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									LASIK Services in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

                                                 If you have uncomplicated vision trouble, such
                                                 as farsightedness or nearsightedness with or
                                                 without astigmatism, you may be eligible for
                                                 LASIK. LASIK stands for Laser Assisted in-
                                                 situ Keratomileusis. LASIK is one of the most
                                                 revolutionary vision treatments to happen in the
                                                 last century and remains the fastest growing
                                                 eye-correction surgery. Those who elect to
                                                 have LASIK can look forward to having
                                                 perfect or near perfect vision after surgery. The
                                                 Los Angeles LASIK surgeon or Beverly Hills
                                                 LASIK surgeon you choose will use what is
                                                 called an Excimer laser to complete this
                                                 procedure, which requires a relatively short
                                                 surgery time.

                                                The surgeon will begin by using a
                                                microkeratome (a motorized type of blade) to
                                                make a tiny flap in the cornea. Once this
                                                protective flap is created the Excimer laser is
                                                then used to reshape the cornea. The cornea is
                                                responsible for causing the vision distortions
                                                we      know       as    farsightedness    and
nearsightedness, as well as presbyopia, which occurs when adults reach about age 45, requiring
use of bifocals. The cornea causes each of these conditions by becoming misshapen. Once the
cornea is corrected, the tiny flap that was opened earlier is moved gently back into place,
requiring         no         stitches        to         hold          it       in        place.
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You may be wondering if you are a good candidate for the LASIK surgery. Any prospective
surgeon will tell you that, in general, you should have had no change in your eyeglasses or
contacts for at least one year and you are unhappy with having to wear them. To have the LASIK
procedure, you should have no corneal diseases, like keratoconus, a degenerative disorder of the
eye in which the cornea becomes abnormally thin and tends to bulge irregularly. People who
suffer with autoimmune diseases are also unable to have LASIK. And, you should be over the
age of 18, when vision has fully stabilized. Other factors may also apply to whether or not you
are a good LASIK candidate and the surgeon will discuss all of those with you.

While there are a great number of surgeons offering LASIK in the great Los Angeles and
Beverly Hills area, not all of them are as trained or as experienced as some others may be. It’s a
really good idea to set up several consultations after speaking with your own friends and family
members who may have also had the procedure performed. It’s perfectly okay for you to ask
during consultation about the surgeon’s training, including any specialized training and board
certifications, and his or her experience. In truth, most surgeon’s will appreciate that you are
someone who is fully involved in their own health care and willing to go the extra mile to
ascertain who you feel is a right fit for you.

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