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					People in the corporate generally employ two types of approaches viz.,

   1. Conduction
   2. Convection

in handing problems and issues. The definition of conduction and convection are well
known and defined in physics, relating to the transfer of energy in solids and liquids.

All solid substances transfer the heat and other energy forms through the process called
conduction. Conduction is a process where the molecules and atoms that received the
heat, collide with the neighboring molecules. During collision, they lose some energy to
the neighboring molecules. The neighboring molecule doses the same and thus the
energy gets transfers from one end to the other.

In brief, the molecules and atoms that first receives the energy, quickly transfers the
same to the next.

Quite contrary to conduction, in convection process, the ‘energy received molecules’
moves from their region to another region and thereby other molecules moves to the
source of energy to gain the same. The transfer of heat and other forms of energy
occurs in liquids are mainly through the process called convection.

The smart managers and functional heads in most corporate employ conduction
approach in handling the problems. When they encounter or are entrapped into a
problem, immediately they transfer the same onto others to ensure that the problem is
shared equally amongst all and the same is balanced or equilibrated. All they know is
to pass it onto others. In the contest of quiz, they never press the buzz button and all
they know is to pass the buck to others.

Such managers and functional heads could remain strong as solid in the corporate world
mainly because of this attitude. They are extremely generous in donating their
problems to others. If not fully, at least half of their problem should go to others is their

On the contrary, the people who employ the convection process in dealing problems get
panic with problems and move around hither and thither. Since they carry the problem
so dearly with them, they loose their strength and stability. Sometime they become
volatile and disappear due to such problems like how liquids turn into gases when

The debate is not about whether the conduction or convection approach is right in
handling problems in corporate. Both processes are inevitable for the transfer of
energy, subject to the property of matter such as solid or liquid.
Corporate employees must introspect whether keep passing the buck to others is right
or should they also take up some responsibility in solving the issues. Being ‘convection’
type, they only burn their inner peace and harmony and finally get disintegrated.

A well balanced and calibrated approach is inevitable where one should not run to
totally save oneself or be totally altruist. Being totally selfish or be a sage, both are not
wise in corporate.

Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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