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									                    Shared Hosting Service- Incorporating Technological Growth

Technological innovations over the years have led to the wide use of the internet and the growth of e-
commerce. The process which involves electronic transfer of business critical data and information
across geographical distances uses the servers and fixed IT infrastructure, mobile devices and
smartphones over the networked environment and World Wide Web. However, the basic benefits of
the e-commerce being a 24/7 accessibility, enterprises need to have a reliable web hosting services.

Reliability of the web hosting depends on the resources such as servers, server software, security
standards and availability of technical support. Most of the large enterprises have their IT
infrastructure housed exclusively in data centers. However, for the small and medium enterprises, the
need to maintain the regular upgrades on the IT infrastructure and professional help as technology
evolves calls for the need for dependence on data centers using shared hosting services. The
economies of web hosting works in favor of shared hosting services as compared to maintaining
exclusive data centers.

A shared hosting or managed hosting services refers to the common web hosting service wherein a
number of users share the resources of the web server with every user maintaining an user account.
Depending on the account features the server resources are partitioned and connected to the
internet. The cost of the server maintenance is shared by the users. Deployed either as a name-based
or internet protocol-based virtual web hosting services, the service providers also allows for a
combination of the two.

The IP-based virtual hosting services configures multiple network interfaces on a single web server
along the physical network. The clients can log on through a dedicated IP address with SSL
certificate rather than a shared one as in the case of name-based hosting service where a web server
with a single IP address serves multiple host names, thus sharing IP hosting.

Service providers have installed Internet Data Centers complete with world-class IT infrastructure that
offers enterprises not only shared hosting services but also help them meet the requirements such as
firewall and backup solutions. These services are advantageous to end-users as requirements of
accessibility to web hosting and facilities of data centers can be availed without much budgetary
The benefits of using the data centers facilities through Shared hosting services include :

            ·     Cost-effectiveness: Sharing the server space paves way for a cost-effective model of availing
            world-class facilities.
            ·     Server Management: The servers being installed in data center run by service providers, the
            maintenance and management of security issues, technical problems and upgrades are all
            handled by the data center providers.
            ·     Connectivity: The high performance network architecture provides the end-users with
            maximum bandwidth and connectivity at low costs.
   With its excellent price and quality this service ensures business continuity and works out as suitable
   option for personal web pages, company and business websites as well as e-commerce solutions.

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