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									 Desktop video conferencing technology has huge demand in the area of
 communication. Its growing popularity can be attributed to interactive
 call options, easy implementation process, instant network connectivity,
                    and uninterrupted call performance.

           lthough in its primary stage, desktop video conferencing method is being
           preferred and used by many business organizations. In a recent survey
           hundreds of web conference users were interviewed and their responses
           have indicated that most of them would like to implement desktop
conferencing systems in their organizations for maintaining long distance
connectivity without spending much. This study has already confirmed it to be one
of the most preferred communication tools in use these days. With its interactive
video communications, business professionals find it easy to participate in the
conference call from their own desks.

Presently the desktop video conferencing marketplace is smaller in size and but it
is likely to grow in future. It is not so easy to accurately estimate how big its market
share will be and how many users does it have. However, business organizations are
really interested in implementing desktop conference applications and those who
have tried it out are of opinions to use it for long term.

Desktop conference call program is viewed by many users as an effective and
inexpensive web conference tool. They like the interactive features of this high-end
communication technology and its easy accessibility to remote users. Being able to
share documents in a collaborative environment is a major advantage for desktop
call participants.

Desktop Video Conferencing – What Appeal to Customers

      Ease of use.
      Convenience.
      Collaboration ability.
      Confidentiality and privacy protection.
      Advanced communication options.
      Multiple task handling during a conference call.

All the business owners planning to reduce their long distance call rates can
certainly take advantage of video call method by using it more often for business
communication. It requires expert technical personnel to implement desktop video
programs throughout the company and facilitate lively group conferencing. Desktop
video conferencing should be treated as an invaluable web conference tool, not as a

The application areas for web video conference are business communications,
online training and project management. Business owners are presently buying
desktop video conferencing solutions to extend their area of connectivity and
increase customer base without much expenses.

Area of Application

      Business communications.
      Online training.
      Project management.
      Financial decision making.
      Marketing and advertising campaigns.
      Business strategy review.
In addition to the common benefits of interactive video communications, increased
work productivity, and reduced travel cost, video conferencing users can make sure
that their business meetings are lively and spontaneous. Such type of web based call
facility allows people faster connectivity and teamwork, especially when they are
working in remote locations rather than in a standard office atmosphere.

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