Marqeta by emma195


									Online-to-Offline Platform for Retail Commerce

                         Corporate Presentation
                   Founded 2010 – Emeryville CA
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            The Starbucks O2O Platform for Everyone Else

    Marqeta: The Same Platform for Every Merchant and Enterprise

+   Unlimited Merchants on One Card / Mobile Platform
+   No POS Integration or Staff Training – Managed in Cloud
+   Direct Path to Purchase – Online to Offline
+   Powerful Force Against Showrooming
+   Higher Purchase Frequency, Basket Size and Lifetime Value

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Management Team
        Jason Gardner
                                  PropertyBridge, MoneyGram
        Founder and CEO

        Eric Bachman
                                  Golden Gateway Financial, NextCard, US Bank
        Chief Operating Officer

        Omri Dahan
                                  The Trium Group, TerraFusion, Republic of Tea
        Chief Revenue Officer

        Mark Lopez
                                  Fintech, PropertyBridge
        VP, Engineering

        Serena Hom
                                  Amex, Bloomingdale’s, Zagat Survey
        Director of Marketing


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Inside +M: Infinite Accounting Meets Transaction Processing

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Consumer Dashboard

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                                   It adds up.

Jason Gardner          Omri Dahan
CEO                    CRO
510-779-3021           510-779-3032

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