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					“How I Made N300,000 In
 14 Days Starting With A
  Capital Of N12,000”
The Step By Step Secret System I Used To Generate
             Over N300,00 In 14 Days

                     Donatus Amaechi

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                           Short Intro
Thanks for taking action and downloading this free report!

Even though this a free report, do not underestimate the value it

My name is Donatus Amaechi and I hail from the Eastern part of
this great country Nigeria.

Here’s a picture of me in my office:

I first got started in Internet business in June 2004 and it wasn’t till
2008 that I finally did this full time.

I’m, however, not an Internet Marketing “guru”, I’m just your
typical normal guy who happened to stumble upon this thing
called Internet Marketing before you and now I’m keen to share
  some of the valuable lessons I’ve learned over the past few years
  with you.

                          Here We Go
What follows in this report is a frank description of the exact system
that enabled me to make N300,000 within 14days with a start up
capital of N12,000 naira only.

The best part of it is that I did all this from the comfort of my
bedroom wearing my boxer shorts and the whole system took me 3
days to set up and I stood back to watch my account swell to the

Now, N300,000 is a lot of money. Especially since I did the set up just
once and the cash kept coming in. but, in the world of internet
marketing with people making millions, it may not be much money.

Below are what you DO NOT need to operate this system.

  1) You do not need to have a product of your own – the products I
     sold during these 14days were mostly not mine. They are resale
     rights products that I bought.
  2) You don’t need to have a list already – I created this system on
     an entirely new account. A new website, new auto-responder
     account etc.
  3) Nobody needs to have a previous knowledge of who you are –
     Like I said, nobody need to know you. All the people who joined
     my new list and bought from me were people I was meeting for
     the first time. And the funny thing is that if you can implement
     this system, you can keep making a lot of money for the next 12
     months just by repeating it. And automatically.
What if people were just paying a lot of money into your account
everyday and they are doing it happily?
What if you made as high as N50,000 in a single day. Just like this:

As you can see, that’s my google mail account (gmail).Hey I am not
trying to show off here. I am only trying to proof to you that this
report is for real.

                  The System Starts Here
  This same system you are about to fully discover is what has been
  running in the united states (that is where it originated from) and
  is actually highly responsible for their prosperity and high level of

  It is all about selling information.

  I know…. I know….. I know…..

  That might sound crazy to you. Yes! It is crazy but it is real.

  Information sells and a lot of people (very young guys) are getting
  rich all over the world today just selling information.
  Now, don’t get scared and say “I don’t have any information to
  sell”. Well, you do simply because you don’t have to be a
  professor to do what we are talking about here.

  So lets go.

                   My Step-By-Step System
 1. Find hot information product and buy the resale right or private
    label right (Resale rights – products that the owner has given you
    the rights to sell and you can keep all the profits. Private label –
    this one is even better – you can edit it and still sell it as well and
    make a lot of money.)
 2. Re-package it
 3. Create a powerful advert for the product

                    Find a HOT Information
You may not believe this but the truth is that people are looking for
so many information that can help them on a daily basis. You may
not hear them say it but those desires are there. For instance, people
may not tell you that they want money but when they see an
information product that can help them with it, they will jump at it.
They were actually looking for a way to PREVENT PREMATURE
EJACUALTION during sexual intercourse.
I quickly chipped in that there was a time a saw a book on that topic
and they were asking me were I go the book from so that they too
can buy and help themselves out.
I then concluded I will buy the ebook from either
or and repackage it for the Nigerian market.
You too can also go over there and pick up products you think will
solve problems for Nigerians and market it to the people who need

I also gave out PLRs (PLR means Private Label Rights) to some
products I created at the Beginning of this year for a low price. One
of my students in Owerri told me he sold about 75 copies of a PLR
product I sold to him at N2,500 each. Imagine a product he did not
You can also grab my private label and resale right package here

           Create a Report (Re-package it)
Now that you have gotten the information, the next thing is for you
to actually create a report out of it. Simply sit down and put the
information you have gotten into writing and arrange it very well.
After that, convert it into PDF and you are set to go.
You should also give it a powerful title such as this: How to burn
your Belly Fat In 12 weeks.

