, market/feasibility
                                                                            studies, econ. development
$500,000 for              Contact Rural          Yes, grants                 Funding to purchase solar
grants, $25               Development            can fund                    panels for greenhouses.
million for                                      only 25% of
loans                                            total project
                                                 costs. Loans
                                                 of up to 50%
                                                 of project

    $250,000      Mar-09 CSREES will issue a Yes, 25%            3 years     Develop a farm internship
                         request for         can include                     program.
                         applications in     in-kind.
                         January 2009.

               Ongoing.   Pre-application with                               Business incubators, basic
                          EDA.                                               infrastructure.

    $300,000 May?         Submit to HUD or       No              3 years     Establish a grocery store in a
                          online through                                     rural area.
                 15 page
                          narrative plus
                          additional forms.
Tax credits  Ongoing.     Apply with                             7 years     A CDC can get a tax credit
up to 39% of              Department of                                      for investing in a grocery
investment.               Treasury.                                          store in an underserved
     $75,000 March?       Submit to Agricultural No              18 months   Marketing training for
                          Marketing Service                                  farmers, consumer
                          either online or hard                              education, helping low-
                          copy. 10-page single-                              income consumers access
                          spaced narrative and                               markets, improving farmers'
                          additional                                         market management. Cannot
                          documents.                                         be used to buy land or
                                                                             buy/repair buildings.

$10-30,000       15-May Submit letter to         Yes, 100%? 1 year           Create a New Mexico grass-
                        NMDA.                                                fed beef branding program.
??             May, RFP Submit to CSREES.        No                      Develop a business that
               out in                                                    brings together crops from
               March                                                     several small farmers to sell
                                                                         to a school district.

$300,000                  Apply to NRCS. Brief Covers up to 1-10 years   Can be used to cover costs
over a six                application form.    75% of costs              for organic conversion or
year period.                                   or 90% for                development of on-farm
                                               limited                   renewable energy systems.
                                               resource or               Also, water conservation.

               Ongoing.   Easement granting      Yes, 100%               Could provide a 50-50 match
                          organization applies                           for state tax credits issued
                          to NRCS State                                  for conservation easements.

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