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					Bank Audi Private Banking


Bank Audi Private Banking                                                           Key Employees
                                                                                    Name             Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                    Abdallah I. Al-
                                     Bank Audi Plaza - Bab Idriss , Riad El-Solh,                   Chairperson - Audi Capital
Headquarters Address                                                                Hobayb
                                     Beirut, 11-2560 ,Lebanon
                                                                                    Abdallah Saade Chief Executive Officer - Audi Capital
Telephone                            + 961 1 994000
                                                                                                     Director - Head of Asset
                                                                                    Ammar Bakheet
Fax                                  + 961 1 990555                                                  Management – Audi Capital
                                                                                                     Deputy General Manager - Bank
                                    Christiane Audi
Website                                                                                              Audi Suisse
                                                                                                     Manager - Head of Human
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange        N/A                                            Claudine      R. Resources – Private Banking
                                                                                    Selouan          Business Line – Audi Saradar
Number of Employees                  4,668                                                           Private Bank
                                                                                    Dominique        Vice Chairman of the Board - Bank
Fiscal Year End                      December                                       Rochat           Audi Suisse
                                                                                    Elie Nahas       Director - Real Estate – Audi Capital
Revenue (in US$ million)             N/A
                                                                                    Fadi            Director - Head of Investment
                                                                                    Noureddine      Banking – Audi Capital
                                                                                    Fady         G. Chairperson - Audi Saradar Private
                                                                                    Amatoury        Bank
                                                                                                    Director - Strategy - Bank Audi s.a.l.,
SWOT Analysis                                                                       Freddie C. Baz Chief Financial Officer - General
                                                                                                    Manager - Bank Audi s.a.l.
Strengths                            Weaknesses                                     Company Overview
Broad portfolio of services          Fee-based business model                       Bank Audi Private Banking is the private banking
                                                                                    and wealth managment arm of Bank Audi s.a.l.,
Focus on inorganic growth                                                           which is a major financial services company
                                                                                    operating in Lebanon and the Middle East. It
Strong Support from parent company                                                  offers a comprehensive range of private banking
                                                                                    and wealth management products and services
Opportunities                        Threats                                        to high-net-worth clients (HNWIs have a net
                                                                                    worth of US$1 million or more, excluding their
                                                                                    primary residence. Assets under management
European Union’s UCITS IV Directives Economic uncertainties in Lebanon
                                                                                    (AuM) of the company stood at US$8.1 billion as
Increase in the number of HNWIs      Looming trends in the Switzerland’s            on June 30, 2012, which also included custody
globally                             private banking market                         accounts and fiduciary deposits. The company
                                     Stiff competition in the private banking       had historical AuM figures of US$7.9 billion as
Restructuring initiatives                                                           on December 31, 2011, which stood at US$8.2
                                                                                    billion as on December 31, 2010. Bank Audi
                                                                                    Private Banking has a presence in Lebanon,
                                                                                    Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Monaco,
                                                                                    France, Nothern Italy. Additionally, it offers
                                                                                    private banking and wealth management
                                                                                    services in Middle East and Northern Africa
                                                                                    region through its subsidiaries in Saudi Arabia
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