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									                             Control Your Web Servers with Collocation Services

There are many reasons why businesses choose to collocate their devices in a data center. One of them is
having access to the management services offered by the service provider. A provider monitoring a data
center can provide services to its clients that would be unavailable to the client otherwise. Some of these
services comprise readily accessible and expandable bandwidth, improved security and technical assistance
and a comprehensive experience base. In the majority of cases, clients collocating in an organized data center
will never require to access their devices directly. Though it is not an imperative to access your devices
regularly, most colocation service providers will offer access arrangements as a part of their service portfolio.

Concerns related to Collocation Management
As you decide to collocate your device, it is essential to consider the fact that you might be required to
maintain the same. Some generic needs include the following:
·    Equipment reboots
·    Hardware replacements
·    Hardware upgrades
·    Operating system security updates, patches and enhancements
·    Routine file system maintenance
·    Routine database maintenance
·    Software updates and patches
·    Backups
Hence it is essential to determine your business requirements and the way to attain the important tasks at
hand. The way out is working with a colocation service provider that offers the required tools for efficient
collocation management. Today colocation services in India offer a wide selection of space options from
racks to cages, with increased power and bandwidth for various web hosting applications. These solutions
offer you total control of your server along with a reliable network, highest uptimes, improved security and
high end 24 x 7 assistance. Other features include the following:
Rack space Features
·    Per-server (U-wise) Collocation Service
·    Quarter Rack
·    Half Rack
·    Full Rack(s)
·    Cage
Rack space Benefits
·    Highest Uptime - 99.99% uptime SLA
·    Custom-designed racks such as quarter, half, or full-rack spaces
·    Highest levels of security for total protection, fully enclosed and locked
·    Robust connectivity
·    URL / Network Monitoring
·    MRTG, for online Bandwidth utilization
·    Web statistics and Reports
Advanced Monitoring
·    CPU Memory, File Area utilization
·    Process restarts
·    Threshold alarms
·    Server Reboots
·    Business Day Advanced Support
·    24x7 Advanced Support
Hence, we see that collocation services are the apt option for businesses that own their own servers and are
looking forward to outsource. Collocation service providers also offer safe server collocation space for web
servers and other allied hardware in their state-of-the-art internet data centers.

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