Wonderful Things About Being a Game Developer

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					Wonderful Things About Being a Game Developer

There are a lot of good things about being a game developer in the Philippines. As the multi-billion dollar
mobile game development industry gets even bigger, more game development jobs become available in the
country. These opportunities make it possible for game enthusiasts to work in a field they love and earn a living
with a career that makes them happy. A career in mobile game development is more than an excuse to play
games all day, there are many rewards that come in this industry.

     Using your creative and analytical skills – Game development jobs require both your creative and
      analytical skills. Some jobs like artists and sound engineers may have a highly-creative focus, while
      programmer jobs are very analytical. Game design and mobile app marketing uses both creative and
      analytical skills. You can always challenge and allow your skills to grow in mobile game development.
     Work in a lively and casual environment – If working in a cold and formal office is your idea of a
      nightmare, the environment of game development will be a sweet dream. It is so different from other
      industries. Employees are allowed to be as creative as they can be. There are no strict dress code and
      the working hours are flexible to maximize the employee's efficiency. The best part is being surrounded
      with people that are passionate and driven about what they do.
     Having a steady career in a dynamic industry – The game development industry is always changing and
      it changes fast. With all the new innovations, it will be hard to find a dull moment. But the changes also
      bring new opportunities to learn so you can improve and expand your skills. But even with all these
      changes, the game development industry is well-established, so you do not have to worry about your
     Seeing people have fun with your creation – Making other people happy is one of the best feelings in the
      world. In mobile game development, you have a chance to do that in every game you create.

It is very fortunate that Filipino game aficionados can be a game developer in the Philippines and they no longer
have to go overseas to realize their dream of making games. FunGuy Studio is an android and iphone app
development company that makes it possible. They have their game studio based in Manila where they
perform the whole range of game development jobs       – from game conceptualization to mobile app marketing.

There are a lot of wonderful things about game development jobs beside impressing kids. It is a fun career that
satisfies one's need for creative outlet, growth and security. It also gives you an opportunity to turn your passion
into a career.

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