The Many Ways To Use A Flag

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					                                      The Many Ways To Use A Flag

The national flag of India can be seen flying from all kinds of different flagpoles throughout the world,
including around building and non building type constructions such as embassies and consulates, sport
events, etc.!

A substantial amount of international flags are considered tricolor flags. Meaning, that they display
three (not always different) colors through 3 horizontal or vertical bands, which in most cases are of a
similar size. The Indian flag displays three colors, from top to bottom: saffron, white and green. flaga

The national Indian flag was first adopted officially and displayed during the 1940-s. Ever since this time
period it has been displayed (proudly) from all kinds of flag poles throughout the country of India as well
as the rest of the world. Interestingly, and like other national flags, its design was based on another flag
or banner that already was in existence, namely the flag that represented the Indian National Congress.

It was during that same year (of 1947) that the so called "British Indian Empire" was dissolved. Following
this event, the Muslim-majority areas were partitioned to form an individual state, also commonly
known as "Pakistan" in our day. During January of 1950, India became a republic and subsequently a
new constitution came into effect under which India was established as democratic state.

Interestingly, the design as well as the production process of the national flag of India is governed by the
3 documents, issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards or commonly referred to as BIS. All banners for
use with flag poles and such are produced from "khadi" cloth of silk or cotton. These standards were
first created back in 1968 and last optimized in 2008.

Like other national flags and banners, usage and such is governed by guidelines and laws. The Flag Code
of India initially prohibited the use of the national banner by private citizens except on national holidays,
which includes the Independence Day of this beautiful country. Since 2002 however, citizens are allowed
to fly the flag from flag poles and such throughout India. This decision came following an appeal that
was made to the Supreme Court by a private citizen, to change the Flag Code to allow citizens to display
and fly the national flag. Additional changes were made subsequently in the years following.

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