Meals for Building Mucle

					"What should I eat to build muscle?" is the most frequently asked question. I won't name the particular
products as all the products have the labels listing the nutrients they contain. I will name the basic
principles of the diet to stick to in order to gain muscle weight. It matters what you eat, but it also
matters how you eat and when you eat. So let's find the answers to all these questions.

At first I want to share with you some tips about how to eat. First bodybuilder rule is to eat more
frequently. Try eating every two hours from 8 AM to 10 PM.

When to eat? It depends on the workout time. The best time to eat proteins is before the training. That
way you are giving your muscles the material to grow. The best time to eat carbs and fats is two hours
after the training. That way you restore the energy that muscles need to recover after the workout. If
you eat carbs and fats 2 hours after the training they don't turn into fat but are fully absorbed by
muscles. All you get is muscle gain, not fats.

Some dietitians suggest increasing the amount of food you're eating. They are right as long as you pay
attention to what you're eating. The proportions of the nutrients recommended are: proteins 30%,
carbs 40-50%, fats 20-30% of the daily nutrients. The protein intake is crucial to muscle building. You
should eat 1 gram of protein per one pound of the body weight every day. This is the minimum amount
needed for the progressive muscle growth. Do not get too exited about the proteins. Maximum amount
of the proteins our body can metabolize is 2 grams per pound of the body weight.

The amount of fats and carbs to eat should be determined by your metabolism type. If you eat a lot and
still stay slim then your metabolism is very active; if you eat very little but gain weight - your metabolism
is slow. So if your metabolism is active you probably need more energy, more fats and carbs. If your
metabolism is slow then there is no need to increase the intake of fats and carbs. The only thing to
modify is the protein amount.

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