Foods to Eat to Gain the Sculpted Abs

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					      Foods to Eat to Gain the Sculpted Abs

Certain foods a person eats will help the body to produce more of a male or a
female hormone. These hormones help the human body to build and to define
muscles. The male hormone is, called testosterone and the female hormone is,
called estrogen.

The male hormone is, triggered by some or certain foods that the male eats. This
hormone helps the male’s body to build up muscles quickly and lose the body’s
fat. Therefore, it is much easier for the male to stay in better physical condition.

Furthermore, when a male is working
out such as lifting weights the body is,
triggered to produce more of the body’s
natural muscle building hormone as well.
This increases muscles mass, naturally;
and the male’s body begins to bulk up
and the muscles will protrude or stand
out under the skin. This creates the
sculpted looking body that many men desire to have.

This look tells the world that this person take extremely, excellent care of his
body at all times and cares about how he looks to the world.

A female tends to produce the hormone estrogen less keeping the woman from
building up muscles making her more feminine looking and soft. However, the
same can be, done by the female. She can eat certain foods that help her to
produce more of the muscle building hormones.

Women also tend to gain weight and keep the weight on longer making it much
more difficult for the woman to produce the chiseled looking body.

Some of the foods that are better for both men and women to eat are, listed in
the following sections.

All types of citrus foods fruits, oranges, grapefruit all are natural fat burners, and
help to build muscle. Green vegetables are energy foods, and they are good for
the bodies muscles therefore it is necessary to consume all the green vegetables
possible to gain muscles and the abdominal area.

The dairy and the grain groups of foods are also necessary when concentrating
on the abdominal area. The dairy works on the bones, skin and muscles. The
dairy group also provides fuel to workout to keep the body in great shape.                                               Page 1
The grains and even the cereal group keep the digestive tract working properly
therefore helping the body to keep a fresh supply of natural good fuel present at
all times. Meats like, lean fat free meats are the best source of protein and
vitamins these build abdominal muscles as well.

Each of these food categories all work together to provide that constant fresh
supply of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, protein and oxygen. Each of these things
is, needed when; a person exercises and works to maintain the desired look
about them.

Some of the unexpected foods that you would not think would help the body to
build abdominal muscles are things like olive oil, applesauce, mushrooms, garlic,
any kind of berries, sweet potatoes, fish or shellfish, chocolate, foods high in
protein like peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, and peanut butter are, also
excellent muscle building foods.

People do not normally think of these foods as muscle building or abdominal
muscle building foods but they are. These foods should be included into the daily
diet when trying to build up the abdominal muscles and other muscles as well.

Each of these foods is natural, healthy and
work best when consumed in their raw or
unprocessed state if possible. However, it
does not hurt to cook these foods either as
some would be difficult to consume without
properly cooking the foods. All meats
should be, properly cooked, and all
vegetables must be, washed before
consuming. As a person does not wish to
become ill while trying to build muscles or
bulking up the muscle mass.

All of these foods also make up the majority of the major food groups. This is why
these groups were developed and grouped together. These all provide
everything a human body should have daily to gain and keep that chiseled
sculpted look.

You owe it to your body to provide each of these things daily, especially if you do
not wish your body to become ill and begin to breakdown. All of the nutritional
needs to gain the six-pack abs look and maintain this look are, described in the
system The Truth About Abs. This system was developed by a man named Mike
Geary and will teach a person how to have the look and body they greatly desire.                                            Page 2
Added Things You Can Do To Gain the Six-Pack Abs

Most people do not realize that another part of maintaining the body and gaining
the six-pack abs look is rest and fluids. Proper rest and proper hydration are
much of the time over looked. However, these are vital to the human body.

Let us look at why these two things are so important.

Rest- the human body needs at least eight full hours of rest or more per day.
Rest is the time when the body replenishes, and renews itself. Tired aching
muscles are, provided with fluid and nutrients during the sleep or rest periods.
Rest especially during the sleeping hours allows the body to completely, relax.

When your body is asleep each part muscles, tendons, skin, organs all relax and
can rest. The body must have this time to rebuild. If the body is tired and you are
trying to exercise when you are tired, you could injure your body not meaning to.

Fluid- Fluid is also a vital part of maintaining the six-pack abs look. Muscles,
organs, and the skin all must have fluids especially during the workout. Fluid
must be, provided during the night and day as well. Without vital fluid, the
muscles will cramp and begin to cease up. If this happens then you know that
you are not getting the proper fluid intake daily.

The kinds of fluids you should provide the body
when you are working out and trying to
maintain the six-pack abs look are as follows.
Vitamin filled fruit juices, eight or more full
glasses of pure water, vitamin water, Gatorade,
and whole or 2% milk every day are needed.

Fluids also, allow the skin to be flexible
therefore as your body begins to bulk up from
the exercise and the eating right the skin can stretch normally. Without the proper
fluids, a person can begin to show stretch marks and these look ugly on a fit
body. No one wants to have stretch marks on their arms or legs when trying to
look at their best so keep the body and the skin well hydrated. Oiling the skin
before a workout or several times a day also helps the skin from beginning to
show stretch marks as well. Try to stay away from a-lot of coffee, sodas, tea, and
alcohol. These drinks all contain caffeine and caffeine dries out the body and
only dehydrates the body more. This also makes you much more, thirsty and
does nothing to help while you are trying to improve upon the look of your body.

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