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									Creating a Podcast
   1. In order to record a podcast, you will require either a computer microphone or a headset equipped
      with a noise-cancelling microphone. Microphones and headsets range in price and can be purchased
      at any electronics store. A decent, low-end microphone with noise-cancelling capabilities is the Labtec
      524, which retails for approximately $20.00.

   2.   You will also need podcast recording software. This process is twofold:

           a.   You will need a program to record your podcast. We recommend using Audacity (available
                at Audacity is a free, user-friendly program that will allow you
                to edit and record your podcast. It runs on both PCs and Macs. Installation is fairly straight-
                forward however, should you require assistance, please visit:

           b.   You will also require software that converts your recorded podcast into an MP3 file (also known
                as an MP3 Encoder).

      LAME is an MP3 Encoder that will work in conjunction with Audacity. It is available for free download
      at: **
      Should you require additional information about LAME, review the online tutorial at:
   3. After these programs are set up, you are ready to record your podcast. Audacity will walk you through
      this process. For your reference, you may also refer to a recording tutorial:

        Note: You do not need to upload your podcast to the Internet – Current Oncology will upload audio
        files on your behalf.

   4.   Once your podcast has been recorded, you may want to test it for sound quality. It is recommended
        that you test your podcast on both Mac and PC-friendly software. Windows Media Player and iTunes
        are two popular programs that you can use.

   5.   Attach your podcast to an email and send it to Cheryl Santa Maria at
        Any questions or concerns you have can be directed towards Cheryl as well.
Obtain a Microphone (or headset equipped with a microphone)
Download and install Audacity
Download and install LAME
Record podcast and save it to your computer
Test podcast for sound quality
Email podcast to Cheryl Santa Maria at

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