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									                                              Short Story unit
                                                      November 2012
        Monday                          Tuesday                      Wednesday                        Thursday                           Friday
Early Dismissal       29                                30                        31                      1                       2
Vocabulary Graveyard            Cancellation due to          Happy Halloween         -Complete “The Raven” -Clichés, Puns, Idioms
-P. 33-34 (Book Cart)           Hurricane Sandy              -Audio – “The Raven”    -Watch “The Simpsons”
-Haiku Epitaph                                               -Begin discussion of
HW: p. 31 & 32                                               stanzas
                       5                                   6                       7                      8                       9
Langston Hughes:                “Mother to Son”               Writing Workshop               -About Lewis Carroll             Poetry Quiz IV
Listening Practice              (p.36-37)                     Working with tone and the      -“Jabberwocky”                   (haiku, cliché, pun, idiom,
                                                              theme of Perseverance in       -Translate Poem                  extended metaphor, tone,
HW: Short Responses             “Still I Rise” (p.38-39)      “Mother to Son” and “Still I   -Identify Parts of Speech p.43   perseverance)
                                                              Rise”                          -Muppets Video (puns at end      Independent Reading Day
                                                                                             of video)                        (School Book)
                           12                        13                              14                     15                                              16
                                “The Cold Within”              Silly Sonnets (p. 51-52) Independent Reading                   “The Red
                                p. 43 – 44                    -What is a Sonnet?        Day (School Book)                     Wheelbarrow”
                                Writing Workshop              Writing Workshop                                                (stereotype/misconception,
                                Working with the theme        Creating our own silly                                          anonymous)
                                of Discrimination in          sonnets                                                         “The Tyger”
                                                                                                                              “Dog”Love That Dog”
                                “The Cold Within” and         HW: Finish and Type your       HW: “My November
                                                                                             Guest” p. 45-46                  (p. 1-19)
                                “Still I Rise”                Sonnet due 11/19
                                                                                                                              HW: p. 63-65
                           19                        20                                 21                              22                                  23
 “The Pasture”                  Love That Dog
“Stopping By Woods On a
Snowy Evening”                  (p. 60-86)
“Street Music”                  Writing Workshop
“The Apple”                     Choose your favorite
“Love That Boy”
Love That Dog (p. 20-59)        poem from the story and
HW: “Because I Could Not        write your own.
Stop for Death” p. 47-48
                    26                    27                     28                             29                                                          30
“The Road Not Taken”   Writing Workshop      Writing Workshop       Poetry Quiz V                                             Early Release Day
P. 66-67               Poetry Explication    Peer Edit of Poetry    (stereotype, misconception,                               Independent Reading
                                                                    discrimination, anonymous,
-Overview of Poetry                          Explications           sonnet, rhyme scheme, narrative                           Day (School Book)
Explication Assignment                                              poetry, forced rhyme)                                     *Books go home*
Home Packet Due                                                     Dr. Suess Article
                                        Short Story unit
                                                December 2012
        Monday                     Tuesday                 Wednesday                Thursday                 Friday
                        3                        4                       5                       6                        7
Writing the Blogs           School Packet Due        Poetry Unit Test        Test Prep              1st Planning Page due
Overview/Samples            Test Prep                                                               Peer Edit of Planning
Dist. Planning Pages                                                                                Page
                                                                                                    HW: Write Blog 1
                                                                                                    Rough Draft
                       10                       11                      12                       13                       14
Test Prep                   Computers                Blog 1 due            2 Planning Page due Computers
                            Writing Blog 1           Test Prep             Peer Edit of Planning    Writing Blog 2
                                                                           HW: Write Blog 2
                                                                           Rough Draft
                       17                       18                      19                       20                       21
Close Reading               Close Reading            Hoodwinked            Hoodwinked               Hoodwinked
“The Gettysburg             “The Gettysburg                                                         Writer’s Workshop
Address”                    Address”                                                                Reflection on
                            Blog 2 due                                                              Hoodwinked
                       24                       25                      26                       27                       28

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