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EnergyInterop Minutes 20110323 - Oasis


									 1   OASIS Energy Interoperation TC Meeting Notes
 2   March 23, 2011
 4   Meeting Attendees: (Sorted by Company Name)

 6   NOTE: Text chats during meeting:
 7   Full attendance is available online if maintained: Go to the event notice page on OASIS EI TC website then click
 8   “Track Attendance” at the top.
10   Agenda:
11   1. Call to Order
12   2. Roll Call
13   3. Approve Minutes: February 16 and March 16, 2011 (February 23 later)
16   4. Work in progress since WD22
17   5. Updated UML diagrams
18   6. JIRA items to approve related to model and schema
19   7. Schemas based on WD22
21   8. Method of work going forward
22   9. Planning for SGIP F2F in Nashville March 29-31
24   10. Adjourn
26   Minutes:
28   1. Call to Order
29   BC: Call to order.
31   2. Roll Call
32   DH: Roll call – we’ve quorum.
33   Voting Members: 9 of 13 (69%) (Used for quorum calculation)
35   3. Approve Minutes: February 16 and March 16, 2011 (February 23 later)
36   TC: Moved we accept minutes, DH seconds – minutes approved

38   4. Work in progress since WD22
39   6. JIRA items to approve related to model and schema
40   7. Schemas based on WD22
41   8. Method of work going forward
43   BC: Overview and method following – work plan called for draft and produce clean schema. There have been
44   serious update on model – published on the website and illustrations to replace all of WD22. The large part of this
45   meeting is to look at those and validate them. The plan moving forward is to work with schema. The UML is to
46   verify interfaces, types.
47   BC: We have three people, EK with lead, BB and TC to work through schema. UML now following the schema work
48   – EK – any comments?
49   EK: We have a requirement to maintain consistency between UML and schema.
50   BC: The schema is the lead model – the UML and the document will continue to reflect that.
51   JG: Normally, we drive the schema from the model – I am questioning
52   BC: Can have offline discussion – there is a fair work necessary to generate the schema. ACTION: BC to talk to JG
53   offline.
54   JG: When I was generating EA XSDs, it was a pain – the hand generation of XSDs on EA is a pain
55   BC: Volunteer to work with JG on this.
56   BC: A lot of work is integration with EMIX and WS-Cal activities. WS-Calendar integration is not possible – And EA
57   doesn't support substitution groups
58   . EMIX works. The UML model must be in sync with schema. We’ve people working on the schema domain.
59   TC: Substitution groups are sensitivity – Biggest hole in EA.
60   BC: Close this part of the conversation. We have identified a couple of groups to discuss soon.
62   5. Updated UML diagrams
63   BC: Goto meeting – see UML diagrams – show EiEvent
64   BC: Fast description of changes made – all the external work – discovered a lot of inconsistencies – some of the
65   issues were string and upper case – the generic Enum – deal with NIEM guideline consistence.
66   BC: A lot of strings are now lower case – there is a capital integer (bad) – the units are consistent with EMIX and
67   WS-Cal.
68   BC: There was an association of price in the current EMIX artifact – contract types – EiEventInfo cleaned
69   significantly.
70   BC: The entire merge from IRC work and necessary attributes and the OpenADR had different attributes – hope to
71   see that there is a greater consistency. The schema is now consistent. These are updated diagrams – they’re in
72   single hi-resolution diagrams.
73   TC: Easy to see and work on them.
74   BC: Tracked a variety of issues – the major thing that needed fixing are in the JIRA issues – the numbers are in the
75   chat – glance quickly at those.
76   BC: Got new ones from JG – post them on JIRA rather than passing to EK or someone else.
77   BC: #356 is important – it’s a lack of harmonization with EMIX. It’s not completely done – it’s mostly done. It
78   changes little cardinality – we need to focus on this as a separate item. The CIM type was unlimited natural.
79   BC: 353 assigned to Rish as it’s got constraint in there.
80   TC: The constraint object can entirely as an EMIX constraint.
81   BC: Post as a JIRA item.
82   BC: Any objection at these – have we looked at these? My proposal to accept all of these issues
83   EK: Point out that on Friday, we plan to have OpenADR Alliance meeting – there is some re-factoring necessary to
84   add to it.
85   EC: Did not see in the schema related to transactive.
86   BC: EmixBaseType contains the transactive state.
87   EC: Submit to JIRA – as some of them as transaction issues – will post them to JIRA.
88   TC: There are number of references to EmixBase Objects – you may want to look at it and get feedback from you.
89   BC: Good to look at this now –
90   RG: EmixBaseType – should we show the detail –