                Create a Powerful Advert
This is an element that must be taken very important. Normally, I
have been placing adverts that will build a list in all of my life. But
right here, you are going to be selling directly. What this means is
that you will not be giving anything away for free. The advert will be
crafted to sell directly.
Now, do not tell me to help you write any of your adverts because
my price is high. I will create a classified advert for N25,000 and
N100,000 for creating lengthy sales copies .
What are the important elements that you have to take care of here?
1. The size of your advert
2. The headline
3. The body
4. The call to action
Advert Size - the first thing you have to trash out is the size of the
advert you want to place. This is what will let you know how to craft
out the body of the advert.
For instance, if you would be placing a half paged advert (that would
be a little bit pricy anyway), you would know that you have a lot of
space to use for your sales message unlike when you are using an
advert size of 2inches by 2 columns.
Headline – By now, you should now that the headline is the most
important part of any advert. It should be crafted with power.

The Body – The body of the advert is where you now craft a very
powerful message that will tell the reader what they stand to gain by
buying your product.

The Call to ACTION – definitely, the purpose of your advert is to
make you money. So, the last aspect right here is where you tell the
reader to take a specific action that will make you money.
Right here, it will be something like this: Get a Copy Right Away by
Paying into (you put your bank account here)
Okay, here is a sample advert that I have used in the past.

                How I Actually Did Mine
Right now, I am going to tell you how I spent N12,000 to get the
money I got within 14 days.
1. I got the information on how to get cheap laptops from
manufacturers in china. I tried it and the laptop was send to my
home here in Lagos. I wrote it down in details showing the step-by-
step system on how I was able to buy the laptop for $89 dollars only.
2. I crafted my classified advert (the one you see above) and I paid
N7,000 for it to appear in the Tuesday edition of the guardian
3. I used the remaining to place an advert on complete sports
3. The rest is history
                   Let Me Tell You This
You know what? I am sick and tired of people who say they have
tried this and that and
it is not working. The problem with people like this most of the time
is just that they are not doing the correct things that they are
supposed to be doing and most of this fault comes from the fact that
they get bad people to tell them what to do.
Right now, the information I am sharing with you in this manual
works like crazy. You can ask any expert (or even so-called expert)
out there and they will tell you the same thing.
Your only task is to ACT on what you have learnt and that is what a
lot of people find hard to do.
   How To Deliver The Information Product To
  This is going to be the shortest section of this e-book to deliver
  the sold book after customer pays is easy.

  Firstly, if you use a bank to collect your payments they will
  definitely send you a text message to confirm the payments.

  So, all you have to do is to send the e-book to the buyer by
  attaching it to an email.

  If you want to attach it to an e-mail, simply click on “compose” or
  “Reply” and you will see a button that says, something like
  “Attach File” depending on the kind of e-mail account you are
  using. When you click on that button, you will be taken to a page
  where you can click on a button which says BROWSE to have for
  where the file you want to attach is on the computer.

  On selecting the file, click on “Attach files” when the file has been
  attached, simply type in your e-mail and click on send.

  …… And that is all. Does this sound complex? I bet it doesn’t.

  If your product sells for N5,000, surely 50 sales within 2 weeks will
  give N300,000 a Month but be careful not to overprice or under
  price your products.

  Remember, to ensure your success, the following areas are very

  ⇒ A Hot Topic (information) with a ready market

  ⇒ A powerful advert: (classified

  ⇒ Good delivery system.

  Remember, no matter who you are or what you are doing right
  now, you can add an extra source of income for yourself.

               STOP AND LISTEN!!!
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Okay, let me start to close this report by asking you a question.
Let's say you want to send out two mobile police men for a special
assignment and you now do the following:
1. You train mobile police A for just 1 month and send him off with
just a pistol.
2. You train mobile police B for 6 months and send him off with a car,
fully equipped ammunition, radio communication and a bullet proof
Here is my question: which of the mobile police is likely to succeed
faster and come home alive out of the 2?
You see, it doesn't take any magic to know that the most trained and
most equipped person is likely to become more successful. So, here
is what you have in terms of the people who will read this report:
1. Some people will ONLY get trained from the MINI course in this
report – soldier A
2. Some will advance to getting trained from the contents of the
ADVANCED Google Code course which is at
– Soldier B
Whichever ONE you choose, you can succeed and that is the
Lest I forget, if you are reading this report right now, I have even
given you the Resale rights to sell it using this system and make
money by doing so. Just don't sell it for more than N2500.
Did I hear you say How can I sell it? Kidding me, right?
Don't finish this report and do nothing.
That will be a mistake. Do something right now.
I wish you success in life.
To your online success!
Donatus Amaechi
   Nigeria's Top Internet Marketer