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									          TWYFORD TENNIS CLUB
                                  Arrangements for the 2009 Season
                           ( see also
The subscriptions are £75 for Seniors, £27 for Juniors and £45 for Weekday Members. A deduction
of £5 is applicable for each additional family member. A family subscription rate of £165 is also available
(this rate will not apply once children commence work). (A 10% Discount is available on request for
Senior Citizens who have been club members for 10 years or more.) The Club provides free access to
the courts and free floodlighting. Members will be provided with tennis balls during club events. Keys to
the hut and the floodlights may be purchased by adult members from Laura McMahon (Tel: 932 1644) at
£5 for the pair.

Club Sessions
We have club nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.30pm, (possibly club afternoons on Sundays
should players turn up) and social tennis mornings on Wednesdays and Sundays. Team practice is held
on Monday evenings (please speak to team captains if interested).
This year (weather permitting) our club coach, Justin, will be at every Tuesday club night during the
summer between 6.30pm amd 8pm to give free coaching and advice to any club member who wants it as
well as being there to make sure there’s always someone to play

Shoe Tags
Twyford Tennis Club will again operate a shoe tag system so that members are clearly identified. The
tags will be blue with “Twyford 2009/10” written on them. Shoe tags will be provided free to members on
joining. If a member requires a replacement tag, they will be requested to pay 25p per tag.

Open Day
Open day this year is any club night, afternoon or morning, when non-members will be free on their first
visit to play and explore the club and receive membership forms. Please invite your friends to attend.
Alan Saker Tournament and Club Bar-B-Q, Sunday, 14 June
This year the Alan Saker Tournament will be held on Sunday, 14 June from 11 am till about 4 pm.
There will be a self-service Bar-B-Q during the day.
Finals Day, Sunday 6 September
Tournament matches will be played throughout the summer with Finals day on Sunday 6 September.
Entry into the tournament (singles, doubles and mixed doubles) should be made at the same time as
renewing membership, see form on page 3. To ensure that the tournament completes by finals day,
entrants not completing matches within the allotted time will be scratched.

Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held on Monday, 23 November at 8 pm at Loddon Hall,

Tickets for Wimbledon
Anyone interested in having their name in the draw for tickets to Wimbledon should tick the box on the
Application for membership form. Only those paid-up members for 2009 and who joined British
                         th                                                                           st
Tennis on or before 30 November last year will be eligible. The draw will take place on Friday, 1
May. If you want to make sure you can enter the draw next year then sign up at and see what is on offer - it's free till 2012.
Coaching will be available for both Juniors and Seniors by our LTA Qualified Coach, Justin Cook (Tel:
Home:934 2726, Mobile:07788 591 778 or email ).

Justin will be running classes for Juniors on Tuesdays between 4 and 6:30 pm.
The fees are £65 per term, payable to Justin.

For Juniors, 3-day tennis camps may be arranged during the easter, summer, and half-term holidays –
see Clubhouse Notice Board for details. Junior teams could be entered into local leagues. If you, or
anyone you know are interested in helping please tick the box on the attached enrolment form and have a
chat with Justin.

NB      Juniors have equal priority on the courts every weekday until 6.00 pm and junior coaching days
        until the end of the coaching session.

Individual coaching may be arranged with Justin at £25 per hour for Juniors, £30 for Seniors. He can also
supply tennis rackets, clothing and footwear at keen prices. He would welcome help with the junior

Visitors, who must be accompanied by a member, are welcome at a charge of £3 for Seniors and 50p for
Juniors. Please ensure that the visitors book is signed before play starts and that the fee is paid to
any committee member as soon as possible.

Club Rules
The club rules are displayed on the Clubhouse Notice Board. New members may obtain a copy of the
rules on application to the secretary (Dougal Munro).

Committee 2009

President:              Bob Croft               934-9721
Chairman:               Nigel Bailey            987-1068
Hon Secretary:          Dougal Munro            934-1800
Hon Treasurer:          Sioban Wilkinson*       934-0803
Men's Captain:          Johnny Worrall*         932-1644
Ladies' Captain:        Margaret Croft*         934-9721
Mixed Captain:          Becky Goold*            07806-805676
Membership Sec:         Dougal Munro            934-1800
Groundsman:             Edgar Studer            973-2709
Club Coach:             Justin Cook             934-2726
Webmaster:              Peter Newton            07983415066
Committee mbrs:         Keith Hawkins           934-1861
                        Jamie Henderson*        932-1298
                        Louise Knight           927-2703

(*Member of Team Selection Committee)
                           Twyford Tennis Club Application for Membership

 Surname               Forename          Wimble-      Sen/Jun/Wkday*         Less            Total
                                         don                                 Discount
 1.                                                   £75/£27/£45
 2.                                                   £75/£27/£45          - £5
 3.                                                   £75/£27/£45          - £5
 4.                                                   £75/£27/£45          - £5
                                                      Family Membership Required £165
                                                      Tournament fees (see below)

 Address:                                                                       Tel:

 Email:                                                                         Mobile:

*Delete as required. Second and subsequent members of any family have fees reduced by £5 as shown.
Weekday membership comprises Monday to Friday to 5 p.m. Subscriptions are due by the 30 April.

Please tick if you wish to:-        play in matches
                                    play in friendly matches
                                    help with Junior coaching

Return to Dougal Munro, 20 Malvern Way, Twyford, Berkshire, RG10 9PX.

Cheques should be made payable to Twyford Tennis Club.

                        Twyford Tennis Club Summer Tournament Application

To encourage people to enter the Club Summer Knockout Tournaments, an entry fee of £2 per class
(Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles), or £5 for all three, is required this year, with the proceeds to
cover refreshments on Finals day, Sunday 6 September. Please give name and contact phone No(s)
and tick appropriate boxes. Payment should be made by cheque to Twyford Tennis Club, preferably
included with membership subscriptions in above table.

                                                    Mens                     Ladies           Mixed
Name                  Telephone
                                          Singles      Doubles     Singles       Doubles     Doubles

Return to Dougal Munro, 20 Malvern Way, Twyford, Berkshire, RG10 9PX by the 30 of April, when
the entries will be passed to the Tournament Committee.

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