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									PKB Privatbank AG


PKB Privatbank AG                                                               Key Employees
                                                                                Name                           Job Title
Fast Facts
                                     Via S. Balestra 1, Lugano, Other, CH –     Enrico Tonella                 Executive Vice President
Headquarters Address
                                     6901 ,Switzerland
                                                                                Ferdinando              Coda
                                                                                                               General Manager
Telephone                             + 41 91 9133535                           Nunziante
                                                                                                             Vice Chairperson - PKB
                                                                                Fernando Zari Malacrida
Fax                                   + 41 91 9233522                                                        Privatbank AG
                                                                                Gennaro      Caracciolo   di Geneva Branch Manager,
Website                                                     Vietri                       Senior Vice President
                                                                                                             Chairperson - PKB
                                                                                Jean Patry
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange        N/A                                                                     Privatbank AG
                                                                                Lorenzo Tavola                 Executive Vice President
Number of Employees                  220

                                                                                Luca Soncini                   General Manager
Fiscal Year End                      December
                                                                                                               Vice Chairperson - PKB
                                                                                Maurizio Jesi Ferrari
Revenue (in US$ million)             N/A                                                                       Privatbank AG
                                                                                                               First Vice President in
                                                                                Michele Delco                  charge, Head of PKB
                                                                                                               Privatbank Ltd-Antigua
                                                                                                               Zurich Branch Manager,
                                                                                Rene Kaufmann
                                                                                                               Senior Vice President
SWOT Analysis
                                                                                Company Overview
Strengths                            Weaknesses

Broad service portfolio              Fee-based business model                   PKB Privatbank AG is a provider of private
                                                                                banking and wealth management products and
                                                                                services in Switzerland. The company offers a
Organic growth initiatives
                                                                                broad range of wealth planning, wealth
                                                                                management and private banking services to
Renowned brand image                                                            high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs have a net
                                                                                worth of US$1 million or more, excluding their
Opportunities                        Threats                                    primary residence) and wealthy families. Its
                                                                                private banking services include investment
European Union’s UCITS IV Directives Increase in compliance costs               advisory, asset management, funds-based asset
                                                                                management, tax and estate planning services.
Increase in the number of HNWIs      Stiff competition in the private banking   Additionally, the company offers corporate
globally                             market
                                                                                banking services such as loans, guarantees,
Inorganic growth initiatives         Tax evasion treaty                         letters of credits, and other contractual
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