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									                                    10 Low Fat Foods for Weight Loss

Weight loss must be achieved through a healthy way. High cholesterol is a major threat to health. Want
to maintain a slim body but also have a healthy body, try the following ten low-fat diet food, not only to
ensure your health, but also allows you to easily lose weight. Eat these foods, I can stay away from high
cholesterol.Do not eat black fungus surgery Qiang said, black fungus has a high dietary fiber and anti-
clotting effect, can be fat fat. In addition, the black fungus how the amount of pectin, lecithin, carotene,
vitamin C, protein and other nutrients, vegetarian multiple choice black fungus. The edible Note: black
fungus by more drum î• belly boil a— survey acenaphthene Xiang brag î•· hold crumbs Yong flatter
diameter expose? gastrointestinal poor raw to be limited yam in addition to containing a lot of dietary
fiber, the mucus can prevent cardiovascular fat deposition, maintaining blood vessel elasticity, prevent
atherosclerosis, reduce subcutaneous fat deposition, to avoid obesity.

Consumption Note: yam mucus-containing mucus polysaccharide health help, the raw mucus largest,
but the stomach is not good in life to eat no more than 2 to 3 small dishes to avoid diarrhea. Yam also
has a lot of starch, such as eating a bowl of yam, when the meal to reduce the half-bowl too. Yan Mecca
water in with the oats contain high dietary fiber per 100 grams of oats, about 10 grams of dietary fiber,
Qiang said, because of the fibers in the gut can affect the absorption of fat, blood fat will naturally
reduce. Xue Li also said that this soluble oat fiber, especially the beta-glucan soluble fiber can reduce
blood total cholesterol. Consumption Note: by adding water to brew such as water or milk when eating
oat soluble fiber before dissolution.Garlic flavor to heavy garlic can lower total cholesterol, triglycerides
and LDL, is due to the allicin secondary metabolites methyl trisulfide, to prevent condensate bolt
qualitative synthesis, they are able to prevent blood clots. Consumption Note: slice selection smells of
heavy garlic Garlic contains allicin, the more, the consumption of fried, the Hypolipidemic the nutrients
easier to release.Rich in fish oil fish oil prior to surgery to inform the rich DHA (Decosahexanoid, acid),
EPA (Eicosapentaenoi, c acid), a hypolipidemic effect in lowering blood triglyceride can be seen on the
market capsules of fish oil health food. Note: edible fish oils inhibit platelet aggregation effect, if long-
term use before surgery, you must first inform, to avoid surgery physicians without the knowledge of
conditions, resulting in bleeding situations.

Ate attention to coagulation status of fish oil: fish oil have anti-clotting role in taking fish oil health food
and anticoagulants should pay special attention to the phenomenon of time, there may be bleeding,
must be strictly recorded bleeding time, and timely adjustment of anti- coagulant.Apple skin to eat the
apples are rich in pectin, cellulose and vitamin C can reduce bad cholesterol in the blood, enhance
beneficial to the body good cholesterol. Qiang said that in addition to Apple, grapes are also rich in
pectin, cellulose and vitamin C fruit. It edible Note: clean skin to eat, apple, grape fruit leather, rich in
anthocyanins, the antioxidant effect.

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