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What are you needed in your kitchen to be comfortable


									What are you needed in your kitchen to be comfortable?
Any where the kitchen is very important place in house especially to house wife, what we
need in our house is different from one family to another.

Now we talk about how the kitchen can be comfortable and easy to use

1- You need create calm by choosing neutral colors. All-white, cream or pale grey are foolproof design

2-No matter what your style, budget or space, every kitchen layout should be designed around what experts
call the 'Golden Triangle'. This involves placing the main work areas - fridge, sink and oven/cook top - close
to each other, positioned at three sides of a triangle.

3- you need Strong lighting and large windows to provide day lighting source and exporter of good
ventilation at the same time

4-Must be most of the things that we use often in reach of our hands and not far or stored in a high place

5- A full-height, full-depth, tall obstacle should not separate two primary work centers. A properly recessed
tall corner unit will not interrupt the work flow and is acceptable.
(Examples of a full-height obstacle are a tall oven cabinet, tall pantry cabinet or refrigerator)

6-Drawers maximize storage space, making it easy to access your kitchens
Darkest corners. Extra-deep options are perfect for pots and pans

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