Us Flag Structure And Their Requirements

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					                                Us Flag Structure And Their Requirements

The American flag consists of thirteen equivalent horizontal strips of red (top and bottom) broken by
white, with a blue rectangle in the apace bearing 50 small, white, five-marked stars arranged in 9 off set
horizontal rows of 6 stars (bottom and top) alternating with rows of 5 stars. The 50 stars on the flag
represent the 50 United State states and the 13 stripes sign of the original 13 colonies that fight backed
against the British kingdom and became the first state in the Union.

The flags of the US is one of the nation's the majority widely recognized signs. Inside the U.S. it is
commonly displayed, not only on public and government buildings, but on private and commercial area
too. It is also used as image on decals for car window, and clothing stuff such as lapel pin and badges.
Throughout the globe it is used in public dialogue to refer to the United States, not only as a country,
state, region, government, and set of rules, but also as an ideology and set of thoughts.

Usually, the flag may be decorated by golden border closing the edge of the flag as long as it doesn’t
spoil the flag correct. Traditional displays of the flag, such as those in parade or on interior posts,
frequently use tassel to improve the good looks of the flag. The first record use of fringe on a flag dates
from 1835, and the soldiers used it publicly in 1895. However, according to the Army organization of
Heraldry, which has administrator protection of the flag makes and drawing any vary ordered, there are
no insinuation of representation in the use of trimming. A number of national judges have up held this
conclusion. Usually, the Air Force and Army use a fringed National Color for parades, color guard and
internal display, while the Sea army (Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps) use a fringeless National
Color for every requirements.

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