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									In an examination of one hundred influential figures in the world, Muhammad is recognized as a leader
of the most influential and ranks first. The height was viewed from various perspectives, such as the
personality angle, services and achievements in spreading his teachings of Islam in a relatively short
time. His success in a variety of fields is another dimension abilities as a leader and a manager who adds
confidence in the truth of the Apostle. [1] It is said the leader because he was always performing in
front, showing exemplary, and charisma so as to direct, guide and role models. Told the manager
because he was smart to work or work well together, planning, leading and control to achieve the

Muslims consider Muhammad not only as a carrier of last religion (The Apostle) - which is often referred
to as the spiritual leader, but as a leader of the people, religious leaders, heads of state, the commander
of the war, the qadi (judge), the husband of the fair, wise father once the leader of the Arab nation and
the world. [2] a very complex role has been played well by the Prophet Muhammad., so that became the
basis for his people until the end of time. This suggests that the role of the Prophet Muhammad. as the
leader of the most influential people. Manifestation of his leadership by providing excellent education
and teaching to the faithful with a good example (uswatun hasanah).

Basically, Islam considers that every man is a leader. So that every Muslim as a faithful leader should
strive to emulate maximum leadership leadership of the Prophet as a concretization of Allah SWT., For
that Allah SWT. memfirmankan to obey the Messenger, both by word and behavior, as well as his
silence in the face and solve the problems of life.

This is according to the word of God Surat an-Nisa ': 64

‫ٱل ر سول ل هم وٱ س ت غ فر ٱ هلل ف ٱ س ت غ فروا جآءوك ظ لموأن ف سهم إذ أن هم ول و ٱ هلل ب إذن ل يطاع إ ال ر سول من أر س ل نا ومآ‬
‫]46:4[ رح يما ت واب ا ل وجدواٱ هلل‬

"And we sent no Messenger, but to be obeyed by the permission of Allah. Surely if they molest her
when it comes to you, then beg forgiveness of Allah, and the Messenger also ask forgiveness for them,
they would discover God as the ultimate recipient of repentance, Most Merciful ". [3] (Surah An-Nisa:

God's Word above clearly ordered that every Muslim adhere to and obey the commandments of God
and the Prophet. Allah SWT also explained that every apostle who was sent by him to this world from
the first until the Prophet Muhammad must be obeyed by the permission (order) of God karean their
duties are the same treatise is to address human right and kebahgiaan kejalan live in this world and the
hereafter. [4]

Also described in a hadith that the Prophet Muhammad always encourage everyone to obey
pemimpinya, as long as they do not tell the sinner and God munkar.
"From Abu Hurairah from real prophet had said to me tat he obeys Allah, and he who does not obey me
means not obeying God. And he who obeys Amir obeys me, and who do not obey Amir mean not obey
me "(Narrated by Muslim). [5]

Both of Surat an-Nisa 'verse 64 and above hadith explains that we are commanded to obey the leader
who must rely on the grace of Allah, this means that every person on pemimpinya obedience, the
people in government and in older children solely because God permits.

Further below will be presented effort to find and dig up something that can and should be exemplified
in the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad. , Namely:

1) Tough Personality

Prophet Muhammad. is a very powerful figure both in his childhood, adulthood and even death
demonstrates a very strong firm stance (istiqamah). From the first he was not affected by the condition
of the people around the famous decadence and kejahiliahannya, worshiping idols and statues.
Personality that is the solid base or foundation for a leader, because it means also as someone who has
strong principles and strong life. [6]

2) Personality and Moral Commendation.

Commendable personality has some personal traits of Prophet Muhammad organized in so-called
mandatory properties include shiddiq Apostle, trust, sermons and fathanah. Starting from here it can be
said that the Messenger (including Muhammad) certainly does not have the opposite properties, called
the impossible nature - nature is the kiz'b, khiyanah, kitman and baladah. But the Apostles as men must
have properties allowed but not required, that is human nature that does not degrade or her dignity as a
messenger of God. This allowed but not required in the nature of the Apostle can not escape from Allah
SWT test and trial. such as feeling sad, patient, and steadfast.

Shall be allowed but not required properties and properties owned by the Apostle without having
nature impossible, strongly support the implementation of the leadership that he carried. Conditions
that lead to leadership of the Prophet Muhammad differ principally from human leadership. [7]

In all things Muhammad morals are the Quran as the comments expressed by Nasih Ulwan cited by
Slamet Untung said that Muhammad is a reflection of life keutaman Qur'an, illustrations dimanis clues
about the Qur'an immortal. [8]

In order to create a standard al-akhlakul al-karimah high, Muhammad taught by example in the overall
use of the method, it can be seen from all his behavior that reflects the values of education. By taking
the example of the life of the Holy Prophet Prophet related to moral education, he himself insists in one
hadith that is well known among his followers:

"I is not sent except to perfect good character." (Ahmad) [9]

From this point it is understood that the core of the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad's education is
growing and developing belief systems, and muamalah ubudiyah akhlakul karimah oriented. [10]

3) Simple Personalities.

He taught his people to live simply and not exaggerated. This does not mean his work on human
poverty, but he asked the Muslims to always perform a simple to do charity to others and help each
other. The attitude of the simple life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He pointed out in his daily life.
Whether in peace or war among his followers or among unbelievers and enemies, the Prophet
Muhammad. Has always been exemplary. He treats people with courtesy in all occasions. After gaining
victory over his modest, gentle and generous heart, even the forgiveness and the forgiveness of his

At the time of the conquest of Makkah, he forgave nearly all the enemies that have been molesting her
and her companions for 13 years. Even as head of state, his daily routine is very simple and humble
attitude reflects. He is improving and tailoring clothes torn and patched shoes. He used pet goat milking
and cleaning the floor of his modest. [11] This attitude really shows how simple the Prophet in his life,
although he was a great leader.

Leadership Prophet Muhammad. walking on Islamic values which successfully instill faith, piety, loyalty
and fighting spirit to defend the truth and defend the rights in addition to obtain the help of Allah SWT.

At this point it is worth it raised the question of where lies the key to the success of the leadership of the
Prophet Muhammad. In addition it gets guidance, assistance and protection of Allah SWT. There are
some keys that can be exemplified by his people, namely:

1) Prophet Morals are commendable flawless

2) The character of the Prophet are resilient, tough, tough, simple, and vibrant steel.

3) mission system which uses the method calls are characterized by wisdom wisdom.

4) a clear objective Prophet struggle toward justice and truth and destroy falsehood, without any strings
attached to wealth, power and glory.

5) The principle of equality.
6) The principle of togetherness.

7) Putting the interests and safety of followers.

8) gives creative freedom and expression, and the delegation of authority

9) Type of charismatic leadership and democratic society. [12]

The success of the Prophet Muhammad. in leading his people because of the behavior that is always
based on the Quran and supported some properties attached to it. The main properties inherent in
private, namely:

1) Honorary birth.

2) The form and body parts were perfect.

3) The words were eloquent and smooth.

4) Intelligence perfect sense.

5) fortitude and bravery.

6) Not affected by the worldly.

7) Honor and respect for him.

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