 91   BC: No plan to add the details – post the JIRA item.
 92   TC: This may resolve some of the OpenADR Alliance issues.
 93   RG: Talking from the reader’s perspective.
 94   BC: Good point.
 95   RG: Action: Post the JIRA on readability.
 96   DH: BACnet load-control object – has feedback – EI is in a different activity – plan to make sure that we’re working
 97   on the model and go into PR in a month.
 98   TC: Action needs to take place – the LC object is part of intellectual capital.
 99   BC: Any objections to clean this point – work with model and schema going forward – any objections?
100   TC: We have been moving back and forth on this – we need to solve this quickly and rapidly – propose creating
101   voting polls. Motion: Move to create a standing rule that the chairs can start an electronic ballot after discussion
102   on the email list – AS seconds.
103   BB: What does this mean?
104   BC: If EI TC has a standing rule – we don’t have to wait for a meeting for electronic ballot. This is important if there
105   is a bi-weekly meeting or meetings are canceled.
106   BC: This gives a flexibility, we can start the electronic ballot process – can be used lightly – when you need to use it
107   – we really need to use it – these are typically process ballots.
108   AS: This is concerning – can we make this standing rule – procedurally, where the chairman determine the majority
109   of voting members can object to the Chair.
110   BC: Propose an amendment?
111   AS: Raising the point – seems like the Chair has absolute power – AS raised the discussion.
112   RG: How long the voting will be open –
113   BC: 7 days of voting – OASIS procedure.
114   RG: Use only when not meeting weekly.
115   BC: that is the intent.
117   9. Planning for SGIP F2F in Nashville March 29-31
118   BC: Talk details?
119   AS: In car and can’t look at the detail
120   BC: DH?
121   DH: The idea is to look at EMIX and see how we’ve addressed the Houston meeting discussions on SEP.
122   A: Need line in the sand, pick the date for the next public review. Last one occurred some time ago.
123   BB: Last two meetings the remote call-in information is not correct.
124   AS: Send the administrator or SGIP GB e-mail.
125   EK: plan to discuss this in context of PAP 3-4-9 meetings – make sure there is a follow-up on Houston meetings –
126   communicate to Marty, Aaron to reconvene the team.
127   DH: One of the discussions at Houston is to look at DR – I suggest looking at the latest SEP 2.0 and compare that
128   against EiEvent.
129   DH: PAP 3-4-9 meeting 9 am on Wed.
130   BC: PAP 9 meeting intended to be examples – if we’ve update on schema – the availability will be noted and a brief
131   walkthrough the model – we have to go through the PR after EMIX PR.
132   BC: Have a fair amount of work to do – we need to give a fast view.
133   DH: Raise a hard deadline –we submit everything to SGIP Plenary meeting?
134   BC: End point for SGIP is the finalization of TC specification – we need to be at that end-point early. We target one
135   of the GB – have a finalized specification – next GB meeting on May 12 or July 12?
137   9. Adjourn
138   DH: Move to adjourn – no objection.
139   Meeting adjourned at 9:07 a.m. PST.
140   Next TC meeting: April 06, 2011.
142   New and Continuing Action Items: Posted on EI TC Website. Go to the event notice page on OASIS EI TC website
143   then click “Action Items” at the top.


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