Types of flooring

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					Types of flooring

                                        :There are many types of flooring including
                                                      Wood flooring
The suit bedrooms and living and can be used in the lounges, where food the AHA warmer in winter than other types flooring
                          other Marble and ceramics .. It does not favor the use of wood flooring in
                                                  places prone to water.

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                                                      Marble floors
   The marble and granite floors of the strongest species that are resistant to friction and land and have a high capacity to
withstand prolonged use.. The multiplicity of colors and sizes that are custom cut given great flexibility in check.. And suitable
   for use in all places and atmosphere can be used in dry and wet places alike.. And can be maintained and polished as
 necessary, making it always renewed, but may be relatively expensive, which reduces the use only when necessary.. But
                                                         there is no doubt
                          given the richer and richer and give the place a sense of a different feeling.

                                                  Ceramic tiles and porcelain
   Characterized by High resistance weathering and are not affected by the sun, dust and water for many years ... Easily
  cleaned simplest usual cleaning methods and lack of need for maintenance work great.. Multiplicity of designs and colors
   Without Borders lend aesthetic touches and make it suitable for all tastes.. Resistance to chemicals and some types of
                                              severe Barred making it suitable for all

The ceramic spread in recent widely varied uses after it was confined to the floors and walls of bathrooms and kitchens and
and colors numerous floors roads and galleries living primarily with the development of ceramic industry and the multiplicity
   and varied uses, became used formations different storefronts, malls and buildings and sports hospitals and villas and
                            .subway stations, etc., and other non-traditional places not used before

  There are different sizes and multiple depending on several factors, including the direction of the market or what can be
                          likened to a (fashion) and, in some cases for ease of installation, especially
                                       when you configure the formations and otherwise.

And worth mentioning that the larger sizes suited for large areas but small spaces kit chins and bathrooms and roads prefer
 the use of the relatively small sizes ... With appropriate size attempt to use the full tiles instead of having to use parts of the
                                           tiles in the corners if we do not improve the
                                                 selection of the appropriate size.
                           If the need to do so invited us can put tiles is complete in non-visible parts

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                                     Floors, rugs and carpets
                And can be affixed to the cement floor immediately after settlement
                     Surface and adjust the elevation or stuck on the tiled floors

                                            Stone floors
stone flooring fit floors gardens and villas entrances and around the fountains and other places that
     fits .. And can be interspersed with greenery to bring them vital and integration with nature

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                                                   Rubber flooring (rubber )
And used in flooring certain places to reduce the sound and static electricity is also used to cover stairs (stairs) , and there in
the form of rolls Sheets or squares tiles Tiles sizes and different colors thickness of 2 mm: 7 mm or more depending on the
                                                          quality of Use

                                                          High Floors
A flooring tiles from vinyl or wood reinforced foil of aluminum mounted on tripods (pillars) metal raises for ground by ranging
 40 - 70 cm in order to exploit the vacuum bottom in passing electrical wiring and cables, etc. are often used rooms control
                                                  and galleries computer labs