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									Bank of Singapore Limited


Bank of Singapore Limited                                                        Key Employees
                                                                                 Name                       Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                                            Head - Global Marketing,
                                      63 Market Street #22-00, Singapore City,   Bahren Shaari
Headquarters Address                                                                                        Southeast Asia
                                                                                                            Chief Financial Officer -
                                                                                 Ho Soo Woon
Telephone                             + 65 6559 8000                                                        Global
                                                                                                            Head - Global Human
                                                                                 Jean Lee
Fax                                   + 65 6559 8180                                                        Resource
                                                                                                            Chief Representative -
Website                                                                    Philippine Representative
                                                                                 Kristen Quintos
                                                                                                            Office, Head - Global
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange         N/A                                                                   Marketing, Philippines
                                                                                 Leander Jansen             Chief Officer - Risk, Global
Number of Employees                   N/A
                                                                                 Marc Van de Walle          Head - Products, Global
Fiscal Year End                       December
                                                                                 Olivier Denis              Senior Managing Director
Revenue (in US$ million)              945
                                                                                                            Chief Operating Officer -
                                                                                 Patrick Goh
                                                                                                            Deputy Chief Executive
                                                                                 Peter Teo
                                                                                 Renato de Guzman           Chief Executive Officer
SWOT Analysis

Strengths                             Weaknesses                                 Company Overview
Comprehensive Portfolio of services   Fee-based business model
                                                                                 Bank of Singapore is the private banking and
                                                                                 wealth management subsidiary of Oversea-
Recognized brand worldwide
                                                                                 Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (OCBC
                                                                                 Bank), which is a Singapore-based diversified
Strong geographic network                                                        financial services institution. The company offers
                                                                                 private banking and wealth management
Opportunities                         Threats                                    services to high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs
                                                                                 have a net worth of US$1 million or more,
Impact of Basel III on the Wealth                                                excluding their primary residence) and wealthy
                                      Increase in compliance costs
Management Industry
                                                                                 families. It follows a client-advisory model,
Increase in the number of HNWIs       Stiff competition in the private banking   enlisting the service of investment specialists to
globally                              market                                     offer tailor-made solutions to its clients. Services
                                      Turbulence in the global market
                                                                                 offered by the company comprise portfolio
                                                                                 management, lending, and wealth planning
                                                                                 services,     among      others.   Assets     under
                                                                                 management (AuM) of the company stood at
                                                                                 US$36 billion as on June 30, 2012. It had
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