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					Dr. Nguyen Huu Le
Chairman, TMA
Danang, 10 Jan 2008
   TMA
   The Scalability Challenge
   TMA Training Center (TTC)
       Background
       Objectives
       Why just ICT Graduates?
       Needs for Quality Resources
       Market Analysis
       Services
       Key Differentiators
   Good track record: Compete successfully
    against India and China
       Average growth rate 60% in the first 10 years (now over 800
        software professionals)
       Good customer list (Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper Networks,
        IBM, Oracle, Flextronics, NTT, Toshiba…)
   Key success factors: Embracing best practices
    from the outside
       Focus on R&D outsourcing
       Western management style
       Customer/Quality focus
       People empowerment
       Long term commitment
    On going Challenges
        IT education lacking in terms of practical and soft skills
        Can employ only the top 5-10%
            Select only 30-40% for interview
            Only 15-20% pass technical interview
        Invest another 2 months for training before going into
         customers projects
        Attrition going up, now about 10%
    Many New Opportunities
        Vietnam more recognized as an outsourcing destination
        Leveraging the Vietnamese brainpower for R&D outsourcing
     New challenge: Scalability
   How to ramp up large teams?
       Possible from the existing large pool of ICT graduates
          Historically hired top 5-10% of applicants
          However, potentially the next 30% of applicants could be
           trained to be productive within 6-12 months

   Require huge investment in training
       TMA Training Center (TTC)
          TTC Internal: since 2001
          TTC External: March 2008
   TTC Internal: for existing TMA employees
       Since 2001 to provide hundreds of courses a year for TMA’s
         Technical courses: Programming, Telecom/Network, Testing etc.
         Languages: English, French, Japanese
         Soft skills: communication, presentation, task/time management
         Quality/engineering processes based on TL 9000, CMMi
         Management & Leadership

   TTC External: for external ICT people
       Licensed in Q2’07
       To be launched in March 2008
       Co-located with TMA’s development centers
   TTC Internal + TTC External  TTC
    Provide quality training to fill the gap
     between ICT graduates skill levels and
     outsourcing industry needs
      Sources of TMA’s quality resources
      Also for other software outsourcing companies

                                 Outsourcing Industry Needs

                                 TTC’s courses to provide:
                                      • Technical skills
                                      • Software engineering process
                                      • Real experiences
                                      • Soft skills
                                      • Verbal English communication

    ICT graduates skill levels
                  Software outsourcing
Top 10%


                  1. Utilize thousands of ICT available
                     graduates for the outsourcing
                  2. Quick solutions for market’s

  ICT Graduates
   TMA
       Total number is expected to double every 3 years
         Over 1000 by mid-2008
       300-500 new engineers in 2008
         300 for TMA
         Another 200 for JV

   Software outsourcing industry
     Growth rate more than 50%/year  Need at least 5 -
      10 thousands ICT engineers/year
     However, many ICT graduates unemployed or
      working in non-ICT because their skills not matching
     Require more quality ICT resources to sustain the
      growth rate and make Vietnam more attractive for
      software outsourcing
   Some training centers start targeting ICT graduates
   Still no training center applies project-based model
   Virtually no training center provides
       Project management
       Software architecture
       Quality assurance
       Business analysis
       Telecom specialization
       Network programming

 There is a huge gap between training and industry
   Target Clients
       Individuals: focus on new/recent graduates
       Companies: focus on MNCs setting up operations in Vietnam

Services              Description
Programs              2 – 6 months
                      Becoming a professional: Programmer, Tester,
                      Architect, Project Manager etc.
Short Courses         < 4 weeks
                      Specific topics: J2EE, AJAX, design patterns, unit
                      testing, etc.
Seminars, Workshops   1 – 3 days
                      By industry experts
Certification         PMP, Microsoft, Sun, etc.
Consulting            Training need analysis, Skill matrix development,
                      Skill assessment, etc.
   Programs: Focus on developing specialised


 ICT Graduates
                                      Business Analysts

                       TTC              QA Engineers
ICT Professionals

                                      Project Managers
   Founded by a successful software outsourcing
    company with 10+ years of experiences
     Understand       what the outsourcing industry needs

   Complement the university/college’s
     Teach     what the outsourcing industry needs

   Practical courses: project-based model, not
    just classroom training
       Trainers are industry experts with real experiences
       Working on projects, in a team
       Practical contents
       Hand-on lab practices

     Trainees not only get knowledge/skills, but also the
      real experience from sample projects/exercises
   English learning environment
       Books, guidelines, references
       Presentations
       Toastmasters clubs for all trainees
   Well-equipped labs and facilities
       Advanced telecom labs
   Utilize Internet technologies
       Online training material
       Training schedule and results posted on TTC’s web
       Email/forum accounts for all trainees to
        communicate with trainers
   Seminars by industry experts
   For more information, please contact:

       Hong Tran
       Training Director
       Phone:     08 – 990 - 3848
       Mobile:    0908 – 676- 212
       Address:   111 Nguyen Đinh Chinh
                  Phu Nhuan district, HCMC

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