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					               60 Minutes
              to $100 Days
An Incredibly Simple Approach That Will Finally
   Get You Results in Just 60 Minutes a Day
                 BY NATE RIVERS

  You’ll be amazed at the results
  you get when you focus on this
    1 SIMPLE result-producing
 activity for just one hour a day...
                    60 Minutes to $100 Days

    In the coming videos, I’m going to show you a simple process that you can
    do in just 60 minutes a day that will bring you more results over the next
    few weeks and months than whatever else you’re doing.

    It combines getting natural search engine traffic, social traffic, and content
    syndication traffic, but I’ve condensed it all and streamlined the process
    into a super easy-to-follow format that you’ll only have to work on one hour
    a day to make work.

    This is the same process I’m putting all my effort towards, especially since
    Google is figuring out blog networks and de-indexing them... everything I’m
    going to teach you is completely white-hat and is geared toward a
    sustainable, long-term business that will become completely Google-proof
    within a few short months.

    All you have to do is dedicate 1 hour a day to this process... after that do
    whatever you want all day... buy WSOs, play video games, go to your
    dayjob, etc.

    But I can promise you, if you’ll simply follow this format for 60 minutes a
    day, you will see real results in a short amount of time.

                       60 Minutes to $100 Days

    How This Works
    Here’s a brief overview of how this system works, and why it works so well:

    You choose a big, broad niche: Niche sites on topics like “knitting while
    skydiving” are great, but the longer time goes on, we know that Google is giving
    precedence in their rankings to bigger sites.

    Also, when you have a huge topic to create content on, it’s much, much easier
    to get ideas and keywords, not to mention that you know you’re in a market
    where there’s a lot of money being spent. I’m talking about niches like camping,
    cooking, hunting, specific sports, pets, etc. We’ll get dirty in the videos with this.

    You target specific types of content: The idea behind this is that you primarily
    create content based around topics and keywords that aren’t “money keywords”,
    so that you’re not competing with the thousands of other “IMers” out there.

    Instead, you create the bulk of
    your content on topics that
    people enjoy reading about,           Hot Tip:
    which is much funner and easier       Here’s an example: If you base your site
    to write about, as well as being      on camping, all you need to do is visit
    the type of stuff that people         the biggest authority sites on camping,
    “like” and “share” which will         see which of their informational articles
    send you social traffic. And, you      get the most likes and tweets, and put
    won’t be competing with all the       your own spin on those topics (as well
    marketers on the planet               as find your hi, med, and low keywords
    because this stuff isn’t based on     per article as I show you in the videos)
    “buyer keywords”.

    The other type of content that you mix in, is your “money pages”, where you
    provide product reviews in an entertaining way such as the “Top 10 Must-Have
    Products to Take Camping”, or “How to Get Started with Dutch Oven Cooking”
    with a few affiliate links sprinkled in your article. Get it?

    Then, you list these money pages as your “most popular articles” in your
    top right sidebar (the most-clicked spot on a page no matter what’s there)

                    60 Minutes to $100 Days

    You Target Specific Keywords: In the video on research, I show you how
    to identify a high, medium, and low target keyword per article. The idea
    here is that you’ll quickly start getting long-tail traffic without having to build
    a bunch of backlinks(and avoid getting de-indexed), and over time as your
    site gains authority, your articles are optimized for more competitive stuff
    that will send more traffic as the site climbs in the rankings.

    Likes, Pins, and Shares... Hell Yeah: I’ll show you a simple plugin to
    install that in conjunction with your “fun” content, will result in likes, shares,
    tweets, and pins over time, without
    you having to spend time trying to
    “build a following” on social sites.      Hot Tip:
                                              This social traffic adds up son! Not to
    I also show you where and how to          mention that it’s highly likely that this
    find great images that are free, and stuff really boosts your SEO and
    that are under CC licenses so that        authority in Google’s eyes.
    you don’t have to worry about
    iStock’s lawyers sending you an           If you haven’t noticed, people don’t
    email saying you owe them                 usually “like” or “tweet” dime-a-
    $2,000.                                   dozen Amazon product reviews...

    When you add a good-looking,
    high quality image to each post, they’ll get pinned on Pinterest, and if
    you haven’t experienced Pinterest traffic spikes yet, you’re in for a treat.

    You End Up With A Google-Proof Money Making Site: This is obviously
    our end goal, and the best part about this whole thing is that after a few
    short weeks or months, you end up with a fun, high-traffic, and profitable
    blog that Google won’t de-index, and will only get stronger and bigger with

    All it takes is an hour a day or real (but simple) work... and if you’re not
    willing/can’t do that then you can’t be helped. :)

    Let’s move onto to the videos, shall we?

                   60 Minutes to $100 Days

    The Videos
    This is primarily a video course, and these videos are in .zip format. Once
    you download the .zip file, just double click it to unzip the videos.

                     Click here to download video 1
                     Click here to download video 2
                     Click here to download video 3
                     Click here to download video 4
                     Click here to download video 5
                     Click here to download video 6
              Click here to download the bonus video
    The bonus video is on white-hat link building, and a method that can result
    in huge amounts of traffic over time... it’s really a whole traffic generation
    strategy in itself, but it won’t take you anymore extra time during the week.

    DO NOT be fooled by the simplicity here...

    The biggest benefit of this strategy is that there’s only 1 task to
    complete, so that you can instantly sit down each morning and dive
    into your one hour of work without getting overwhelmed...

    Doing what I show you in these videos for just 60 minutes a day will take
    you much further than 99% of the other stuff you’ve been trying...

    If you have any questions, visit my blog at, or you
    can email me at nate (at)

                    60 Minutes to $100 Days

    Resources: Here are the tools I use in my business and that will help you
    get things done faster.

    Essential: If you don’t have hosting, then start with Hostgator. With
    Hostgator you can effortlessly upgrade your account when your sites start
    getting a lot of traffic instead of having to completely switch hosts. They’re
    also as cheap as it gets for shared hosting. Start with the “baby plan”.

    Helpful but not essential:

    Profits Theme: I use Profits Theme on all of my sites, whether it’s an
    authority site, Adsense site, or a site selling my own product. It’s highly
    customizable and very easy to use, even for all the different types of sites I
    just mentioned.

    Installing Wordpress: If you’ve never done this, then here’s a link to a
    step-by-step video to on how to install Wordpress inside of your Hostgator

    Comparison Table Plugin: This is the little plugin I use to create the
    product comparison tables you’ll see in the video- this really helps your
    conversion rate overall.

    Backlinking: The only network that has never failed me and has been
    around the longest is Unique Article Wizard. But... don’t link directly to your
    site anymore... Use buffer pages like I explain in the videos. When you add
    UAW’s links to your buffer pages, you’ll see ranking results a lot faster... but
    it’s not essential... you can build links by hand.


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