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Two day Infection Prevention Conference
Bismarck, North Dakota
August 17-18, 2011 Doublewood Inn

Day 1

7:30    Registration

8:00    Welcome and overview of the agenda

8:15     Infection Prevention Functions/Role               Gail Bennett
        (Overview of 7 functions of an IP program)

9:30-10:30     BREAK/Vendor time

10:30    Surveillance of Infections                        Linda Spaulding
        (Process, forms, rate calculations, definitions)

12:00 LUNCH (on your own)

1:00    Compliance with OSHA regulations                   Linda Spaulding
        Impacting Infection Prevention Programs

2:15-2:45      BREAK/Vendor time

2:45    Multi-drug Resistant Organisms and Isolation       Gail Bennett

4:30    Resources for the IP                               Gail Bennett

4:45    Discussion/Q&A                                     Gail and Linda

5:00    ADJOURN
Day 2

8:00    Outbreak Investigation                              Gail Bennett

9:00-10:00     BREAK/Vendor time

10:00 Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI)   Linda Spaulding

11:00   Clostridium difficile infection                     Gail Bennett

12:00 LUNCH (on your own)

1:00    Breakout Sessions: Non-acute Care                   Gail Bennett
        Breakout Sessions: Acute Care                       Linda Spaulding

2:30-3:00      BREAK/Vendor Time

3:00    Breakout Sessions (continued): Non-acute Care       Gail Bennett
        Breakout Sessions (continued): Acute Care           Linda Spaulding

4:15    Discussion/Q&A                                      Gail and Linda

4:45    ADJOURN

Attendees will be able to:

      State 6 essential components of an effective infection prevention program
      List 2 concepts related to change theory that can improve compliance
      List 4 documents utilized when collecting surveillance data
      Name the different types of surveillance utilized in various healthcare
      State the components of the Bloodborne Pathogen Plan
      List 3 education requirements for new hire prior to their first day of work
      List 3 newer resistant organisms of interest to healthcare facilities
      Describe 3 major components of Contact Precautions
      List 4 resources that are invaluable to the Infection Preventionist and the IP
      Name at least 3 steps in an outbreak investigation
      State 2 important control measures for an outbreak
      State how infections impact the healthcare facility
      List 4 appropriate indicators for the use of a urinary catheter
      Describe the major contributing factor to C. difficile disease
      List 3 measures to potentially decrease the incidence of C. difficile infection

Breakout session objectives:
      Non-acute care:
                 o Describe 2 differences in acute and non-acute care facilities
                    that impact infection prevention programs
                 o Calculate infection rates pertinent to your type facility
      Acute Care:
                 o List the Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals
                    (NPSGs) for acute care hospitals
                 o Discuss ideas for the prevention of Central Line Bloodstream

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