The concept of interior design

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					The concept of interior design
The concept that comes to mind when he mentions interior designer, it is a professional who begins his work where others
have ended, and his job is limited to cover the defects of others, and this concept is common among professionals in the
construction industry.

Valmsamm internal request its assistance only when construction is finished completely, at best at the end of the
architectural design stage, and this concept of a minor does not serve the development of the construction industry for
several reasons:

1 - It is no secret to everyone that the bulk of the construction cost of the disposal of the finishing process of lighting and
furnished and equipped and all of these matters within the jurisdiction of the interior designer.

2 - Most systems that deal with interior designer (such as lighting, air conditioning vents, and special selections offices, such
as computer networks, telephone lines, and electrical wiring) need a lot of early coordination with the designers of these

3 - Early coordination between the interior designer and architect creates integration between design idea for both to create
an integrated environment internally and externally.

4 - Many expenses can be shortened to the availability of the full details of the desired atmosphere inside the building.
5 - interior designer needs a lot of time to prepare ordinations and specifications and take how many decisions concerning
the selection colors and materials, furniture and accessories and indoor plants, and then begin the search for these items in
the market, and the replacement of some materials with other materials, and then wait for the supply and installation and all
this needs a lot of time.

The above it is clear that the role of the interior designer starts early with the development stage of the program and
participate in the design and preparation of the budget for the project.

All that is located by sight and touch our hands and hear our ears is part of the interior design of the built environment, it is
here highlight the importance of interior design being deals with users personally directly, it is us who does not have his room
favorite or seat comfort or illumination favorite, The elements of interior design touch to her direct personal, internal
Valmsamm tries which meet the physical and psychological needs of the users, and due to the amount of detail and different
materials constantly and diversity, as well as the diversity of uses for the building and the interior spaces was necessary to
have a disciplines and divisions of the interior design profession.