Entrepreneurial Opportunities at Touchstone Essentials

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					Entrepreneurial Opportunities at Touchstone Essentials

By Eddie Stone

Entrepreneurs enjoy the benefits of working on their own schedule and at their
own pace. Today, one of most promising entrepreneurial opportunities is direct
selling, which provides more than 15 million people around the country with extra
income and greater financial freedom.

At Touchstone Essentials, individuals can quickly establish their own
entrepreneurial careers in the quickly expanding health and wellness market.
Touchstone Essentials provides its direct sellers with a range of training
materials and tools to prepare them for their new careers. Additionally, sellers
can contact business coaches whenever they have a question and utilize the
automated online systems already built by the company. As an entrepreneur, an
individual can take control of his or her career and decide when and how much to
work. This flexibility allows people to spend more time with their family and
friends or to pursue other interests while carving out a place in a flourishing

About the Author: The founder of Touchstone Essentials, Eddie Stone serves as
the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Stone's company markets natural
vitamin supplements derived from whole, organic foods picked at their peak.