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Culturalization of Online Arabic Games Leads to Market Boom


									Culturalization of Online Arabic Games Leads to Market

Dubai – 8 November, 2012: The Middle East has one of the fastest growing
online gaming communities. About 60 percent of the 350 million people in the
Arab world are below the age of 25. Currently 70 million people are online, a
number expected to double by 20151. Online gaming in the Middle East has
raised Internet traffic and last year contributed one billion dollars to the global
gaming market. Promising trends for cyber entrepreneurs.

“The figures are very compelling for an industry that only requires good Internet
connection to participate. The Arabic online gaming market is witnessing
exponential growth where we saw 300 percent more gamers connecting to play
our games,” said Fadi Mujahid CEO and co-founder of Game Power 7. “We’re in
the business of ‘culturalizing’ games to suit the Arabic speaking market.”

Contributing to the growth in the Middle East community of online gamers,
Game Power 7 uses tools of culturalization and localization to speak to Arabic
youth and engage with them. With culturalization becoming an increasing trend
in the Middle East, Game Power 7 maintains that culturalization is the key
success factor in the boom of the online gaming market in the Middle East.

The Game Power 7 team comprises of both gaming enthusiasts and fashion
designers who have become an integral part of the team. Their role is simple;
design a new wardrobe for the characters so it fits in with the region’s culture.

“We modify characters by replacing clothing which is inappropriate and designing
garments for characters which are more suited to the region. We have also
eliminated religious signs of any sort. All references to consuming alcohol,
smoking are also removed,” said Mujahid.

“We modified everything in the games so that all religious matters are
respected. For instance in the international game of Allods there exists three
characters which are known as Gods. We have removed this term and called
them kings,” he added.

Mujahid believes that because of the focus on culturalization, Arabic speaking
gamers are now able to relate better to online games.

Last year in the UAE alone a total of 130 gaming events were held worth over
AED500,000. Estimates by established global gaming companies have pegged
the annual spend on gaming in the Middle East between US$750 million and U$1


About Game Power 7
Game Power 7 is the pioneer of online Arabic gaming. In 2007 the company became the
first Arab gaming company to develop and publish online Massively Multiplayer Online
(MMO) and MMO Role Playing Games (MMORPG). A subsidiary of Weiss Investment, a
leader in the media business and owner of Spacetoon and Space Power TV stations,
Game Power 7 is a socially conscious innovator driven by a vision to build culturalized
and socially responsible games for Arabs and Arabic speakers around the world. For
more information visit

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