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science fiction books


This is the era of science and a number of men and women seem fascinated towards the future inventions of technology.

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									                 Science Fiction: A Modern Era Genre of Fiction Alluring the People

This is the era of science and a number of men and women seem fascinated towards the future
inventions of technology. It has given birth to a new genre of writing, which we know today as
“science fiction”. You can find a huge demand of science fiction paperbacks on exploring any online
books store.

These novels ornovellas are being written since more than a century. In the Victorian age, authors
like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells started writing the stories of the science fiction. Time travel fiction
was commenced during that era also. Wells wrote his famous novel, “The Time Machine”, which
inspired a number of books and films composed in the future; however, “A Christmas Carol” by
Charles Dickens written in 1843 is thought to be the first depiction of modern time travel fiction.
Besides, Wells wrote the novellason several other modern fictions also like the invasion of the aliens
on the earth. His famous book “The War of the Worlds” is the example of such novellas. Similarly,
Jules Verne also wrote a number of other novels, such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
and Journey to the Center of the Earth.

After the end of Victorian Era, more developments were witnessed in the genre of science fictions.
The Victorian era books were highly dependent on steam technology, and most of the technology
was shown being run through the steam power. But, as the technology literally became more
advanced, some other technologies also came in limelight, such as electric power, computers and
more. These new inventions were reflected in the modern era science fiction books also.

Today also a number of books are being written on science fiction. A huge demand modern as well
as early modern (Victorian, Edwardian etc.) books on science fiction can be witnessed in the market.
The science fictions of Wells have been provided together in the paperbacks under the title “Science
Fiction Vol 1” and more. Besides, the collection of the fictions by various authors can be read in the
paperback named “Science Fiction and Fantasy”. Some of the paperbacks also talk about the science
fiction films of the modern era. Many other books can be acquired on this genre from a number of

It will be beneficial for you today ifyou buy books online as they provide you a number of benefits.
First, you may get some discounts, which may be unavailable in case of conventional shopping. On
the other hand, you may get a collection of number of novellasin a single paperback, about which
you may not be aware but you can know easily about them through the online methods.

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