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									                  OASIS LegalXML Electronic Court Filing (ECF) Technical Committee (TC)

                                            Conference Call Agenda

                                        April 22, 2012 11am –noon ET

Dial-in number: 866-939-8416, Access code: 8330460
Optional Chat/Queue:

Ron Bowmaster

Jim Mcmillan

Jim Harris

Jim Cabral

Robin Gibson

Robert O’Brien

Joe Mierwa

       Old Business

    1. Review/approval of previous meeting minutes

    2. Outreach

    3. ECF 4.01

             a. The 15 day public reviews (CSPRD03) of the ECF 4.01 core specification ended on 4/21.
                No comments were received.

             b. We need 3 statements of compliance by OASIS members that have implemented the
                core specification before we post it for a 60 day public review and ballot for approval as
                an OASIS standard.

             We think we have potentially three—Intresys, Tybera, URL

             c. MQ SIP is still in draft.

    4. ECF 4.1 based on NIEM 2.1 and ECF 5.0 based on NIEM 3.0
            a. Schedule, Tasks and Task assignments
For our functional changes, it is independent of NIEM. Only when we get into architectural changes, we
need to consider what NIEM can accommodate.
    5. Budget Requests
            a. Development of educational materials, online training video. etc
                     i. LegalXML Steering Committee approved funding to host ECF training materials
   6. Presentation on OASIS and LegalXML at Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) meeting
      in St Paul, MN May 16-17.
      Group working in e-discovery area and forensics. Content management system extracts,
      generating TBs of data for court evidence. Subscription based group—vendors and service
      providers. 9 projects with project leads and co-chairs—volunteer organization and meet twice a
      year. One of the projects is in developing XML file format standards. EDRM is developing
      schema for defacto proprietary standards. Working on 2.0 of schema. Knowledgeable about
      subject matter, but not so strong on schema. Talked about LegalXML and possibility of including
      them in LegalXML. Positive meeting with a lot of similarities with us and content management

   7. New Business

       XSTF meeting report-Robin Gibson

       Most of the meeting was devoted to discussing the current status of NIEM and future versions,
       and how that relates to the needs of the Justice Domain. The Executive Steering Committee
       met and appears to have significant financial issues in getting the next version released. One
       suggestion proposed was the consideration of a Community Information Exchange Framework
       (CIEF) (pronounced seef). The XSTF and DOJ want to keep this in concert with NIEM.

       We need to keep up with what is going on, but we do not need to make any program changes at
       this point.

   8. Action Items

   URL extension of ECF for scheduling and developed a list of performance tests that needs to be
   added to the list of features for 4.1 and 5.0.

   Continue work on performance statements—Jim Harris

   Keep up with CIEF status—Robin Gibson and Joe Mierwa

   Review features of 4.1 and 5.0 listings and confirm participation—all

   IJIS has set up initiative to do performance testing of NIEM and GRA implementations and expressed
   interest in testing, but need a GRA specification package. –Jim Harris will follow up.

   9. Schedule

Next Monthly Conference Call: June 12, 2012, 11AM-noon EST

Next Face-to-Face Meeting: December 2012 (E-Courts)

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