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									                           Cabarrus Cares for Kids              J A N U A R Y ,   F E B R U A R Y ,   &   M A R C H
                                                      Pam Smith, Winner of
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CRSaeyc         2                 2011 Anne Laukaitis Champion for Children Award

Arath’s Story
                    The person selected as the recipient of this year‟s Anne Laukaitis Champion for Children Award

Cuddle Up Coat 4       (Pam Smith) is one who has worked diligently on behalf of homeless children and families.
                      Pam works tirelessly to encourage, support and motivate families who are in crisis. She is a

                    person who is consistently described as someone who 'walks what she talks'. She holds up high

                      standards for herself and the others around her. In the professional arena, she is a person

                      who is known to run a „tight ship‟, is organized, structured and always strives for excellence.

                    She is also known for her generosity of spirit- she is extremely generous of herself and anything

                           she has. She wears many hats and juggles them like an expert. To some parents, Pam is

                           the voice that tells them they can finish school and provide a stable home for their chil-

                           dren. To others, she is the fun-loving lady who buys blinking flip flops to match a child‟s

                           shoes so they can dance together in the kitchen, loves potato chips and sings while she

                     works. And still to others, she is the lady who has fish painted on the walls, plants a garden in

                    the backyard of a shelter so the „city kids‟ can see how vegetables grow and shows up at 4am on

                    Christmas morning to prepare surprises for the children. Pam is a wife, mother, church mem-

                                 ber, passionate woman of integrity, an innovator with the heart of a shepherd and

                                  the courage of a lion. She will not stop working on behalf of families and children

                                   in our community until every child has a safe and stable home, and every parent

                                                            has a vision of a bright future.

                                            Congratulations Pam from the

                                                      Partnership Staff!!
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                          ED Corner
                          Happy New Year!               the Smart Start Commu-         deductible contributions.
                                                        nity Needs Assessment          All tax deductible
                          I know we are all very        that should be                 contributions will help
                          hopeful that 2012 will be     completed in the next          children and families in
                          a better year for our         month. The Partnership         Cabarrus County.
                          youngest children in          must have accurate
                          Cabarrus County. We           needs documented so            A great big thank you to
                          have survived the hard-       we spend our State             all who support the
Ann Benfield              est year in the history of    dollars on the children in
                                                                                       Partnership, without
                          the Partnership and we        our county with the
                          are very excited about        greatest need, since State     your support and help,
                          planning for the New          dollars continue to            we would not have been
                          Year.                         decrease.                      able to survive the last
                                                                                       twelve years!
                          The Partnership is            The Partnership Board of
 “We have survived        currently working on our      Directors will be seeking      Thank you.
                          Smart Start Annual Plan       private donations in a
 the hardest year in

  the history of the
                          for 2012 -2013. We are
                          also getting ready to
                                                        direct mail campaign in
                                                        the coming months in           Ann
                          start taking applications     hopes of providing more
    Partnership and       for the 2012-2013 NCPK        administrative and
        we are very       Program.                      program support in our
      excited about       We are really looking         Please remember the
    planning for the
                          forward to the results of     Partnership for tax

        New Year”.

                       CRSaeyc Announcement
               ~ Ann

                         Growing Up WILD is an early childhood education program that builds on children’s sense of
                         wonder about nature and invites them to explore wildlife and the world around them. This is a
                       fun-filled training that combines nature study with art, music, movement, reading, math, and more.
                        Expect indoor/outdoor transitions, active play and fun so dress accordingly as we explore nature!
                                          Lunch provided. (O.6 CEUs with a potential for earning 0.4 more!)

                                  DATE: Saturday, February 25, 2012        TIME: 8:30 am-3:30 pm
                                   PLACE: Rowan Cabarrus Community College South Campus
                                      1531 Trinity Church Road Concord, NC 28027 Rm. 2226
                                 Cost: $15.00 for Current Members of CRSaeyc/ $20.00 for Non-Members
                                Fee includes: Boxed Lunch, Snacks, A Growing Up Wild Manual & Training
                                           Questions? Call Maureen O’Bryan at 704-425-8623
                                             Space is limited to the first 25 participants to register.
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Arath’s Story
       The Cabarrus           the State of North Carolina,    Arath is now starting to read
Partnership for Children      which is awesome for an         in Spanish. Arath‟s parents
would like for you to         ESL child.                      believe this program is
meet Arath N. He is in                                        important because “the kids
the fourth grade at Fred L.            Statements from        are our future. Show them
Wilson Elementary in the      mom and dad: “He always         the right way! One year is
Kannapolis City School        wanted to learn more and        enough to show them the
System.                       know more. Sometimes he         basics in math, reading, and
                              would pick on the kids          writing.” His parent‟s are very
         Arath is a stellar   because he wanted them to       proud of his accomplishments
example of the benefits of    learn it, too. He gets things   and thank the More at Four
Smart Start and More at       done so fast, and then he       Program for giving him the
Four. He started in our       gets bored.”                    opportunity so many years
programs in 2006-2007 at                                      ago.
Fred L. Wilson Elementary               The family saw how
understanding only            beneficial Pre-K was for
Spanish and within 3          Arath and they wanted their
months he was fluent in       little girl in the program as
English.                      well, but there was no
                              room in the More at Four
        Last spring he        Program when she was
exited the English as         four.
Second Language (ESL)
program and is now he in              Arath‟s parents
the Academically Gifted       believe the More at Four
Program (AIG). To enter       Program taught him the
this program you must         “fundamentals - the
rank in the top 5-8% in       important things in life.”

   19th Annual Coming Together for Children Conference is being held on
     March 31, 2012 at Winkler Middle School from 7:30– 12:45 p.m.
                     Brochures are going out now!!!
   2353 Concord Lake Rd.                                            
         Suite 160
    Concord, NC 28025

  Thank you Everyone for a Successful Coat Drive!
 The Cabarrus Partnership for Children would like to say a huge THANK YOU
 to everyone who helped make our 5th annual „Cuddle Up Coat Drive‟ a success!

  We were able to provide coats and winter clothing to more than 250 children in Cabarrus County. Many
 local businesses and community organizations worked with our dedicated staff this year. See our December
    issue for more information on those groups. Since our last report, Cox Mill Elementary students in the
   Exception Children Department have worked very hard to collect hats, gloves and scarves for our event.
These children went over the top in collecting these items. They made signs for the school announcing their
  project, promoted it to family and friends, and then created a beautiful display in the lobby of the school as
the collection point. Thanks to these amazing students, they collected an abundance of winter items for local
                                          children in need. Way to go!

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