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					                                                 Change Proposal Form (CPF)
                                                                          CPF No.           2005-56GB
                                                                         CPF Title:          Local Schema

       Please use a new CPF for each change you think necessary and either type or print legibly.
       The CPF No. is given by TPSMG after submission and should be used as a reference thereafter.

Send to:                                             Issued by:
                                                     Organization and address
Chairman of TPSMG                                    Ten On Eleven Ltd
Attn.: Mr Dennis HOYLAND                             PO Box 833
Corporate Technical Services                         Glinton
Technical Documentation                              Peterborough
Kentigern House                                      PE6 7WP
65 Brown Street                                      UK
Glasgow G2 8EX
                                                     Name: Paul Haslam
Tel     +44 (0)141-224-2551                            Tel: +1 817 412 0940
Fax.    +44 (0)870-051-2141                              Fax:
e-mail                                e-mail:
                                                      Date: 19 Sep 2005

Location in the specification At Issue               2                Change No.        2

Chapter No.          Para No.                  2.2         Fig No.
Page No.                              Line No.                              Table No.
Other Identification

Change you think is necessary (use separate sheet if necessary)
Guidance should be added to allow schema references to be made to local files instead of those on, at projects discretion. A note equivalent to the 2nd note at the end of Para 4.2 in Chap would achieve this.

Reason for your change
Instances with schemas referenced using the currently specified approach require an internet
connection to be validated.

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                                                Change Proposal Form (CPF)
                                                                          CPF No.       2005-56GB
                                                                     CPF Title:          Local Schema

       This page is for ASD TPSMG use only.

CPF received by ASD                                   Date :
CPF sent to TPSMG chairman                            Date :
CPF received by TPSMG chairman                        Date :
TPSMG meeting the CPF was considered                  No. :                    Date :
TPSMG decision     (A = Accepted, C = Cancelled, F = Further info required,
                   M = Modified acceptance, R = Rejected, W = Withdrawn) :

TPSMG reply to the CPF

Change No. and date on agreed CPF will be included in the Specification
Change No. :                                                     Date :
Copy of the CPF was returned to the originating organisation     Date :

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