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Contract Attorneys Job Profile by LawCrossing


This article discusses the roles and responsibilities of a contract lawyer, The temporary attorneys who work on cases for a certain period of time after which the contract lapses are referred to as contract attorney.

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Contract Attorneys Job Profile
This article discusses the roles and responsibilities of a contract lawyer. The temporary attorneys who work on cases for a certain period
of time after which the contract lapses are referred to as contract attorney. The educational requirement along with the job description
of a contract lawyer is discussed in the article.

There are many lawyers who work on a contract basis and                  bankruptcy, probate law, criminal law, estate law, international
therefore are known as ‘’contract attorneys’’ or ‘’contract              law, environmental law, corporate law and many others. They
law professionals’’. According to Brent D. Roper, a contract             continue with their legal careers after choosing from either of
attorney is ‘’an attorney temporarily hired by the law office for        the law areas. They will be known as specialized lawyers in the
a specific job or period. When the job or period is finished, the        particular field. But the basic job of each is to make research,
relationship is over.’’ In simple words, a contract attorney is a        communicate with clients, conduct interviews, study their
person who works on a temporary basis on a legal case. This              cases and prepare them.
kind of work does not ensure full time employment.
                                                                         Contract lawyers are even specialized in a specific legal area
Educational Qualifications                                               as the regular lawyers. They look for jobs according to their
                                                                         practice field. As the permanent lawyers, they can even
In order to become a lawyer, a graduation degree in law is               work in any job environment i.e. in house or law firms or
a must. The training is given for three consecutive years at             government agencies or even at non-profit organizations. But
the law school after completion of a four year undergraduate             the major requirement of these lawyers is private practice.
study. Law schools help students to pass the examinations
required to qualify as a lawyer. This exam is administered by            Problems of Being a Contract Lawyer
each state. Once the examination is cleared, the students
receive the degree and the license to practice law in that               Some attorneys believe that being a contract attorney can be
particular state. The license is essential to practice law.              very beneficial especially for those who:

Contract Attorneys’ Job Description                                         •       Require money for support while looking for a
                                                                                    permanent law job.
The job of a contract lawyer is similar to that of a permanent              •       Believe that during the time of application to
lawyer. The temporary attorney needs to handle the case as                          permanent jobs, the employer will be able to judge the
does a regular lawyer. They represent their clients in the civil                    capability well by viewing their contract work.
or criminal law court. A civil court deals with cases related               •       Believe that the skills will be polished with a contract
to mortgages, wills, titles, leases, trusts, courts and others                      work.
while the criminal law court deals with issues related to crimes
against a property or an individual. Lawyers have a complete             However, one of the reasons why contract lawyer jobs are not
knowledge on the State, Federal and local laws and thus use it           willingly taken up is that they add as a negative point in your
as required. But this is not the limit to an attorney’s job.             legal career and lower your demand in the legal job market.

The best part of being a lawyer is to choose a specific field of
practicing law from various options. The area of law can be

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