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									Residential Real Estate

By: Curt Cloyd – Director
Personal Wealth Academy, LLC
                                    Residential Real Estate
                                       By: Curt Cloyd – Director
                                    Personal Wealth Academy, LLC

Dear Friend,

If you're like me, there's probably only ONE core reason that got you into real estate investing. And that is
- Freedom.

You wanted to have total control over how you spent your time and with whom you spent your time. You
no longer wanted to be subject to forces outside of your control.

In short - You wanted freedom that could only be achieved with a higher income.
If you don't, I recommend that you stop reading this page right away. What I have to share isn't for you.
It's only for folks that want to achieve true financial freedom on a massive scale.

Financial freedom is desired by almost 90% of the world's population. But only 5% of the world's
population seems to really achieve it.

Have you ever wondered why? Well... there are actually a couple of key reasons that you can discover
through observation. There are lots of books written on this subject too.

You see... the reason why some people are financially free whereas others struggle to make their ends
meet is because successful people do things differently. By studying different successful people, you can
actually observe a lot of commonalities in the things they do.

There's actually ONE common thing that all rich people do differently in comparison to the poor. And
here it is - Rich people buy more assets whereas middleclass people buy more liabilities

An asset is defined as: "Any item of economic value owned by an individual or corporation, especially that
which could be converted to cash whose value appreciates overtime".

A liability on the other hand can be defined as: "Any item of economic value owned by an individual or
corporation whose value depreciates overtime".

Examples of assets:

       Real estate properties
       Gold
       Stock holdings
       And so on

Examples of liabilities:

       Ordinary Cars
       Mobile phones
       Regular quartz watches
       And so on

Well... one of the key assets that ensure that you're on the path to financial freedom is real estate
properties. Residential real estate assets are actually a lot more valuable in comparison to stock holdings
because of the following reasons:

       The market demand for housing never actually depreciates. People will keep buying houses
        regardless. Therefore, the value of each and every home is only going to appreciate overtime.

       A property/home is a real tangible physical asset. One that you can rely on and you are the sole
        owner of the property. But with a stock holding, you are just one of the investors along with
        multiple people.

       As an asset class, real estate properties have a unique performance profile especially the
        residential ones. The returns are often moderate, stable and low risk in comparison to other asset

If you'd like to see how residential real estate has performed significantly better in comparison to other
articles, I encourage you to check out this article on

Now... investing in real estate properties and holding them for rental income isn't something that you can
do at the start of your career. It's something that you can only do after developing a successful cash flow

You need to be a successful in business before you can be a successful investor. And that's one of the
things we teach at Personal Wealth Academy. If you'd like to learn what Personal Wealth Academy has in
store for you, we recommend that you take the special Real Estate Investor quiz by filling up the form we
have on the right

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