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									BEKB | BCBE Private Banking


BEKB | BCBE Private Banking                                                     Key Employees
                                                                                Name                      Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                                          Member - Board - BEKB |
                                     Bundesplatz 8                              Alois Scharli
Headquarters Address                                                                                      BCBE
                                     Postfach, Bern, 3001,Switzerland
                                                                                                          Chief Executive Officer -
                                                                                Hanspeter Rufenacht
Telephone                             + 41 31 6661111                                                     BEKB | BCBE
                                                                                                          Member - Board - BEKB |
                                                                                Johannes Hopf
Fax                                   + 41 31 6666040                                                     BCBE
                                                                                Jurg Rieben               President - BEKB | BCBE
                                                                                                          Member - Board - BEKB |
                                                                                Stefan Gerber
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange        N/A                                                                  BCBE

Number of Employees                  N/A
                                                                                Company Overview
Fiscal Year End                      December
                                                                                BEKB | BCBE Private Banking is the private
Revenue (in US$ million)             N/A
                                                                                banking and wealth management arm of BEKB |
                                                                                BCBE (Berner Kantonalbank AG), which is
                                                                                based in Switzerland. The company offers a
                                                                                wide range of private banking and wealth
                                                                                management       services   to    high-net-worth
SWOT Analysis                                                                   individuals (HNWIs have a net worth of US$1
                                                                                million or more, excluding their primary
                                                                                residence) and wealthy families. BEKB | BCBE
Strengths                            Weaknesses
                                                                                Private Banking’s service offerings include
                                                                                personal financial advisory, exchange trading
Comprehensive service offerings      Fee-based business model                   services,     custody,    professional     asset
                                                                                management, investment funds, and money
Stable operating performance                                                    markets transactions. Additionally, the company
                                                                                offers various savings account services
Strong domestic network                                                         including investment, shareholder, youth savings
                                                                                account, and investment and savings account in
Opportunities                        Threats                                    Euro denominated currencies. Assets under
                                                                                management (AuM) of the company, including
European Union’s UCITS IV Directives Increase in compliance costs               private and institutional clients, stood at
                                                                                CHF19.7 billion as on December 31, 2011. The
Increase in the number of HNWIs      Stiff competition in the private banking   company had historical AuM figures of CHF20.5
globally                             market                                     billion as on December 31, 2010. The company
Scope for portfolio management                                                  has a presence in Berner Jura, Solothurn,
                                     Tax evasion treaty                         Seeland,      Emmental     Oberaargau,     Bern
                                                                                Mittelland, Thun, and Berner Oberland regions
                                     Turbulence in the global economy           of Switzerland. BEKB | BCBE Private Banki
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